Chapter 142

– I talked to the Blue House.

“Cheong Wa Dae?”

I was amazed.

“Oh, this was President Park Jin-seong.”

As the old man treats me, I forgot who he is. This inspiration was the number one conglomerate of the Republic of Korea.

-Kim Jung-Tae Warden will be out of business.


Kim Jung-Tae Director.

Is it a rotten man who has sold my information to China and helped Cha Ji-hye’s death?

It was nice news to hear that such a guy would be out of business. For the first time you hear the sound of country rolling.

– Until now, the friendship with the Chinese Mission team has been important, so we trusted Kim Chung-tong, director of the company. Cheong Wa Dae decided that China would have the hegemony of Arena business. But now things are different.

When I heard that, I had a guess.

“Lee Chang-wee took control of the Chinese Mission team?”

– You know?

“Because he had suggested to me too.”

– I do not want to talk to you on this side, if you have anything like that!

Park Jin – Sung ‘s chairman turned upside down.

“I would have been better, I thought you were not interested in Arena now.”

– Is it that you are not interested in a field that might be a future industry?

“It sounds like a future industry. I’m going to clear all the Mission and end it. ”

– Even though you said it, how many of the Majeongs you’ve already got around the world so far?

“Pretty many, right?”

– There’s a lot of ignorance, man. Majeong ‘s value will still be much, much more important than it is now, even if it will be impossible to secure Majeong anymore.

That’s right.

The magic in Majeong makes possible the impossible with modern science and technology.

Otherwise, you do not need to stick to Majeong while leaving other energy resources.

Whether it is used for strategic weapons development or space development, Majeong is a must-have. Even if Majeong can no longer be saved, the Majeong that has already been acquired is used for such a thing.

So Jinseong Group scouts Examinee to secure Majeong.

I am not sure, but I am also studying Majeong application technology.

– Did you kill Heising?

“Did you hear that?”

– I have a source on the Chinese side, too.

President Park Jin-Sung said that he did not want to be humiliated.

– Anyway thanks to you, Heising, who was checking Lee Chang-wee, was wiped out and the Chinese Mission team was half-cut.

“The annihilation?”

I felt puzzled.

I had to kill Heising.

It was also a shot that killed Corrupt Examinee quite a bit while fighting pirates.

But it would not have been enough to destroy Heising.

– Lee Chang-wee said he had all slaughtered the Heising circle as soon as he realized the death of Heising.

“… ! ”

I was thrilled.

As soon as Heising dies he goes on to do extreme things.

Lee Chang-wee’s brutality and boldness exceeded my expectations.

– So the number of Chinese Mission units was reduced to half, and the Chinese Communist Party was no longer able to control Lee Chang-wee. Rather, Lee Chang-wee is about to be killed by the shaking and seeing.

Heising It was enough to see only the slaughtering of all the waves.

Maybe I should have boldly worked on that point.

– Anyhow, the Chinese Mission team has tasted so we no longer have to be on the Chinese side of the Arena business.

“I think China has moved away from the hegemony of Arena business.”

-right. Anyway, this is the way it happened and I contacted the Blue House because I wanted it. I talked to the president in a hilarious way, and I told you about it.

Talk to the President and talk to me!

I appreciated the favor of Chairman Park Jin-Sung, who had been careful about me.

“Thank you.”

– It’s Cha Ji-hye. Her status will soon be restored.

“Wow, thank you!”

– I like it a bit more than before. What’s up?


This is a ghost.

Actually, it was me who did not even know about Kim Jung-Tae.

It is because no one is afraid any more.

Rather, the good news about Cha Ji-hye was as good as my work.

Cha Ji-hye, of course, will not even listen to this news.

– We are still in a stage where we can not be sure, but there will be an important decision between our group and the government regarding Arena related business.


– If it is confirmed, you will come to the government from the government too.


So the call ended.

I ran to Cha Ji-hye and gave this news.

“Is that so.”

Cha Ji-hye, who was preparing a meal in the kitchen, had a gruff look as expected.

“Are you happy? The identity that was dealt with is dead again. ”

“It does not really matter.”

“The property or friend that was lost in the process of death …

“I had a house, but it does not really matter now.”

“What about Kim Jung-Tae? I am delighted that he is out of his mind, is not he? ”

Cha Ji-hye stared at me.

“Do you want me to be happy?”

“Of course it is.”

“I’m happy.”

Cha Ji-hye, who smiled a little, returned to expressionlessness and moved the boiled miso soup to the table.


I wanted to please, but I was rather pleased. It is a strange woman at all times.

That evening, I received a call from an unexpected person.

– How are you?

“… Lee Chang-wee. ”

– The last time you did it.


-Hahaha. I did not expect much from that, but it’s great. It is also ranked seventh in the world rankings.


It’s annoying.

Heising was annihilated and the Chinese Mission team was half-finished, but a strong leader called Lee Chang-wee was born.

I did not think this was a good thing from a long-term perspective at all.

Lee Chang-wee’s China Mission team, which can be commanded in the arena’s field, is much more frightening than the Chinese Mission team, which is dominated by Communist Party officials.

– Anyway, thanks to you, you’ve had enough fun to do seventh place.

“It’s a bad word to hear.”

– Haha, you do not have to be too close. I personally do not feel sorry for you.


– Now the Chinese Mission will not be looking for you. Of course, as people do, I do not know how it will change when I live.

“I hope there will be no conflicts again.”

– I agree. So be good, sweetheart.

I touched roughly the end of the call.

‘It sounds like a silver.’

There are so many things I got from killing Heising, but Lee Chang-wee is still young.

“Lee Chang-wee?”

Cha Ji-hye asked.


“I hope we do not have a conflict with Lee Chang-wee.”

“I agree.”

“No, it’s not a mood problem, it’s really dangerous.”

I wondered and looked at Cha Ji-hye.

“Have you forgotten? Lee Chang-wee slaughtered all the Examinees of Heising. ”

“Yes, a dangerous man …

At the moment I felt a shock like a lightning strike in my head.


Of course, everyone was Corrupt Examinee.

If they all killed … !

“Did you not get enough Karma to offset your minus Karma?”

“I got the level of skill with Karma.”

“I will.”

It means that it is much stronger than before.

Even though it was a scary human being, it is stronger than strength.

“I really hope I do not have anything to do.”

* * *

It was at the end of the three days that I was contacted by Park Jin-Sung.

-Kim Hyun-Ho?

It was Lee Jeong-sik, the chief secretary of Jinsung Group.

“What happened?”

– Excuse me, are you okay today?

“What is it?”

– A Blue House official wants to meet. The president will join us.


– I would like to be in the mornings, but is the time okay?

“Yes, I do not care.”

I am a bit curious because I am related to Cheong Wa Dae. Who is it? Is he seen in the news?

– Then I’ll pick you up in an hour.

“No, if you tell me the place, I’ll go find it.”

– It’s a cabin you often go to.

“Is that there again?”

– Because I have to meet quietly.


I disconnected the phone and I informed Cha Ji-hye.

“It will be the secretary general. Kim Byung-ho is the chief of staff at the Cheong Wa Dae.


I did not see the news and newspapers. However, if he is a secretary of the Blue House, he is a very high man.

“I wanted to drive, but it worked. I go to my car. ”


We started off with a simple preparation.

On a white Lamborghini in Cha Ji-hye, the car pulled out of the way and a miracle never happened.

The people who walked in India also gave attention to everyone.

The car should be a little brilliant.

‘Will I pick another car?’

I saw Cha Ji-hye’s car and somehow my Porsche Cayenne seemed dingy.

The Lamborghini ran like a sling and arrived at the hill soon.

“Are you here?”

Lee Chung Sik was waiting for the chief.

“What is the president and the secretary Kim Byung-ho?”

“The two of you went hunting first. I will contact the president. ”

“No, it’s okay.”

Guide It was not hard to find Park Jin-Sung, because of this skill.

No matter how flame of life I became healthy, but how old I would go if I went there.

We immediately found two elderly people sitting on the rocks resting.

The elderly who have a sense of beauty and look healthy are Park Jin-seong.

The elderly man who was tall and skinny was in the appearance of Kim Byung – ho.

“Did you come?”

Park Jin – Sung, president of the company.

“See you soon.”

I gratefully greeted him and stared at Kim Byeong-ho’s chief of staff.

“You are Kim Hyun-Ho. Huh, younger than you think. ”

“Yes, nice to meet you.”

It was followed by Kim Byung-ho, secretary general, who also spoke to Cha Ji-hye.

“Oh, that’s Cha Ji-hye?”

“That’s right.”

“I heard the matter. I apologize on behalf of the government. ”

Kim Byeong-ho, the chief of staff, expressed apology to Cha Ji-hye.


Cha Ji-hye accepted the apology with pleasure. Where is it really cool, this girl!

“Come on, do not do this.

Park Jin-seong, chairman of the company.

And then the two old men dragged one hound. The hound dog was sniffing the extension nose on the ground.



When I was speechless, Sylph appeared.

Kim Byung – ho, the head of the secretariat became a surprised face.

“Look for the game.”


Sylph flew away. I laughed and said.

“I’ll finish it and get into the matter.”

Sylph found an elk in 30 minutes. The elk was killed by shotgun shot by Chief of Staff Kim Byung-ho.

When we finished our hunting and returned to the hut, we entered into full-scale conversation.

“Kim Jung-Tae, the chief of the organization who disrupted both of us, withdrew from his position. Soon will be followed by a corruption investigation. ”

“Yes, I heard that.”

“And our government decided to join forces with Jinseong Group to strengthen its competitiveness in the Arena field.”

Park Jin-Sung opened his mouth after receiving the comments.

“In a nutshell, our Arena business and Korea Arena lab will be integrated into one.”

Korea Arena Lab and Jinsung Group Arena business?

Kim Byung – ho, the chief of staff, said to me.

“I’ll tell you straight away. In order to strengthen the competitiveness of the new organization, we need Kim Hyun-Ho, a world-renowner. “

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