Chapter 132 – In the Sea (2)

The ship got on a good wind and went straight. Vincent manages to sail and skillfully drives the ship.

“Let’s see.”

Vincent looked around and said.

“It’s about halfway now.”

I felt puzzled.

No matter how I look around, I could not see the sea.

I do not see anything like a reef.

It’s just blue sea without any sign. How do you know that?

“Do you measure distance by sailing time?”

Vincent laughed chuckle.

“Huh, that’s when you go out into the distant ocean. This is the front yard, where I can sip a nap on the boat and see where I am. “

“Is that possible?”

“When I live in the sea for the rest of my life, it is possible.”

Vincent laughed pleasantly and paddled.

Even though he was on his way to fight for his life, he was a bright face.

He’s a really big guy.

It deserves the people’s trust.

How much time has passed.

“Im here.”

Said Vincent.

“Does this mean pirates are passing by?”

“Yes, it will surely be visible here.”

“By the way, do you swim well?”

I asked. It is still awkward to put a word on the elder.

Vincent laughed chuckle.

“He speaks for granted. You will believe my ancestors are fish. “

“It may be shaken enough to overturn the boat during the fight, so be careful because there are many cases.”

“Yes, do not worry.”

Vincent leisurely pulled out the fishing rod and started fishing. He is a really big person.

After a while, he listened to the big fish he caught and laughed.

“Would you like to have a meal?”

“It’s good.”

“Originally, it’s good to bake, but it’s okay if you eat it just raw.”

In the Arena world, it seemed to have the same concept.

“Is it better to bake?”

“Yes, but burning here is cumbersome, and I smoked the pirates because of the smoke.”

“I can burn it. Sylph, Safe! “

I summoned two Spirits.



“Bake the fish. Sylph messes up smoke. “

The two Spirits immediately followed orders. Kasa baked, and Sylph removed the smoke.

It is a fish which the mackerel mackerel steams.

“Oh, it really baked properly.”

Vincent was divinely cut and handed the fish to three dishes. Because it was so big fish, it was enough to eat three.

Is it still before the storm?

We had a peaceful meal.

“It’s coming soon.”

Vincent looked away and said.

He stared at the point he pointed to, but he did not look well.

Vision Correction Beginner Level 1, but I did not see a point even though my eyesight was 1.0.

Cha Ji-hye was the same. It was a little cute as I was staring at the impression fiercely.

“Huh, I have good vision.”

It seems that fishermen who always gaze at distant places in the sea have heard of good sight.

I recalled Sylph and sent it in the direction Vincent pointed to.

Sylph’s landscape began to be transmitted to my head.

Previously, if a fragmentary image had been delivered, it was now featuring real-time video delivery.

Besides, when I sent the instructions in my opinion, it was a level that accepted it.

Too complicated orders were unreasonable, but simple instructions such as scouting and returning could be made without having to get out of your mouth.

As the spirits evolved into Superior, the rate of assimilation of me also increased.

I was able to see pirate ships through Sylph.

Many pirate ships were sailing in wedge form.

I counted 32 of them.

It was a tremendous number of stately marches.

It was no exaggeration to say that it exceeded the level of general pirates.

‘It’s because of the Chinese Mission dan.’

The Chinese Mission team joined together and pirates grew steadily.

The formation of a cartel in concert with the powers of Aman Empire and the Black Magician was also likely to be the work of the Chinese Mission.

“Armed, AW50F.”

The AW50F was summoned. The sailboat shook a little because it was so heavy.

Vincent was surprised at the sudden appearance of a massive plump.

Standing in a moderately balanced position, I took a shot and took a shot.

Strength Buff Intermediate Level 5 was wearing Synthetic Muscle Suit, so the weight or rebound of the gun was not a problem, but there was a risk of losing balance due to the small stomach.


I waited for the pirates to enter the proper street.

The record of the longest sniper length in the real world is 2,815m, which Lake Special Forces set up in Afghanistan.

The rifle used in the record was a Barret M82A1, a 12.7mm diameter Sniper Rifle, similar to mine.

Maybe it is possible to distance more than 5km. Ammo compensation master has a Shooting skill combined with Spirit Summoning.

But it took a little more distance to get a strong blow to the ship.

Soon I came closer to my eyes.

The weather was very sunny and the pirate ships looked good even though it was a long distance.

‘I’m getting a wedge shape, so I’ll have to hit the lead at the top.’

I aimed at the front mast of the lead.

“Sylph, Safe. Shooting ready. “



Two spirits sat on my shoulders. Heavy things were on the top, but they did not hinder the Shooting pose because there was no weight.

“Sylph, shut the gun off.”


Sylph has tapped my cheek with his tail, indicating that he knew. chuck.

There was no need to be particularly focused. As Sylph adjusted the direction by moving the gun to the tail, I immediately pulled the trigger.

Poohwook -!

The bullet tore up the air and flew away.

Sylph ‘s power was terribly strengthened and the bullets fired at the front mast of the Pirate Fleet.

The mast was shivering with heavy impact.

When a mast with a large sail collapsed, the pirate ship shook.

‘Okay, one more step.’

This time I shot the main mast in the back.

Fushukyu – !!

The main mast has fallen.

The Pirate Fleet Leadership, which lost its sails in a flash, was unable to move forward and shook.

The ship itself has tilted in the direction of the two masts collapsing.

‘Oh, if both masts fall in one direction, you can tilt the boat.’

I communicated my thoughts to Sylph. Sylph nodded as he had known.

Once the leader had stopped, the formation of the pirate fleet broke down.

I picked the next target and pulled the trigger.

Two successive shoots, two masts fell back to the left, and the pirate ship leaned to the left.

As the pirate ship began to sink, the pirates took off the boat and jumped into the sea.

It makes me feel a sense of accomplishment as I make the ship sink with two bullets.

“That’s great.”

Vincent muttered into a surprised face.

I told Vincent like that.

“We must move fast. They’ll chase us. “

“Yes, yes!”

Vincent began to paddle.

As I stepped back, I pulled the trigger again toward the next target.

Mist went down without a doubt.

There were three pirate ships that were already unable to sail.

* * *

“What’s going on?”

Heising came out on the deck and frowned.

“All of you!”

The pirates bowed their heads to Heising, embarrassed.

Pirates of Chinese Mission.

At the Arena he had the status of a captain who dominated the pirate archipelago.

Heising looked at the situation.

The fleet, which had to be wedge-shaped, was divided into messes.

In addition, three ships are collapsing and sinking. It was a crucible of confusion such as the pirates who were aboard were busy escaping.

“What happened?”

He asked.

Then a middle – aged man wearing a captain ‘s hand approached and reported.

“I was attacked and three of the leading ships sank.”


“thatโ€ฆ I do not know what attack was made against any enemy. “

But then.

Fushukyu – !!

I heard a sound of something flying fast,

I’m lost!

The foremost mast of the ship they were riding with was broken and fell to the right.

“Ah, awake!”

“Our turn!”

When the mast, which was holding the sails, collapsed, the pirates were furious.

Heising’s face was distorted.

“That’s him.”

Heising immediately noticed Kim Hyun-Ho’s sniping.

What is surprising is that the power of the Sniper Rifle is enough to break the mast into one room.

“Chief, me, there!”

The pirate who was observing at the main mast ‘s watchtower shouted.

When I looked closely at the direction the pirate pointed, I saw something floating. It looked like a small sailboat.

“It’s attacking over there.”

Heising gave instructions to the captain.

“Rush to the enemy at full speed.”


Soon the sound of the trumpet sounded.

The pirate ships advanced in unison.

However, the pirate ship on which Heising ran was not properly navigated because the foremast was destroyed.



Another shot of bullets shattered the main mast.

The wooden pillar dented and the main mast leaned like a tree on an ax.

“Ah, ah!”

The pirate in the Main Mast Watch crashed and screamed.

Koo Woong!

The main mast eventually collapsed completely.

When the foremost and main mast collapsed to the right side, the pirate ship leaned to the right.

“Ah, awake!”

“Hold tight!”

The pirates slipped on the leaning side.

Heising, balancing, frowned, holding a broken mast and leaving a word with the hanging captain.

“Take good care of yourself.”

“Yes, old?”

Heising jumped in the face. His new model emerged into the sky like a bird.

On a leaning boat, so Heising disappeared.

The captain felt uneasy about how to repair the sinking ship.

On the other hand, Heising moved to the side ship and shouted to the Examinees of China Mission.

“Protect the mast around! The gun seeks the mast. “


The Corrupt Examinee, with their defense strength, carried shields to protect the foremast.

But it was useless.

No one was able to see the bullet coming in the naked eye.

So it was not possible to defend knowing where the bullet hit.


The bullets hit the high point where they could not reach with the keys of Examinee.

Examinee, who surrounded the mast, had no choice but to look stupidly at the foremost foe mast.

Heising kicked his tongue.

This way, Kim Hyun-Ho seemed to be wiped out by the pirate ship side.

“Protect your mast with magic! And speed up a little more! “


Examinee, who learned magic with Main Skill, spread defensive spells.

“One boat down!”

The pirates came in a small boat while they were busy.

Heising jumped into the boat with one Examinee.



Examinee began to paddle by holding the oar as instructed.

Standing still, Heising stared at the far side.

‘I will give you a verse with my hand.’

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