Chapter 170

Mission started with complicated feeling.

It was the room of Count Wolfenbrooke who passed through Exam Door and finished in last Mission.

As I sat on the bed, I found Cha Ji-hye sitting at the window-side table.

“Did you confirm the mission?”

“Not yet.”

“Check it out. It is not a conundrum but it is not a difficult mission. ”

I recalled a slab on her horse.


– Name (Name): Kim Hyun-Ho

-Class (Class): 43

-Karma (Mix): +50

-Mission (Mission): Prepare for the Aman Empire’s invasion for a limited time.

– Time limit: 729 days 23 hours


‘Prepare for the invasion.’

It was a very wide range of words.

It seemed to be that the kingdom of the kingdom of Arend Kingdom, Alsergrone the 3rd, was to govern the territory under his administration and to prepare his army for the war.

However, it could not be said that it could be prepared to control the manor, and it could not be accomplished personally even in preparation for war.

It was thought that I could clear it anyway because it was interpretive to say that I was just preparing.

“It’s a kind of mission that does not achieve it.”

Cha Ji-hye said.

“Do you know anything?”

“Hyun-Ho has also experienced it before. Mission, which was given a limited time with the Mission to help the Elves of the Brown Mountains. ”


“It is the same again. We will do our best for the two years given in the time limit, and when the mission ends, it will be graded and appear as a Karma reward. ”

“Oh, that’s the kind of missions that have not been achieved yet?”

“That’s right. However, you may receive severe grading close to underdevelopment. I have heard that there is a negative Karma as much as I was neglected without doing what I can. ”

“We’ll do our best, of course, and that does not matter.”

“of course.”

In fact, this Mission itself was not a problem.

I do not have to fight to live to die.

But the story that I heard from a baby angel did not leave my head.

If I do not clear all the missions, what the hell is going on?


‘I will do what I want. So that you can keep the Majeong so you do not get disconnected from the Arena. ‘


What the hell is that?

Does it just keep Examinee going to the Arena like now?

But it did not seem like that.


‘So the law is now about to end this Mission itself. So when do we have to finish? That’s you, Examinee Kim Hyun-Ho.


If I chew that word, I will not keep this mission anymore if I fail the mission.

So the Mission is gone and how do you keep getting Arena to keep Majeong in hand?

That does not make sense.

I am worried that I am really worried that Examinee as well as me are in danger of the entire real world.

My family may be at risk.

It’s tough.

Suddenly I felt warmth in my hand.

Cha Ji-hye caught my hand.

“Are you worried about the angel’s words?”

“… … Yeah.”

I honestly admitted it.

“Do not worry.”


“Anyway, you can clear all the missions. You do not have to think about what happened when you failed. ”


“I’ll be able to clear the mission. I will make it. ”

She clearly said with a distinct expression.

“I will clear all the missions. I would like to live as a wife of Hyun-Ho after being freed from the bridle of this mission. I want to be a family with Hyun-Ho and Hyun-Ho’s family. That’s my wish I’ve never thought of before. ”

“that… … Wish? ”




I pulled the hand of Cha Ji-hye, who was holding her, and held her in his arms.

The anxiety that had grown in my heart disappeared and the feeling of happiness rose.

Paradoxically, I think it was fortunate for me to become Examinee after death. At least I was able to meet her.


* * *


I pulled out the handkerchief handed by Yuseu and Cha Jin-hyeok from Space Bag.

And I had to smell the first and second.

“Remember who smells?”



“Can you find it?”

“Bee profit!”

The first and second couple nodded.

Wow, I’ve been using the Animal Tracking skill for the first time, and it was a good idea to do it. I am glad that it is simpler than I thought.

“Okay, then pick up two people and bring them here. Fly as high as you can and do not stand out on the road. ”

“Bee profit!”

“Bee profit!”

The first and the second filled the earth with a strong answer. I waved to the sky quickly and incredibly in a huge big wing.

Now you can see two people soon.

I’m going to have a hard time flying through the eagle for a few days.

Meanwhile, I decided to stay at Count Wolfenbrooke with Cha Ji-hye and Odin.

Marie had another mission, but she had to say goodbye.

“I also got a mission to prepare for the war. Perhaps Examinee, who has the status of a lord and has the status of a lord, seems to have all this mission. ”

“It surely means the war against the Aman Empire is out.”

“exactly. Let the two of you see and learn about your duties while you stay here. I’m not a great lord, but I do not want to go anywhere, haha. ”

So Cha Ji-hye and I went after Odin as if he were an attendant, and really Odin occasionally let us run errands. It was a consideration to learn to do simple things in person.

I could not help but admire Odin’s charisma.

I really wanted to be a leader-type human being who is different from me when I see that they deal with people very well.

Will I be able to handle the bottom person like Odin?

… … I think it’s a bunch.

I do not think I have hidden the qualities of a leader for me since I was preparing a government mission until this age!

In that part, I decided to believe Cha Ji-hye. As a soldier, she is very specialized in that aspect.

After about four days, the waiters finally arrived.

Yuseu and Cha Jin-hyuk.

“Oh no!”

First, Yusufu jumped from above and screamed and stretched.

“Oh, the smell in your head is a huge hit! I can not wash all the time! ”

“Wow, I thought you were going to die. What the hell did you order the eagles to rest a little bit all the time? ”

In the complaints of Jin Jin Hyuk, I laughed and laughed.

“I forgot. I did not order them to rest for a while. ”

The two looked at me with gleaming eyes.

“Anyway, I’m good because I came early.”

Cha Ji-hye was a simple two-person group. However, I was not able to grumble because I was helped.

I handed the Synthetic Muscle Suit and Comm Device to both of them.

The next day, four of us left Count Wolfenbrooke.

Finally I was heading to my estate.

“Do you have to ride an eagle again?”

The number of retained players became numb.

Although she learned Strength Buff, she basically lost her magic strength, and she was burdened to move all day on an eagle.

I laughed and laughed.

“Do not worry. I’ll give you a good ride soon. ”

We drove the eagle together and took the car out of the space bag when we reached the area without people.

It was a supercar MSM-2 moving to Majeong.

“Uh, wow! What is it?!”

“car?! A bell you’ve never seen before? No, it’s a car from Arena ?! ”

Yuseu and Cha Jin-hyeop really stared at me and looked at my horse.

In particular, Cha Jin-hyuk opened the bonnet and admired it repeatedly. So he said that Jin Jin Hyuk was a mechanic before Examinee.

Because the car was a two-seater, two of them had to ride an eagle or ride on the ceiling.

Cha Jin-hyeok said he wanted to drive, stretched out to sit comfortably on the seat and want to relax.

By the way, Cha Ji-hye pinched my side and poked.

“Put them in the Space Bag. When you get to the manor, you can take it out. ”

“Oh, there was such a way.”

A Master Space Bag can house living creatures, of course, with the consent of the person. I had already experimented with Cha Ji-hye.

“Thinking about that idea, you seemed to want to drive quite a bit.”

“I do not have a lot of opportunities if I do not have an arena.”

Cha Ji-hye admitted innocently.

I explained the space bag’s special ability to both of them.

“Put us in the space bag? Is that possible? ”

I was nodding at the question of Yoo Ji – soo.

“Yes, if you agree, I can put it in. When you arrive, you can get it out again. ”

“Is it health or anything? I can not do anything in it and I’m not trapped. ”

“There is no time in Space Bag. You’ll be in a blink of an eye. ”

“Really? I’ll agree. Put me in the Space Bag. ”


I took the hand of Yusui and ordered ‘put’ it.


The new type of Yusu has disappeared.

I then gestured to Jin Jinhyuk. Cha Jin-hyuk was uneasy.

“I do not know if it’s okay.”

“Do not worry, come quickly.”

I finally put it in the Space Bag until Je Jin Hyuk.

Cha Ji-hye occupied the driver’s seat.

I hit an assisting seat and immediately started boots and stepped on Excel.

As if she had waited for this day, she began to speed with excitement.


* * *


Heinz Manor.

It was the area between the Brown Mountains, the Wolfenbrooke Manor, and the old Bastian Manor.

It is said that Heinz Manor is already over a hundred years since it was the place where Hynes’ master was ruled for a long time.

Count Kim, now my land, but I decided to leave the place name as Heinz Manor. It sounds weird when you say Kim Young-ji.

Anyway we arrived at Heinz Manor.

It ran in MSM-2 in the field, and ran aground in a hilly country, riding on a gallon eagle, and arrived in just three days.

I could have arrived earlier, but Cha Ji-hye and I just wanted to be alone, so I moved effortlessly.

Since the words of Cha Ji-hye, like proposal, we have become more distinct.

I was relieved to see that she was beside me, and it was so good that it was so much I wanted to go crazy.

When we arrived at the Heinz Manor, we reached MSM-2 and drove the eagle into the Space Bag.

I pulled out the tablet PC, checked the built-in Arena map, and was able to find the fort of his own.

It was a fort that would now be called Count Kim.

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