Chapter 135

“If Heising was smart, he would have to stop the operation and get involved.”

On the way back to the port, Cha Ji-hye gave his opinion.

I nodded.

“That’s the amount of damage I’ve had to one person. If you want to avoid getting hurt, you should stop the operation. “

“But the personality of him is unlikely.”

Cha Ji-hye explained.

“In the first place, it was attacked in order to get rid of the reprimand of the last failure. Perhaps, Lee Chang-wee intentionally put pressure on it. “

“I think so too.”

Funny, Lee Chang-wee is expecting me.

Did I have something to do with the last time I met you once?

I was hoping that I would make Heising in trouble.

“Anyway, I can not afford to have to look at things with Heising. This way, you have to focus on repelling pirates as thoroughly as possible. You should not live Heising if you can. “


While we were having a conversation, Vincent paced silently.

Finally, the harbor pier came into my eyes.

“It’s done!”

Vincent shouted pleasantly.

“Wow ah!”


“Uncle Vincent!”

I heard a cry from the lighthouse side. The fishermen gathered in the lighthouse were shouting and shouting.

It seemed to confirm that we were safe and happy.

The sailboat arrived at the pier.

The soldiers who were guarding the marina very well were in the lead.

And the middle – aged man walked among the soldiers as much as he could with the officers.

It was Colonel Agen.

Unlike his usual uniforms, his uniforms and his hair seemed to be very neat as well.

“You are here.”


“I’m glad you do not have a place to deal with. What happened to the trail? “

“We destroyed nine of the 32 pirate ships.”


Colonel Agen’s eyes were open.

“Is that really true?”

“Do you want to lie?”

“Colonel! I looked at it with my own eyes. You are not old enough to ignore my eyes? “

Vincent went out and said.

Colonel Agen nodded.

“How will God ignore your eyes? Tell me what it was like. “

“It was great! Whenever the long and strange weapon you had had sparked, their mast was torn down one by one, and eventually the ship was sunk. “

Vincent was a god and explained the fight he had seen himself.

“My sailboat is pushed by the power of Spirit, and I have never really experienced anything more wonderful in my life than this!”

Vincent pointed at me and was speaking in an excited tone.

“He also fought with Heising!”

“Do not you mean heising the pirate gang ?!”

“Yes! That Heising jumped out on the sea, and he flew in the sky and fought a big fight with Heising. I’m fighting over the sky and the sea, really … ! “

Listening to Vincent’s words, Colonel Agen and the soldiers’ faces shone in surprise.

And as I gazed at me, respect began to appear.

Colonel Agen caught my hand.

“I was really impressed! You can do things that this country could not do! Sir is a hero! “

“You’re welcome.”

“They will have lost their momentum. They will know that there is a hero like Sir in this port. “

“Well, certainly a lot of fraud would have died. It was so much confusion that I could not have done it. “

It would be a tremendous task to rescue the pirates on the sinking ship and to repair the collapsed formation.

“But I can not be worried. It was a big blow, but pirates do not give up attacking. “

I agree with Colonel Agen.

“Of course, no worries. We will repel them all today and make them never again in this harbor. “

I am the same.

Lee Chang-wee did not have a way to go, but it was a good opportunity anyway.

In the middle of fighting, I will kill Corrupt Examinee and have a chance to get a lot of Karma.

We killed five people in previous fight, but it is not multi-faceted.

* * *

Under Colonel Agen’s command, everyone was ready for battle.

I settled on a hill overlooking the harbor alone and decided to shoot.

Then I will have to kill Corrupt Examinee and see how much Karma he has.

“Board Retrieval.”

– Name (Name): Kim Hyun-Ho

-Class (Class): 33

-Karma (Mix): +16,500

-Mission (Mission): Stop the pirate’s invasion.

– Time limit: Unlimited


I was willing to cheer. Whopping 16,500Karma!

It was a result of the battle once.

He was a pirate and worked with the Black Magician Organization. It was a lot of minus Karma.

So how much more can you get Karma if you kill Heising, the head of the pirates?

Β I think that I am more motivated than I am.

‘How come I am similar to them?’

They hurt people to get Majeong, and I kill them and get Karma.

Now, the horrible scene hit the sniper rifle and part of the body feels uncomfortable.

Rather, I felt the pleasure of killing in one room.

“Armed, AW50F.”

I summoned the AW50F and put it on the ground and lay down and shoot.

It’s bad guys anyway.

What’s wrong with killing them to kill?

Such thoughts gradually become in my head.

I suddenly have a question.

How many people would like to have the mission completely cleared in this world?

The capitalists and politicians who invested in the industry related to the Arena do not want to be able to acquire Majeong anymore.

The behavior of the Chinese Mission group is most explicit, and in fact almost all the national institutions will be that mind.

But is that what investors think?

I thought that many of Examinee might not want to clear.

Thanks to Mission, we can get stronger power and raise high income.


It gives me pride that I am a special, chosen person with others.

What if you clear all the Missions and no longer need to see the Missions?

And if all the skills you got from Mission are gone?

I will return to me again normal.

It is the helpless me when I spent many years hanging on a government employee mission.

It is not considered as important to everyone as it is now.

Could it stand?

Money is not a problem.

That’s the fear that Examinee has in their minds.

Perhaps the Corrupt Examinees of the present may have chosen such a path because they were afraid of it.

‘Cha Ji-hye, even if you do not know a competitor.’

I do not know what Cha Ji-hye, who was capable before Examinee, thinks.

But I am afraid of the past. I am afraid to return to those days.

Nevertheless, I will clear the Mission.

Lee Hye-su.

Lee Jun Ho.

Kang Chun-seung.

My colleagues who died in the third round. How long did they want to live?

I survived as collateral for their lives.

Even if you think about it, there can be no other purpose than achieving the Mission’s ultimate goal.

How much time has passed.

Ding Ting –

Deportes were echoing at Deport’s harbor.

Looking away from the coastline, I saw a pirate fleet appear.

The five pirate ships line up in front were surrounded by defensive spells, followed by the remaining pirate ships.

It seemed to be a formation corresponding to my sniping. They also have their own heads.

‘Can not do it.’

Once I decided to give up aiming for a pirate ship mast.

I watched the fight a little bit, and when I saw a stronger man, I was about to shoot him immediately. Pirates of the stronger Corrupt Examinee is likely to be.

The two sides started fighting.

The pirates jumped out of the boat and attempted to land.

Soldiers, including the marina and all the way through the sea, began to spread arrows.

Pirates were knocked down by arrows.

The pirate’s attempted landing was a little unreasonable.

I felt a sense of embarrassment among the pirates at first glance.

‘like that. I did not think there would be such resistance in Deport Harbor. ‘

In the meantime, with the help of one gang, Consul Odsel and Colonel Decker, you almost bloody.

It was a shocking day for pirates who did not yet know the deaths of the two.

When the landing of the pirates stopped in a fierce arrow attack, the soldiers shouted whether Colonel Agen had given the order.

“Wow ah!”

“Wow ah!”

“Come on!”

The sound of a shout that seems to have already won. Colonel Agen seemed to play a psychological war against the pirates to win the momentum fight.

Anyway, the start was good.

The pirates used their heads and attempted to land only five of the leading defenders.

When the landing was over, the other ships seemed to try to land with defensive magic.

‘There are about five wizards.’

It was a measure to prevent the ship from being hurt by my sniping, but the operation had a big blind spot.

At that time, only five enemy units landed without total force, so the port guards collapsed into intense fighting.

Before long, he was on the pirate side.

All the pirate ships hiding in the back began to approach the coast.

‘I waited for that.’

I pulled the trigger in anticipation of a pirate ship that was not surrounded by defensive spells.

Taian –

I did not let Sylph intercept the sound, so the gunshots ranged wildly.

The front mast of one pirate ship fell to the left.

Tia Aang!

Then the back mast was broken.

A pirate ship nailed and tilted hull collided with another pirate ship beside it.

“Wow ah!”

The harbor defenders once again shouted.

Taian – Taian – Taian -!

I kept sniping.

In the same way, two more were broken.

Of course, the pirates were not staying still.

Pirates from the ship poured into the pond, and began to climb into the land like ants.

The harbor defenders resisted with arrows, but eventually the pirates came to land and clashed with the soldiers.

With shields and spears, soldiers in front of them began fighting pirates.

The harbor defenders were much more orderly, but the pirates were grueling.

Experienced and harsh pirates and port defenders, who had not functioned properly, had to be different in quality.

In the meantime, I continued to shoot down the mast of the pirate ships and devote myself to breaking down.

But then.

In the harbor, a boyfriend jumped up and flew into the air.

Looking at the details with the scope, I could see the face.

It was Heising.

Heising jumped over the head of the defensive arm at once and landed at the harbor with a tremendous leap.

And he moved like a skylark, leaping all over the buildings.

Heising was rushing straight into the hills I am.

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