Chapter 190

It was only a week or so.

During that time, the Aman Empire army was shaking back.

In order to begin the continental conquest, the armies deployed in each border area, including the Arend Kingdom area, have not been supplied.

I was attacked 13 times in less than a week.

Because of the enormous military force mobilized for the conquest of the continent, there was a tremendous amount of military supplies that were transported.

It was an incident in the Aman Empire, not the Taj.

“What the hell is this?”

Aman Empire Royal Palace meeting.

The Sultan Sarak, who planned and led the war, came up against the rough arm of the throne.

The big and small classmates did not know what to do and they only draw their heads. They could not know what to do and what measures to take.

“Why do you think they are so precisely aware of your friend’s supply path!”

I used to change the supply route every time I was transported in preparation for an attack by Examinee, who might have been there.

Nevertheless, I was exquisitely attacked at the correct time and place.

The more grievous was the common testimony of the surviving and defeated transport troops.

One did not see a little, and it was raining from the sky.

Same attack pattern.

It was meant to be one of the people.

“Do not tell me, is he a traitor?”

For a short time, the rats, like a ghost, rushed and attacked.

Sultan Sarak naturally curtailed the resurrection consciousness, murdered the Archbishop appetite, and had no choice but to recall Dana Litorin, who had fallen to himself.

It would have been possible if it was such a great ability to run away through all the attacks of Archbishop and Lee Chang-wee.

But there was a character who opposed such speculation.

“That’s not him.”


Sultan Sarak was surprised.

The large and small classmates were suddenly surprised at the appearance of the elderly person in the middle of the war.

But the uproar soon stopped.

People gathered here because they knew who the old man was.

An elderly person can not believe the magnificent physique. A tattooed caricature on his body was on his forearms and neck, which were revealed outside his clothes.

It was the 3rd Sultan Kazard Pun Aman.

Although not widely publicized, his resurrection was known to the key figures of the Aman Empire, including the Sultan Sarak.

“Stand up, Your Majesty, what is it?”

The Sultan asked carefully.

As the absolute power of Aman Empire, he was only small in front of him.

But what is inevitable is that whenever Kazak had the mind, he could steer him from the Sultan position by controlling the magical system of control at any time.

It was a monster that had made such a thorough and terrifying arrangement hundreds of years ago.

“If it was magic, I would not have been able to avoid my surveillance network throughout the country.”

Aman Empire A ruling system extending all over the place.

Kazad, who ruled it, was using the ruling system itself as freely as his five senses.

“If anything I can not detect is Spirit Summoning. Spirit Summoning can be avoided because it is not artificial but assimilated with nature. ”

“In Spirit Summoning, is Kim Hyun-Ho the Examinee?”

“I will. Or that old elf warrior in the Brown Mountains. ”

Kazad continued.

“Anyway, your opponent is hard to deal with as a regular army, so we have to respond with the appropriate power.”

“But even your ancestral majesty says that it is difficult to know the position of the man, so what number should he kill the wicked man?”

“Carry the weapons and materials in the direction of Arend Kingdom. In the meantime, the bulk of the disruption has been transported. When he approaches it, it is time to hunt. ”

“Okay. Then I will let the transport forces hide the power of the conventional force. ”


“… … Yes?”

Kazad said to the surprised Sultan.

“Send them all. Put all of the Black Magician and our Examinees on the front line. Beyond that, the Examinees have shown a willingness to engage in the war, so what do we need to do away with? ”

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty, may come to invade your ancestral majesty.”

“K haha ​​- !!”

Kazad broke the miners.

“If you come here to take me, there is a thankfulness like that. If you kill all of them and chew your spirits, do not you? ”

“He, yes, but … … ”

Sultan Sarak felt a creepy remembrance of Kazzad’s tremendous strength, which had exterminated the Archbishops at once.

Who dares to fight against the overwhelming monster?

The complexion of big and small colleagues gathered in Daejeon was also pale with fear.

The conversation of the former Sultan and the former Sultan who died and died a hundred years ago.

It was too crazy to be at the meeting of the continent ‘s greatest powers.

No one could tell where this country is heading.


* * *


– I think you should be back now.

Dana’s voice was heard through the abyss.

I had a headache.


– The Black Magician and Lee Chang-wee are included in this transport. I am disguised as a general soldier, but some of Corrupt Examinee’s faces, including Lee Chang-wee, have been registered with the facial recognition program, so I can easily recognize them.

I also have a reconnaissance satellite so I am comfortable with it.

“I threw the bait to catch me.”

It was fortunate that I almost fell into a trap.

– We have been carrying as many goods as we have made a disruption to the supply of the same. It seems that the Black Magician and Lee Chang-wee will be on the front line.

“It’s going as planned.”

– Yes, it is only when Kazaj is moving toward the Brown Mountains that our plan is complete.

“I pulled them out anyway and I’ll be back.”

– Do it.

“But before that, I’ll come and greet them.”

– I will ask you again, but you can not approach me.

“Do not worry. I do not have close access. Please call the transport unit location. ”

– Continue climbing northwest from there.

After finishing the conversation with Dana, I flew to the northwest to pilot the first one.

“What do you think? Is it dangerous, but is it necessary for the enemy to go to the trap to make it? ”

Cha Ji-hye, who was riding with her, asked.

Of course, I did not have a hobby of thrill because I put myself in jeopardy.

“I’ll give you a few snipers from a long distance. Then I will not be tired to watch out for a sniper who will not know when it will be. ”

“Are you mentally tired? Certainly not bad. ”

“And luckily, it’s better to catch a month like Lee Chang-wee.”

Dana continues to fly northwest.

– It’s close. Be careful from now on.

“What is the approximate distance?”

It’s about 10 kilometers away.

“I know. Armed! ”


Object Sniper Rifle Nielson R3 was summoned.

With a powerful 20mm diameter bullet correction skill combined with Spirit Summoning, you can successfully defeat Examinee at a distance of 5,6 kilometers.

The sniping scopes showed the procession of long transported troops.

Certainly, as Dana said, I was carrying huge quantities.

“Sylph, can you point me to Lee Chang-wee?”

– Nya Yang.

Sylph twisted his sleeves to adjust his direction.

Lee Chang-wee was seen through the scope.

Lee Chang-wee was sure though it was a long distance.

Lee Chang-wee, who disguised himself as a general soldier, was slowly moving from the queue of transportation units.

‘Let’s try to watch when I’m more alert.’

I did not pull the trigger, just watching them from a distance.

And how much time has passed.

The procession of the transportation unit stopped.

The soldiers were wary of a few, and the rest rested.

Lee Chang-wee, which I was watching, was also looking at the tree with his back on his eyes.


I took my index finger to the trigger.

“Sylph, Kasa, get ready.”



A newly summoned Kasa with Sylph also sat on my shoulders and prepared a sniper.

I pulled the trigger. There was no gunshots because Sylph blocked the sound.

Shh profit – grasp!

A 20mm steel clay that fires violently and tears the air.

Iron-boxed shells, almost of mortar-level strength, flew straight toward Lee Chang-wee’s head.

But through the scope, the bullet seemed to hit a transparent membrane that did not see anything.

‘Defense magic?’

Lee Chang-wee, who was surprised by the wind, jumped up and looked around.

The other Corrupt Examinees who were with him were also hit by a bullet-proof shield, and I was ready to fight.


I could not conceal the fact that I could not kill Lee Chang-wee.

It is theoretically possible to block the sniper with the Aura shield.

But do you know what time and place I’ll be sniping? I can not afford to keep the Aura shields open 24 hours a day.

Looking at the surprise of Lee Chang-wee’s face, I did not stop myself from knowing my sniper.

“What happened?”

Cha Ji-hye asked.

“I failed. There was a defensive magic spread out. ”

“I do not know the defense magic unfolded beforehand.”

“I think so. So I’m no more. What kind of numbers did he write? ”

– It’s an item.

The answer was Dana.

I heard Dana’s voice in the abyss of beads that I had in my pocket.

– There are a number of magic armor that carries defensive spells.

“Magical armor?”

– Yes, but usually when a person wearing armor calls out a starter, the defense spell is unfolded. There is no magic armor that detects attacks and automatically activates defensive spells.

“Then what is that?”

There was an emergency in the transportation unit that was taking a rest.

– It is not a magic armor that a person can make. Lee Chang-wee has gotten a great deal of compensation for the Karma that he gained in the last time.

By that I was able to grasp the situation roughly.

The other day, Lee Chang-wee took control of the Chinese Mission and killed the Heising family.

By killing the fallen Missions in large quantities, they have enough Karma to offset their negative Karma.

With that Karma, you got some items with that defense spell right there.

‘Looks like you’re prepared for fighting me.’

Choosing items for defense rather than skill. Even so, my sniper was scared.

“He’s got a bitchy item.”

– It’s a big income just to find out. Please do not overdo it now.

“I think so too.”

I controlled the first and quickly started to run away.

They snatched from a distance of about five kilometers and ran away, so they could not follow me.

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