Chapter 193

While Kim Hyun-Ho and Cha Ji-hye delayed the march of the Aman Empire military transport unit heading to Rahman City, the city of Raman City was on the verge of battle.

The Aman Empire army, which guarded the city of Raman, did not feel much nervous when the might of the Arend Kingdom army appeared.

It was Aman Empire who invaded this war forever.

It was Aman Empire who prepared the invasion, and did not think that the Arend Kingdom, which was disadvantageous in terms of troop size, would attack first.

Above all, Raman City was a well fortified fortress.

There was a belief that even if this place was attacked, it would never fall.


“Wow ah – !!”


The Arend Kingdom soldiers who were only in confrontation began to run all the way to the city walls of Raman City.

The rock was blown with a catapult, climbing a wall through a ladder.

“They’re crazy!”

“Shoot the arrow!”

Arrows began to flare intensely toward each other on both sides.

There was bloodshed and screams everywhere.

Although briefly embarrassed by the unexpected attack of the Arend Kingdom army, the Aman Empire army soon began responding normally.

As they climbed high walls, the damage of the Arend Kingdom began to increase.

In the meantime, a group of soldiers appeared carrying a ladder.


The leading soldier shouted. The soldiers nodded silently.

The first soldier is Odin.

The following soldiers were Examinee.

They were carrying out plans to attack Raman City by disguising themselves as general soldiers.

They used the power of the powerful Examinee to envision a variety of means of attack capable of hitting Raman City.

However, it was judged to be a frontal attack in a way that could hit Raman City.

‘With Synthetic Muscle Suit, it is possible to open the gate beyond the walls by exercising the power amplified 20 times.’

Open the gates and drive the Arend Kingdom into the city of Raman until you reach the city.

The melee inside Raman City will give a huge blow to the confused Aman Empire army.

Well, maybe you can take over the Rahman city.


The lead Odin ran up with a ladder.

Despite being a ladder to climb the wall, Odin ran it alone.

Even without using Aura, it was easy to lift with one hand because it was amplified by Synthetic Muscle Suit.

“Cha Cha!”

Odin threw a ladder as hard as he could, and straddled the wall.

The following Examinees also carried ladders one after another.

“Kill it!”

“Sweep it off!”

“That’s what they are!”

The Examinee began to climb on strong momentum. They ran up the ladder.

Odin, who climbed the ladder like a flat runner, pulled a sword.


Aura Blade that is rising on the blade!

The faces of the Aman Empire soldiers who guarded the wall with a spooky expression were young.

“Aura Blade?!”

“Oh, Aura Master!”

“surely… … ! ”

The Aura Master was the strongest force that ordinary soldiers were able to overcome one-sided murder no matter how much they tried to use it.

“Blood, avoid … … ! ”

Odin jumped into the Aura Blade as he jumped in the air.

Quackery –


“Turn it off!”


The soldiers who were within range of the Aura Blade were all stained.

Odin continued to swing swords from side to side, killing all the living enemies around him.

Examinee, who came up after his sweeping, arrived one after another.

Odin shouted.

“Right into the bloom!”

Examinee ran toward the castle with the gates.

“Stop it! I have to stop! ”

Aman Empire The man who looked like a commander on the army shouted like a scream.

But soon the dagger flew and stuck to the commander’s neck exactly.

A commanding commander who falls down without power.

And a blonde woman, Marie Johanna, blinking at the spot, pulled a dagger from her neck. She turned away from her magic again.

Aura Master Odin.

And world rankings Examinee.

Hundreds of thousands of Aman Empire Islands scattered throughout Raman cities could not prevent their surprise breakthrough.

Though the battle took place over the gates, only the body of the Aman Empire soldiers, who were rushed to the Examinees like Odin, were killed.

Koo Woo-woo!

The bridge was dropped and the gate opened.

“Wow ah!”



The Arend Kingdom army began to be pushed into the open gates like a pavement.

“That’s enough. Let us fight. Marie and Shuhei find high-ranking officers and assassinate as many as possible. ”

“I will.”

The Arend Kingdom army, pushed into Raman city, clashed with the Aman Empire army in the city area.

It was a sporadic battle between big and small battles from all sides.

Aman Empire ‘s army was useless in the hordes of unfettered battle.

Examinee played a big role in the confusion.

So Rahmans wanted to fall into the hands of the Arend Kingdom.


* * *


All Examinee were fighting for the final mission clearance.

In particular, Kim Hyun-Ho was struggling alone against the transportation squad to Raman City, the Black Magician, Corrupt Examinee,

Cha Ji-hye would not be lonely because he was with them, but he was probably suffering in the middle of a small spot.

But in fact, there was a person who overpowered his role to a greater degree than anyone else.

It was Dana Litorin.

As well as the technical problem of operating the reconnaissance satellites, he controlled two beads of abyss.

Dana Litorin was the only person who could control the abyss of the abyss so far, even though he did not participate in the fight directly.

Abyssal beads were used for Kim Hyun-Ho’s support and the other for Aman Empire’s royal palace.

All of them are controlled by blowing them over long distances, so it was normal for them to have no more room for other things. It would not have been possible for Dana to be a wizard unless he was highly trained.

‘When is it moving?’

What Dana cared about most was Kazard Pun Aman.

The final mission of Kazad, the final goal of the Brown Mountains to move to this operation was to be established.

The attacking and hitting of Raman City was an incidental fight.

In extreme terms, it does not matter if you get out of war.

If only Kazaj can be killed, the mission is cleared.

So when all the missions are over, you know what the international situation of the following Arena is.

-Litorin, what about you?

Suddenly, the voice of Kim Hyun-Ho was transmitted through the beads of the abyss.

“I will be fighting for a while now. He probably succeeded in entering Rahman City. How about you? It sounded like he was giving orders to Sylph a few hours ago. ”

– Oh, yes. Someone found a conversation with Lee Chang-wee about “Examinee” and he got rid of him. As Karma did not go up, it was not Corrupt Examinee but Black Magician.

“You posted a good report. Lee Chang-wee was not a low position in the NAC. If I had a conversation with Lee Chang-wee, I would not have been Black Magician in the usual position. ”

-Ok? Anyway, this is not the case.

“What do you mean?”

-Lee Chang-wee looks like he caught sight of our Raman City. The Examinee and the Black Magician ran to Raman City, leaving the transport.

“How about attacking a transport unit? There is no reason to give up the amount and quantity of goods that are carried and moved. ”

– Now two Lee Chang-wee and Black Magician are checking me out. Lee Chang-wee’s Guide Using this skill, the abyss of the abyss keeps chasing after me.

At that point, Dana closed his eyes for a moment and fell in thought.

After a while, he opened his mouth.

“If you stop now, Hyun-Ho’s role is done. Once you do not deal with Lee Chang-wee, go back here. ”

– Are you okay now?

“Yes, it is not as scheduled to bring them here anyway.”

– Then I’ll do it.

“Oh, and throw the ball of the abyss you have in your pocket.”


“Hyun-Ho will come back now and I will write the abyssal beads elsewhere. The necessary communication is now Comm Device. ”

-I know. Then throw it now.

And the situation was communicated to Dana through the abyss of beads taken out of Kim Hyun-Ho’s pocket.

Kim Hyun-Ho threw a bead of abyss.

Dana controlled the beads of the abyss by concentrating their minds.

Abyssal beads flew straight to Aman Empire’s palace.

There was already another bead of abyss watching the palace, but it was only walking around the palace carefully.

It is the appearance of the royal palace from the outside.

The important thing is inside the palace.

More precisely was Kazak in the basement palace.

‘When you enter the underground palace, you will surely notice.’

Kazard Pun Aman was the founder of Necromancy, the monster Black Magician.

It will be immediately noticed when the marble of this abyss enters the underground labyrinth.

It is rather fortunate to be destroyed immediately.

If I give myself a little time, I will reverse the procedure and find out this position.

‘I do not mind the location of this place anyway.’

Abyssal beads arrived at Aman Empire Palace. Two beads wandered around the palace.


Dana turned one of them into a palirvoyance into the palace.

I carefully walked in so I could not see as much as I could.

The senior leaders of the NDR just entered the underground labyrinth through the known pathway.

When I came to the underground labyrinth, the control became more cautious.

I was sweating.

While watching the Ramanian battlefield as a reconnaissance satellite, the whole spirit was focused on the beads.

Although it was through the beads, it was horrible to see Kazad again.

– Fuck you … … .

Moaning somewhere.

An unforgettable voice.

It was Kazard Pun Aman’s.


It was a big harvest just to see what his condition was, even if he did.

– Big … … It’s harassing.

The beads approached the increasingly audible side.

– Living in imperfect condition is too painful.

“… … ”

– Is not that right? Dana Litorin.

“… … I agree. I did not live long like you. ”

– It’s … … .

I could see the elderly man who was tall and tall. The tattooed scrolls on the naked upper body looked bizarre.

Dana approached the old man with the bead of the abyss.

Kazad looked straight at Dana over the beads and over the beads.

– I had to transcend all desires. I could not.

“It looks like that.”

– I’m so thirsty.

Kazad raised his body. She puts on her body a cloak and puts it on.

– I can not take it anymore!

Dana clearly saw Kazard’s eyes in the desire.


Kazad broke the abyss of the abyss into his hands. But Dana was enough to see it there.

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