Chapter 156

I came back to reality and confirmed it from the slabs.


– Name (Name): Kim Hyun-Ho

-Class (Class): 43

-Karma (Karma): +14,400

-Mission (Mission): Take a break until the next mission.

– Time limit: 99 days 23 hours


Since I had 600Karma, I was awarded 13,800Karma as a result of this mission.

It was not a huge hit like the last time, but it was a huge achievement.

‘It is like an accomplishment of one of the 6th Seal Archbishops.’

I asked Cha Ji-hye how much Karma he got.

“There is currently a total of 5,400 Karma.”

“It’s in compliance.”

“It’s a lot more compared to the usual Examinees.”

I’m just a little strange.

Cha Ji-hye raised the Intermediate Level 5 Main Skill Aura control to Intermediate Level 7. It was 5,200 Karma consumed, so I went all the way to Main Skill again.

Intermediate Level 7.

It was the site of the Aura Expert Superior in terms of Arena.

With that, she met a breakthrough change.


Aura Shields!

It is now possible to deploy the Aura shield, which requires sufficient Aura volume and fine control capability.

She began practicing the Aura shield faster.

‘How do I use Karma compensation?’

14,400 huge Karma! This time, it seemed to be enough for the skill shopping.

The worries were not long.

I already mastered a lot of skills, so I do not have a few skills to raise the level.


Increase Spirit Summoning (Main Skill) to Superior Level 4 with -12,600Karma.

-Spirit Summoning (Main Skill): Summons a Superior Spirit to exert the power of nature, and it is naturally stimulated by nature, resulting in a dramatic improvement in physical abilities.

* Summable Spirit: Sylph, Kasa

* Superior Level 4: 13 hours of summon time, fused with Spirit, you can demonstrate the power of Spirit yourself.


– Remaining Karma: +1,800


For the first time, the Spirit Skill, the Main Skill, was posted, while the remaining 1,800Karma was an Intermediate Level 5 Animal Training Master.


Raise Animal Training (Assist Skill) to Master with -1500Karma.

-Animal Training (Assist Skill): Improves your ability to deal with animals. You can give complex orders to submitting animals, and you can see the feelings and condition of animals.

* Master: Submits twelve animals.


– Remaining Karma: +300


The number of animals that can be submitted has increased from 10 to 12.

Only those twelve can freely issue complex orders.

In addition, additional features are available. I was able to know the emotions and conditions of the animals I submitted!

‘Let’s do a mission once?’

I pulled out the first of the galaxy eagles from the Space Bag.


The first from the Space Bag looked around.

Suddenly I was confused by the unfamiliar environment. But soon after seeing me, my emotions turned to be happy.

The first health condition was the best.

I could naturally know the first emotion and condition. I do not have any special tokens.

I put the first one back into the Space Bag.

Ten eagles are enough, so the remaining two must be filled with other animals.

I decided to think about it gradually.

After the Karma reward, I called Park Jin – Sung. Now it was time to do something else.

I took out my smartphone and called Park Jin-Sung.

I will be the only person to call as the best chaebol in the country.

-What’s up?

“are you busy?”

– Does anyone know that call this time? I can not do that.

“I have something to be interested in.”

-What happened?

“How about making a ranch that produces Majeong?”

– … … What?

“What if you do not go through Examinee and still get Majeong?”

– Is that possible?

“You can cattle a few pairs of animals and animals from the Arena on the remote island.”

Then President Park was silent for a moment when he noticed something.

After a while, President Park said.

– Can you see it tonight?

“Yes, where is it?”

– Come to my house.

“Are you inviting me home?”

– Yeah, I’ll send a man around 10 o’clock tonight.


That night, the vehicle came from the Jinsung Group Third Secretariat.

I ran into the car with Cha Ji-hye and headed to the house of Park Jin-seong.

Jinsung Group was a luxurious house that was settled in the middle of Gangnam.

What kind of yard was school ground level.

There is a tennis court on the left and a garden with a pond on the right!

Also, the flowers of various colors were well made here and there, so I felt like I was coming to overseas sightseeing spots.

We watched the staff miraculously as we watched the house.

“Uh, are you here?”

Park Jin-seong, a comfortable swimmer, welcomed us at a tea table in the open air.

People who seem to be housekeepers have brought refreshments. It was a traditional Korean dish, but it did not seem to be popular on the market and it was very delicious.

Park Jin – Sung said to me,

“Is that what you said before?”


“How is that possible?”

“My skill. Can I show you? ”

“Show me what?”

“Animal. I’ve got three pairs at the Arena. ”

At that end, the complexion of President Park Jin-Sung changed.

“Was it really?”

“Then I would have told you to lie to me. Would you like to see it? ”

“Alright, I’ll see.”

Park Jin-Sung called a couple in the office and gave instructions.

Soon there was no one around here.

“Show me. You’re not too loud, are you? ”

“Do not worry.”

I took out only one animal from the Space Bag.

Animal captured by Arena.

It was the Big Rat.

Big rats were large mice with red hair. The size of the Jindo dog is reasonable.

He was a herd who devoured trees, crops, and even cattle.

When the Arena found some of these big rats, the lord immediately pulled out of the army on that day and started an eradication operation.

It was because it caused great disaster on the territory even if it breeds.

Because it is treated as a monster, but rodent animal! In other words, it was the target of my Growth Promotion skill.

I have captured three such pairs of male and female.

“Huh, this is Arena’s animal? The rats only have calves. ”

Park Jin-sung glanced at the stunned big rat.

Curious eyes in presbyopia.

As Park Jin-Sung, the real life creator of the Arena, which he could never go to, he was not interested.

“It looks like a mouse, is not it?”

“Right. I eat anything and grow incredibly. ”

“I would risk … … ”

“We have to release and grow on the island. I have a wall full of steel and I control the outside entrance thoroughly. ”

“The breeding is fast, so Majeong is produced so much.”

“It would be M grade, but it would be mass-produced instead.”

And there is one more expectation.


-Growth Promotion (Synthetic Skill): Promotes the growth of the growing animal and grows faster and faster. The growth rate varies depending on the level.

* Master: You can grow up to three times the growth limit. It also applies to animals that have grown up.


When I grow up, my size is three times!

So Majeong would be three times as big as that?

Another advantage is that the bigger you get, the easier it is to catch.

If you are a small mouse, it is hard to catch because it hides well here and there.

Big Rat does not need Examinee because it can be shot in one room.

“Even if the mission is cleared and the mission disappears later, we can continue to secure Majeong.”

“Hmm … … ”

Park Jin-Sung carefully looked at the big rats resting on their way up and down.

“Even if you invest here, you will not get a high grade Majeong.”


“But we can steadily produce Majeong in large quantities … … ”

Park closed his eyes and fell in thought as if he were rolling an abacus.

I put the Big Rat back in the Space Bag. I do not know who might see it.

Then I added to President Park Jin-Sung.

“I ran the Majeong car that I developed at McLaren.”

“MSM series?”

Park Jin-seong also knows. It was a famous product in the industry.

“Yes, MSM-2. I’ve been sleeping for a long time even though I use the lowest grade Majeong. ”

“That’s right. Majeong is also attracted by its high energy efficiency. ”

“Not much is the main item of Jinsung Group’s electronic products, do not need high-grade Majeong?”

“Majeong does not really need a high grade Majeong unless it is a power plant. But… … ”

President Park Jin-Sung said.

“There is a risk as well. First, is it possible to reproduce properly? Second, is it possible to grow Majeong on Earth? The two are uncertain. ”

“Breeding is not difficult. It’s more important to keep it out of a closed facility. And the second problem is, I have to experiment. ”

“Hmm, I think I should try.”

President Park Jin-Sung concluded.

“But we can not be together and we need government cooperation. Do you mind if I cooperate with the government? ”

“Yes, the government will have to cooperate so that it can be controlled properly.”

I was not trying to make money with this.

We will present our future economic power to our country, and in return we hope to gain full cooperation from the government and Jinsung Group.

So that Examinee can focus properly on mission clearance.

That day I led the cooperation of President Park Jin-Sung.

And the next day, President Park Jin-Sung contacted me, and the government said yes.

As there was a way to produce Majeong permanently and steadily, the inspired government immediately began looking for an island suitable for breeding big rats.

“I do not know if this is going well.”

“Why do you think so?”

Cha Ji-hye asked.

“… … ”

I could not answer.


‘I just gave you a choice. Choosing the road is always Examinee, the human part. ‘

‘Did you? The important thing is Kim Hyun-Ho’s judgment. That’s the most important thing in a mission. ‘


The words of the baby angel caught me all my heart. It was so meaningful to just pour it.

I was afraid that the world would change by my choice.

It was a vague sense of anxiety that my choice might be a factor that would have a decisive impact on Mission, not just myself.

Mission, and to the law and angels, the kingdom was anxious about what it meant.

It may be self-conscious overeating, but I felt I might have more significance than a single Examinee.

It was a huge burden.

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