Chapter 137

It was time for a fight. I moved boldly.

I picked up two guns and aimed two points.

One of the heads of Heising. This is an attentive attack from Heising.

The other is the upper part of the Aura sheath surrounding Heising.

Tang, Tang!

Heising moved as I wanted. It is reflexively avoided by turning your head in place.

However, another foot broke the top of the Aura shield.

And at the same time Sylph fired the AW50F.

Tia Aang !!

A 12.7mm bullet pierced through the gap in the Aura shield that was torn by the bullet I shot.



The gruesome scream of Heising echoed.


I felt an exciting bliss.

Heising has fallen. I was spilling red blood on my back. It was a death sentence.

‘Usually a part of the body is so powerful that it blows. Aura Master, the body is hard.

Heeding is not only an instant but also an admiration of the body of Heising.

But this was my victory.

I approached Heising with twin guns.

Heising kicked a healing potion from his feet.

“큭 … ! “

Heising vomited this to the pain.

Heising, barely turning over and looking up at the sky, looked up at the pistol that I was pointing at.

“I was …


“I did not expect to die so early …

Heising sighed.

“You suddenly accept death fast?”

“From the middle of the fight … I dried up … I have a feeling that I’m going to get losing. “


I did too.

I had a feeling that I would win in the middle.

It was precisely from the time I learned the Shooting skill that gives me enough power to tear the Aura shield.

From then on I felt a sense of resilience. Until now, I have had a perfect fight with my skills, training and experience.

Heising, on the other hand, has consistently taken the lead in meeting me, the first type I’ve ever met.

“just one… Ask. “


“Then you said … Cool! “

Speaking spoke of Heising.

He was a nuisance and a horse.

“Martial arts … Did you say the name is Kang Chun-seung? “

“By the way?”

“Are not you Jean Tien castle?”

“I do not know. I did not hear it in Chinese pronunciation. Anyway, it was from Shanghai, and it was a master of enlightenment and bureaucracy. “

“… That’s right …

Heising laughed like a giggle.

“I was a neighbors who knew well when I was a child … . I was learning martial arts … I was good enough to map. “

The voice of Heising was gradually diminished.

“I was a very strong person … Such a person is also in the afterlife. haha… I’ll meet you all there. Yes… Everyone will meet there in the end …

Soon his voice got wet.

I put my hand on my neck. The Mac was not caught.

It was surprising that he knew Kang Chun-seung.

There was such a connection.

I thought that this boy would have had a good old days, too.

So I treated Heising.

I was stunned on the hill where the height was reduced by more than half.

I do not know how long this fight should continue.

‘Just to kill him right away. Listen to useless words. ‘

I did not feel well and was sad.

I took a sigh of relief.

But we should keep fighting. We have not won yet.

I called Sylph floating in the sky.

And lay down and shoot ready to snip.


Pirates who want to play a little bit, shot unconditionally.

Especially when his head was black and his skin was yellow. It is highly likely to be a Corrupt Examinee of the Chinese Mission.

How many people did they kill?

In the restarted sniper, the pirate side realized that Heising was defeated.

Pirates who had aggressively invaded the harbor began to retreat like ebb tide.

I did not stop the sniper until they left the harbor by boat.

I wanted to destroy all of my ship and not get away with it, but I decided to quit.

I was almost out of power.

The Chinese side, who lost their way to the escape route, seemed unable to get it out of their desperate resolve.

Ding Ting -! Ding Ting -! Ding Ting -!

The bell rang out in a row.

Along with him, the sound of the harbor guard’s voices also resonates.

We were victorious.


An Exam Door was created next door. The mission has been cleared.

Winning, Winning.

The Comm Device rang.

It was Cha Ji-hye.

– Are you okay?

“Yes, Ji-hye is also safe?”

– Yes, Exam Door appeared next to it. By the way, did you take Heising?

“Yes, barely. I have also noticed the Exam Door. “

– Before we go back we need to turn the Comm Device and Synthetic Muscle Suit.

“Then I’ll be at the inn first.”


I ran to Deport Harbor.

The port was busy.

Those who were evacuated out of the city were returning to hear the sound of victory.

I entered the harbor quietly in the gap so as not to be conspicuous.

But when I showed up, the soldiers yelled at me.

“You are the hero!”

“He has led us to victory!”

“Odin Count Wolfenbrooke-nim’s number one!”

Then the attention of the people was focused on me.

“Wow ah!”


“Long live hero!”

People just cheered and applauded at me.

I was ashamed as I was suddenly noticed. I scratched my head and avoided my seat.

People did not forget to applaud and cheer as they moved the roads on both sides.

I felt like I became a general improvement so I returned to the inn where I was staying.

“Are you here?”


Cha Ji-hye put out the Synthetic Muscle Suit and Comm Device to see if she had already changed her clothes.

I felt a little embarrassed because she seemed to be livid in Synthetic Muscle Suit.

“Why are you doing that?”

“Yes? Oh, oh, nothing. “

“Did you smell it?”

“Great! Oh, no! Not a bad smell … ! “

After I spoke to him, I realized that I had been self-inflicted.

“I’m glad it’s not bad.”

‘Turn off aaak!’

Her office tone made me sell more.

Somehow she smiled a little, but I could not be sure it was my mistake.

“Then I’ll be out, and Kim Hyun-Ho will change clothes.”


While Cha Ji-hye was out, I took the Synthetic Muscle Suit off, feeling pathetic about myself.

After putting both suits and comm devices into the space bag, I called Cha Ji-hye again.

“Board Retrieval.”

Cha Ji-hye summoned the slab and said afterwards.

“I will finish the mission.”


Then Exam Door was created again.

We opened the door and in turn went in.

* * *



The baby angel blasted the trumpet.

“The repertoire is so obvious. Anything else? “

When I asked, the baby angel said.

“Then I’ll pop a firecracker.”

“do whatever you want.”

“By the way, Examinee Kim Hyun-Ho. So, you’ve done a great job this time? “

“If you do not make a big difference, you’re only giving a Mission to kill.”

“So it was impossible?”

“… I survive because I can. “

“Look. I say a few times that I do not give an impossible mission. “

Suddenly I heard an ominous feeling.



“… ?! “

“That’s not what you think.”

The baby angel read my thoughts and hit a player.

I felt disturbed.

This is the question I want to ask.

Is it difficult for the next mission as I am stronger in this mission?

The answer is yes.

This unscrupulous Mission system gives you a degree of difficulty to barely clear, keeping in mind how far I will grow.

“In addition, Examinee Cha Ji-hye also got quite a lot of Karma for the time being. Karma compensation is bad if you get wrong. “

I had a urge to shoot a gun to a nervous baby angel.

“Come on, then go back and relax. Sorry to see you again in 100 days! “

The break also looked like 100 days.

* * *

I came back to reality.

I felt relieved when I woke up from the basement of the Nordic Exam Group headquarters.

‘Let’s see how much we have achieved.’

Corrupt Examinee would have killed a lot, Mission would have been perfectly clear, and I had a good expectation of how much Karma I’d get.

It was time to summon the slab.


Someone knocked on the door rough outside.

“Hyun-Ho! Open the door, Hyun-Ho! “

It was Marie Johanna.

I had a sigh.

Let’s open the door,


Marie came up like a pauper in my arms.

“I miss you!”

Like a sloth, my neck hanged on my neck, wrapped around my waist with two legs, and even moved to the back to move back and forth.

“How about Marie? Did you clear the mission? “

“Huh! I kept stuck with Odin, but I was bored. “

To do.

Marie’s mission was Odin’s personal protection. If Odin returned safely, Marie’s mission was cleared.

“Kim Hyun-Ho!”

Odin’s cheerful voice rang.

Likewise, Odin, who came out of the mission, gladly saw me.

“Did the pirates suck?”

“Yes, and I killed Heising. Did you hear the name Heising? “

Odin’s face was then astonished.

“Heising, the 13th in the world of Karma?”


“exactly. A year ago, according to the announcement of the Chinese Mission group, Corrupt Examinee, and since then I have not been able to get Karma, but I have been ranked 8th. “

I would not have been that big.

That was enough to make Lee Chang-wee rival.

“I was known as the only person in China Mission to check Lee Chang-wee’s solo, but I would not kill him!”

Odin looked at me as amazing.

I was the eighth person now.

I was so surprised that I fought and beat the biggest player in the top 10 in the world.

‘Heising was the 13th in the world?’

I was confident.

It was more than a trick or a shot, but a win over Heising in frontal fighting.

Now, I have become a strong person who does not have to look at others!

“If Heising is dead, the Chinese Mission Team will become the ruling system of Lee Chang-wee.”

I thought so too.

Unintentionally, I moved on to the scenario that Lee Chang-wee wanted.

I did my best to clear the mission, but eventually I had to benefit Lee Chang-wee.

‘But the situation is much better than before.’

I killed Heising.

Lee Chang-wee proved that he was strong enough to kill Heising, a stronghold that could not be defeated.

Lee Chang-wee can not see me anymore.

Lee Chang-wee, who was also the target, had no reason to be hostile to me.

So once Lee Chang-wee took over the Mission in China, China would no longer be trying to hurt me.

‘I have to check how much Karma I got.’

I summoned the slab.

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