Chapter 187

When I was in the mood, I was standing in an empty world.

There were no grass, no trees, no color. The sky and the ground are all fresh. The endless horizon was filled with blanks.

Just like the whole world has fallen white … … .

“It’s like a dream-like landscape?”

The voice of a baby angel.

He was laughing and speaking badly.

“If you are confused about whether it is a dream or a reality, you may want to check your head on the ground.”

This is the first day of the day.

I looked up at the stop instead. The baby angel laughed.

Cha Ji-hye also appeared.

We summoned the lithograph to confirm the mission.


– Name (Name): Kim Hyun-Ho

-Class (Class): 45

-Karma (Karma): +150

-Mission (Mission): Destroy Kazard Pun Aman.

– Time limit: ???


“Why is the time limit?”

I asked.

The baby angrily spoke.

“Can I teach you examinee only to Kim Hyun-Ho?”

“Teach me.”

The baby angel pointed at me with tiny fingers.

“Examinee Kim Hyun-Ho, until you die.”


“Unlimited time limit, you will have Examinee who wants to live in the Arena as usual, but if you set a time limit, you may be hiding KAZARD until the Time Limit passes by the Corrupt Examinees.”

“So until I die?”

“Yes, I told you. Examinee Kim Hyun-Ho is our last point of reference. ”

“Yes, but … … ”

“For reference, this is a secret I do not know about any Examinee. If that fact is revealed, Corrupt Examinee or Kazad will be attacking you examinee Kim Hyun-Ho. ”

That’s why it’s marked with a question mark.

I suddenly asked.

“If I do not clear the Mission and try to live in Arena for life?”

“Try it. If that’s possible. ”

It was a baby angel who laughed and laughed.

Of course I do not.

I have to marry Cha Ji-hye tomorrow. I booked it in a very expensive and luxurious hotel wedding hall. I’ve done all my rehearsals.

Mission We should clear up and get married.

“Open the door.”

“Yes, yes.”

The baby angel bounced off his finger. Exam Door appeared in front of our eyes. We opened the door and walked in.

Back then, I heard a voice from a baby angel.

“Examinee Kim Hyun-Ho.”


“You know I liked it a lot, right?”

“Get out.”

The baby angel laughs out loudly.

That bad luck baby. However, I also laughed and laughed.

Bright light is poured into the open door. We held our hands and walked toward the light.


* * *


As soon as I arrived at the Arena, I took out the Comm Device from the Space Bag and communicated to Odin.


– Come on. Mission was what we expected.

“Yes, killing Kazard Pun Aman.”

– But the time limit was marked with a question mark, and so are yours.


I could not do it to Odin until I died. The secret was to keep as few people as possible.

– Come here for a moment. Distribute Synthetic Muscle Suit and Comm Device to other Examinees, and set up a reconnaissance satellite.

“Yes, I’ll see you tomorrow.”

On that day, I relaxed with Cha Ji-hye.

And the next day, he left County Wolfenbrooke to leave his duties to the chief governor Edward.

Me and Cha Ji-hye, as well as Dana, who was staying in our estates, were also together.

I rode on an eagle and flew over in a day to arrive at Count Wolfenbrooke ‘s mansion.

“Come on.”

“I’ll give you a Synthetic Muscle Suit and a Comm Device.”

“Please. I’ll keep it in my safe. ”

I put out a lot of Synthetic Muscle Suit and Comm Device.

It was an item that would be paid to the Examinees of the top ranks to participate in the operation with us.

“Now let’s pop up a reconnaissance satellite.”

“I will.”

Together we moved toward a point to launch a reconnaissance satellite.

Since the launch vehicle of the reconnaissance satellite was made of magic, we were made to be able to launch easily.

I took out the reconnaissance satellites from the Space Bag and set it up at the correct point.

I also took out a notebook that was connected to the control satellite and controlled it.

Odin and Dana were ready to launch reconnaissance satellites while talking to each other. The two seemed to have been pre-educated by researchers while staying in the Nordic Exam Group.

“We’ll do it now.”

Dana said, pressing the power button activates the reconnaissance satellites.

“Would not I have to step back?”

“It is not necessary. Projectile works with flying magic, so repulsion does not happen around. ”

Dana, who adjusted the firing angle to and from the laptop, typed something on the laptop keyboard and hit enter. OK,


The giant reconnaissance satellites slowly floated in the air.

The speed of the reconnaissance satellites, which slowly came into the air, rose slowly.

Pa Aaaaaaaa!

Suddenly, it was disappeared from our view with great acceleration.

“Are you done now?”

“Yes, I just need to check if it works.”

Dana manipulated the laptop and looked at the maneuvering of the reconnaissance satellites.

In 3D map, the movement route of the reconnaissance satellite was displayed in real time.

The reconnaissance satellites, which were marked with red dots, eventually turned into green dots.

Dana laughed and said.

“You’re on track. Success. ”


I told Dana, who held my fist in joy.

“Let’s see if the reconnaissance is done properly.”

“Okay. Let’s just scout the Aman Empire’s palace. ”

Dana adjusted the shooting angle of a high-performance camera with a laptop as a reconnaissance satellite.

Amazingly, the view of the Aman Empire palace from above was visible.

It was a pretty clear picture.


I was impressed.

Dana enlarged the dome side of the palace.

“I ran through this dome and ran away. Can you see what’s being repaired? ”

I was really working on the hole part of the dome with some workers attached.

“Can you look at the Aman Empire Islands?”

“You have to look at each other with your eyes and it takes too long to find them, and you need to know rough information about where you are stationed.”

“Maybe by now it’s on the border.”

“Please wait a moment.”

Dana kept the laptop busy.

After a while, finally, a landscape image with a large crowd of people came into the screen.

It was the camp of Aman Empire.


Odin was greatly pleased.

He knew very well how much of this intelligence that the reconnaissance satellites had played.

“That’s enough. This is what war is like our victory. ”

“So now you just have to run the operation proposed by Kim Hyun-Ho.”

“exactly. Let Litorin do his best, Aman Empire, as well as the trend of the Kazard Pun Aman movement. We are monitoring the Examinees of our side who have the Comm Device as well as the Arend royal, so if you put your strength together, you can win a perfect victory in the information war. ”


The start was good.

Once the biggest problem was the reconnaissance satellites, as planned.

The remaining problem was one.

‘Kazard Pun Aman will appear directly in the Brown Mountains as we expected?’

If it did not appear and was locked in the underground palace, the mission would be much more difficult than planned.

It is a long time to fight until the Aman Empire army is defeated in the war.

We stayed at Count Wolfenbrooke for a while.

Seeing the trend of the enemies that Dana checks with the reconnaissance satellites daily, Examinee also waited for them to join.

Examinee who participated in an operation to defeat Kazard Pun Aman is 33 people.

Most Karma was the recognized strongest among the top 50 world rankings.

Odin, Mari Johanna, Dana Litorin, and Cha Ji-hye were the only people I know.

In the case of Cha Ji-hye, she did not reveal the total amount of Karma, so the rankings were low, but Aura control Superior Level 1 was achieved and she was entitled to this operation.

Anyway, five of us were at Count Wolfenbrooke.

A week later, Examinee arrived one by one.

The first person to arrive was Japan’s Examinee Nakai Shuhei.

He was a man in his mid-thirties who had a small size of about 170cm and a small size, but he showed a careful and careful impression.

“Welcome home.”

“I see you again. Thank you. ”

We shared our greetings, talked openly, and learned about each other.

He says he has mastered the Aura control to Superior Level 2.

It is not that much different from Cha Ji-hye, but the key to his battle was the Assist Skill.

The Assist Skill is a key know-how that made him the ultimate assassin, with his footsteps disappearing when he ran above a certain speed, and could hide his appearance when he was still in the shadows.

“Once you get the Synthetic Muscle Suit and Comm Device. Synthetic Muscle Suits should get used to it. ”

Odin paid Shuhei two items in the safe.

Shuhei was amazed at the performance of the Synthetic Muscle Suit, which amplified his strength, and immediately began adaptive training in the training room inside the mansion.

Before he became Examinee, he was a master of the famous kendo dojo in his lifetime, but he was faithful.

He occasionally spends time with Odin, Cha Ji-hye, and others.

Countless Wolfenbrooke came to play as an important guest of Odin.

Odin’s personal training room was swarmed with Examinees who were trained to adapt to the Synthetic Muscle Suit.


* * *


Underground Palace.

The golden throne for the rulers to overcome death.

The godless gilded god of fire was sitting on the rightful master.

Sultan Salakdo, the ruler of the present Aman Empire, had to stand on the right side of the golden throne.

The master of the golden throne, Kazard Pun Aman, looked at the man in black hair with his arrogant eyes in the back of his feet.

“I said Lee Chang-wee.”

“Yes, Your Majesty!”

Lee Chang-wee’s voice was tense.

Lee Chang-wee, who could not afford even to face the Sultan, was unable to maintain a peculiar blatant attitude in front of Kazad.

“This is the last Mission?”

“Yes, the contents of the mission is to kill your majesty, and the time limit is unusually marked with a question mark.”

“A question mark. Is there no limit? ”

“no. Then it will be marked as unlimited, and it will not appear ambiguous with a question mark. ”

“Something has a secret. Well, it does not matter. ”

Kazad chuckled and laughed.

“I will soon become a monarch of the world that dominates the two worlds!”

So the last Mission was up.

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