Chapter 123 – Become a strong leader (2)

“Huh, great.”

Odin ran up to the end of the wall and stood up rustling.

“Are you okay?”

“exactly. But I do not think I’ll be able to get close to Kim Hyun-Ho without a sword. ”

To do.

I did not know it was so powerful.

If I turn my body around a strong whirlwind, nobody will be able to approach it.

‘Let’s do it?’

Whirling !!

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa –

The energy of nature was wriggling out and strong wind pressure wrapped around me.

A 3-meter-diameter tornado was formed around me.


It was amazing that Sylph’s power emerged as I thought.

‘How about making a whirlwind like a blade?’

I was thrilled with my imagination. You can tear everything around you.

After unfolding with Sylph, I summoned Kasa this time.

“Kasa, let’s fuse.”


Kasa jumped at me like I was crazy.


There was a flaming fire in my whole body.

Luckily, I did not wear clothes with a hole.

The flames moved as I thought in my head.

I made the flame like clay and made all kinds of shapes and nodded satisfactorily.

“It’s really nice.”

“I really want to fight with my sword.”

“Haha, I’ll take it.”

Eventually, the Dalian with Odin was not realized properly.

However, the strength of the Superior Spirit Summoning was sufficient.

Since that day I have stayed at the Nordic Exam Group headquarters and have been doing mission missions for Superior Spirit Summoning.

I once tried to see if I could integrate both Sylph and Kasa into my body, but that was impossible.

When Sylph fused, the Kasa bounced out, and when Kasa tried to converge, Sylph bounced off.

After all, I had to stop the fighting between them.

The combination of Superior Spirit Summoning and Shooting was not satisfactory either.

In the fused state, the pistol was meaningless.

Derrick wielded a sword, but I could not imitate it because he pulled the trigger and shot a bullet.

It would be better to use a hand instead of a gun to fire a flame.

‘But it does not mean anything at all.’

Sylph and Kasa evolved into a Superior Spirit, even though they were not fused.

Kasa maximizes the explosive power of the peony, pushes the bullet hard, and Sylph increases the penetration by rotating the bullet.

The effect of such a Spirit Shooting technique is greater.

With Ammo compensation skill master added, now the Nielsen H2 I shoot is no longer a pistol.

I thought I could break through the tank gloves with a pistol.

The Sniper Rifle AW50F also did not have to say that it was even stronger with Spirit Shooting.

In fact, the AW50F I shoot is confusing whether this is a rifle or bazooka!

“bazooka? I really have such a rifle. ”

A gun expert, Nielson Aslan, told me.

“There are a couple of 20mm diameter sniper rifles, and that’s almost a bazooka. If you write such a monster, it will be like a walking marathon. ”

I was told to say 20mm diameter.

My AW50F, which is 12.7mm, boasted like a monster.

But what about 20mm?

“I do not think I need the Sniper Rifle so crazy right now. I am satisfied with the AW50F I have now. ”

“That’ll be true. Sniper Rifle does not need a 20mm to get to the Wyvern. I do not even go to catch a dragon. ”

This established the battle pattern.

The ranged sniper is AW50F.

For the majority, the Nielsen H2 2 tablet.

One-on-one fusion of Spirit.

Especially, I found more special elements about Spirit fusion.

Using Divine Protection of the Wind with the Sylph fused doubled the power to exert!

Divine Protection of the Wind is basically a skill that originated in Spirit Summoning, and seemed to show synergy between the two forces.

Currently Divine Protection of the Wind is Intermediate Level 1.

A similar skill, Divine Protection of the Flame, was Beginner Level 1.

‘Both are Synthetic Skills that do not have a lot of Karma to level up. It is a tremendous benefit to be able to double the power of Spirit fusion with this! ‘

I first checked the Intermediate Level 1 Divine Protection of the Wind to see how many Karma you need to master.

-Divine Protection of the Wind (Synthetic Skill) to show the required karma to master.

-Divine Protection of the Wind (Synthetic Skill): Creates strong winds through your body. It is affected by your concentration, skill level, and Spirit Summoning skill level.

* Master: 3 hours a day.

-Master 4,100Karma is consumed.

– Remaining Karma: +5,600

‘4,100Karma la … . ‘

The remaining Karma was 5,600 so I was able to raise it enough.

I liked the fact that Master can use it for 3 hours a day without cooldown.

‘Good. I’ll start with Divine Protection of the Wind. ‘

I shouted to the slab.

“Divine Protection of the Wind.”


Light came out from the slab.

-4,100Karma to raise Divine Protection of the Wind (Assist Skill) to Master.

– Remaining Karma: +1,500

Then the natural energy of the body became more than before.

I am more focused on Divine Protection of the Wind because I have more to use Sylph than Kasa.

‘Let’s do it once again.’

I fused divine protection of the wind with Sylph.

And I made a small blast for the palms.

By the way,


The blast turned like crazy like a drill.


It was just a little bit, but it was the power of this degree.

The power amplified by Divine Protection of the Wind was almost three times higher.

‘If the power is amplified three times in Superior Level 1, I can get more power than Derrick.’

What is worse, however, is that you have to fight without a weapon in the state of Spirit fusion.

Guns like guns have no meaning and weapons are never used because they have never been dealt with.

It was only applied to the boxing that I had learned a while ago, and the hooking that I enjoyed with the elves.

Of course, I was just fighting, but I was going to demonstrate my level of martial arts. Thanks to Reflex Superior Level 1.

‘I have to practice kickboxing more during this break.’

Cha Ji-hye seemed to learn.

* * *

I returned to Korea with Mari and Cha Ji-hye.

I had to go through Switzerland in the middle, to open Cha Ji-hye’s account.

She sold Wyvern’s Majeong, which I presented, to the Nordic Exam Group and decided to deposit CHF 4.7 million. It was a tribute amounting to about 5.3 billion won with my money.

When I arrived in Korea, Cha Ji-hye had to go through immigration with Mari as a foreigner.

Cha Ji-hye, who lost her nationality along with her status, was sorry. I do not care much about myself, though.

“You have a lot of money now, can not you just buy a house?”

“I do not think I need to do that.”

“… Yes?”

“Kim Hyun-Ho’s house is comfortable enough, too. Are you uncomfortable with me? “

“Oh, no. I will not. “

It seemed as though I was asking, ‘I am dead because of you and you are a nuisance?’ I hurriedly shook my head.

“Then it is. I will take care of it for a while. “

“He is.”

“Hyun-Ho, am I?”

Marie asked briskly.

“Go home for a few days.”

As I stroked my head and replied, Marie looked silly.

She appealed to me to be overpowered, but I was already tolerant to Mari.

I got a taxi ride back home and I was able to relax.

It was my home that came back after a long time.

But there was a minor problem.

Cha Ji-hye was using the guest room, but she was worried about where to sleep.

“I can sleep with Hyun-Ho.”


I immediately ordered a small bed to turn on the PC and find a furniture vendor on the internet. I was promised to ship the same day instead of paying shipping and installation costs.

So when the bed was set up in my room, which was used as a study room by lightning stones, Marie became more and more glowing face.

That evening I went around here for the first time in Korea.

I went sightseeing around Gyeongbokgung Palace, and Mari made a mess with me because I was stuck by my side.

“Oh, my lover is a foreigner.”

“Sometimes a Korean man is dating a white woman.”

“But who else is the other girl next to you?”

Left Cha Ji-hye, U-Mari, and I went to Gyeongbok Palace where I became a spectacle of people everywhere.

The beauty of the two women was also beautiful, but it was due to Marie, who was stuck with her teeth.

I was tired and I returned to the restaurant after eating at a restaurant. For reference, Marie wrote the chopsticks that she had taken for the first time very well.

But that night … .

Winning, Winning.

I was habitually looking for a Comm Device and I took out my smartphone in my pocket later.

It was my mother.


– Son, are you alive?

“Yes, I’m alive. Did you have good luck with your mother? “

– My son, my mother is completely lonely and dying. I think I’ll be lonely.

“It sounds like loneliness. Noona is right beside you, right? “

-Hyun-ju It does not exist. I do not open my mouth except for the words that I need or the words that I have arranged for me.


I did not even have Hyun-ji, so my mom was lonely.

Noona It is a specialty to make people who are near by more lonely.

– By the way.

“Yes, I’m back today.”

– So you’re Bucheon now?


– Where is your son exactly Puchon?

“Do Hyun-ji know one room?”

-know. I’ve been going a few times.

“It’s close from there. It’s just a walk. “

– Oh, yeah?

Suddenly the mother who is doing the coloring.

This tone was similar to when Hyun-ji was trapped by me.

I felt ominous.


– Why son?

“I’ll have one element.”

– Yes, ask.

“Is your mother in Hyun-ji’s house now?”

– Hohoho, I’m also very quick to notice.

‘I was hit!’

In the meantime, I have been intentionally blocking my family so that they never come to my house.

“Oh, but I have to go out for work soon …

– Hoho, excuses are useless, son.


Mom laughed loudly.

– I walked right in. I’ll be right there. Son.

“Ha, but … ! “

-Hyun-ji says he has never been to his son’s house.

“No, but now I get a little …

– Look. I checked my son ‘s home address yesterday.

Then the call was disconnected.


I have pale complexion.

If you know that your family is living in such a luxurious penthouse, you will have many questions.

Then what should I excuse?

No, not now?

Cha Ji-hye and Marie ?!

I hastily called the two men into the living room.

“Stay at the hotel today! I’ll do it! “


Marie looked up at her head. I taught my mother that she was coming soon.

Marie glanced at her eyes.

“Hyun-Ho Mom!”

I felt darkness.

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