Chapter 179

The kingdom of the Kingdom of Seiran.

This incident, which killed the army and people of a country at random, put the continent into horror.

The Sultan Sarak stressed the brutality of brutality in this massacre and tense all nations.

However, unlike Aman Empire ‘s scandal, which stifled the sky, the outcome of this war could never be said to have been national interest for the Aman Empire.

Once aware of the backwardness of the Seyan Kingdom, which was in the midst of inhumane slaughter, he stood up to the end and suffered a great deal of human and material loss to Aman Empire.

In addition, all nations recognized the ambition of the Sultan and became hostile and hostile to the Aman Empire.

In particular, the Arend royal family is concentrating and pouring out the primary criticism of the Sultan’s memorial, which led to the influence of the Aman Empire.

If all nations were to form a coalition against the Aman Empire, even the Aman Empire, a subaltern military power, could be isolated from the international community, leading to a weakening of the national power, rather than conquering the continent.

So people with insight inside Aman Empire expressed their concerns without getting caught up in the victory.

Of course, I learned about the cruelty of Sultan Sarak, and there was no brave person to oppose it.

‘But it was unavoidable. We had no time. ‘

Sultan Salakdo, who had the worst notoriety, was expecting such a result.

But even then, we had to collect Soul Fragments in bulk as soon as possible.

The Examinees who received the angels’ sons are tightening the throat every moment.

In particular, it was the Sultan Seljuk who witnessed in front of his eyes that Archbishop was murdered and disturbed by his consciousness in the holy palace where he had never been invaded by the enemy.

The anxiety had more pressure on the Sultan ‘s book than before, and eventually somehow forced him to hasten the resurrection of his ancestor Kazard Pun Aman.

Even if we turn all the countries of the world into enemies, I thought that it would be OK to revive the great Kazard Pun Aman.

‘If you come back with Him, you will ruin all your troubles and build a united world once again.’

This could also be said to be a side effect of the religious reincarnation.

It was this blatant judgment that the measures of Sultan Khazad, who had long religated to achieve the purpose without deteriorating even though it took many years.

Sultan Kazhad, who had conquered the continent and put all mankind under his feet, was not only legendary but also remembered as a myth.

Considering that there is a considerable number of civilian beliefs in the Aman Empire about Sultan Kazak, it was not unreasonable for Sultan Sarak to do such blindness.

Anyway, according to the intention of Sultan Sarak, the preparations for the resurrection ritual proceeded at the beginning.

The ruthless slaughter in the kingdom of Seiran killed many lives, and the overflowing death left a large number of Soul Fragments.

The Black Magician of the NDR have been busy gathering Soul Fragments on the scene of the massacre.

The fake souls that made up the Soul Fragments were piled up in the magic circle of the underground palace.

There was a rewarding boldness, and it remained in the middle of nowhere to cover the fake soul that was plundered by the traitor.

When the gathered spirit power exceeded the minimum level, Sultan and the highest priest, Sarak, proceeded immediately.

A hexagonal room with a sarcophagus and a circle.

The Sultan, sitting on the throne of the court 200 meters above the courtesy, looked down.

Five Archbishops were gathered.

Originally, there were only three of the traitor’s brutality, but the two Black Magicians were newly upgraded to Archbishop and filled with digits.

The reason I filled five of them was because the minimum number of people needed to attend the ceremony of resurrection was five.

“Archbishop Ibrahim, Archbishop Ganki.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

“Yes, High Priest.”

Both Ibrah and Jenzi answered.

Both were newly appointed Archbishop, and were not quite as good as the old Archbishops, but they were fairly high-quality black masters.

“Did you learn all of the spells used in ceremonies?”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

“I am ready to participate in the ceremony at any time. The High Priest. ”

“good. So I will start the ceremony right now. This time we will never be disturbed! ”


And consciousness began.

Oon –

Oon –

Oon –

Archbishops filled up the hexagonal room with a strange ringing of sounds.

And the stalks of the black black horse that emanate from the five Archbishops were intertwined and twisted like a rope.

The twisted black horsepower rope went to the blood-red circle.


A bright glow came out of the circle.

‘finally… … ! ‘

Sultan Sarak could not control the throbbing heart.

I was so excited.

The mission that had been hanging for a long time was finally done in his own hands.

The greatest ruler of human history was about to return.

Kazard Pun Aman.

He will return and bring glory to the Aman Empire once again.

I will be revived forever.

All things in this world shall be placed in the footstool, and shall reign for immortality!

Eventually, mankind will become one, become divided again and not fight against each other.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa –

The radiance of the magic circle is getting thicker and more intense.

At the end of the ceremony, geometric patterns in the sarcophagus appeared as golden patterns.

The pattern had many high quality techniques. Perhaps the wizard who saw it would be astonished enough to be stunned.

The ceremony is over.

Archbishop, who had done his job, still looked at the red sparkle circle with an irritated look.

This time we had to succeed.

A business hanging over hundreds of years. It should never be wrong.

The worst situation that the consciousness of the resurrection failed in something that caused an error in the operation should not happen.

If there was a mistake in the procedure left by Sultan Kazad, all of the efforts had gone to blistering.

It was then.


The lid of the sarcophagus split in half.


“Do not, finally!”

Archbishop yelled at the excitement. Sultan Salakdo shook his body.

Let it dry.

Finally, half a split sarcophagus opened to both sides.

The Sultan slept from a throne over 200 meters. I glided slowly with flying magic and landed on the floor.

It was the moment when the Great Absolute was returning, but it could not be welcomed with a daring look on the throne.

Everyone was paying attention to the inside of the open sarcophagus.

Is it a success?

Is it a failure?

I could not figure out.

The man who has been sleeping in the sarcophagus for a long time has not got up yet.

The red glitter of the magic circle stopped.

The golden pattern of sarcophagus has also disappeared.

In heavy silence the Sultan and Archbishop swallowed their dry spit and waited.

And finally … … .

“321 years have passed.”

A voice ringing in the sarcophagus!

It was full of charisma that pounded in the head of everybody who was thick and bass sound which was weak.

“Yes, yes! Your ancestors. Exactly 321 years have passed. ”

Sultan Sarak tried to calm the surprised chest and replied.

“Are you an Aman?”

“Yes, ancestors.”

Surprisingly, Kazad slept over a period of time, and even though he woke up, he recognized him.

In addition, he knew exactly how many years he had died.

“There are too many records stored in the governing system. Do not say anything until you take a quick look at all. ”

“… … ! ”

Everyone was surprised.

Governance system!

Kazard Pun Aman, who conquered the continent, was a magical social system designed to rule the vast territories.

The identification magic of the royal and noble identity cards was also linked to this governing system.

Surprisingly, Kazard was able to view all of the past records of the governing system.

In a nutshell, you could read hundreds of years of history about what happened after your death.

It was awkward for them to learn that such enormous magical devices were hidden, and they learned black magic. The presence in front of me really looked like god.

“I thought so. In less than 15 years since I died, the scope of the governing system has greatly diminished. ”

“I will give. After my ancestor woke up, weight lifting and rising from various places … … ”

“Do not say anything and wait.”

“Huck, yes!”

Sultan slept with a bow.

Kazad continued to scrutinize the records of the governing system.

As Aman Empire’s territory shrank, so did the amount of information recorded in the governing system.

The questionable data, such as who was when the manuscript was acquired,

However, in the information that overflows, Kazad read the key and read the whole flow.

After a long period of work, Kazard looked at the Sultan ‘s scroll.

“Pardon Aman.”

“Yes, ancestors!”

“I had a lot of trouble waking me up.”

“Black, yes!”

The Sultan sold the tears of excitement.

However, Kazajd’s words continued without a fascination.

“But something is strange.”

“Yes… … ? ”

“Did I have the ceremony of resurrection as I have left it?”

“No, of course.”

“But it is strange. Something’s wrong. ”

Kazard moved his resurrected body and moved around.


Sultan Sarak felt an uneasy feeling of rising steadily.

It was because there was straw.

“Poetry, in fact, ancestor … … ”

“Tell me.”

“Actually, I do not mean that my ancestors left it as it is.”

“What are you talking about?”

“I studied the technique of the sarcophagus and the magic circle that I left and found the minimum of the spiritual power needed for the ceremony of resurrection … … ”

“Did not you just fill in the minimum needed to resurrect?”

Kazad asked with a hard, firm complexion.

Sultan slept with his head.

“Yes, ancestors.”

“Such a stupid – !!”

His shout rumbled.

The Sultan Seljuks and the Archbishops were horrified and fell flat.

Kazad shouted with a flickering face in anger.

“Do not you know that I did not tell you the minimum amount of spiritual power you need to resurrect?”

“Stand up, Ancestor ?!”

“I needed a lot of spirit power because I was to be resurrected as a perfect being!”

“He, what are you talking about? … ! ”

“How many operations do you think are carved on this body? Resurrection, burning, immortality, despair, fortification! It was the spiritual power necessary to fill the vessel of the body, which was transformed into a complete being by all its operations. But I woke me up without filling all those figures! ”

“What if you can not fill it all?”

“A hungry person covets the inevitable food. If there is not enough spirit power and it is not filled forever, what will it be ?! ”

“That, it … … ”

“I am becoming a monster that will endlessly covet the soul of others! This foolish and foolish fool! ”

The complexion of the Sultan ‘s servant was pale.

It’s a monster that sings the soul!

Then I realized what a great mistake I had made myself.

“Hell, there is nothing that does not destroy, this is also destiny.”

Kazad, mumbling lonely, closed his eyes for a while and kept silent.

The Sultan Sawyung was pissed.

I could not sense what kind of crime I had committed myself.

Kazad said.

“Come on, kill me. Before it can not be reversed. “

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