Chapter 176

“Duke of Cornwall is the ambition of King Arend of King Alsergrone the 3rd, and he is still ambitious. And Sentles Count is a warlord who protects the northern change of Arend Kingdom, and I was very uneasy about the end of his life. ”

Dana, who summoned the item backpack, took the map out of it.

“Here is the change that Raman City and Counts Count have jurisdiction over here. Are you close to each other? In my opinion, the person who exchanged letters with Lumado de Consul is the Counts Count. ”

He was originally from the Archbishop of the Nation.

Dana pointed out who the country was on the spot.

“Oh, well, then I will clear the mission if you investigate only that child.”

I was delighted with his hand.

“I’m pretty sure once, but do not know if you do not know 100%, please do a preliminary investigation.”

“That’s enough. Thank you!”

Keeping a half – color, Yu – chan said,

“Hey, I do not need your help. It’s not Aman Empire, but I think we’ll have enough. ”

“Are you sure?”

“It’s not as steep as Aman Empire. There are things that are going on, but they can not behave in a visible way. ”

Anyway, the problem of the two people seemed to be resolved so roughly.

The two stayed here for a while and then they said they would leave.

“Glad to be of help.”

Dana who is making a good laugh.

“Iknow, right. It really looks like Archbishop. ”

“It’s not a lie.”

“Anyway thank you for staying here and helping me.”

“It was nothing. We have already achieved the Mission Clear condition and will only spend time here. I might be given more Karma rewards to help you. I have two missions: shooting an elephant and interrupting their resurrection. ”

Dana was making a reasonable judgment.

His mission is to kill the Archbishop appetite, and to slow down the resurrection.

Helping me could be a way to slow down the resurrection consciousness.

Plus, you can build trust enough that the McLaren family can complete the desired transaction.

“But there is one strange thing.”

Cha Ji-hye objected.

“Suppose that the purpose of the NDR was achieved and that the third Sultan, Kazard Pun Aman, revived. Would it be possible for Sultan to be ruled centuries ago when he was revived as an unnatural means of black magic? ”

“No matter how great a ruler is, after hundreds of years, is it possible to be recognized as a monarch?”

“That’s right.”

Dana smiled and replied.

“Then I ask. How did you get recognized when you became a lord after you acquired this estate? The people of this Gwanji suddenly do not know, come to bring only one identification, saying that the lord, did you admit it? ”

I said that.

“It was recognized as a magic on the identification card and the prince … … Ah!”

I did not answer but I realized.

Explained Dana.

“China’s Qin Shi Huang unified the kingdoms and unified the metamorphoses, thus laying the foundation for the creation of a unified nation on mainland China. Sultan Kazan is also similar. The magic device provided a stable basis for governance. ”

Kazard Pun Aman was the first to introduce a magic device that I came to this manor and certified it to be a prince.

“I would have needed such a systematic system to rule that wide unified territory. By virtue of that, the nobles were no longer pretending to be nobles, and the rule of government was firm. But would that be the only reason? ”

“surely… … ”

“It’s all calculated. I predicted that I would be able to resurrect after hundreds of years. By that time, we have put in place a system so that if there is no political basis left, we will be able to come up again. ”

“… … ”

It ‘s a pseudo – stone looking forward hundreds of years.

When you are resurrected, you can return to the monarchy on its own due to the magic device!

It was a really creepy human being.

“Do you know what’s more scary?”

Said Dana.

“The systems in other countries than Aman Empire also copied the procedure left by Sultan Kazad. I have planted a system on a unified continent, and of course I would have already got the system already built. ”

“Is that a problem?”

“Nobody has noticed that the revival of the Aman Empire magic system has hidden the technique for Sultan Khazad to come back to power. What about the other country that wrote it down? ”

“Do not you think that the system of other countries will automatically recognize Sultan Kazhad as a monarch?”

“It will not be so bad, but once occupied, it will be very easy to get control of the system. The ability to easily stabilize the occupied territory is a terrific advantage. ”

It was as if the country’s computerized system had been overtaken by hacking.

It was the arrangement that the bones were laid.

He was the ultimate goal of the mission.


* * *


Accepting Dana as a porter, the work of the real estates began.

… … But I was not doing anything right now.

Cha Ji-hye was noticing that he was getting a job report from senior chief Edward, and knowing about his duties.

As she was only learning and watching, she slowly began to ask questions, and she suddenly got down to instructions.

I was just wondering if I was doing such a good job.

In the army, there was a type that was better at doing jobs than a good senior at the time of the occasional deployment.

Anyway, Cha Ji-hye took charge of the job and even though it was as planned, I felt some sense of surplus.

I do not have anything else to do, so I take a laptop out of Space Bag and play games. … .

It feels like a long time feel! It was the helplessness of the days when we were preparing for government officials.

It was when I wanted to do this.

Cha Ji-hye took ten sheets of paper and gave it to me.

“Please take a stamp.”

The Lordship was intended only because I could use it.

“What is this?”

Unlike usual, I asked about the contents of the document.

I was going to try to work together while hearing the explanation and giving his own opinion.

“It’s all I’ve done so you just have to take it.”

“Ah… … Is that so? ”

“I’ll tell you slowly at night, so please make a payment as soon as possible.”

“Ah, I get it.”

I gave him a stamp at the bottom of the paper.

It is amazing that every time I take a picture, the round sentence shines in the document. It was a magical effect that only appeared when the prince was photographed.

“Is there anything I can do to help you?”

Cha Ji-hye said to comfort the child.

“Soon Hyun-Ho will have more work to do. Until then, leave this to me. ”

“Yes, I see.”

In the end, I started to look for work to do in my own business.

The first thing that came to mind was to hunt eagles from Galán, which they had envisioned before Mission.

First, they let a man call a blacksmith.

“Did you call, lord?”

The elderly blacksmith in a dry body greeted his head with a bow.

I showed the elderly blacksmith the first of the eagle from Galvin.

“Can you make armor for this eagle’s body?”

“Okay! It’s also big. ”

The elderly blacksmith, with his eyes fluttering, approached the first cautiously.

The elderly man, looking around and looking at his first body, said with a sigh.

“I can not make it, but I have a lot of money and time, lord. I would rather have the cost of fully arming a knight. ”

“So expensive?”

“Of course. I have never seen such a big bird when I was born, but if I want to build armor that fits this enormous size, I’m going to get stupid. ”

“Well, how about a helmet, even if it’s not up to armor? Anyway, from a distance, I would like to find out that these eagles are not dangerous wild birds, but animals that I raise. ”

“That is possible, Lord. You can make it look light and glamorous so you can see it from afar. ”

“Then make 10 of them. How long will it take? ”

“If you already have the ammunition modified to adapt to the eagles, you can finish quickly.”

“All right, let’s do it.”

The elderly blacksmith who received the order has made ten ten-headed helmets.

I shot him in the forehead of the pitcher as a permanent marker, and the pattern of the Heinz manor was circled.

The magic princess was photographed wherever it was taken, so it was easy to see from a distance.

I had two 100KMAR items that I bought beforehand on the first and second necks.

“Now, turn around and hunt monsters. Never hurt the livestock that man or man raise. And Majeong will bring it to me in this bag. know?”

“Bee profit!”


The eagles who heard me cried loudly and nodded.

“All right, go! Do not let people play so high and fly high. ”

“Take your love -!”

The scene where the huge eagles of 10 gallons were flying all at once was a spectator.

I do not know, so I have to say that the eagles in the group of 10 goalkeeping eagles are not surprised or alerted to the animals that I raise.

As soon as I received my directions, Edward, the chief minister, sent the official letters to various places in the village.

When the eagles started to hunt, the response of the Ganji people improved.

“The frequency of monsters has been reduced. The Young people are praising the lord. ”

Senior Edward Edward reported.

“Yes? Maybe it works. ”

The eagles were so eagle that they hunted and eaten monsters.

“Even if it is not so, since the Ganjo belonged to the royal family, the monsters did not subjugate so much that the breeding of the monsters was increased. The lord takes action in a timely manner, so it is good for the people. ”

“Why did not you do it? Is not it the chief minister who manages the manor while he belongs to the royal family? ”

“Even if I was in charge of the Gangwon area, I could not help it because the military was not well controlled. I can not afford one military official to do that. ”

“He is. Anyway, I’m glad you helped the estate. ”

One and two.

The amount of Majeong that galaxy eagles bring back every few days is significant.

Cha Ji-hye took care of the duties and said that there was too much money needed.

It seemed like selling Majeong and paying for it.

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