Chapter 167

The employees who dispatched from the institute worked on the gold coin of the company.

The security guards ran around in motorboats, and other employees installed barbed wire in the gold coins.

I was about to grow a cow brought in from the Arena in a tightly enclosed barbed wire.

The boat went to the island everyday and brought the construction materials and food, such as barbed wire, and fed the eagles.

Now, when the boat appeared, the eagles from Galvin were drifting around.

The eagles grew differently each day.

The two pairs of parents who were originally adult and the first, second, seventh, and eighth have already been three times as large as ordinary gull eagles and seemed to be large monsters.

The other cubs were also twice as common as the common galang eagle, though not as much as their parents.

It’s been a matter of time to catch up with my parents because I have been affected by my Growth Promotion skills.

“I do not think Wyvern will be able to hunt at 10 if it’s that way?”

“It will not be long unless Wyvern’s leather-penetrating means of attack is secured.”

As an attack means … … .

Well, Cha Ji-hye was right. Wyvern can not hit without Aura’s weapon-level damage.

Galaxy eagles also have claws and strength that are as good as weapons, but they did not feel a bit lacking in catching Wyvern.

“But do you think there are weapons for eagles?”

“There will be equip equipment for animals like majok.”

“I have to look for it once I get it.”

Finally, I had 1,300 Karma, but I had no other choice but to look for equipment for the eagles.

“Board Retrieval.”

He spoke to the summoned stone.

“Show me the equipment my eagles can use.”

Then the writing of the slab wriggled and changed. Two items are listed.


– We show you items that can be used by Galaxy Eagle.


1. Steel rake: This is a weapon that can be attached to a pet’s foot. Attaches a sharpened brushed steel blade to the claw. (-100)

2. Animal Armor Armor: Armor that can be put on the body of various animals. (-100)



Only two.

I did not like it that much either.

Grinders are not so useful to a galloped eagle that is already as strong as a steel claw.

Animal armor is likely to be helpful for defense, but it is more likely that the flight speed will be reduced as much as you have steel armor attached to your body.

“I do not really like it.”

“What is it?”

“Steel rake and animal armor? That’s just two. ”

“Items that can be purchased with Karma are only those that exist in Arena. In an un-industrialized Arena, iron weapons are very expensive, and rarely for animals. ”

“I think so. I wish I had some magical equipment, though. ”

“Why do not you make it out of the Arena? You can ask a blacksmith and a wizard to do it. ”

“Oh, I guess so.”

In the arena, I was a noble who also received the title and dictation of Count. I could have made such a referral anyway.

“Hmm, then you do not have to live separately.”

I felt a little sad.

But then, Cha Ji-hye made a different suggestion.

“Why not try Skill Synthesis?”

“Skill Synthesis?”

“If you use items for animals as synthetic materials, will not the skill for animals be created?”

“… … what? I really am. ”

Why did not I think of that?

“Buy a steel rake.”

I said to the slab.


– I have learned a steel rake. If you say ‘armed’ with your pet’s name, your weapon will be attached to the claw of the specified pet. Say ‘Weaponize Cancel’ and the weapon will disappear.


– Remaining Karma: +1,200


“I will also buy animal armor.”


– I have learned to use an animal armor. If you say ‘Equip’ with your pet name, your equipment will be summoned. Say “Tool Cancel” and the instrument will disappear.


– Remaining Karma: +1,100


I bought them one by one.

However, before writing to Skill Synthesis, I thought I would like to put on the eagles once. I wonder what it looks like.

“First, come here!”

When I called, the first ran like a fizzy – sound.

The first was pleasant feeling when I stroked my back.

‘Well, let’s do it once.’

“First Armed, First Equip.”

Then, on the first pair of legs, a heavily long blade was mounted.

In addition, small pieces of steel were scalloped on the torso.

“Wow… … ”

I admired the first appearance in arms and armor.

The first of that huge body was covered with steel, and I felt the same majesty as the return to myth.

The first was a little uncomfortable, but I quickly got used to the feet and body mounted weapons.

“It’s cool.”

Cha Ji-hye was staring at the first one with a jubilant look.

She was the first to admire Sylph when she shot the Naga River.

Cha Ji-hye stroked the back of the armor around the first body and said,

“It would be better if there was a seat on the back.”

“Oh, yes. If you have a handle, you’ll be comfortable to manipulate. ”

“That’s a good idea, too.”

“When I go to the Arena, I’ll have to make a blacksmith’s work.”

Also, the sorcerer would have to do the magic, such as lightening or strengthening the strength.

“It’s not an item, so I’ll have to get one out of the Space Bag and put on a grain.”

“After making it, I have to use Karma to make an item. Of course, this is when you can afford Karma. ”

“Begin now with Skill Synthesis.”

“Oh, yes.”

I lifted the steel rake and the animal armor that the first wears.

“Skill Synthesis.”


– Please choose the skill or item to use in the synthesis.

1. Synthesizable Skills: Spirit Summoning (Sylph), Spirit Summoning (Kasa), Strength Buff, Guide, Teleportation, Vision Correction, Animal Training.

2. Composite items: AW50F, Nielsen H2 (2 tablets), 357 Magnum (4 tablets), Nielsen R8, steel rake, animal armor.

* Items used for compositing are destroyed.


“Synthesize Sylph with a grinding wheel.”


-Spirit Summoning (Sylph) and steel rake are synthesized.

– Synthetic success. I learned Wind Claw (Synthetic Skill).

– Steel rake is destroyed.

-Wind Claw (Synthetic Skill): Creates a sharp wind with the claws to attack the enemy. This applies only to bird pets submitted with Animal Training (Assist Skill).

* Beginner Level 1: 60 minutes cooldown


“Oh oh!”

“Did something come out?”

“Yeah! I have a very good skill! ”

I explained the new Wind Claw.

“I can only use it once every hour for a 60 minute cooldown. I wonder how powerful it is. ”

“Cooltime and power will increase as you raise the level. I’ll continue to try compositing. ”

I bought one steel rake once with 100Karma.

I tried Skill Synthesis again.

“I’ll synthesize Kasa and steel rake.”


-Spirit Summoning (Kasa) and steel rake are synthesized.

– Synthetic failure.


Unfortunately, this time it was a failure.

It seems to me that it is not like the Spirit Kasa of the Fire.

I continued to experiment with other skills.

Guide failed to synthesize with Assist Skill such as Teleportation, Vision Correction, and Animal Training.

However, when combined with the Strength Buff, a new skill is created again.


– Synthetic success. I acquired Claw Reinforcement (Synthetic Skill).

– Steel rake is destroyed.

-Claw Reinforcement (Synthetic Skill): The claws are strengthened and hardened and sharpened. This applies only to pets submitted with Animal Training (Assist Skill).

* Beginner Level 1: The claw becomes hard like steel.



I held my fist and cheered.

Subsequently, I used an animal armor armor as a synthetic material.


-Spirit Summoning (Sylph) and animal armor are synthesized.

– Synthetic failure.


-Spirit Summoning (Kasa) and animal armor are synthesized.

– Synthetic failure.


Strength Buff, Guide, Teleportation, Vision Correction, and Animal Training all failed in synthesis.

Many of the animal armor refunded Karma.

The remaining Karma is 1,000.

‘And now the AW50F is useless, right? This should also be refunded to Karma. ‘

I got the AW50F back to Karma.

The Karma I heard when I itemized the AW50F is 3,300. When I got a refund, half of it, 1,650 Karma, came back to me.

Combined to 2,650Karma!

It seemed that I had to raise the level of the two skills I acquired today.

After a hard time I raised Claw Reinforcement to Intermediate Level 1.


Increases Claw Reinforcement (Synthetic Skill) to Intermediate Level 1 with -1400Karma.

-Claw Reinforcement (Synthetic Skill): The claws are strengthened and hardened and sharpened. This applies only to pets submitted with Animal Training (Assist Skill).

* Intermediate Level 1: The claws are hardened like diamonds.


– Remaining Karma: +1,250



After upgrading from Beginner to Intermediate, the description changed from steel to diamond.

I had ten claws of my galaxy all having hard claws like diamonds.

“I will invest the remaining Karma in raising the level of Wind Claw.”

When I talked to the slab again, it gleamed again from the slab.


– Increase Wind Claw (Synthetic Skill) to Beginner Level 5 with -1000Karma.

-Wind Claw (Synthetic Skill): Creates a sharp wind with the claws to attack the enemy. This applies only to bird pets submitted with Animal Training (Assist Skill).

* Beginner Level 5: 1 minute cooldown


– Remaining Karma: +250


The cooldown was shortened from 60 minutes to 1 minute.

I was able to use it once every minute, so the power of the skill was upgraded several times.

Karma seemed to write well, so I was happy.

Ten of my eagles now have diamond-like claws, and can now attack ranged attacks.

This was not an end to the ride, it was a tremendous power.

If I master both the Claw Reinforcement and Wind Claw skills in the future, I would not have been able to fight a good Examinee.

‘Animal Training Master can do two more while submitting, this time to tame a stronger beast?’

Wind Claw is a skill that applies only to bird pets.

But it was not Claw Reinforcement. Any animal that is subject to me will be applied no matter what kind.

Animals like tigers and wolves did not matter.

I asked Cha Ji-hye.

“Which animal do you like?”

“I like cats.”

“Hmm, cat … … . I do not know if there are enough cats that I can submit to. ”

“Was it the story? Then there are more beasts to help in battle than cats … … ”

“No, Ji-hye likes cats, so you have to obey them.”

“No, so I mean … … ”

“For Ji-hye, I’ll definitely choose it as a cat.”

“I asked you what you liked. … ”

“It is unconditionally a cat.”

I was delighted to see Cha Ji-hye, who was adamant and confused. I live in this taste these days.

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