Chapter 181

“I’m really sorry.”

Dana called us and apologized.

I was able to hear the situation roughly.

Dana left a bead of abyss before escaping the underground palace. And so far I have watched the resurrection of Kazard Pun Aman.

“I should have stopped there. After confirming that he was resurrected, he should have stopped the abyss of the abyss. ”

It must have been an inexhaustible curiosity.

Dana Litorin was curious about Kazard Pun Aman, the final goal of the Mission.

He is a man who is stiff enough to get into the conventional camp and play Archbishop for five years.

Kazard Pun Aman, however, saw Dana through the beads.

“It was a ridiculous monster. When I saw the bead of the abyss, I found out my position by turning it down in a flash. Can you imagine how ridiculous it is? ”

“I do not know, do you mean to solve a huge math problem in math?”

“Similar. After all, the word “Brown Mountains” was mentioned, and Kazzad’s idea went crazy. If you have noticed the craziness of the Tree of Life, it will soon be here. ”

“It sounds like Nietzsche’s words.”

When you look at the abyss of monsters, the abyss look at you. The name of the magic is also the abyss of the abyss.

In my light jest, Dana sighed. It was a depressing look for the first time I saw him laughing all the time.

“Nietzsche’s” Beyond Good and Evil. ” I really watched the abyss of monsters. Anyway, I am sorry for the trouble. ”

I shrugged my shoulders.

It is not fatalism at all, but when I experienced the Mission, I thought that even this situation was an arrangement of the law.

So I did not get a grudge against Dana Litorin. It was going to happen anyway.

“Do not worry too much. If Kazard had coveted the Tree of Life anyway, even if he was not Litorin, I could not help but decide to target it. ”

The Brown Mountains were the most prolific elves in this Arena world.

Well, I can say thanks to you. ‘Cause I made Tree of Life grow three or so well.

At that time, Cha Ji-hye, who was sleeping, opened her mouth.

“It does not matter who’s making a mistake. Rather, we need to know why Kazard Pun Aman covets the Tree of Life. ”

“I want to get Soul Fragments, so I have the most abundant vitality Tree of Life … … ”

I did not talk.

“The resurrection of Kazard Pun Aman, which was the purpose of collecting Soul Fragments, has already been accomplished. But I do not know why he covets Soul Fragments. ”

“I hear you. Mr. Litorin, do you have anything to guess? ”

I asked.

Dana pondered and said, look.

“I could not say for sure, but Kazard Pun Aman, who faced through the abyss of the abyss, did not seem to be mentally fit.”

In that respect, I came up with the resurrected Heising, who was infused with a fake soul.

“Like the undead that have been revived by fake souls?”

“no. Reason and judgment were firm. But it was not the perfect ruler that was conveyed in the traditional congregation. ”

“The perfect ruler?”

“He is free from all ages, dead, and human desires, and is the sovereign ruler of the world as reason alone. According to the maintainer, Kazad was resurrected and wanted to become such a monarch. ”

It’s creepy. The scale of thinking is enormous.

“But as he saw through the beads of the abyss, he was surrounded by a greater desire. There was no such thing as a speech, a glance, and a traditional conception. ”

“Is something wrong?”

“I think so. There are only two people from the hexagon room, Sultan Sarak and Kazad. The Archbishops looked something wrong. Both hands of Kazad were bloody. I think I have a big problem when I see that point. ”

Did he kill Archbishops as soon as he came back? Just as the devil awoke from the seal.

“There is a corner to guess. The ceremony of the resurrection would not have been carried out as Kazad left his life. I am guessing that the side effect is that the vital force is being searched by the lesser amount of spirit power. ”

“If you crave vitality … … ”

I heard an ominous foreboding.

Said Dana.

“I will covet living creatures. Just as a hungry beast eats another beast. ”

At that end, the atmosphere fell coldly.

“It’s literally a demon.”

“So maybe this mission is going to happen. Anyway, should not you let this happen to all Examinee as soon as possible? ”

“I think so. I’ll contact Odin first. ”

I pulled the Comm Device out of the Space Bag.

Dana, who first saw the Comm Device, was surprised.

“What is that?”

“Comm Device.”

“Is not that an electronic device?”

“Right. It is another feature of my Space Bag skill. I’ve set up radio transceivers all over the continent so I can get in touch with them everywhere. ”

Now the mission is almost over.

Kazard Pun Aman, the ending king, did not need to hide anymore in the resurrected yard.

“You were hiding that skill. So did you bring in other electronic devices? ”

“I also brought a laptop and a smartphone. Oh, I also brought MSM-2. That’s a car developed by McLaren Labs, right?

“Haha, it’s amazing. I’ve tried a lot in the US, but I failed. ”

Behind the surprised face of Dana I contacted Odin.

– I tried to contact you.

Odin said so immediately. He also seemed to have had some information.

But I hit a player first.

“Kazard Pun Aman is resurrected.”

-what?! Is that really it?

“what? Did not you know? ”

– What I was trying to say was the trend of the Aman Empire army. Aman Empire, who occupied the kingdom of Seiran, began to advance westward, and everyone is nervous.

“If you are in the west, you are heading for us, right?”

-exactly. Now the war is about to happen. What does that mean, Kazard Pun Aman is resurrected?

I summarized the story of Dana.

– It’s serious. That means the end of the mission is not over yet.

“Iknow, right.”

– It explains why Aman Empire is acting strangely. In any case, Kazaj will re-establish the war in order to get the Tree of Life.

“Maybe the next mission is the last. If Kazaj comes here directly. ”

I thought that if all the missions of Kazard Pun Aman, the final boss, were taken, all the missions would be over.

– Could be. Anyway, let’s think about that later. Once this mission is about to end soon.


– Anyway, thanks for the good info. I need to inform everyone in the Nordic Exam Group.

This ended the communication.

I also contacted the elves of the Brown Mountains to inform them of the danger.

It happened when the mission’s time limit was 20 days away.


* * *


Yuseu and Cha Jin-hyeok also heard that the mission was cleared.

According to Odin sources, the central political arena of Arend Kingdom said that the altered Countess Count, who kept the northern frontier, was not out of the picture with the Aman Empire.

As a result of the large-scale investigation, he was purged, revealing the fact that he had also plotted the rebellion against the Countess of Counts as well as the duke of Cornwall, the king’s older brother, Alsergrone the 3rd.

It was the result that the maintenance team cleared the mission.

As such, the boundaries for the invasion of the Aman Empire increased.

The rest of the time limit has passed for two years and we passed the Exam Door.


A baby angel welcomed us.

“How cute would it be if a cute little guy would like it.”

When I complained about it, the baby angel giggled.

“Oh, do not say that. I have not seen any more of these days. ”


Also, the baby angel was suggesting that Mission was almost at the end.

‘The rest of the mission is estimated to be two or three times.’

“It’s not two or three times?”

The baby angel read my thoughts and said bluntly.

“What does that mean?”

“Do you think so much left?”

Then the baby angel laughing and smiling.

Two or three times “so much”. if so… … !

“Hyun-Ho, check out the slab.”

“Yes, Board Retrieval!”


The slab appeared in front of me.


– Name (Name): Kim Hyun-Ho

-Class (Class): 46

-Karma (Mix): +15,750

-Mission (Mission): Take the last rest.

– Time limit: 90 days


Short, intense writing.

I doubted my eyes.

But it was definitely written as ‘last rest.’

“Do not, last?”

“Yes, it is the last time.”

“Everything is done in the next Mission?”


“What if I can not come back clear?”

“I would have told you before. I will do what I want. ”

Then the baby angel came up with what I said before.


A person chosen as ‘Examinee’ will consider the mission as having no will to complete it. I want to be able to keep getting Majeong, and I do not want to be disconnected from Arena. ”


“Can you keep getting Majeong and keep it disconnected from the Arena?”


“I can not tell what you mean by that word!”

I made a mistake.

It is a very urgent problem for me, but the attitude that does not explain clearly is heated.

“It is literally.”

The baby angel shrugged.

“Did not you have a lot of questions while you were at the Arena?”


“Why do you think the world and the heavenly bodies are the same? Why is gravity the same as Earth? ”

“… … ”

“If your world and Arena are two, do not you think it will fit like a decal co-moon?”

“What, what ?!”

My chest sat down.

Two worlds in one?

“Of course there are minor differences, too. For example, people who are not on Earth, wild monsters, social systems and civilizations, magic and black magic … … ”

My heart was pounding.

“It’ll be a little confusing. But it’ll be okay. Is that what you wanted? I chose it and it just happens. ”

“The standard of choice is … … ”

“Yes, Examinee Kim Hyun-Ho, it’s you.”

I did not think about it because I was so frustrated.

I was stingy because I thought that the monsters in the Arena would appear on the earth where my family lives.

Even a guy like Kazard Pun Aman appears in the real world.

“This story will be notified to all Examinee.”

And Exam Door appeared.

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