Chapter 164

We had a moderately relaxing time. Sometimes I went in and out of the car, and when I was at home, Dalian also did.

Cha Ji-hye and Marie attacked me on the other hand, but because of Master Reflex and Dynamic Vision skills, it was a tough fight.

I ate rice and watched TV, and when I got bored at night, I checked the information about the sanctuary given at the Arena.

I was able to learn a lot of information by receiving data from Nordic Exam Group as well as Korea Arena Lab.

For the first time, I decided to keep the data on a tablet PC.

You can go to the Arena and you do not have to study urgently. I have been proven to be a spiritual disease in my original study, preparing for a civil service mission.

In the meantime, President Lim Cheol-ho and President Park Jin-seong have been in constant contact.

Contact with President McLean, a leading US Arena operator, has become increasingly visible. Finally, the fact that President McLean came to Korea was handed over to me by Chung Ho Lim.

A few days later, the vehicle from the Korea Arena Labs arrived.

Arriving at the helicopter of a nearby military unit, I took a helicopter to Korea Arena Lab.

“long time no see. The president is also pleased. ”

As it was then, Dana greeted me.

President McLean laughed in the back.

He had only brought Dana Litorin with no other attendants.

“Since everyone is gathered, let’s eat inside. Or would you like to take a look around the lab? ”

So I asked Mr. McLean in English.

McLean nodded and pointed to the beach on the Institute Island surrounded by the sea.

Dana kindly tells me in English that I do not speak English.

“You want to breeze.”

“Yeah… … ”

Cha Ji-hye, and of course Mari, even knowing a little English, I was just ashamed. I really am not a relationship with studying.

Lim Cheol-ho explains the place around the island where the Institute is located.

I was amazed when I saw my elderly uncle speaking fluently in English. The elite is different too.

It was when Lim Cheol-ho and President McLean were talking about the outside world of the institute.

“Kim Hyun-Ho?”

Dana came to me.

“Yes, Mr. Litorin.”

“The recent growth is amazing.”

“I was very lucky.”

“It certainly looks like that. Others have several special skills that are difficult to have. Like Spirit Summoning or Flame of Life, you’ve got something like this again? ”


I admit it. You have to hide. Anyway, I’ll show you the deal.

Do not show them that you can bring electronics into the Arena with the Space Bag.

If I knew I was planning to bring a satellite into the Arena with the Nordic Exam Group, would it be awesome?

“They are not the usual Assist Skills that can be picked up as Karma Rewards, and they’re probably Special Skills.”

You are correct.

I did not deny either.

“But I really have a question.”

Dana spoke to me.

“I tried every magical attempt to create Majeong in the real world, but it all failed. By the way, how can you save Majeong from non-Arena? ”

“Animals from the Arena can be brought here.”

In my opinion, Dana has become a blank look for a moment. Then he asks me with his surprised face.

“Is that possible?”


“I have tried a lot of things myself, and no matter how much protection I take with magic, I could not bring a seed of a small worm or a plant. It was gone without a trace. ”

“I have a special skill, a skill that has the same storage effect as item bag. Raising the level of skill, I was able to store living creatures. ”

You can also store electronics, but you do not need to tell me.

“Then you can bring monsters, too?”

“If you do not kill me. But I do not want to bring monsters. It’s a shame to make monsters on Earth. ”

“It is a really strange skill. Maybe your Special Skill is the ability to create such skills? ”

Well, why do you keep asking me for one-sidedly?

I queried instead of the answer.

“I have another question, is Litorin still clearing the Mission now? Or did you become a Corrupt Examinee because you missed the mission clearance? ”

I also taught you so much that you asked me to teach secrets.

Dana smiled and replied.

“We are postponing the fourth clearance. Not too soon, but the minus Karma has begun to accumulate. ”

“i See.”

If you had a lot of Karma enough to rank first in the world rankings with official statistics, it means you have cleared so many Missions.

Perhaps Dana Litorin would not be much closer to the Mission’s ultimate goal than I am.

So I guess it’s not clear yet.

There, he is guessing that everything will be different from his final goal, so that all missions may end.

And I mentioned the word magic many times.

It was not difficult to guess that his Main Skill was magic.

“The fact that President McLean has come to Korea means that he has a willingness to accept and cooperate with us.”

McLaren did not even read the hammock to the Senator. Soon we’ll know what we want.

We will provide you with a means to produce Majeong, so we will come to Korea knowing our intention to attack Mission together.



Sylph, who appeared in the air, fascinated me with his face bobbing.

“Can you see anyone around?”


Sylph flew straight to the sky.

Sylph shook his head as he returned to the neighborhood.

It meant no one to see.

I laughed at Dana.

“Do you want to show me what you were most curious about?”

“I want to see you.”

Dana also grinned. It was a really good laugh like a Hollywood movie star.

I looked at Cha Ji-hye behind the glacier, but fortunately she did not respond to Dana’s nice smile.

Marie looked at Dana with no interest and only to look at me and show me something new.

I took out the third of the eagles from Galvin on the Space Bag.

The first, second, sixth, and seventh surnames are already too large to worry about the existence of my Growth Promotion skill.

So I pulled out the third of the cubs, which is still the average size of an ordinary bald eagle.

I have not grown up yet, but Dana will not know it.


Suddenly the third one pulled out looked around.

Through Master Animal Training skill, I could see the third psychological state.

Wonder and curiosity.

I was not afraid because I was with my master.

“It is an eagle of a goose.”

Dana looked at the third with a surprised face. Third, I look at Dana and look at what I see.

The third looked at me as if I could peck this one, but I shook my head.

The third, who was educated not to hurt people without my permission, tasted like he was sorry.

“Did you learn animal training skills?”

“Yes, Master.”

“You have learned a fun Assist Skill.”

Dana reached for the third.

Thirdly, I avoided turning my head as if I was uncomfortable.

Dana laughed and lowered her stretched hands.

Strangely, the third seemed to be displeased with Dana.

When I first saw Cha Ji-hye, he was kind to me.

“Wow! Wow Aaa! ”

It was Mary who was excited.

Marie asked me, pointing to the third.

“Is this Hyun-Ho ?!”


“I! I, I want to touch it! No, I’ll hold you! ”

“follow your heart.”


Marie ran to the third, and dragged her over.

This is the third time I accept Marie unlike Dana.

Looking at it, I had to come up with one hypothesis.

‘Do not you hate a man?’

And then the third one is a male.

“Kim Hyun-Ho? That’s the alternative … … ”

President Lim Cheol-ho, who was in various conversations with President McLean, approached and asked.

Suddenly, a giant eagle appeared, and it was so strange that it appeared.

President McLean also saw the third with remarkable eyes and was speaking English. Dana also responded in English and explained to McLaren.

President McLean said again, and Dana looked at me and interpreted.

“If the president is not in danger, he wants to touch it.”

“Do by that way. I will not attack. ”

President McLean carefully approached the third Marie hugging.

President McLean’s right hand pointed to his third head, and his hand shook with fear as he was afraid that he would be seriously injured in the beak.

But the third just grabbed his hand.

Because I had my orders, I did not deny anything and allowed it.

It does not reveal much discomfort.

“It’s strange.”

Dana was uncomfortable when he tried to touch him, and what did Ayure accept McLean ‘s hand?

I am more curious because the assumption that I may be disliking a man is wrong.

It means that Dana has something against the third mood.

But it is not a matter of seriously worrying, so I went on without a problem. If you get a chance later, you’ll find out.

President McLean, who stroked his third head, said to me.

Of course I did not get it, and Cha Ji-hye kindly translated it by my side.

“I ask if I can bring any animal.”

I nodded.

“Any animal that does not harm the planet. But I do not want to be too big an animal because of the volume limit. ”

Cha Ji-hye, who nodded, explained to President McLean in English.

In addition, Lim Cheol-ho, the director, added an additional explanation in English.

I could not understand it, but when I saw the word “Big rate” in the middle, it seemed to tell the story of failing to breed big rats.

McLean, who listened to the story and watched the third, shed his eyes and asked questions.

Dana was an interpreter.

“The president asks what price he wants.”

“I do not think you know what I want.”

Dana grinned and delivered my words to President McLean.

McLean laughed and spoke in English to President Lim Cheol-ho.

Lim Chul Ho said.

“He wants us to go in and discuss it properly.”

“I will.”

I put the third into the Space Bag. We moved into the lab building.

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