Chapter 178

It has been a year since the mission started.

Even after only a year, our estates have developed remarkably.

As the security of the land was improved, foreign relations were stabilized, and the succession to the trading post was steadily increased.

In particular, the trading house was the first to lose the bubbles formed by traders who had come to the forehead, but there was a steadily top trading dealing with the elves, which became a major factor in the finances of the estates.

But there was another reason for our boom.

It was a war cloud that flourished in the northern part of the continent.

Six months ago, Aman Empire went to war as Dana Litorin predicted.

The first target of the Aman Empire’s current Sultan Sarak was the Seyiran kingdom, which bordered the north.

In the invasion of the Aman Empire army, which suddenly appeared without any indication, the kingdom of Seiran was not able to respond properly and collapsed.

Aman Empire’s motive was to repress the rebels and restore the lost territory.

It was virtually without justification.

This is because all of the existing arenas of the Arena are founded and rebelled against the rule of the Aman Empire that unified the continent.

So, from the perspective of Aman Empire, all the countries of the world were rebellious.

In addition, the Aman Empire army committed tremendous atrocities in the occupied Seiran Kingdom.

There was tremendous slaughter everywhere they went.

It was the reason that I would not forgive the rebels, but in fact I had invaded the other country without propaganda and massacred the people.

Like Hitler who caused the Second World War, it was a madman in the Sultan’s house.

Arend Kingdom, led by the blast of each country poured.

In particular, King Alsergrone the 3rd of the Arend Kingdom blamed the Sultan for his sake and uncovered suspicions of linkage with a unique Black Magician herd.

He argued that the merciless massacre in the kingdom of Seiran was for evil black magic and proposed the formation of a Great Alliance against the Aman Empire.

The Sultan ‘s secret was a ridiculous bullshit, but the anxiety grew more and more because he was already perceiving a little bit of the Black Magician’ s laxity in other countries.

Anyway, the northern part of the continent was in chaos as it was noticed where Aman Empire’s army, now stationed in the kingdom of Seyan kingdom, would lead.

The people of the kingdom of Seiran in the war, or the people of Aman Empire, who were afraid of the invasion and slaughter of the Aman Empire, came down to the south.

And in the southern part of the country, it was introduced into our ranch where it was said that it was good to live recently.

Sudden refugee influxes have caused public safety problems, but Cha Ji-hye has acted as if she waited.

“There are many people without jobs, so I’ll have to recruit soldiers.”

The rich funds that have been gathered in the meantime finally decided to organize the army.

At present, the state of our Gangwon Army is really a mess.

Combined with the regular army and the guard, there are about 500 troops, of which only about 100 have armed troops with weapons and armor.

Because of the mobilization of the 100 people, they were forced to arm themselves properly. It was only equipped with armor, window, and bow made of cloth.

The rest of the forces used crude things that were made by sharpening the wood rather than the creative metalwork. The funniest thing was that there were fewer soldiers with slingshots or slings and lack of bow.

When a war occurs, you must conscript all of the people of the Ganryu, fighting for weapons and armor.

Of course, he said he was carrying a stick or a farm tool.

A weaponless conscript throws stones at battle? Anyway it was a mess.

An army that can not expect much from elaborate formations and tactics.

‘It was much worse than I thought.’

Cha Ji-hye decided to fix it.

However, no matter how she came from the military, she was not an Arena person, so she needed a specialist.

‘Well, it’s easy to get an expert.’

Well, someone who knows well has waged a big war a while ago.

“Mr. Odin?”

– Nice to meet you. I heard that you are prosperous.

“Haha, thanks to Odin.”

-It was nothing. But what happened?

“Could not we get a professional who handles the army well?”

– Is it because of the problem of reorganizing the army?

“Yes, I want to be a Hyun-ji expert, not Examinee.”

– Hmm, that’s not hard. I will send it out because I have a thoughtful man. A veteran of war experience will help.

“Thank you.”

I am Baronet Raymond, who is taking a rest from his battalion to his younger successors. I was considering retirement, and I’ll try to convince him. Instead, he is a person who is very proud of his abilities, so he should not be neglected in his position or treatment.

“Sure. In fact, we will be the general manager of our Gnomon army. We have to break down the existing army and fix it from the beginning. I want to raise a new army. ”

– Good. I’ll get back to you.

And a few days later, Odin came on the line.

-Baronet Raymond agreed. I liked the fact that I had to take charge of organizing a new elite army. Maybe I want to make an army that is right for my military philosophy.

“Good for you. When will he come? ”

– You said you could leave anytime.

“Ok? Then I’ll send an eagle right now. ”

– So, eagle?

“Yes, the sooner you work, the better.”

-Baronet Raymond is old and I do not know if I can survive the flight. I will ask about your intention once and contact you.


* * *


I love you –

A wild roar of an eagle.

Count Wolfenbrooke The first thing I had to do was arrive.

When I was playing hard as a pawn lord, I put the laptop into the space bag and came out to the terrace with the bedroom.

The first recognized me and descended to this side. And landed nicely on the railings of the terrace.

However, the man who was riding on the back of the first was unaware of what to do.

“This eagle does not care every time. How to get down here … … ”

“Please wait a moment. Sylph! ”


As soon as Sylph was summoned, he read my mind and lifted the man up in the wind.


The man landed lightly on the terrace by the hand of the wind.

It was a man in his early 50s and early 50s.

Rough beard, tanned skin, and imposing physique give a pretty tough impression.

The man was wearing armor and a battle ax on his back, and he was holding a bag with his luggage in his hand.

“As you listened, you were in Spirit.”

The older man was Baronet Raymond, a war expert from Odin.

“How did it go?”

“Hot and hot, I was a bit nervous but my experience was fresh. It is nice to arrive sooner than anything. ”


“Yes, Your Excellency. Anyway, I will say hello. Count Wolfenbrooke, Sir Baronet Raymond. ”

“Count Kim. Welcome. Thank you for your request. ”

“You’re welcome. Thank you for giving me such an opportunity. ”

I have just arrived and will be tired. Baronet Raymond was introduced to the house that I had prepared with the maid.

And the next day Cha Ji-hye entered into negotiations in earnest.

“I am going to make sure that all our troops are properly armed.”

“I think we have a lot of money in terms of weapon holdings now, but … … ”

Baronet Raymond was worried by reviewing the documents on the status of the Gnostics.

I said.

“You have enough money, so do not worry. Rather, I think we should subdivide the bottles of soldiers before we buy them. ”

“If we look at the power of the current manor, the percentage of armor is too low. If there are enough bow and arrows and enough money for the bow and sling, there must be 150 bowers armed with crossbow. And I need a cavalry, so I can make a reconnaissance. ”

Baronet Raymond started to spread his opinion.

For Mercury, he insisted that he should increase his armor to 150, and foster 50 light army troops for reconnaissance and mobilization.

Cha Ji-hye limited the number of generals who transport and manage munitions to less than 100 people.

“Is that at least? If the supply unit is not equipped properly, it will not be possible to spread it smoothly. ”

I told Amazed Baronet Raymond that I could use 10 gallons of eagles to transport munitions.

And it would not leave the expedition as an army that fosters manhood defense rather than attack anyway.

“Well then, thank goodness. If all the conditions I mentioned earlier are met and there is room for money, I think it would be nice to have a heavy infantry armed with chain mail. ”

“It’s not hard to get weapons, but the problem is training. Can you properly cultivate armor and cavalry using crossbow? ”

At present, there are no soldiers who deal with crossbows or soldiers who can fight on horses.

Fortunately, Baronet Raymond came up with a plan.

“Count Wolfenbrooke will be solved if you ask for military training support. Count Wolfenbrooke has a lot of experienced veterans, so there are plenty of people to dispatch to training instructors. ”

There was such a way.

This gives Odin a lot of credit.

As soon as we had a plan for reorganizing our troops while weighed against our heads, we immediately took action.

He contacted a large top specializing in munitions deals and ordered the necessary weapons.

Fortunately it was cooperative with us because it was the top trading partner with the elves on a regular basis.

I was able to cut prices a lot in favor of the tax I had to pay using the trading post.

However, I also had to buy 50 pills for the fighters and I had to buy windows and chain mail.

The shortage was covered by selling Majeong.

The eagles were so eager to hunt that the Majeong was piled up and piled up and could not fit in the Space Bag.

There are 150 archers armed with crossbow.

50 reconnaissance troops for reconnaissance.

100 heavy infantrymen, who are heavily armed and leading the hand-to-hand combat.

400 spearmen.

100 generals.

A new recruitment of 300 new recruits has resulted in the creation of a Gongju Regular Force with a total of 800 troops.

Majeong’s disposal and funding helped the army restructure smoothly.

Baronet Raymond began training the troubled army with the instructors sent by Count Wolfenbrooke to training support.

By that time, news was coming from north of the continent.

It was news that the kingdom of Seiran, which was sporadic resistance, was destroyed.

There were terrible rumors that there were only Aman Empire soldiers living in the kingdom of Seirang, who were slain regardless of the captive soldiers or occupied territories.

There was a clear intention to kill Soul Fragments by killing as many people as possible.

Kazard Pun Aman’s resurrection might have been faster than I thought.

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