Chapter 160

It was natural to ask for Yuseu and Cha Jin-hyuk.

From the perspective of the TUK, it will be easier to hurt them in reality than Arena.

But there was one question.

“Did not you two belong to Korea Arena Lab?”

Examinee is in a position to be attacked, but it is strange that the organization which becomes the state organization is still.

He shook his head with a dark facial expression.

“Last year, after the contract came out, I was playing free. I thought that there was no reason to stay because I did not pay a lot of salary or Majeong and I did not have enough support. ”

So you’re in this situation.

Last year, when Kim Jung-Tae, the chief director, was in full swing.

“It is now largely reshaped by Kim Jung-Tae, Why do not we go back to the Arena Lab in Korea? ”

“We will not accept us again as the target of England.”

“The government puppets set up a conflict with Britain to protect us? That’s not possible. ”

Yuseu and Cha Jin-hyuk said with distrust.

I do not understand that mind.

I, too, chief Kim Jung-Tae sold my personal information to China, and Cha Ji-hye even tried to prevent it.

There was no patriotism in this place.

But the past was the past.

Now it was reorganized with the Jinsung Group’s Arena business, and my influence became stronger when I started the big rat cattle.

“I’ll tell the lab. I’ll definitely get it on good terms. ”

“If we do that, we’ll be fine … … ”

Still, it was a dubious sight.

But there was no problem. The current Korea Arena Lab is very influential.

“I will contact you tomorrow and go to the institute together. Maybe I’ll get a good answer. ”

Yuseu and Cha Jin-hyeok agreed with me once. I would have judged that there was nothing wrong with trying.

“But who is this woman?”

Yuzu pointed to the man who had been eating the dirt from the cake. Marie, who is not good at speaking Korean, could not get into our conversation and was just watching.

“Marie Johanna of the Nordic Exam Group. Now, say hello. ”

I greeted each other by greeting each other and conversing with Arena language.

After drinking alcohol and talking to each other about the last time, I passed by midnight.

“Would you like to go to sleep here today?”

“Are you well?”

“Yes, because my room is big, the three girls will sleep there.”

My bedroom was three women, the guest room was Jean Jin Hyuk, I made myself a bed in the study room because of Mari.

It seemed like the day passed by.


* * *


It was midnight.

Paii profit –

“What, what!”

I suddenly rose up to the loud noise that resonated.

“Armed, Nielsen H2 2 tablets!”

I came out into the living room armed with twinning guns reflexively.

Cha Jin-hyuk, Cha Ji-hye, Ye-su, and Mari also heard the same noise.

“What happen?”

I asked.

Then, Yusei answered that it was bad.

“Before I went to bed, I opened the alarm to this house.”

“Is there an intruder?”

“Yes, I have set the alarm not to ring unless it is a creature over a certain size.”

A small animal like a dove means there is no alarm.

Then the intruder was certain.



Sylph appeared in the air and sat on my shoulder.

“Check the outside.”


Sylph immediately took off my shoulders and flew out to the terrace.

The building I live in has a rooftop on the top and a large terrace with two penthouses on both sides.

In other words, we could jump from our roofs to our terrace.

Sylph delivered the situation on the roof to my mind.

There was a crowd on the roof of a building where no one should go in.

It is a dark night so it does not look good, but the number is 13, and all of the physique is big.

Westerners look at the bigger and stronger physique conditions.

There were no doubt TUK’s Examinees who interfered with the maintenance team in the circumstances.

“It’s like a TUK. The number is ten. ”

“thirteen?! You are so determined! ”

Cha Jin-hyuk broke the grief.

“Son of a bitch! What the hell did we do with our enemies? It’s enough to interfere with Mission! ”

Keep up the anger.

It was a situation in which two people were unjust and divided.

At that time, Sylph delivered another video.

One of the guys on the rooftop was collecting two hands and shouting orders.

Before long, mana gathered in both hands spread widely and wrapped my house.

“What a magic unfolded.”

“I felt it! It’s magic! ”

Yuan shouted. She learned the magic with the Main Skill and knew more accurately than I did.

“Enchantment magic?”

“I spread the circle around and physically disconnect it from the outside. I can not hear the sound and the thing does not come out. It’s a pretty senior magic! ”

It meant that a strong wizard was among them.

“The attack here means you are ready to fight Hyun-Ho, who is in seventh place in the rankings.”

Cha Ji-hye warned.

I have been attacked knowing that my opponent is a country.

It means you’re ready to kill me!

“Ji-hye, please contact Korea Arena Labs for assistance.”


“Mr. Eusyu is careful to block the opponent’s magic attack.”

“All right.”

I nodded to keep up.

“The rest keeps them from coming into the house, and I’ll make time to fight them out.”

“Are you all right?”

Cha Jin-hyeok asked.

I nodded.

“My strengths are mobility and ranged weapons. The larger the room, the better.

When it is disadvantageous in numerical terms, it is advantageous to fight in a place where space is limited.

But I have to fight flying in a large space. So I decided to go out alone and disturb them.

“okay. be careful.”

“Yes, do not overdo it, but just pay attention to defense. I will stay until I get support. ”

Everyone nodded.

I opened the door and went out of the terrace. It was then.

As soon as I stepped out, I saw a red solid line leading from my roof to my chest.

‘Projectile Path Prediction!’

The Projectile Path Prediction skill was activated to detect enemy ranged attack orbits.

I immediately avoided to the right,

쉭 – Quiz!

When I stood there, an arrow stuck. It was very powerful because it was embedded in a concrete floor.

It was a surprise to me that I could not see flying.

‘Dynamic Vision Master I did not see the flying arrows flying master?’

I quickly judged.

This is your opponent’s skill.

Examinee with some skill to make the arrow invisible is in the other side.

Shish –

Again two red solid lines headed for my head and my chest.

‘Two feet?’


I let Sylph fly my body into the sky.

This time the arrow was not seen.

‘I’m sorry.’

It’s a skill that keeps arrows from showing. It seems to be a very useful skill in the same field and underground.

But for me with the Projectile Path Prediction skill, it was useless to any pair.

Now, is this my turn?

I started firing twinning guns at the rooftops where they were.

Tata Tata Tata -!

The gunshots echoed and the fireballs burst out from the two guns.

The 13 people gathered on the roof were scattered at once.

Two of them have jumped to me. They took out swords and windows, respectively.

Tatta Tang!

A man holding a sword with a pair of guns spreads Aura’s shield, and a man with a window hides behind him.

‘Then how about this?’

I flew back with Sylph and fired the Aura Shield with the Twin Gun.

Shooting at one point, the Aura shield was torn and the bullet penetrated into the gap.


The black suit that she was wearing was crushed and the sword blew on the shoulder of the man.

‘Aura Shields can expand, but not Aura Master.’

It looks like Aura Expert Superior.

Heising was not a very threatening opponent for me.


As the black man grabs his shoulders and struggles, the guy with the window rushes like a flare.

When I was struck by a twin – gun, he immediately threw the window that he was holding at him.

촤 Ah!

A window that blows air with a strong force!

‘Sylph, a whirlwind!’

I commanded Sylph in my heart.

Firly Lick!

A whirlwind was created and surrounded my body. The pitcher bounced off in the opposite direction without penetrating the tornado.

But is not it a sudden turn in the air and fly to me again?

Kwang! bang!

The window that held the Aura stood alone and struck the whirlwind like a demon.

‘Is it a skill to steer a window?’

I kept the window moving on its own with a whirlwind, but I fired it with twin guns.

Tata Tata Tata!

The Ammo compensation and Sylph’s bullet burst through the whirlwind and attacked the man who threw the spear.

The man summoned a large square shield, blocked his head and crouched.

The Aura stood in the square shield, and all my bombs were blocked.

‘Have you been able to deliver Aura to a weapon that is not a weapon?’

I did not know if it was a type of Aura control or only a shield skill.

But the black man, who was like that, rushed to me again.

The shoulder, which was shot, seemed fine when it was treated.

‘I have not seen him eating a healing potion?’

I strengthened the whirlwind around me with Sylph. And he sharpened the whirlpool like a blade.

Kajjiki! Kwang! bang!

The ghostly spear and the sword of the company smash the whirlwind one after another.

While the two were dealing with me, the other men tried to get inside the house.

‘Sylph, mix the dirt in the whirlpool. Do not let them see me. ‘


Sylph nodded.

Soon, the whirlwind started collecting all the dust around it.

It turned purple as it had colored the whorl.

A blurred whirlwind obstructs vision.

‘I’ll show you a hot flavor.’

I finally decided to use the gift I received for Nielsen.

“Armed, Nielsen R8!”

Director 2 meters!

Diameter 20mm!

The strongest monster rifle appeared.

Holding the Twin Gun, I kicked the Nielsen R8 and handed it to Sylph.

Sylph was nicely loaded with a Nielsen R8.

I had to kill the man with the sword first. The window – writing guy is blocked with a shield so it ‘s hard to kill in a room.

“The safe!”


“You too!”

– Woof Woof!

Kasa also joined the Nielsen R8 Shooting with Sylph.

Finally, the Nielsen R8 fired a 20mm high explosive toward the man who wielded the whirlwind, swinging his sword.

Tuaaan – !!

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