Chapter 131 – In the Sea (1)

“I was not playing with the view. Do not feel so bad. “

Heising threw the book next to him.

The book was an adult magazine filled with pictures of naked women.

Lee Chang-wee, who stared at an adult magazine, laughed.

“indeed. You look like that. “

“That’s it.”

“I think I know why I failed last time.”

Then the expression of Heising hardened hard for the first time.

“You have a bad sense of failure.”

“Is it a success?”

“It is an unexpected situation. Who knew Odin would have appeared there? “

Heising was a jerking horse.

“Besides, Kim Hyun-Ho, who failed to catch the captain, played a decisive role. A few days ago I went to Korea and came back without income. The captain is in position. “

“It’s kind of nice to worry about my position. Do not worry. So I came here. “

“What does that mean?”

“It may mean that you are not enough.

Heising’s face was distorted.

“I do not think it’s enough? Is that true? “


“I think that judgment was made by the chief personally. The pirate part is my vice, and I do not need your involvement. “

“Well, it would be easier if I helped you. Do I need to do that?”

“If the chief is there, the work progress becomes more uncomfortable. Besidesโ€ฆ

Heising taunted with glittering eyes.

“Is not it that I try to shake it like it’s not enough to cover your chief mistakes?”

Lee Chang-wee laughed.

But soon, I have come to the end of my life with the pouring eyes.

Heising faced his eyes without fear.

Lee Chang-wee said.

“Who was the last person to be called when I could not work at the pirate part?”

“The captain.”

“Then you know why I want to get involved?”

Heising stood up.

Heising gazed at each other at the same eye level.

“The chief will not be hurt. Soon, I’ll clean up the Deport harbor work right now. “

“I hope so. I’ll watch. “

Lee Chang-wee turned around.

Heising said.

“The bastard. It was not too late to leave. “

I was about the same age and almost caught up with my skills.

And Heising was also a martial artist before Examinee.

Lee Chang-wee, a martial artist, tends to regard all other Examinee as amateurs, and Heising is free from the arrogant gaze.

‘Anyway, I’ll have to hurry.’

It seemed that I had to hurry to strike the Deport port.

To show a performance to Lee Chang-wee.

* * *

“There will be a monster subjugation in a week.”

Colonel Agen said in a voice.

“The last time I saw the appearance of a pirate finishes a monster subjugation.”

“Now it is very …

“Son of a bitch.”

“Odsel, you bastard!”

The fishermen had anger.

“But thanks to it, I can easily predict when pirates will come in.”

I said.

Colonel Agen sighed.

“Yes. I do not know if it is unfortunate. Anyway, I have to plan, can I really do? “

It would mean the assassination of Consul Odsel and Colonel Decker.

I nodded.

“Yes, I have a face and I can do it anytime.”

In the meantime I spotted Colonel Decker from a distance and got his face.

The pirates were raiding and there was no reason for them to remain at Deport Harbor.

When I pulled the troops out, I was going to shoot them both.

Then Colonel Agen will arrange for a troubled army, return to it, and prepare for an attack by pirates.

I went aboard the ship with Vincent, an old fisherman, and went to the operation point several times.

Vincent ‘s ship was an old sailboat, but unlike the old look, he managed to get along well.

Sylph pulled in the wind and the ship sailed in the wind.

Vincent was able to steer the ship well, receiving the wind that Sylph was blowing.

It seemed to be able to run away even if it faced pirates this much.

“We are finished.”

“I let my family and neighbors prepare for evacuation.”

“We also got weapons such as harpoons. This time, when they appear, I will give you a room. “

Like a brave sailor, fishermen were full of premonitions.

Colonel Agen said.

“I am finished. I have instructed my trustworthy men to deploy their troops to evacuate the pirates. I can move immediately if things happen. “

“So you just have to act now.”

This was also the success of Mission. You will have to fight hard because you will collide with a huge enemy.

* * *

Consul Odsel got on the horse with the help of soldiers. It was not enough and a soldier had to walk holding the reins.

The complaints of the soldiers were terrible when the author who did not speak well was leading the monster subpoenas.

It is because I knew well how long it would be annoying if a useless human being had a relationship with him.

Consul Odsel, in particular, was the type that made useless commands unrelated to combat.

I do not know anything about the army, but the commander T is a type he wants to give out.

“Are both regiments together?”



Both Colonel replied to the question of Consul Odsel.

Colonel Agen and Colonel Decker looked at each other.

Colonel Decker was a brilliant young man, unlike Colonel Agen, a middle-aged man in a worn-out uniform.

Colonel Decker smiled grinily.

“Thank you again, Colonel Agen-nim.”


If he had been as usual, he would have stared at the helpless man pretending to be polite.

But today, Colonel Agen’s expression has been quiet. He would also … .

‘He will soon die.’

There is no reason to be angry with the dead in front of them.

I soon thought I was going to die.

‘Life is free. Soon to die, what would you do well to live with the pirates and the pirates. “

Colonel Decker was Colonel Agen who felt the fallacy of life.

The army set off.

The speed was very slow due to Consul Odsel leading the way.

The eyes of the people watching the army leaving Deport harbor were unfamiliar.

“The guys who do not do that are the monster token of his …

“Try to crack down on some pirates.”

“When the situation is over …

“Not the army, but the housekeepers.”

Consul Odsel’s smile on the front, while receiving the attention of the bad, was unchanged.

But then.

One hundred!

Time seemed to have stopped.

No one responded to the sudden situation.

Consul Odsel’s head exploded like a watermelon, just as he was smiling.

And then … ,

One billion!

Colonel Decker also poured iron from his hole in his chest.


A woman screamed.

As it was a signal, screams began to ring in every direction.

“Ah, ah!”

“Well, what is that !!”

Deport harbor was confused.

The same was true of the soldiers.

Consul Odsel and Colonel Decker, who had been leading the way, had just died one after another and stood stupid not knowing what to do.

It was a situation that I did not even know who was attacked.

It was then.

“Calm down! Allies power! “

Colonel Agen shouted with a loud voice. It was a shout that seemed to be heard even in the midst of confusion.

“Do not get civilians here, but get away!”

Colonel Agen is a small,

People were so afraid that they fled to their homes.

The army began to mobilize under the direction of Colonel Agen.

‘Now is the chance. We have to move fast.

Colonel Agen knew the characteristics of the soldiers.

It was an opportunity now to confuse the soldiers under Colonel Decker.

When you do not know what to do, you must bend it hard and command it.

When the orders were kept and the order kept stable, the minds of the soldiers were naturally leaned on Colonel Agen.

Colonel Agen moved quickly.

He declared the death of Consul Odsel and Colonel Decker as pirates, preparing them for evacuation.

No one was going to question Colonel Agen’s strong claim he was in turmoil.

The best troop deployments were made to prevent pirates from landing, and the warships began to reconnaissance into the sea at once.

Half a day when warships scouted in the nearby waters.

A warship is a signal to the harbor.

Pirates appear!

It has been confirmed that a huge number of pirate ships are sailing toward the harbor.

Colonel Agen gave civilians an evacuation order.

Because they had already prepared to leave, people were able to escape the harbor in an orderly fashion.

Colonel Agen attached to a battalion of Colonel Decker troops to take care of those who were evacuated.

People were wondering as they were leaving the harbor.

“Was Colonel Agen such a person?”

“This time the army seems to be doing my part properly?”

Prepared to evacuate in advance, catching the appearance of pirates in advance, and evacuated safely.

In addition, we attach the troop separately and take care of safety.

It was not Colonel Agen that they had known.

People began to differentiate Colonel Agen gradually.

* * *

It was the hill that killed Corrupt Examinee on the other day.

I have succeeded in killing consul Odsel and Colonel Decker at this point, where it is best suited as a sniper point.

I took the AW50F and spread the Divine Protection of the Wind and ran to the harbor for one month.

Cha Ji-hye and the old fisherman were packed.

“Are you here?”

As Cha Ji-hye always does, I am greeted with a hard voice.

“Yes, let’s go.”

We headed to Vincent’s sailboat together. But the soldiers placed in the marina blocked our way.

“Now the departure of the pirates is prohibited by the appearance of the pirates.”

I find out that I am a noble and say politely. I shook my hand.

“I was ordered by Colonel Agen-nim.”

“From Colonel?”

Soldiers are perplexed.

It was obvious that it was hard to believe.

Then Vincent went out.

“These things.It’s not a lie.Do you not believe me?”

“Uncle Vincent.”

“But we were ordered to control the marina … …”

The soldiers were from here too, so they seemed to be familiar with Vincent.

‘Vincent is a better-known person than an old man.’

Vincent said to the soldiers,

“Would not we go into the sea unless we were crazy in the middle of this?”

“Yes, but …”

“It is not a lie.

The soldiers consulted each other and saw the way, and then they gave way.

“I know, Be careful, man.”

“Yes, come on, let’s go.”

We followed quietly to Vincent, who was bravely ahead of us.

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