Chapter 134

“This guy!”

The young man was furious and swelled as hard as he could.

Papa Papapot!

I have come to me with a stormy punch to destroy the wind blades I am about to shoot.

But I have escaped flying higher again this time.

I have to wait until he’s out of power.

“Coward! Let’s stick together! “

The young man groaned.


“Do you think you’ll be better off if you take the time?”

“By the way?”

“It’s a stupid guy.”

The young man left the horse and went down again.

Why did I say stupid?

I immediately realized the meaning.

In the pirate fleet, one after another, the pirates were pounding on the boat.

Probably most of them were thought to be Chinese Examinee.

Cha Ji-hye and Vincent’s sailors were running away, but the streets were getting narrower.

‘like that.’

It seemed to me that the instructions that the young man swung to the middle-aged man he had returned to him were that.

The young man sprang to sleep and came back up again.

“Have you ever thought about fighting now?”

“Yes, from now on, let’s go.”

Then I cast Divine Protection of the Wind.

Last time I invested in Karma as Master, Divine Protection of the Wind!

Spirit Summoning the power of the ability to triple more than the spell was cast.

Divine Protection of the Wind lasts 3 hours.

For three hours I was three times stronger.

I literally flew to the young man and fisted.

Jungwoo hit the youth.

Fuck it!


Aura wrapped his arms around him lightly, but his whole body was blown back.

The young man was surprised by the power of the stronger than expected.

‘Let’s stick together!’

I punched out two fists like crazy.

It was that he had imitated the number of times he had seen several times.

The effect of Reflex Superior Level 1 enabled me to follow suit.

When the power was poured like crazy, the surprised young man defended by making a shield with Aura.

Quark Quark Quark Quark Quark -!

Like a nail with a hammer, the winds blew the youth into Aura’s shield.

At the end, the young man was pushed into the sea, surrounded by a shield.

‘Do you know how to swim? I will keep my family out! “

It was when I was so excited.


The water column sprang up and the young man was shot into the sky.

Surprisingly, the youth was not wet with one hem.

‘Is that an application of Aura control? Anyway great. ‘

“Come on!”

The young man shouted at me as he came toward me.

I also poured out the vanguard with crazy autonomy.

The young man also poured a shower punch into the Aura Fist.

Quark Quark Quark Quark Quark Quark – !!

The earthquake rattled the world as if it were happening.

It was a young man who showed an edge over the storm.

Surprisingly, the young man was moving forward step by step against my baptism.

‘How could you do that?’

It is not on the earth but on the sea.

If the footsteps are also unstable and my baptism is baptized, is it normal for me to be pushed back?

The question was quickly resolved.

Observing closely, he was not confronting the vampire.

At the moment of collision, the collision angle was finely adjusted and the wind was blown away.

So I had a chance to go forward with my Aura.

‘I do not think I’ll fight like this fight anyway?’

I ate differently.

Spirit Summoning was placed Superior and Divine Protection of the Wind was mastered.

I was confident once again that the place was also advantageous for me, but also Aura Master was strong.

‘You do not have to do this.’

I left the young man and flew back and returned to the sailboat.

And the fusion with Sylph was lifted. Returning to the shape of the cat, Sylph was wrapped around my neck.

“How is it?”

Cha Ji-hye asked.

“It’s too strong. I’m back because I do not think I can win this game. “

“No, he’s coming!”

Vincent shouted.

The young man was running fast on the surface of the water.

It was a surprise to see a great fisherman inspiration.

“We also run away. Please hold on to your stomach because it will shake violently. “

Vincent and Cha Ji-hye caught a part of the ship.



I instructed Sylph in my mind, and Sylph nodded, accepting my conception.



The sailboat jumped forward with the explosion.

The air was agglomerated, the pressure was increased, and then the air was suddenly burst to cause an impact.

When I raised that explosion one after another on the sailboat’s tail, the sailboat jumped forward like crazy.

Cha Ji-hye on one of the shaky boats caught up to Vincent trying to fall with one hand.

I kept balance with Reflex.

So when the sailboat went out like crazy, the distance with the young man was no longer narrowed.

“Armed, AW50F.”

I summoned the AW50F and fired at the young man. Sylph took care of himself even when he was thrown.


The bullet hit the young man’s Aura shield. However, the movement of the youth was slightly slowed by that.

The young man gave up the idea of โ€‹โ€‹chasing after continuing to shoot like that.

It seemed to me that I had to keep driving and chasing away Aura consumption.

Our sailboats bypassed the pirate fleet largely counterclockwise.

Then we shot the boat that followed us.

What is the power of Sniper Rifle?

Every time I shot a room, the boat crashed and sank one by one.

Examinee, who knows magic, defended the boat by spreading defensive spells.

I picked and sank only those boats that were not defensive.

‘This is the ending.’

I knew they would shoot me with a boat.

And at some point, I snatched a Corrupt Examinee holding a spear.

One billion!

It seemed that Corrupt Examinee’s head flashed into scope.

‘Cheer up!’

I immediately reloaded and shot another Corrupt Examinee again.


The next target also had its head blown and died instantly.

So Corrupt Examinee was barely lowering his body or taking a shield to prepare for a sniper.

‘That was great.’

You can acquire Karma every time you kill Corrupt Examinee.

Karma would have come in quite a bit because I killed two people.

So we fought back and came to the back of the pirate fleet.

I saw Corrupt Examinees swim down from the sunken boat.

I succeeded in killing two more, aiming for the Corrupt Examinee to swim.

I’ve killed four people in a short time!

The Corrupt Examinees who swam also had to dive deep into the water to avoid my sniping.

The pirates were confused.

It was a small sailboat, but it was swinging badly, including five sinking.

For me, the pirates were full of holes.

All of the Corrupt Examinee that are enchanted are out on the boat.

It is a clear pirate side’s fault.

Now pirate ships are defenseless!

Poohwook -!


I shot two marines of a pirate ship with two shots in succession.

As the two masts collapsed to the left, the pirate ship was severely leaning to the left.

The sails with their tails on the two mast are wet with water and become heavy. The pirate ship was more inclined and began to sink.

Pirates who swim to escape to another ship.

So three more ships were sunk, Corrupt Examinee return to the pirate ship was seen.

‘Yes, go back.’

I was aiming for another chance.

Corrupt Examinee on a boat that came to the pirate ship was seen to go up to one or two ships.

I scoffed at the Corrupt Examinee, the magic master.

Take the rope ladder and climb up to the pirate ship!

It was the moment when I had no desire to defend myself.


The wizard ‘s head exploded and disappeared. The headless body hung on the road ladder.

“this guy-!!”

The shout echoed in the sea.

That was the young Aura Master.

The young man, who was angry until the end of his head, ran back to sleep and ran toward us.


I was amazed at the fact that I had been sprinting.

‘I guess the line is a high position, but seeing that I’m angry like that, I think it’s the commander of the pirate ship.’

Aura Master is a strong enough to take the position was enough.

‘I must run away.’

Nine of them were sunk, and Corrupt Examinee was killed.

This was a great deal.

But I also spent quite a bit of natural energy and Spirit Summoning time, and now it was time to retreat and reorganize.

I drove the sailboat towards Deport Harbor by letting Sylph.

The young man has been chasing after a while for a while, but when I continued to shoot him, he turned his steps.

After a certain distance, I stopped running.

Only then did Vincent get angry.

Vincent said, kneeling well.

“I am confused whether I am dreaming now. You sank nine of those wicked pirate ships, and you were not pushed a little bit against Heising! “


“Is that a unique name? It’s the name of the pirate gang. “

“Is he just the head of the pirate band?”

“Yes, it is a person who unifies the pirates who have been divided into several pieces. I was also notorious for the Aura Master, which boasts a tremendous sophistication. “

“Heising …

I remembered a young man with a long hair in his piercing.

It was certainly a very strong opponent but not a very scary opponent.

Even today’s actions did not seem to have a sharp, strategical temperament.

It seemed to have gotten a high status just because it was strong.

‘Could it be that rival Lee Chang-wee said?

I did not think I would have liked the Aura Master to be under the character.

In addition, he was in charge of leading other Corrupt Examinees, including the pirate gang.

That was enough for the head of the check against Lee Chang-wee.

‘If I kill Heising in this Mission, I will help Lee Chang-wee.’

I wondered where Lee Chang-wee would be.

Guide This skill tells you the direction of Lee Chang-wee.


It was just where the pirates were headquartered.

“Lee Chang-wee is on pirate islands.”

Cha Ji-hye nodded at me.

“It is clear what he is aiming for.”

“He will wait for the blow.”


What if Heising fights me out of this campaign and gets injured?

Lee Chang-wee, who is in the pirate archipelago, was killing Heising.

Is there any reason to stay in a pirate archipelago at this time, without fighting, or if you are not planning to go and wait for your fights or injuries?

‘Heising seemed to be a bitch, but maybe Lee Chang-wee was on the attack earlier than planned.’

I could not help considering the variable Lee Chang-wee.

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