Chapter 173


It was then that Teacher Abbott could not stop wondering.

Dana took action in earnest.

Once they poured out the black horse power, they twisted more and more of the Archbishop’s black horse power and the tangled situation.


“What is this?”

The Archbishops were upset at the sudden surprise.

– Are you crazy?

An elephant’s angered young telepathy was delivered.

As a subordinate, you can always remove Dana’s black magic circle, but now it’s an exception.

Now, if you remove Dana’s black magic circle, you do not know how complicated the situation is because of the black magic of each other.

This was Dana’s first calculation.

In that situation, Dana unfolded another wing of herself.

I gather my hands together and make a spell.

It is a situation where black magic is tangled with each other and black magic can not be used.

Even it was not black magic.


The Archbishops, in particular, the Teacher Artist, were astonished.

The disciples who have been under strict surveillance for the time being general magic.

It was impossible.

How can you have two kinds of energy in a person’s body?

Besides, did not you know it yourself?

Mana has been hiding the energy of the thoroughly. The Archbishops in this place were able to hide well enough that no one could notice it.

That is,

– You told me? I’m a better wizard than you.

With a word of conversion, Dana unfolded the magic.

“Light to buy darkness!”

The magic of black magic spreads.


Bright light shook the movement of black magic was blown up and spread out everywhere.


“Uh huh!”


Due to the ceremony, the twisted black horse was twisted further by the light that Dana made.

“Dependent of the Inner!”

There was no choice for him. I could not even give Black magic to Dana, who could use normal magic.


This time Dana was stunned.

Dependent phosphorus was fired and cracking occurred in the black magic circle.

I can not help it.

Dana gave up the black horse power circle. In order not to get injured by the destruction of circle, I have discharged all black horse power outwardly.

All of Dana ‘s black magic that he had collected in the meantime passed out.

Unfortunately, there was no time to have a fuss.

The light that shines in the darkness is so bright that everyone can not see the scene!

Dana immediately made a fireball and threw it to the player.

Aprit was surprised to see that a strong aura turned to himself. He forced the black magic that was tangled with other Archbishops to spread the shield.

The Courrerie!


The shields, which were formed due to the explosion, were offset with fireballs. The intense pain of intestinal intertwining was forced at the cost of operating black magic force.

And… … .


“Shut up!”

The blade slumped in my stomach.

It was a surprise that struck him. Dana, who came close, stabbed him with a dagger hidden in his arms.

– Goodbye, Master.

“this… … This guy … … How to cheat me … … Two aura … … ! ”

-Examinee is not common sense is also possible.

“Poetry, Mission … … ! ”

Dana twisted the dagger.

The iron fell down on the floor with blood flowing.

Dana sprang up into the air with the flying magic.

“Stop it!”

“Come on, fix the black horse power!”

“We must protect your majesty!”

Archbishops shouted at the door of the hex room.

Some of the guys including Lee Chang-wee came in after the turmoil.

Blood magic, sarcophagi, beads, collapsed Archbishop abort. They fell into a stunning landscape in the room.

I could not sense what was going on and what was going on inside.

“Stop him!”

One Archbishop shouted.

Then there was a man who reacted most promptly.

It was Lee Chang-wee.

Lee Chang-wee, who jumped up the Aura in a moment, suddenly surpassed Dana’s flying spell much faster than it had ever been.

Lee Chang-wee, who stood up, stretched his right hand to the sky.


The sword that appears in the right hand.

“Protection of mana, 5 nesting.”

Dana spread the defensive spell in five layers.

Lee Chang-wee struck down a sword with a Aura Blade.


A loud banging sound was heard.

With the reaction of the crash Dana down, Lee Chang-wee was pushed up.

Lee Chang-wee drove down the side wall in the middle.

Lee Chang-wee was able to see Dana as the distance between the two became closer.

The white mask had disappeared because of the previous clash.

“Dana Litorin?”

“Nice to meet you, Mr. Lee Chang-wee of China.”

“Huh … … ! ”

Lee Chang-wee was terrified.

I think that no one has ever come closer to the source of the Exam Door than myself.

One Examinee in the United States, however, was playing Archbishop. I felt like I was hit by the back of my head.

But for a while, Lee Chang-wee and Dana acted aggressively.

To Lee Chang-wee, who swooped the Aura Blade, Dana unleashed defensive spells and bondage spells at the same time.

Two spells simultaneously without spells. It was Dana who showed the dignity of Examinee to the top of the rankings without regret.


Whirllick –

The defensive spell restrained the Aura Blade once, and then the mana rope tried to wrap Lee Chang-wee.

Lee Chang-wee twisted on the side wall again.

He succeeded in passing through the knots of Manarov.

I can not believe it was an improvisational judgment. Lee Chang-wee was also not usually a bet.

Dana continued to fall as he spread his mana rope.

In that state, one hand continued to maneuver the rope while the other hand reached down.

Mana rope stretched out from the other hand toward the floor.

“Stop it!”

“I’m aiming at Archbishop guys!”

The men still protected the Archbishops, who are still in the black magic.

But Manarov was not looking for them.


Mana Loop wiped the beads of the false soul away from the circle and brought them to Dana.

“No! Stop it! ”

“That traitor!”

Archbishop yelled at the whale. Finally, they had black magic and they prepared black magic.

Lee Chang-wee was pushing the Aura Blade over the top.

Fake soul beads came to Dana’s hand.


Archbishop’s black magic began.

Someone opened the gate and poured out the flying undead monsters in it.

Someone summoned the flame of hell and tried to burn Dana.

Even an Archbishop caused the murdered apprentice to be undead, causing him to write magic. Even though it was originally developed as an undead, it was a powerful force with a lot of magic power.

Lee Chang-wee was aiming for Dana’s breath with a blow.

He was planning to set up a ball this time to receive additional rewards from the Archbishops. Above all, what Dana is doing now can not be saved unless it is clearly related to the ultimate purpose of the mission.

‘Death, survival. What is my choice? Let me know, angel. ‘

Dana eventually moved on to gambling.


– Special Skill: You can have two energies that are not fused to each other at the same time. When the target energy is absorbed into the body, it is selected as the energy to be retained.

* Energy so far selected: Mana


It was the secret of his ability to act as an apprentice, Archbishop.

It was also a secret that I was able to accept the person of the subordinate of the apprentice.

Now that the dependent phosphorus has been activated and lost its black horse power, the only energy currently selected is mana.


Dana absorbed the fake soul beads. And… … .


* Energy so far selected: Mana, vitality



Now it was time to try to figure out what kind of synergy this would bring.

The situation is threatening your life from everywhere.

Dana demonstrated mana in one hand and vitality in the other. And it united it into one.


Then a tremendous light filled the hexagon room.


Dana surprised herself. It was a much bigger chemical reaction than I thought.

‘If this is it!’

Confident, Dana united the two energies into one.

“Light to buy darkness!”

The encounter of mana and vitality has exerted a powerful power.

The powerful light was that of all the Archbishop’s black magic.

The apprentice, who was raised by the undead, fell back to the body again.

Not only that.

Do not!

A bright light from the magic circle and sarcophagus was blown.

The moonlight became a rounded membrane to protect the circle and the sarcophagus.

“Behold, the protection measures are activated!”

“That, that powerful enough … … ! ”

At the beginning of the Necromancer, the protection device of Sultan Khazad was activated to block the light that Dana made.

Looking at it, Dana was convinced.

‘This is the perfect black magic!’

The combination of mana and vitality has shown lethal effects to black magic.

The protective device that had never been exhumed for over a hundred years has been activated!

The Archbishops’ attacks were quickly neutralized, and the remaining problem was Lee Chang-wee.


Lee Chang-wee crashed down and swung the Aura Blade vertically.



Appeared on the head of the new Lee Chang-wee of Dana vanished.


Lee Chang-wee swung half way up the Aura Blade.

Dana, however, played defensive and flying magic at the same time.

With only a defensive spell left, Dana rose up.


The Aura Blade picked up the shield. A roar of roar.

Lee Chang-wee’s face was surprised. Even though it is a defensive magic that is only one layer, its hardness was quite different from before.

Dana kept flying.

50 meters, 100 meters, 150 meters … … .


“High Priest!”

The Archbishop yelled.

Dana continued to rise, reaching the 200 meter point with the throne of the Sultan’s residence.

The eyes of the Sultan met him.

Dana took out his dagger and threw it in his arms.

Poof –

The dagger, as it were, passed through the body of Sultan Sultan and bounced off the wall.

Dana laughed.

“It’s a welcome. I thought so. ”

“Majestic man.”

Sultan slept with no face.

Dana’s smile was unchanged.


“This is … … ! ”

The complexion of the Sultan ‘s servant was red.

Dana rose up, leaving the welcome of the Sultan.


It literally broke through the ceiling and escaped outside the palace’s dome.

It was Dana Litorin who succeeded in gambling life.

“Aaaaaaaaaaaa – !!”

There was a shout in the anger of the Sultan.

Archbishop and the three men left behind did not even know what to do.


Lee Chang-wee, too, was just out of his mind. Examinee, like Archbishop, was so upset that she had been compromising herself with her disgust.

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