Chapter 180

“Come on, kill me. Before it can not be reversed. ”

At the end of that, Sultan Salakdo 5 Archbishop could not hide his embarrassment.

It was their mission for a lifetime.

It was the fate of Aman Empire over hundreds of years.

“He can not! Ancestral, is there no other way ?! ”

Sultan Selim screamed. It was a feeling that his impatience would pour blood on the guilty conscience that the ambassador had scratched.

“I had to be perfect.”

Kazad said with a dim face that put everything down.

“I had to be an eternal ruler who only reigned as the intellect without aging, not dying, not desiring forever. It was forever ending human war and disorder and leading peace. ”

“Oh, I know, my father! We came here only to believe it. ”

“Your Majesty!”

“Your Majesty!”

The Archbishop cried, crying down.

Kazad said.

“But I do not have anything so deadly to me now. Too dangerous desires are left. This is why I have no resurrection. Come on, kill me. No, I will do it myself. ”

Then Kazard lifted his right hand.

Farah –

Black magic came into my hands.

“Oh, no!”

Sultan Selim screamed. The Archbishops did not even know what to do,

Kazard tried to take his hand to his head. But then.


My hand stopped on the way.

Static flowed.

The Sultan Salakdo Archbishops who were screaming also stared at Kazard as the fish was stunned.

“No … … ”

Kazzade’s simple monologue.

Kazagard looked at his hands with dense black magic with dense eyes.

He took his black horse and stared at his hand.

“The warmth of this hand … … The warm blood flowing in your hands … … ”

“Stand, ancestor … … ? ”

Sultan saw his ancestors hundreds of years ago with a blank face.

“How honest is it to be alive? I’ve enjoyed everything in my life, but I can not have one! How can I abandon this bad thing? ”

“Stand, Your Majesty?”

The Archbishops were embarrassed.

Then everyone realized that things were seriously wrong.

Kazard laughed, clinking.

“Yes, I will live because I am alive. What’s not perfect? What is perfect in this world? ”

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty, but I just said … … ”

Then, Kazad was stunned.

Kazad, who turned his eyes off as if he had woken up from hypnosis, stiffened his smile.

“Damn it, you’re already in desire! Come on, kill me! hurry!”

“Forgive me my rudeness!”

The old Archbishop, who best understood the severity of the work, began to outsmart the spell by lifting black horsepower.

“The glory of the flame,

Blazing in a dancing heat wave,

The wreckage of ashes! ”

Hurray Luruk -!

In both hands of the old Archbishop, a chic fire that seemed to have spilled from hell poured out.

“No, what!”

The Sultan ‘s memorial still remained silent in the business.

Archbishop did not need to look at it.

“Forgive me – !!”


The black flame hit Kazad like a wave.

Kazad was unguarded and greeted a black fire.

But… … .

It was a moment when the black flame approached to make his body ashes.


Kazad opened his mouth.

Surprisingly, a black flame was sucked into his mouth.

Kazad, who sucked all the black flames, looked at Archbishop with his fiery eyes.

“Do you dare to kill me ?!”

“Standing, Your Majesty … … ! ”

“I’ll return. Awesome! ”


A black spark came out from Kazad’s mouth and headed for Archbishop.


Archbishop immediately unleashed a defensive spell. Black sparks are blocked by defensive spells.

But the black flame grew stronger. It gradually grew steadily and eventually broke the defense and hit Archbishop.

“Turn it off … … ! ”

The old Archbishop became ashes with the screaming of the door.

Not only that.

Kazad reached out to the remnants of Archbishop, which remained outside.

In the wreckage, sparkling things like the particles of light appeared, and Kazard came out with his outstretched hands.

It was Soul Fragments, left behind by the dead Archbishop soul.

The amount of Soul Fragments left by Archbishop is very small.

Kazard licked the Soul Fragments powder in his hand.

“It is delicious, delicious. How sweet! ”

Sultan Seljuk looked at the scene with the fear of freezing.

Like hungry beasts, who tasted blood, Kazad stared at other Archbishops.

“Your Majesty the Emperor … … ! ”

“You are sick!”

“I have to stop!”

Each Archbishop has a black magic.

At that time, Kazard’s new model moved quickly.


In the blink of an eye, Kazzard, who appeared in the position of one Archbishop, shook his fist. The punch hit, and surprisingly Archbishop’s face was blown up all over.

At once, Archbishop instantaneously fired his fist with black blood and red blood.

“Kha ha ha ha ha!”

Kazad continued to punch.

One Archbishop opened the space and took out a bunch of undead monsters in it.

However, Kazad grabbed the monsters with his banging arms and scooped them up and grabbed Archbishop’s neck.

“Eight, it’s annoying. Die at once! ”

Kazad, along with Hogong, caused black magic.

The black magic spilled out of the room was transformed into a three-armed rope, covering the Archbishop with only three remaining.

“Turn it off!”



A black horsepower rope entered the mouth of three Archbishop.

Archbishop tied up with a dingy, black horsepower rope and punched his black horse out of his mouth.

No matter how strange it looked, it was useless.

“Ah … … ”

“My, my black horse … … ”

“The fleet … … ”

Archbishops were left with only the bodily flesh when they had all the black horse power sucked.

“There were a lot of hard work. I will give you grace. ”

The Kazad, who was saying so, trampled their necks one by one.

Wood gain! Excuse me! Kajjiki!

The Archbishops, whose necks were broken up and died.

Kazard again sucked his soul and licked it.

“It’s delicious. It is really good. Life is also honorable. ”

Kazad looked at the surviving Sultan Sarak.

The eyes of the Sultan met him.

“I am a descendant of my descendants, Aman. You’re the only one left. ”

“Stand, ancestor … … ”

“Do not worry. Will I kill you? ”

“Well, then … … ”

“Now we have to start doing what we have to do!”

“Are you talking about big business?”

The face of the Sultan was brightened. Even though there was a side effect of coveting the scarce spirit, I did not forget the original goal.

“Cancer, big business! It must be done! I will put all living things under my dominion. ”

Kazard Pun Aman, who makes a mad laugh.

Sultan Sarak felt the ominousness of the end, but now he could not turn back.

Two people came out of the hex room.

The boys who were outside the room had no knowledge of English when two people who had never seen it appeared.

But then.

Kazzad suddenly reached out to his left hand.

Sultan Sarak wondered if Kazaj was killing all the guys in this room and eating Soul Fragments.

All the guys here are Corrupt Examinees. It was still useful to kill and kill it easily.

Fortunately, Kazard’s hands were not for the men.


A black magic stem from the hand was shot like an arrow and aligned with any round beads hidden in the corner of the ceiling.

The ball fell on the floor and cracked.

“Stand, ancestor, that’s … … ? ”

“Abyss is a bead. It’s a normal magical version of the deep-eyed pupil. ”

The eyes of the abyss are the black magic that can secure visibility even in the dark.

The beads of the abyss were the magic that transformed the eyes of the abyss into ordinary magic.

Unlike the abyss of the abyss, the beads are needed to unleash the magic, but instead they have the advantage of being able to stay at a distance, depending on the level of the caster.

“Do you mean that the General Mage was watching this place?”


Kazad went over and picked up the eyes of the abyss that were split in half.

Looking into the cleaved beads, Kazard laughed.

“Hooray, he’s the one who threatened the sarcophagus and the squad when I was asleep.”

Kazad, who had read all the records entangled in the magic of the governing system, was aware of the fact that he was attacked only a short while ago.

“Is he the traitor?”


The Sultan Seljuk reminded me of Dana Litorin.

I never thought I’d been watching this place all the while.

“The magic has not been broken yet. We are still looking at us. ”

“Well, then … … ! ”

Ignoring the surprise Sultan, Kazad said to the beads.

“Good morning.”

The beads were unresponsive.

Kazad said again.

“I am Kazard Pun Aman. You’ll see me? I have found out that I have been resurrected, so I will have quite a bit of surveillance. ”

Kazad was laughing and speaking.

“But what about this? I am watching you through this now too. Is it a little embarrassing now? It’s near the Brown Mountains. I remember where the elves live, and still there are the elves, right? Yes, the elves raise the Tree of Life … … ”


The beads were broken by themselves and shattered.

The abyss of the abyss have lost their magic.

Kazard said, throwing away the broken pieces of beads.

“You must have been very embarrassed. Anyway, thanks to that rodent, I had a good idea. ”

“What do you think?”

The Sultan asked.

“Elves. They raise the Tree of Life. It has a lot of delicious vitality. I have to eat it all. ”

Sultan Sarak was surprised.

It was not because of the will to attack the elves.

It was like a crazy person, and the mouth of Kazad was lingering.

I can not control myself at all.

Why Kazard Pun Aman felt like I knew if he was still out of his mind and told me to kill him.

“Declare. From now on, the elves are human slaves. It can not be the same personality. I will take all of them and use them as slaves, and I will take the Tree of Life. ”

“Ha, but ancestors. Now I am in conflict with all the countries of the continent due to the war problem, but at this point I need to make the elves into enemy … … ”

“Shut up.”

“… … ! ”

“I am the greatest ruler in human history. You just have to follow my words silently. Did you get it? ”

“Yes Yes… … ”

I was paralyzed by greed.

The resurrected Kazard Pun Aman has become a monster as I said when I was sane.

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