Chapter 163

I returned home and put Mari first, and I discussed one issue with Cha Ji-hye.

“Do you mean to bring alliances with other national institutions with livestock brought from the Arena?”

Cha Ji-hye’s question nodded my head.

“I see British action in the meantime, so I thought I’d have to increase my friends before I got even more.”

At present, the countries that support Examinee to achieve the ultimate goal of Mission are at most the Nordic Exam Group and the Korea Arena Institute.

The Nordic Exam Group is an organization founded by Examinees such as Odin, and Korea decided to give full support to the team by getting a new Majeong route for me.

‘I’m sorry but I can not help it.’

I did not know how valuable the system to produce Majeong without the help of Examinee was.

But how many politicians and capitalists have invested in Arena related businesses all over the world.

They had to present satisfactory alternatives so that they would be able to cooperate with the mission clear.

The next day, I called Park Jin – Sung and said my thoughts.

– I guess so.

“Unexpectedly agree with naive?”

– Energy monopoly is possible when there is power. If not, I’ll share it.


– If you want to have a partnership, you have to contact the United States first.

“And the Nordic Exam Group.”

I did not forget about the Nordic Exam Group.

The Nordic Exam Group, which cooperated to clear the Mission from the beginning, was a must.

-okay. Anyway, I know that because I will contact the US first.

If it is America, it is McLaren family.

In the past, I was able to get a positive response because I had a good relationship, such as treating McLean’s incurable disease (?).

After the conversation was over, Cha Ji-hye said,

“But there is one more thing to consider.”

“What is it?”

“Even if the investors are convinced, I do not know if they can understand the Examinees.”

“Oh, I can not help it.”

I did not think about it either.

You can also get Majeong in the real world, not Arena!

This meant that Examinee was not needed to obtain Majeong.

This would result in the loss of Majeong’s vested interest in Examinee, who had been making money for years.

The Examinee group, like the Chinese Mission group, who had been devoted to making money, might have resisted strongly.

Maybe somehow it will hinder me to maintain a system called Mission.

“Instead, I should collect the power of the Examinee attack.”

There were Examinees who did not want to see the Mission anymore. Examinee, who does not want to go through dangerous things in the arena, was not without it.

In addition, Examinee, who makes money with a mission, is only a veteran who has already grown to a certain extent and has the power to defend himself.

Examinees who are still inexperienced to survive will need help. If I make them on the other side, I think I might be able to achieve a strong power of attack.


* * *


President Smith was having a peaceful day.

There was no worry.

The Arena business was smooth, and the most frightening competitor, the Chinese Mission team, was half-cut.

Even in private life, there is no good day.

They are all living well in their lives, and I was enjoying myself every day.

Since being treated by Kim Hyun-Ho, sexual function has been revitalized again, bringing beauty every day and enjoying the satisfaction as a man.

‘I wanted to be finished as a man now because of my age. If you do not feel well, you can get treatment for him again. ”

I was able to pay for the treatment fee. As the head of the McLaren family, it was not a burden for him who had a superpower.

Now McLean wants to keep the status quo.

I was reluctant to change the variables that caused the day.

It was because he was old enough to enjoy the adventure of life.

But as life goes, there is a variable that shakes his tranquility.

“What did you just say?”

President McLean questioned his ear.

-I told you we had a way to get Majeong without going through Examinee.

English with awkward accent came to me through the cell phone.

The caller is a prominent global conglomerate, Chairman Jin Jin Park of Jinseong Group. It was one of the few people in the world who could direct McLaren directly.

“Now that’s not bluffing, right?”

– I have no reason to lie.

“In what way can you get Majeong without going through Examinee? Is there a way to go directly to Arena world? ”

– It is not. But you do not have to go to Arena.

“How come?”

-Kim Hyun-Ho.

“… … ? ”

A familiar name came out.

President McLean was also very familiar with Examinee.

– I’ll tell you that.

That was enough.

In McLean’s mind, various facts began to be inferred.

Examinee Kim Hyun-Ho is a world ranker who has recently begun to emerge.

The fact that the name came from the mouth of Park Jin-suk meant that Kim Hyun-Ho could get Majeong without going to the Arena.

Park Jin-sung expressed the existence of a goose that produces this gold because he wants to negotiate.

What do you want here?

It is directly related to the fact that Kim Hyun-Ho is rapidly approaching the final goal of Mission: Examinee.

President McLean opened his mouth to some extent.

“He has a lot of special talents.”

– Yes.

“I’ll see you soon in Korea.”

The sooner the better, the better.

“I know.”

After the call ended, President McLean thought a lot.

‘You can get Majeong without going through Examinee?’

In other words, it was like securing oil field.

It is the key to success like the Rockefeller family who has the best wealth in human history!

‘To share it would mean that you do not want to eat alone.’

And Kim Hyun-Ho would not want anyone to be disturbed in clearing the mission.

And McLean was the biggest power player in the Arena industry.

‘It will be a good opportunity.’

If there is a common concern among all the capitalists that have invested in the Arena business, uncertainty about the future.

I did not even know if I could get the answer to the question of whether I could continue to get Majeong in the future.

‘There is one thing that must be done before that.’

McLean pulled out his cell phone again and sent a text message somewhere.

After a while,

“Did you call?”

The black-haired man came into the room.

His name is Dana Litorin.

Among the Examinees of all over the world, Karma was the biggest among the big players who ranked first in official ranking with total amount.

Though there are many hidden powerless people who have not revealed all their power, it was a great thing to be officially acknowledged as the best in the world.

Moreover, like the hidden powers, Dana also had various unknown powers.

“I have to talk to you very much.”

“Tell me.”

“Let’s sit down comfortably.”

President McLean pointed to the table-side chair.

His face, which always smiles brightly, has changed a little bit.

Dana sat in a table chair.

“What do you have?”

“Well, yes.”

Dana quietly waited for President McLean to pull out of this.

President McLean said.

“How long have you been working with me?”

“It’s been 14 years in real time.”

“Huh, is that so? So how much is your time? ”

I was asking about the time including the time spent at the Arena.

Dana answered.

“47 years have passed.”

“Huh … … ”

I admired President McLean’s face.

“You’ve been with me for that long time.”


“I have helped me faithfully without causing any problems in the meantime.”

“It is not hard to be loyal to your work without causing big problems.”

“It’s difficult, it’s difficult. It’s a really hard job. ”

“There is a difference in personality. It was not too hard for me. ”

“Ha ha ha, too.”

President McLean looked at Dana as he saw good friends.

There was a moment of silence.

President McLean asked again.

“How long has it been that you have not cleared the mission?”

“We have failed five times before. A little bit, but the minus Karma started to accumulate. ”

“쯧, it’s Corrupt Examinee. I’m sorry. ”


“Perhaps you will approach the Mission better than anyone else?”

“Maybe it will.”

“Hmm, what about clearing it?”

“This mission?”

“All Mission.”

“… … ”

Dana looked at President McLean in the eyes of the truth.

“Maybe you will be able to get Majeong without going through Mission.”

“That would not be possible. I have done many experiments. In the end, life on earth could not bear Majeong. ”

“Cancer, I know you’ve done a lot of experiments. But maybe there is a way to get Majeong in Korea. ”

“Korea… … ”

Dana thought for a moment.

“Who is Hyun-Ho?”

“… … How did you know that? ”

To the surprised President McLean, Dana smiled and said.

“It was Examinee with a strange skill called Flame of Life. I was stronger than anyone else. He was thinking of something special, Examinee. ”

“I’ve seen you for a long time, but you are really great.”

“You’re welcome. Anyway, when you say that, you want to ask me if you can not stay with Examinee anymore? ”

“right. Because you are a man who has accomplished many things as Examinee than anyone else. I will go to Korea soon and negotiate, but I would like to hear from your doctor before that. ”

Dana’s answer did not take long.

“It does not matter.”

“Do not care?”

“Yes, I have enjoyed all the wealthy movies, and I know that it does not mean much. If the mission is all over and I become an ordinary person, I do not have any fuss. ”

“is it? How can you do that? ”

“Even though all the skills I’ve achieved have disappeared, not all of my past lives as Examinee will disappear. After Mission, new life will be waiting for me afterwards. We have a lot of wealth. ”

“Haha, you’re better than me. I can not give up like you. ”

Dana grinned.

“There is a difference in personality. It’s not too hard for me. ”

“Haha hot!”

President McLean laughed pleasantly.

After laughing, President McLean said.

“If this happens, I will appoint you to be the chief executive of Arena related businesses. I’ll give you a stake. I will never let you down. ”

“I believe. He does what you want. ”

“Thank you.”

President McLean grabbed Dana’s hand.

Dana Litorin was constantly laughing as usual.

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