Chapter 189

“We have arrived here under the auspices of the King’s Majesty, the 32 Count, besides the Count Wolfenbrooke Odin.”

Examinee party of 33 of us who arrived in battlefield.

As a representative, Odin came forward and got an example.

Alsergrone the 3rd, who himself led the army into battle, was nervous and nodded.

“Good to see you. Count and other heroes came to me, and this war is a victory. ”

Other nobles around him also laughed and responded.

This is the northern border of Arend Kingdom.

Aman Empire and the amendments that had simulated the revolt through me were the changes that the hundred Centles Count kept.

The Sentles Count was the person who was executed and slaughtered by the Justice team.

It was planned to be a key battleground for the war, with the road leading to Aman Empire and back to the center of Arend Kingdom.

The evidence was that the placenta of both sides was concentrated in this area.

“Let ‘s take a rest to the hotel where we will be tired of going a long way. And Count Wolfenbrooke sees the load separately. ”

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

Odin left with Alsergrone the 3rd, perhaps to discuss the war.

“Follow us this way.”

We headed to the hostel, which was assigned according to the instructions of the soldiers.

The accommodation inside the fortress was a small room.

It was a fortress to prepare for the exhibition, but the facility was poor, but it was a place to stay. Given the fact that it was in the middle of a war, this was a surprise.

Cha Ji-hye, who was identified as a couple, was assigned to the same room as me.

“How will the war proceed?”

Cha Ji-hye replied to my question.

“We are not going to have a full-scale war because of the large scale of our troops. I think it will be a while to look at the perception of the opponent by punishing the small local battles. ”

“Then we have nothing to play for a while.”

“I do not think we need to be passive.”


“There is a reconnaissance satellite. I have penetrated the enemy’s movements, and there is no reason to put away this strength. Rather, this can be an aggressive and aggressive operation. ”

I think so. This is where you can see your opponent so you do not have to do anything like a fight.


* * *


Dana is a reconnaissance satellite, and he knows where the Aman Empire has deployed its army power.

A report on the map with all of it was presented to Alsergrone the 3rd through Odin.

In the report, the transport of supplies from the Aman Empire to the supply units was also identified, which astonished the nobles, including Alsergrone the 3rd.

I asked him what kind of perfection he could grasp, but Odin said that he was surrounded by the existence of Examinee.

It is a tremendous advantage to be able to grasp the enemy’s movements up to such a degree.

Alsergrone the 3rd wanted to take full advantage of this strength, so the results discussed … … .


“exactly. It’s a massive scale that is being transported. ”

Odin visited me and explained the outline of the operation.

It was to strike the Aman Empire army.

It was because they could see in real time that the enemy’s goods were being transported as a reconnaissance satellite, and they could fly quickly on an eagle so it was suitable for raids.

“Because we have to feed the large army, the volume is huge, and there are not many soldiers to guard against. It’s not a battlefield, it’s an aman Empire.

“So you want me to fly and attack this?”

“exactly. You can deal with the Spirit of Fire, so you can burn a dose? Besides, you do not have to fight and you can shoot a gun from the sky. ”

As Odin said, I was the right person to carry out this operation.

There was no reason to reject it.

I nodded.

“good. I’ll try it once. ”

At that time, Cha Ji-hye, who had been accompanied by her, also came out.

“I will go with you.”

“Do you really need to do that? It would be quicker to move alone. ”

“It’s not an operation that only hits once and ends.”

She explained.

“As many troops have been deployed around the country, there will not be a couple of units to transport supplies. After you identify it as a reconnaissance satellite, please direct me to the Comm Device in real time, and Hyun-Ho and I will continue to be active in Aman Empire and cause extensive damage. ”


Thinking about it, we had other strengths besides information and maneuverability.

It was communication.

We were able to communicate in real time no matter how far away we were from the Comm Device.

Cha Ji-hye is an extension of the operation in the direction of using it until it continues to hit the spread of the Aman Empire army.

Seriously worried, Odin nodded.

“Good operation. I have not thought about it until now. ”

Aman Empire is now confronted not only with the Arend Kingdom, but with other nations across the border.

The countries that were allied around Arend Kingdom were forced to oppose it because they raised the army at once.

In other words, as the troops were deployed in many places, it meant that the transportation of military goods to them was very high.

If they attacked all of them and caused extensive damage to the entire supply chain, they could have won the war before they could fight properly.

Of course, I could do the same thing myself.

But there were two reasons why Cha Ji-hye would follow suit.

Protecting me when you are in a dangerous situation.

And while there is a long-term operation, it is more psychological to have two people together than alone.

Odin delivered her proposal back to Alsergrone the 3rd.

Alsergrone the 3rd was pleased with it. There was no reason to refuse because I could win the war without any harm.

“Take this.”

Dana gave us a small bead for us to leave.

He laughed and said.

“It’s my abyss.”

“Abyssal beads? Why bother me? ”

“It’s easy to get directions when you know the exact location.”

Dana seemed to intend to grasp our location in real time with the beading of the abyss. So it is easy for us to give detailed instructions on how and where to move.

“OK. However, this abalone beads, long distance to conserve mana is not a lot of waste? ”

“No problem. I do not want to be in battle because I take control of the reconnaissance satellites anyway. ”

So I got on the top with Cha Ji-hye.

– Can you hear me?

I heard Dana’s voice in the abyss of beads that I had in my pocket.

“Yes, I hear you.”

– Yes, please leave. You can go straight to the southwest.


– I’ll tell you when I get there.


As I pounded my feet, the first flapping with gigantic flapping wings. Cha Ji-hye took her first throat and I held her waist tight.


* * *


There was an endless procession of carts full of food. And the cavalry with the horse looked around and protected the cart.

This tremendous food was a precious weapon that would be widespread to the corps in the front to achieve the feat of continental conquest.

If you do not arrive in time, hundreds of thousands of people will starve and you will not be able to avoid the heavy punishment.

Because of the Aman Empire military transport unit has moved without ceasing.

It was not one or two wagons. I was in a hurry because there was a disruption in the schedule of transportation every time one of the buses went down.

“I hope I did not break down.”

The middle – aged officer, who was in charge of the transport unit, sighed and grumbled.

As the war began, the military discipline became so strict that it could not be compared with the pessimism.

He was silent in military service in the rear supply unit and could not abandon the idea that he was caught up in troublesome things ahead of his age.

‘But it’s good to be a supply unit.’

It was a simple task of transporting troops to the base of friendly forces in the border.

The supply was limited to the territory of Aman Empire, so there was no fear of being humiliated.

‘It’s a good thing.’

The middle-aged officer thought so.

But ten minutes later, the relief disappeared as it washed away with the pouring rain of the flame.

“What, what!”

The middle-aged officer doubted his eyes.

There was a rain of fire in the sky.

The scenery where fireballs poured down like countless rain did not make sense in common sense.


Hurray -!

The fireballs were strangely picked out of carts and dropped.

Then the middle – aged officer flashed. There is no such natural disaster in the world!

“It is humble! Stop it! ”

Even so, a middle-aged officer could not understand himself. What are you saying to stop it?

Then the middle-aged officer realized something very important.

“Ward, county! Move the dose! Turn off the lights and move the dose! ”

Foods roaring with carts.

Soldiers rushed in and tried to lower the food, but it was not easy to approach the wagon in the flames.

“Find the enemy! There is an enemy wizard somewhere! ”

It was a middle-aged officer who did not think it was the spirit of the Fire.

The bowers with bows looked around, but they did not see any.

I do not know how to respond if the mage had been organized in transport, but sadly, such a high-quality manpower was not included.

Eventually, dozens of wagons have been exhausted.

The rain of the flames did not fall anymore.

A handful of food extracted from a burning wagon.

“Unbelievable… … ! ”

The middle – aged officer sat down and sat down. As he was caught up in the war ahead of the whole world, it was a lightning that fell on the dry skies.


* * *


“This is it?”


All of the carts and food were burned, and there was no unnecessary casualties.

I summoned Kasa from the sky, which was not even visible, and spilled the flame of the fire.

– You’re successful. Thank you.

Dana’s voice was heard through the abyss of the abyss.

“Do you see?”

– Yes, I am looking through satellite. He did not leave a cart and burned it well.

“Then I’ll hurry up to the next target. Please tell me the direction. ”

– There is a transport unit carrying the sergeant in the northeast. If you fly about an hour, you will be able to find it.


I gave instructions to the first in my heart. The first to receive my command by the Animal Training skill began to fly northeast.

After a while, I was instructed to turn Dana a little more right.

It was a detailed instruction that I could get because I knew my position more accurately than GPS with the beads of abyss connected with mana.

‘Good. If you do this, I will be able to harvest more than ten transport units a day. ”

War just started.

The departure was very smooth.

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