Chapter 162

We decided to go to the Korea Arena Lab with our party.

Soon after the helicopter boarding passengers, Jae – Su and Cha Jin – hyeok were on board. Me and Cha Ji-hye, Mari followed the fly with the power of Sylph.

It would be nice if I could fly on an eagle, but I still wanted to keep the fact that I could take life from the Space Bag.

“Do you have to go this way?”

Cha Ji-hye asked in a slightly disgruntled tone.

She was holding onto me now. It was like a princess.

“Yes, this is a waste of Spirit Summoning. Do you know how hard it is for three people to fly into the sky? ”

I have made a ridiculous excuse.

“Whatever you do, the weight of the two does not change.”

“Did you use Spirit Summoning?”

“Of course not.”

“Then do not say it. What do you know? ”

“… … ”

Cha Ji-hye, who was heard in my arms, was shy and turned back. I look at her like that.

“Then change me!”

Marie, hanging behind the back of my back, shouted disgruntledly.

“Marie, stay still.”

“Lee! I’ll take Hyun-Ho! ”


“Why not? Do it! ”

“Sylph does not work. I’m flying in the sky and I’m not moving. Right, Sylph? ”


Sylph nodded.


– What?

“The cat is lying!”

-Nyaa? Nyaa, Nya.

Sylph shook his head and denied it.

Mari was growling with such a look at Sylph, and Cha Ji-hye still did not know what to do in my arms.

The people in the helicopter flying side by side laughed at us.

“When did Ji-hye Unni and when did that happen?”

“It was a woman who seemed to live alone all her life.”

When Jae-suu and Jae-hyeokhyeok got a word, Cha Ji-hye’s face was rarely red.

The sound of the helicopter propeller was loud, but it made Sylph’s ability to speak well.

However, Yoo Jae-soo jumped from the helicopter when he was frustrated.

“Take it, right!”

I was surprised to get Sylph to take care of him.

Ji – su watched as if he was swimming.

“This is more interesting. Unni, tell me more. How did you two get together? ”

“It just happened to me.”

“Oh, ease up, Unni.”

“I know.”

“Come on, tell me. How did they become so? ”

“I have no obligation to say.”

“Hmong, then ask someone else. Kim Hyun-Ho, tell me. ”

“Hmmm, if that’s what happened.”

Cha Ji-hye pinched my arm when I tried to make a noise on the weekend.

Her face, full of embarrassment, has been a long time indeed.

This is why you want to make it more embarrassing.

Finally, we arrived at Korea Arena Lab.

We landed on the heliport and walked in with guidance from our staff.

A middle – aged man welcomed us when we reached the spacious hall on the fourth floor.

“Come and come.”

He was a small, dry, half-peeled man with firm eyes. His age was in his late 40s to early 50s.

He was the new director of Korea Arena Lab.

I was told that the elite has a long career in the Strategic Planning Office of Jinsung Group. I am assuming this secret field because I have been trusted by President Park Jin-Sung.

“See you again, Mr. Kim Hyun-Ho.”

“Yes, sir. Thank you for your help today. ”

“Of course it was something I had to do. Oh, Mr. Chihuu, the team also had a lot of trouble. I will be paid out soon. ”

“Yes, then we’ll just go.”

We left with our team members immediately after he realized that there was a covert story that we had to confess.

Lim Cheol-ho, in turn, looked at Yuseu and Cha Jin-hyuk in turn.

“I heard the story. You suffered from being attacked? ”


“If you were a member of our institute, it would not have been that easy, but I’m sorry.”

“… … ”

“If you like, you can sign with us again. On the same terms as before. ”


The maintenance asked the surprise.

It was natural that I wondered if they were too easy to target themselves.

Lim Chul-ho, the head of the company, nodded his head.

“I was attacked by Kim Hyun-Ho here. I can not avoid the conflict with the TUK by dismissing Jusu and Jin Jin-hyuk. ”

“We like it. I’ll sign a contract. Are you fine?”

I asked Jeong Jin-hyuk. Cha Jin – hyeok nodded silently.

“Then I’ll have to deal with the contract person separately. If you go down to the second floor hall, you will be able to meet with the person in charge. ”

“I know.”

Yuseu and Cha Jin-hyuk also went to the second floor.

Lim Cheol-ho was leaving an unrelated person for confidentiality before discussing the work of the big rat underground.

The only thing left is Marie, who still does not know how to hang on my neck.

Lim Cheol-ho, the director, glanced at me. It was meant to do Mari.

I told Mari.

“Will you wait elsewhere for a while? I have some secrets to share. ”

“All right.”

Marie, who knew how to use herds, fell down unexpectedly from me.

Her behavior was still childish, but she was mature enough. It means that mental recovery is smooth.

Marie was left with the guidance of the staff that Lim Cheol-ho brought.

Now only three remain.

“Did you have a problem with breeding big rats?”

“It’s not a problem yet, but I think it’s too big for future problems.”

At the end of President Chul Ho Lim, I could not hide my wonder.

“What happened to you, huh?”

“It would be quick to see it yourself.”

“I will.”

We took the elevator together and headed underground.

Apart at the end of the corridor

I took an elevator for executives, and after setting up a big-rat habitat in the basement, it was blocked so that no one could go underground.

I came down to the basement.

I was blocked by the wall of Big Rat’s barn, and I was able to see the inside of the barn through the CCTV.


I was terrified.

It was bloody all over.

The big rats, who ate all the food waste that they supplied, ate the dead body of their dead body.

The body did not survive except for a little bit of bone or bones. Only the blood stains here and there proved the worst.

“I kept growing it, but I doubted it.”

At the end of the meeting, I nodded.

It was.

What I did not think.

They are big, but they are rodents. In the arena, it was a catastrophe.

“I did not raise the issue just because it was not good. Here you can see other problems. ”

Lim Cheol-ho led the CCTV by manipulating the touch screen.

Steel barriers were seen in various places.

I did not get a hole yet, but after a long time I might not have been drilled by the big rats someday.

“Certainly good breeding is good. Two pairs of male and female already had twenty-five cubs twice a week. Five of them were eaten by their parents. ”

It was a tremendous breeding force that gave birth to 25 cubs only in the last month. I’m going crazy.

“Did you give birth once a week?”

“Yes, it was a little strange. We knew that it took about 15 days for Big Rat to conceive and be born. ”

‘Oh, is it because of my Growth Promotion skill?’

If my Growth Promotion skill is applied, it will be understandable to have produced in a week.

Although I did not take care of the big rats, it might be that skill is applied to me just because I have 4 ownership.

This seemed to be an experiment once again.

“What about Majeong?”

“I sprayed the sleeping gas and got inside and secured five F-class Majeong. Majeong has been confirmed to exist in objects born here certainly. This alone is a great achievement. ”

“That’s a good thing.”

Majeong was also released from the youngs born here rather than at the Arena.

That means you can get Majeong without going to the Arena.

Even if it’s only F-class, it’s great if you can get 25 on the full moon … … .

“Obviously Majeong can be obtained in large quantities via big rats. But the problem is that the risk of big rats is too great. If you accidentally get out of one word … … ”

It would be an instant for the ecosystem to grow bigger.

“And Big Rat should have little to say but Majeong. Meats can not be used as food, and the quality of the leather is not so good. When you are caught in satellites of other countries, you will not be able to raise them on the ground because they are at great risk. ”

“Yes, I admit it.”

“So it’s a suggestion, how about bringing in cattle that seem like a little more like Arena’s cows?”

“Cows in Arena?”

“Yes, Arena’s cow emits an E grade Majeong. In addition, given the high utilization of milk, meat, leather, etc., it will not hurt to give up the huge breeding power of big rats. ”

“Above all, it is easy to grow in gentleness.”


I thought that the suggestion of Lim Cheol-ho was correct.

Looking at Cha Ji-hye, she nodded and expressed consent.

“That would be good. Then Big Rat decides to give up and bring the cows to the next mission. ”

“Thank you. By the way… … ”

“Big rat disposition, right?”

“Yes, I think they have resistance to sleeping gas. … ”


I already have that resistance, and I really brought the scary beast to the Arena without thinking.

“The safe!”


The summoned Kasa shook his tail with pleasure.

“Give me all the fire in them.”


Kasa immediately seeped into the breeding ground.

yet… … .

Let’s hear it!

“Fuck profit!”

“Fuck you!”

With a loud scream, the inside of the kennel was filled with flames.

After a while, the big rats became ashes and completely disappeared. All the wastes of waste and food waste were burned out. Only 24 Majeong remained.

‘It feels clean and clean.’

I once again blamed my own judgment, which brought a brutal beast like Big Rat.

After finishing the discussion, I went up to the ground floor again, and Yuseu, Cha Jin-hyeok and Mari were playing with each other. Yuseu and Cha Jin – hyeok had a bright expression that they had finished the contract satisfactorily.

“Thank you very much today.”

The maintenance man came to us and said hello.

“You’re welcome.”

But the team still has problems.

You can do missions that failed two times in the next round.

The TUK has now withdrawn, but it can not be withdrawn from Arena.

In addition, Britain has revealed this color, and it is not known when it will interfere in this way in other countries.

‘I’m going to have to take special measures.’

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