Chapter 192

Taan –

A shot of a gun that resonated in the middle of the night.

And with the right wheel of the wagon, the body of the soldier who fell asleep on his back was shattered.

“The enemy!”

“Damn, it’s a start!”

“Report the damage and watch out for around!”

The Aman Empire military transport unit was also preparing for battle.

I saw the scene through Sylph from afar and I ran away without first.

Sylph came back slowly after checking that he had come after him.

“Are you here?”

Cha Ji-hye, who was sleeping in the sleeping bag, welcomed me.

She was in the dark all the time because she was exposed to the enemy when the bonfire was exposed. I waited until I came back.

“I’m back.”

“Come and sleep. We must get up early and move. ”


I unleashed the Nielsen R3 and crawled into the sleeping bag.

“… … This is not Hyun-Ho’s sleeping bag, is it? ”

“Oh, I was mistaken.”

“Is that usually possible?”

“Actually, I’m afraid that I will freeze and die by myself.”

I pulled her tight and asked her to sleep.

She wavered a little and sighed and began to sleep.

‘This is already four days.’

This is the fourth day I started fighting with the Aman Empire transport for Raman City.

In the meantime I have posted a criminal record to kill 4 Corrupt Examinee.

Also carts destroyed ten.

It seems like an easy fight because of one-sided attack, but it was difficult to approach because the scope of the enemy’s reconnaissance was getting wider.

Corrupt Examinee might have been mixed among the soldiers on horseback.

I wanted to kill more Corrupt Examinee, but their stomachs were getting better and better. The other side was preparing for my own sniping.

Especially Chinese Examinee was very careful not to expose black hair.

I changed my ops and used Sylph to find and shoot people using words like ‘Examinee’, ‘Mission’ and ‘Karma’.

But it was only about three people who were treated with it. Two were Corrupt Examinee and one was Black Magician.

After that, it was hard to distinguish it from ordinary soldiers because I did not write such words at all.

Lee Chang-wee was revealing his identity, but he was armed with a very powerful magic item, so it was difficult to accomplish it with a sniper.

Most of all, Lee Chang-wee had met me.

Guide You have learned this skill at least Beginner Level 1, so you will not know my direction.

It was obvious, given the fact that the direction of the reconnaissance of the enemies guarding me now is correct.

‘Is there anything better?’

I was still doing my part well, but it was getting harder and harder to get closer.

The eyes of the abyss that are watching the surroundings are getting more and more.

I also increased the sniper distance and now I was snatched almost 7 kilometers outside. It was evidence that it was difficult to access.

‘I do not know what the battle of Raman City was going to be.’

Dana said that the Arend Kingdom army marched two days ago and camped in front of Rama City.

And since yesterday, Examinee is preparing for the infiltration operation, and I have to wait for more contact. If I succeeded or failed, I would have been contacted if the results were out.

At that time, suddenly I felt a feeling in my hand that wrapped Cha Ji-hye’s waist.

Cha Ji-hye rubbed my hand lightly.

“Come and sleep.”

“How did you know I was not sleeping? I do not have snoring. ”

“The breath is different.”

It’s been a while since I’ve been together. I notice too fast.

I put my eyes on him and asked him to sleep.


* * *


Lee Chang-wee sat on the rock and embraced the darkness of dawn all over her body.

In silent silence he closed his eyes and focused his mind.

Kim Hyun-Ho’s direction is northwest.

There was no change in the direction, and now it seems to hide somewhere to sleep.

I thought about the nightly surprise, but it seemed like a ghost, so I ran away in front of it, but instead of being rebellious with a sniper, it seemed to set the boundaries with Spirit.

‘I can not wait to see you sleeping for two or three hours. There will be a time limit to summon the Spirit, so you’ll be considering it. ”

Lee Chang-wee, too.

I have instructed everyone not to use any words that only Examinee and the NPC have known.

In addition, he calculated Kim Hyun-Ho’s sleeping and activity time, and he estimated that his Spirit recall time was about 10 hours.

Based on the analogy, we conducted reconnaissance and boundary checks, and as time went by, the damage was minimized.

It was a remarkable achievement considering the terrifying sniper ability that can be hit by white hair even 5 kilometers outside.

Even here, there is no means of long-range attack.

Nevertheless, it could not be denied that the march of the transportation unit was delayed than planned.

Kim Hyun-Ho is gradually starting to look for a wagon that is easier to hit than Corrupt Examinee or Black Magician.

‘From this point of view, the purpose of Kim Hyun-Ho is surely to take the time.’

Do you think you will delay the spread and favor your friend?

But to say that it is overly concentrated only this side.

At the moment other transport units have begun to move.

In addition, a small unit was shipped to prepare for the raid, and frequent shipment of small quantities.

However, if the supply disturbance is provoked, the problem is that Corrupt Examinee and Black Magician concentrate only on this side.

‘Then what is the purpose?’

I do not know what means to use, but Kim Hyun-Ho had a lot of information.

I do not seem to be in contact with the other Examinee, but I am not surprised to see the Aman Empire move in a strange way.

It was strange that they knew exactly when and where the transport forces were headed and were attacked.

‘I can not use satellites, any kind of magical device.’

It was Lee Chang-wee who did not really imagine that the reconnaissance satellite sat in the sky and looked down.

Whatever the case, the purpose of Kim Hyun-Ho was no longer disturbed by simple dissemination.

‘We do not know what structure the information system is, but we realized in advance that we are disguised in this transport unit. So from the beginning I have been attacking with a sniper, not a Spirit Summoning. ”

If you tried to attack while knowing that there is a mighty power to hunt yourself back from the beginning.

Then its purpose is … … .

Lee Chang-wee stood up from his seat.

And he woke up the middle-aged Black Magician, disguised as an officer.

“Come on, what’s going on?”

The middle-aged Black Magician opened his eyes and asked in a tired voice.

“If you go this way, you’ll get all the work done.”

“What do you mean suddenly?”

“What if his purpose is not to slow the procurement of military supplies, but catch our ankles?”


Lee Chang-wee wanted to twist the dull, middle-aged Black Magician who could not easily understand.

“We are fighting hard to delay our arrival in Raman City, he is.”

“So it’s not military supplies, are we blocking our arrival?”


“What is the reason for that?”

“I do not think I should know a bit about this. Arend Kingdom It’s no wonder they are attacking Raman City. ”

“Ah… … ”

Black Magician, blushing his face, blinked as he pointed out.

“Even so, the word we received from your Sultan Majesty is that the transportation unit is brought to Raman City safely. What else do you do other than move like this now? ”

“Only the least Black Magician to stop the Spirit Summoning is left in transport, and the rest quickly rushes to Raman City.”

“I can not! If the power goes down, this transport unit will eventually get hit by him. Do not you know how big the volume is? ”

‘It’s frustrating.’

Lee Chang-wee contradicted his refusal to live.

“Look at this. You told me? His purpose is not munitions, he’s blocking us. If we are going to Raman City for the purpose, he will not be able to handle the transports here. I’m going to chase us. ”

“But that’s a vague guess, is not it?”


“Anyway I follow your Majesty’s command.”

“We are separated and come to Raman City to keep the transport from him. Do not you understand? ”

“I understood the point. I do not know. ”

Lee Chang-wee, who was upset at the head of the painter, had just withdrawn with his fist.

He could not kill the Senior Black Magician of the NPC.

If you kill the author, you’ll become more hostile to other Black Magician here, and you’ll get more work done.

‘Will the Black Magician go with the Chinese Mission alone before leaving? No, I need black magic support … … . ‘

It was when I was so careful.

Taan –

Damned shots from afar!

And at the same time,

One billion!

Somebody ‘s head shattered the blood fountain and it was horribly shattered.

‘He’s awake! The direction was the same! ‘

Lee Chang-wee looked at the person who was shot in shock.

… … It was the middle-aged Black Magician who had just had a conversation before.

A coincidence?

It was not.

Lee Chang-wee has figured out the situation roughly.

‘He also knows my guide skill. A clever boy. ‘

The bullet’s direction was not in the northwest with Kim Hyun-Ho.

Perhaps it was the Spirit who let the gun go and send it to another place.

‘He died because of me.’

Perhaps Sylph would have sneaked over this place and caught a man who was writing the word ‘Examinee’.

‘But I guess you saw it in the country.’

Lee Chang-wee knew that there was a defense against the sniper, and changed the target to the one who talked with him.

Eventually, after the conversation ended, Lee Chang-wee broke down the middle-aged Black Magician.

‘I have taken all of the abyss of the abyss. It’s getting smarter. ”

But Lee Chang-wee laughed. I would like to thank Kim Hyun-Ho.

‘Thank you. It was an unreliable opponent, but it was removed for me. ”

Lee Chang-wee quickly summarized the situation and then secretly summoned Examinee and Black Magician to discuss it.

The tight, dull middle-aged Black Magician disappeared and the conversation was good.

“Only three wizards and I stay here, and the rest go first. If you hide and move your body with magic, you will be able to deceive him. ”

“Can you deceive him? I’m watching this. ”

“His attention is focused on me. I do not notice if I’m here. ”

Like Lee Chang-wee’s Guide skill, Kim Hyun-Ho was also watching Guide Skill Lee Chang-wee.

Lee Chang-wee was more convinced by his previous sniping.

‘He is watching me around me, the only person who knows his face. If I do not move, he will also be deceived. ”

It was a scary insight that penetrated the psychology of the opponent.

So, as Lee Chang-wee said, everyone except him and the Black Magician three moved first, hiding their bodies in a transparent magic.

It was a tough fight.

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