Chapter 143

I heard the words of Park Jin-seong and Chief of Staff Kim Byung-ho.

Governments and companies from all over the world are entering the arena-related business.

Majeong The most prominent organization in the field of applied technology is the McLaren family in the United States.

It was the business of President Smith McLean I had cured before. Dana Litorin, the world’s top ranked champion, was also McLaren’s.

Majeong China Mission has the largest amount of reserves.

The number of Examinee was the largest in the country with a population of 1.3 billion, and it was natural to collect Majeong with all kinds of things such as pirating.

With the annihilation of the Heising circle, the Examinee figure was half – cut, but this ranking did not seem to be easily shaken.

In addition, Odin Nordic Exam Group, India, Russia, Japan and other national institutions also have a large number of world rankings Examinee.

As such, there are many strong players in the Arena industry in Korea Arena Institute was not very high position.

Korea was now thinking about increasing its competitiveness dramatically by integrating with the Jinsung Group’s Arena business.

‘And I need to rank seventh, is not it?’

Perhaps a sign like Ace seemed to want me to Examinee.

But I had already signed a contract with Jinsung Group.

I have a contract to sell Majeong I acquired to Jinseong Group. If Jinsung Group and Korea Arena Labs are integrated, I will naturally transfer my affiliation to Korea Arena Lab.

I wondered and asked.

“What more do you want?”

“There are many things.”

Kim Byung – ho, the chief of staff said.

“I do not think I have the Majeong I have acquired so far.”


I did not pay much attention to the Majeong acquisition because I was concentrating on mission clearance. There is no reason to raise heat to get Majeong.

“We would like Kim Hyun-Ho to achieve a higher level of Majeong.”


“And the well-known Examinee Odin, who is in the Arena, is reigning in the United States. As such, Kim Hyun-Ho would like to establish a solid position in the Arena to facilitate the activities of other Korean Examinees. ”

I took a sigh of relief.

“I can not work with you the same way.”


“I’m not a businessman. The reason to fight in the Arena is to survive. ”


“I think you both want a foundation to continue doing business, and I will make sure no one goes to Arena again.”

I had a hard time with the two people who lost their words.

“I also say straight forward. I’m going to clear the mission to the end. Will you give full support to that? ”


“The purpose itself is the opposite of the opposite, snowy, awe-inspiring boat? How sincere is that, and how long will it go? ”

An awkward silence has come.

President Park Jin – seong broke the silence and said.

“As far as I know, it is a home forever. I can not guarantee that if you clear all of the Missions, all other Examinees are released from Mission. it is not so?”

“But if we combine the information we know so far, it’s analyzed that all Examinee’s missions are moving towards one direction. So they gave up the Mission and got into Corrupt Examinee, who is devoted to making money. ”

“Anyway, can not we cooperate with each other until we completely clear the mission?”

“After that?”

“Going your own way.”

“It’s one thing I’m worried about. The government and Jinsung Group made a huge investment in the Majeong business. However, I am in a situation where I can not get Majeong forever in the future. ”

I shrugged and asked them.

“Are you going to leave me alone? Is there a writer who sold my personal information to China because of a few pounds of money? ”

“Our government will not do anything to Kim Hyun-Ho.”

“I mean I can not believe it.”

I took a sigh of relief.

“Eventually, you do not say you will fully support the mission to the end. You do not want that, do you? ”



Kim, Byoung-Ho, the secretary general, and Park Jin-seong, the investor.

Investment benefits are more valuable than Examinee’s comfort.

I stood up from my seat.

“I just need to tell you more about the differences. I’ll just go. ”

Cha Ji-hye also got up after me.

We drove home together.

“I do not understand well.”

Cha Ji-hye, who was driving, suddenly said.


“Why are you so committed to clearing the Mission?”


“Now Kim Hyun-Ho is strong. If you do not immerse yourself in Mission clearance, you do not seem to be threatening your life at Arena. ”

She is right.

Rather, it is more dangerous to try to see a mission.

The eighth consecutive mission was the same.

It would not have been dangerous if I had been a pirate raid and Nabal and I had just left Deport Harbor.

Rather, I was willing to fight for my life.

“If you keep your Examinee status and skills without clearing the Mission, you will still be receiving high profits and treatment. You have Flame of Life, so you do not have to do dirty work like Mission in China because of Majeong punishment. ”

“I guess so.”

“But why do you want to clear the Mission?”


I did not think deeply so I could not answer.

I did not have any sense of mission. I am not a hero who is blazing with justice.

butโ€ฆ .

“I just do not like it.”


“Yeah, maybe because I saw the team die. “Examinee is much more dead than Examinee who survived like us.”

“I will. When I was in Korea Arena Lab, I saw more Examinee dead than Examinee living. ”

“And Mission is what law and angels do.”


“The law is an absolute being, like God or truth. I think there must be a reason for Mission. ”

“i See.”

“All the missions I’ve done so far have had the right answers. So I believe that. No matter how people try to use Mission, there will be ultimate reason to go beyond it. ”

Corrupt Examinees are emerging and are preparing for Mission-based business in the real world.

If you look at it, it is correct to say that even this is an arrangement of the law.

I think there is definitely something much bigger than we think.

So I pay Mission.

I will continue to clear and see the correct answer.

* * *

It was when I returned to Puchon and entered the parking lot.

When I parked my car, the two of us came to us.

She was seen as a Southeast Asian person with black curly hair and dark brown skin.

“Divine Protection of the Wind.”

When strangers approached me as if they had waited, I once opened Divine Protection of the Wind.

Cha Ji-hye also raised Aura, but fortunately the two foreign men seemed to have no will to fight.

“Good morning.”

“We are not enemies.

The two men spoke in Arena.

But I was even more vigilant when I realized that both men were Examinee.

The tall, handsome man in the middle put out his right hand.

“Examinee Krishna in the Arena of India.”

Arena in India?

Cha Ji-hye gave me a call.

“It is the Arena organization in India.”


I shook hands with a handsome Indian guy named Krishna who was puzzled.

This time, a small Indian man who is very tall and well-built is out of hand.

“I came from the Indian Mission. La Bravo. ”

India Mission Dan? What is this?

While shaking hands, I wondered and asked.

“What is Arena India and India Mission?”

“Our Arena, India, is the official agency of the Government of India officially supporting Examinee.”

“Our Indian Mission Team is a group of Examinees who are clearing the pure mission and surviving.”

Competingly, the two sides seemed to be in bad shape.

But to hear it, Arena was like a group for Majeong business and profit, and Indian Mission group seemed to be purely for Mission like Nordic Exam Group.

It was naturally more favorable to the end of the Indian Mission.

Cha Ji-hye said.

“Hindu and Muslim.”


Then I got the situation. Which is more correct.

It seemed that both of the men had become confused with Cha Ji-hye.

“But what about us?”

“I came to recruit Kim Hyun-Ho.”

“I want to be with Kim Hyun-Ho.”

Krishna and Rabe said at the same time.

It was two people who did not forget to look at each other and nervously.

‘Then I see that this is going to be more and more.’

My name and rankings have been released, so there will be a lot of suggestions for recruiting.

They sent them back with their refusal.

They emphasized that they prefer me regardless of religion.

He also offered a salary of 100 billion won, but he was not interested in money.

I thought that the two had left, and Krishna came back.

“Then I’ll tell you another story.”

“There must be someone who needs treatment.”


I guessed it for the next time. It’s the two of those things that I’ll be looking at.

“It is $ 200 million in US dollars. The treatment period is two weeks, and the place of treatment is Korea. ”

I treated the last President McLean and told me his own standards.

“The treatment period can not be done, but the price is too expensive, and it is uncomfortable for him.”

“My break time is very limited. I do not want to spend more than two weeks in other countries. ”

“India is a good place. I will treat you for two weeks. ”

“Sorry. No compromise is possible at any point. Please accept or refuse. ”

Krishna groaned.

“How do you want the money?”

“I want to be transferred to my Swiss account before the full treatment.”

Then I suddenly thought, I added.

“If you pay for Karma instead, I will only accept 5,000 Karma.”

“5 thousand Karma? I think it will. Okay, then I’ll pay for it with Karma. ”

“Karma is not easy to get these days, is it possible?”

“There is always an Examinee who wants to make a lot of money for a family. And India has as much Examinee as China. Now more than the Chinese Mission team. ”

Do it.

India was also a country comparable to China in terms of population.

“Anyway, I’ll go back to see.”


So Krishna left.

I now have 16,000 Karma left.

If you earn 5,000 Karma for this deal, you can do Spirit Summoning or Master any other skill.

‘I have to think more about how to get Karma compensation once.’

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