Chapter 140

It was a Porsche Cayenne to ride for a long time.

I picked Cha Ji-hye on the boat and started off.

“Are not you bothered?”

“I do not mind.”

This is also true when Marie came to Korea, and Cha Ji-hye was generous.

“You do not bother people unexpectedly.”

“It is not a type that is intended to be solitary. And cute. ”


The moment I doubted my ears.

“Hyun-Ho’s sister, it’s cute.”

Hyun-ji It’s cute, and the spiritual world of Cha Ji-hye seems unusual.

The car arrived shortly before Hyun-ji’s house. Hyun-ji rushed out when he sent a text to come out.


“Do not do that.”


Hyun-ji sat in the back seat and was friendly to Cha Ji-hye.

“Good morning Unni!”

“Yes, it’s been a while, girl.”

“Hi, just call me Hyun-ji.”

“Yes, Hyun-ji.”

“Oh, just call me Hyun-ji. I miss you. ”

“I know.”

At the moment I almost laughed.

This is because the tone of speech has changed like an army officer who treats soldiers.

Hyun-ji, who wanted to be among the friendly Unni’s younger brother, looked angry. Suddenly, the order was reversed by officers and soldiers.

“What do you want to eat?”

“Uh, there’s a pasta shop that’s late, near Bucheon Station.”

I drove to Bucheon Station.

When we arrived at the pasta shop, we sat down and ordered.

“What else do you ask for?”

“Child, do you need a reason why your little sister wants to see Oppa?”

“Do you mind?”

“Hehe, you’re ashamed. Because of the cute little sister, it is good to be proud as an Oppa, right? ”

I grasped my fist so that the blood vessels would pop out.

I had to try to stand up to anger.

Hyun-ji laughed and said to Cha Ji-hye.

“This is Oppa. I can not be honest. You have a lot of trouble with this Oppa, Unni. ”

“not really.”

“Hoho, Unni is like a Oppa.”

“is it? I do not know.”

During the meal, Hyun-ji asked about us, and every time I felt embarrassed.

Cha Ji-hye admired me for responding lie to me with a specific impudence.

So now my relationship with Cha Ji-hye is very vague.

I had a lot of things, but I did not feel like having a relationship with her.

Rather, it was the atmosphere that seemed to come back to the original state after it was burned for a while.

“Oppa, actually …

Finally, Hyun-ji came up with the idea.

“Tell me.”

“Hehe, actually I’ve been thinking a lot about my future career.”

“After all the debts in the first half of the year, I have a lot of thoughts.”

“Lee! Do not be sarcastic and listen seriously. ”

“Yeah, well, keep talking.”

“Yep. I’ve been thinking about it, but people have to do things that suit their aptitude. So I thought about my aptitude and what kind of field I would like. ”

“By the way?”

“But my friend Jihyun had told me.”

“What are you talking about?”

“He knows that Unni is making a lot of money by starting a shopping mall.”


“So I’m thinking of starting a fashion mall with Ji Hyun.”

“That’s your aptitude?”

“Huh! I think fashion sense is awesome again. ”

I lost a word to say.

He could not get a job and finally he wanted to taste it.

Anyone on the internet shopping mall?

An item is one of your own fashion sense?

“But to do that, you need the business capital, the capital. So I mean … Heih, Oppa got some support …

I took out the smartphone.

“Oh, Oppa?”

I pressed the dial and touched the call button.

I hear a dial tone.

“Oppa, who are you calling, now?”

I chewed up the question of the frightened Hyun-ji and I took my smartphone to my ear.


Cha Ji-hye The cold tone of the devil.

“Noona, I am.”

– Are you in Korea?

“Huh. I came back today. But now I’m talking to Hyun-ji …

“Oh no! Oppa! “

The speculative Hyun-ji jumped up and yelled.

Whether or not I kept saying.

“Well, he wants to borrow money to start an internet shopping mall.”

– … Where are you?

Cool Noona’s voice.

“It’s a pasta house near Bucheon Station.”

– Send it as an address text. I am coming.


I disconnected the call and sent a message to Noona.

Hyun-ji’s face was scared. Soon I was told by a voice filled with resentment.

“Oppa, it’s too much! How could it be! ”

“Think carefully. If you’re really serious about it, convince Noona. If Noona allows, I will give you the capital. ”

Money rots in a Swiss account. It’s your mental state to worry about, honey.

“Will Unni hear me? My mom and I would stir up a chicken liver and stir me up! ”

“Everything is going to be good. Will you just ignore your doctor and force it? Show me your clear determination and willingness to persuade Noona to accept. ”

“Hiding, Unni Scary! Unconditionally, I’m just trying to cheat me! ”

“Honestly, if you look at your situation right now, you can not get a job, you do not want to go to a mothers shop, you can only look like a shopping mall.”


Hyun-ji started to cry.

I sighed and stroked Hyun-ji’s head.

“So you have to prove it. If you are determined to be really solid and serious, Oppa will help you. ”

“do not know!”

Hyun-ji was screaming and screaming.

I talked to a 24 hour cafe near me at the store.

And Noona arrived.


Noona opened his mouth in a cool tone as soon as he arrived.

Hyun-ji stood up as soon as he was called as a nervous steward.

“Go. I have to talk to my mom seriously. ”

“Ah Okay.”

Hyun-ji barely got the courage to follow Noona.

Noona so disappeared like a wind with our family troubadour.

Cha Ji-hye remained alone in the cafe.

I sighed and told Cha Ji-hye.

“I wish I had trouble with such minor problems like him. He’s going to be very serious in his own way, but that’s evidence of a peaceful life. ”

At least it’s a matter of whether you’re dead or alive, or who you’re killing.

Then Cha Ji-hye said.


“Right? I’m rather jealous of that idiot. ”

“I envy Kim Hyun-Ho.”

“… Is it me? ”

“I am troubled and crying and laughing. It would feel like having a family. It’s been too long since I’ve forgotten that feeling. ”


Then I remembered that she was alone with her parents when she was a child.

Marina Hyun-ji is cute, and I think it would be like that.

“I wish Ji-hye would be happy.”

I wonder if there was a little bit.

But I said honestly like a confession of love.

Cha Ji-hye looked at me like that and smiled at me.


I was surprised.

The face that Cha Ji-hye reveals and smiles was almost the first.

“Fortunately, I have found two things to enjoy in my life.”

“What is it?”

“One will know tomorrow or the next morning.”

“The other one?”


Cha Ji-hye reached out to me.

I gently sweep my cheeks and tie the horse.

“Now, when you get home, you’ll find out.”

My heart trembled.

She wanted to make this man tremble like this.

Since that day our relationship has definitely changed.

First, she moved her luggage from the guest room to my bedroom. We fell asleep and greeted the morning.

Her actions and tone of attitude toward me have not changed, but at least I often accept them if I am in my arms or kisses from time to time.

And I was able to get a better sense of her feelings hidden in expressionlessness.

Min-Jeong Like this, she was not a woman with a lot of amusing and emotional expressions, but she did. I was feeling happy when I was together.

For reference, I came to know what one of life’s pleasures she found.

One day, Cha Ji-hye went out to say that there was something to see and he appeared on the white Lamborghini.

“I ordered it a few weeks ago, but it took longer than I thought.”

Lamborghini’s brilliant use of majesty, I had no choice but to open my mouth.

The last time I sold the Wyvern Majeong I presented, I chose it for the money I made.

* * *

It was a large and colorful mansion.

From the entrance to the mansion with a barn to the open courtyard, the bodyguards of the black suits screamed.

In front of the entrance to the mansion.

Lee Chang-wee, who got out of the car, sniffed at the scenery of the mansion.

‘You’ve got a bunch of scarecrows.’

Did he try to expose his dignity by laying down a bunch of useless bodyguards?

Thinking so, Lee Chang-wee had a cynical cynicism.

“Open it.”

Lee Chang-wee said coldly.

The bodyguards who recognized his face opened the front door.

Lee Chang-wee, who entered the house, was restrained by security guards in front of the entrance to the mansion.

“I’ll check in.”


“Sorry. The check …

“Get out.”


One billion! puck!

Lee Chang-wee shook his hands twice like chasing flies. The two guards fell on both sides at once.

“… ! ”

“No, what ?!”

Surprised bodyguards instinctively put their hands in their arms and pulled out the pistol.


Lee Chang-wee chuckled.


The blue Aura bloomed and wrapped his body.

The guards hesitated not to pull the trigger.

The other was Lee Chang-wee. It has been a major figure in the mansion.

“Move. I’ll kill you if I’m offensive. ”

However, Lee Chang-wee moved to the pace.

When I arrived before the visit, I shoved the bodyguard guarding the front door and opened the door without knocking.

“Lee Chang-wee? What is this noise? ”

A fat old man with a white beard sat on the rocking chair and frowned.

It was the old man who threw a bottle at Lee Chang-wee the other day.

“I have not seen you once or twice, but the procedure is so annoying.”


In Lee Chang-wee’s cheeky attitude, the elderly felt an unusual atmosphere. I responded calmly because I was not angry.

“Right. Things like that happen, too.”

“Thank you for understanding.”

“What happened to Heising? Why do not you hear from Heising? ”

“Heising is dead.”

“What, what?”

The old man busted up in a rocking chair.

“Operation failed, and Heising died during the operation.”

“He, then how much damage to the pirate part … ? ”

“All the pirates who were returning to the Pirate Archipelago were killed.”

“… ?! ”

The complexion was pale and the old man staggered.

The words of Lee Chang-wee continued.

“I have even met an unidentified mysterious figure during my return. Unfortunately.”

Lee Chang-wee was laughing like a devil.

“Uh … ! ”

The face of the old man was terrified.

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