Chapter 141

Karma total.

It is a figure when I convert all my skills and items into Karma.

I decided to register for Examinee ranking in the world according to Odin’s recommendation. I calculated both skill and items by Karma.

In addition to the achievements achieved by clearing the mission, Karma was also worth a lot of money.

I have also raised my skill level as a water lily without consuming Karma.

As Karma put it all together,


The tongue was released by myself.

Once I had the skills and items I had:

-Main Skill: Spirit Summoning (Superior Level 1).

-Assist Skill: Strength Buff (Intermediate Level 5), Guide (Beginner Level 1), Teleportation (Intermediate Level 1), Vision Correction (Beginner Level 1).

-Special Skill: Skill Synthesis.

-Synthetic Skill: Divine Protection of the Wind (Master), Divine Protection of the Flame (Master), Reflex (Master), Flame of Life (Intermediate Level 4), Transmission (Beginner Level 1) , Shooting (Beginner Level 1), Ammo compensation (Master), Reload, Dynamic Vision (Master), Clairvoyance (Beginner Level 1), Projectile Path Prediction.

– Remaining Karma: +16,000

– Item: AW50F, Nielsen H2 (2 tablets), item backpack

How much would it be to convert all of these into Karma?

I began to make calculations by writing down notes.

Cha Ji-hye, who was lying in a bed and went to bed, looked at me that day.

“Can not you ask me a slab?”


The moment I had a feeling that I became a fool.

Cha Ji-hye, at first glance, closed his eyes and went to sleep.

I was able to capture the expression of the minute emotion that appeared on her face.

“Will you show me the number of skills and items I have in terms of Karma?”

When I talked to the slab, I was really wriggling. It really is artificial intelligence.

-Examinee Indicates the value of the skills and items of Kim Hyun-Ho as total amount of Karma. This total also includes the remaining Karma.

-Karma Total: +108,600


I was able to open my mouth with tremendous shame.

“How many of you came out?”

Cha Ji-hye asked.

I guess I kept wondering while I was sleeping. It ‘s cute.



Cha Ji-hye asks her ears of doubt.


“Now you have finished 8 times?”


Of course, I was not the only one to receive the clear mission.

I have raised my skill level through training, and the Karma amount I purchased with astronomical money is not a joke.

I sent this figure to Odin in a text message.

I went up to bed and fell asleep with Cha Ji-hye.

I did not know what effect the text message I just sent would have a ripple effect.

* * *


“Uh … ! ”

Odin checked the text message and groaned without even knowing it.

It was now Examinee eight times.

Is it possible to accomplish this with Examinee, who only played Mission eight times?

He said he had killed Corrupt Examinee while fighting pirates. It has grown rapidly by fighting with the Chinese Mission Team. ‘

Odin had the feeling that this Examinee would be the nucleus of the storm.

He is the strongest player in China’s Mission Dan, who defeated the infamous Heising!

Such a strong strong person was rushing towards Mission clear.

How will the Arena industry accept it?

How will investors who wait for Majeong technology to be open to the world and doing business in earnest will see the emergence of Kim Hyun-Ho?

Odin himself had received a lot of remorse and pressure.

Odin focused on survival in the belief that she would not let her daughter Bella go alone.

Thanks to it, I kept clearing the Mission to this day.

Even Odin, whose goal consciousness was so obvious, might not have been able to sustain it without the protection of the Nordic Exam Group.

Although it is not as plain as the Chinese Mission, almost every national organization saw Arena as a big business opportunity.

We wanted to achieve the Mission’s ultimate goal and to ensure that the Examinees were able to secure Majeong over time rather than being liberated.

Of course, the Examinees are still not responding to the opposition.

But the presence of Kim Hyun-Ho did not know that it would change the atmosphere.

We have already crashed into the pirates and have even seen a connection with an unidentified Black Magician Organization.

It is getting closer to the mission’s ultimate goal at a fast pace.

‘If you are registered in the World Ranking, you will begin to receive checks. But… . ‘

Odin smiled.

‘Examinees who want to clear their missions with that much power will also be created.’

On that day, there was a change in ranking in the World Arena Association.

Arena related organizations from around the world were shocked.

In particular, the impact of the Korea Arena Lab was tremendous.

-Examinee Kim Hyun-Ho

– Nationality: Korea

– Ranking: 7th place

-Karma Total: 108,600

“What is this?”

Korea Arena Institute.

Director Kim Jung-Tae looked at the monitor with his eyes open.

‘Why is Kim Hyun-Ho’s name here ?!’

There was no such thing.

Now it is about 7,8 times.

No, it was even more wiser that we have not been handed over to the Chinese Mission team yet.

What strength has it survived so far from the touch of the Chinese side, and it becomes such a huge ranker!

7th place!

‘Why did he suddenly appear in such a rank!’

The director, Kim Jung-Tae, began to feel cold.

Among the Korean Examinees, there was no one in the top 20 yet.

However, Examinee, the 7th ranked Korean, appeared in the top rankings!

It’s not a member of the Korea Arena Lab!


Director Kim Jung-Tae was alert.

The current government had no idea that the president knew about Arena.

Kim Jung-Tae was able to exercise strong authority because the politician did not have a proper personality.

But even so, you can get into the president ‘s ears if you see the big – money ranking.

‘It’s a big deal … ! ‘

In urgent need, Kim Jung-Tae, director, pulled out old-fashioned folder phones.

Kim Jung-Tae, Director Lee Chang-wee was in Beijing.

– What’s going on?

“What happened?”

– What is it?

“Kim Hyun-Ho! What did Kim Hyun-Ho do? ”

– Al, have you seen it?

“Why did not you give Kim Hyun-Ho enough information?”

– Do not you see? You’ve gotten stronger over the crisis. A wonderful human victory.

“Look at this!”

– What is it, Kim Jung-Tae?

“Did you give up Kim Hyun-Ho now?”

– I have no reason to be hostile to Kim Hyun-Ho anymore.

Director Kim Jung-Tae sensed something strange.

That man just said, ‘For me.’

It is as if his thoughts are the meaning of the Chinese Mission Dan.

Kim Jung-Tae did not know the death of Lee Chang-wee’s rival Heising.

Of course, I did not even know about the inside of the Chinese Mission stage.

“What do you mean by that? There is no reason to be hostile to Kim Hyun-Ho …

– Well, no more. Do not contact us in the future.

“Now, wait … ! ”

Lee Chang-wee interrupted the call unilaterally.

‘What happened in China!’

Kim Jung-Tae, director for some time, has made a mistake in neglecting the news on the Chinese side.

Even now, I had to run the sources to figure out the situation.

Kim Jung-Tae, however, did not have enough time.

Come on!

The telephone in his office began to ring.

Director Kim Jung-Tae listened to the receiver.


– Warden, it’s the Blue House.


Soon I heard an old man’s voice.

– Kim.

“Yes, sir. Good afternoon? ”

– Have you heard anything about the Chinese Mission Team?

“I do not feel like it, so I’m looking for something.”

– There seems to have been a big change in the power structure inside the Chinese Mission Dan.

“Yes, you are having a hard time finding out because you are so secretive.”

– Hmm, by the way, do you know about Kim Hyun-Ho Examinee?

The heart of Kim Jung-Tae’s chief began to run.

“Unfortunately, it is not ours, so we do not know much. I know that Examinee is on the side of JinSung Group. ”

– It is not world ranker that appeared first in Examinee of Korea. It’s not your lab, it’s you. Do you know any more?

“Yes, I will look into it and bring it to our office if possible.”

-Right. I do not know anymore.


– Huh, that’s true.

“… ? ”

– Kim, do you really know anything?

A word stuck in cool tone.

Director Kim Jung-Tae felt the blood cooling down.

– I talked to Park Jin-Sung. Kim. You, you’re incompetent, you’re even fooling us?

Park Jin-seong, chairman of Jinseong Group!

He was saved by Kim Hyun-Ho.

Kim Jung-Tae, the director, realized that things were wrong.

“Rain, Secretary …

– That’s enough. I do not want to mess with you anymore.

The call was disconnected unilaterally.

And fifteen minutes later, a bunch of people from the National Intelligence Service came to the Arena Lab in Korea.

* * *

-How have you been?

It was the voice of President Park Jin-sung who listened to it for a long time. The voice sounds cheerful.

“Yes, I do not mind. How is your health? ”

– It’s healthy. I’ve been drinking for a tough life. Life without drinking, I do not know if this is dead or alive.

“Haha, good thing. Long live and shovel on the wall. ”

-shut up. Anyway, your boys are doing great right these days.


– Is this him? Ranking!

“Oh, I registered in the ranking through the Nordic Exam Group. How high is it? ”

– … You do not know that and ask me?

“I have not heard from Mr. Odin yet.”

– I live without measures. This guy is seventh in the world … .

“Yes? 7? ”


“It’s high.”

I was surprised.

7th place?

I expected it to be a little higher, but I did not know it was the seventh of all Examinee in the world!

Of course, like Lee Chang-wee, there are a lot of people who are not registered in the ranking, but it must have been a very high ranking anyway.

– You know we’re still in our group, right?

“I know.”

During the treatment of Park Jin-Sung, I contracted to Jinsung Group. I do not know.

I got help from the 3rd secretary of the department.

– But why are not you bringing Majeong in Arena? How about the seventh in the world, you never brought a Majeong to us.


I thought so.

Majeong was Examinee’s most important money making tool.

But I was not interested in Majeong because of Flame of Life and astronomical monies.

-We’re in the top 7 rankings, and we’ll see the virtue, man.

“Hahaha, I’ll get a few Majeong chance.”

– μ―§μ―§, anyway soon there will be good news.

“Good news?”

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