Chapter 197

Kazard appeared quietly.


After Dana warned me, everyone including myself noticed his appearance.

The elderly man, with a dry, big tall body, was floating in the sky.

There was no oddity in the magic circle, which was embroidered like a tattoo on the thin arms and necks that came out of the robes.

Except for it, I was an elderly man who could not look anywhere, but I felt a strange force.

Cool eyes.

I looked at us as if God were looking down on the creature, with no feelings.

“It’s annoying.”

The old man reached out for us.

Black magic was fisted in his hand.

Apparently, it did not seem like much energy, but Dana did not look like it.


Dana hurried to his hand with both hands.

The blue energy and the white energy began to mix. It was a dual circle of mana and spirit power.

The elderly, a small black horse that started from the hands of Kazard, began to expand gradually.

Before long, the space was distorted by the mass of black horsepower, and a passage was created in the air like an Exam Door.

‘I’ve seen you fight that Archbishop in the Pirate Archipelago before?’

At that time, I opened the aisle, and there was a memory in which I poured a lot of monsters into it.

Kazad was also trying to get something out of there.

Probably not much to compare with Archbishop who pulled out a bunch of miscellaneous undead monsters.

It was as I expected.

Something came out of the black passage.

It was a man who slowly came out of his head.

It was armed with thick silver armor all the way from head to toe. Even the red cloak with brilliance like metal did not exist.

‘He’s a very strong guy, right? Because Kazard is the one who took it out … … . ‘

I swallowed the spit and warned me with Kazuda by using twin guns.

It was when a silver knight took out his upper body.

“Do not be ridiculous! Do you think you’ll be watching ?! ”

It was Derrick.

As the best veteran elf warrior, when everyone was surprised, they immediately carried weapons.

“The safe!”


Derrick finally revealed his mastery.

Derrick, fused with Kasa, began to pour out a flame from two swords.

Falrur! Quarrung -!

The fire flashed silver knights and Kazad all at once. I admired Derrick’s courage, which was not entirely overwhelmed by Kazard.

Kazard extended his other hand forward.


The black flame protruded from his hand and collided with Kasa’s flame.

However, the silver knight did not defend Kasa ‘s flames and was literally caught in the fire.

– It’s big!

A silver knight screamed in agony and pulled a sword from his waist dancing.

Kasa ‘s flames have been changed by the Aura Blade, which has been exploded from the sword. Oh my God, it was Aura Master.

Derrick, who saw the Aura Blade, was amazed.

But I did not seem to be scared at all, I once again held a twin sword and prepared to run.

When Derrick was impressed with his bravery, Dana shouted.

“Do not move!”

Dana was flying toward the Kazad and the silver knight. Derrick paused without attacking.

The silver knight was now pulled out of one passage.

Dana threw the energy that combines mana and spirit power into a silver knight.

Bitch -!

A dazzling light waved all around.

– Turn it off.

A screeching scream that has not been compared to the past.

A stunning black love story leaks from a silver knight.

Kazad quickly saw his left hand opening the black passage.


The silver knight disappeared into the aisle, the aisle closed and disappeared.

Dana unfolds his dual circles one more time in a row and fuses the fused energy toward Kazajd in front of him.

Kazad also could not afford this time, and raised both hands to create black horsepower.

Pa Aaaaaaaa!

Clash of dazzling white flashes and dark black horse!

Light and darkness were mixed together.

Dana’s dual circles created a white flash that quickly melted the surrounding skeletons.

Each time the skeletons reached the light, the black smoke escaped from the body and collapsed into a piece of bone.

Dana climbed to the ground as the quaint collision, which was brilliantly bright and dark enough to be dark, stood still.

Kazad was floating in the air as well.

“I am one of those people who I would like to be able to take care of,” Sir Rafin, who I am very fond of.

“La Pirine ?!”

Odin responded with an astonished face. Why do you react like that? Is something famous?

Cha Ji-hye, who noticed my mind wondering like a ghost, explained next.

“It is a legendary armed force that led the conquest of the continent. It is revered as an example of a vassal of valor, Ji-hye and loyalty. ”

“You made your loyalist undead? That’s crazy! ”

Kazad shrugged my shoulders when I had to go to bed.

“I wrote only my flesh with my consent. He was a doctor who wanted to be loyal even after he died. ”

Wow, you blow up the fake soul beads and resurrect them like Heising.

Kazad stared at Dana.

“One body has two aura. It’s really funny to realize the paradox. It is as impossible as the one who should die is alive. ”

“I’m Examinee.”

“Yes, I disobeyed the providence, but you received the permission of the law.”

Kazajd’s eyes shone with a wonderful brilliance.

“I can have two aura at once, LA … … ”

“… … ”

Despite the burden of the great interest of the monster Kazard, Dana kept calm.

“Yes, that was the way.”

“What is it?”

“I came up with a way to solve all these problems.”

“Are you aware of the cause of the problem?”

Kazaard nodded at Dana’s question.

“Do not know. Look at me. See this freaking monster! I did not even know the offspring like the nerds, and I messed up my bastard like this. I do not know what the problem is ?! ”

It was a surprise.

Kazard knew he was wrong, and was angry at it.

“To be the ruler of a just, just and eternal world, and the law of the eternal world. I wanted to save people from suffering, and only I could do that. ”

“Nobody could do that.”

“No, yet one person has the qualities.”

“Did not you just call yourself a failure before?”

“I am not.”

“then… … ”

As far as there, Dana stopped talking.

His complexion hardened hard.

Looking at his reaction, Kazard laughed.

“It is also clear. How are you? Will not you be my successor? ”


I was terrified.

Everyone who was here was surprised.

Kazard said.

“I will give you all strength and Ji-hye, knowledge, experience, and status. I would have succeeded if you were allowed to do two things in one body. ”

“Do I mean to be king of this eternal immortal world?”


“Do not be ridiculous!”

It was Odin that burst into shouting.


“Where is the work!”

Other Examinees have also fixed their weapons with their hostile faces.

He is trying to join Dana in front of us now!

But unexpected words continued.

“Take all my possessions and kill me. Then you can build a mission, and I can make your will through you, and you will have peace in this world. ”

The Examinees, who seemed to come to Kazad for a moment, shivered.

Would you choose to die for your own sake?

That said, it really solved all the problems.

Kazad, who was a monster, was colder and more rational than he thought.

“… … Is that true? ”

“Yes. How are you? It will never be an easy way. But because of you, everyone will make a happy ending. ”

The eternal ruler.

If you ask me if I should do something like that, I will refuse.

Such a life did not seem so happy.

He chose to be Examinee because he was afraid of death, but paradoxically he did not want an infinite life without the end of death.

Of course, Dana would not want that either.

But Dana could not refuse.

If he sacrificed and accepted the proposal, everyone would really be happy except for him.

“How are you? Choose. ”

“I am… … ”

Dana, who had a short speech, nodded, saying that he had made a big decision in a long time.

“I will accept it.”

“It is a wise choice.”

Kazad laughed grinily and reached out his hand.


An enormous amount of black magic began to clump in his hands. It was large enough to be compared with the previous one.

“Come here. This is all about me. You can combine two aura, so discard one and take this. ”

“It could be a trap!”

I warned you.

Odin and a few Examinee were ready to battle for one in the Gulf.

Dana nodded.

“Do not worry.”

With my worries behind me, he flew to Kazad.

Dana’s enormous blue energy united in his right hand. That blue energy was mana.

“To give up mana? Yes, it is wise. It is better that you abandon the magic and have the spirit power. I will be able to accomplish eternal immortality more easily when combined with the black magic that I will give. ”

“That’s right.”

“Come and get this.”

“I will.”

Kazad went to each other with black horse in his hand and Dana with mana in his hand.

The distance between the two got closer and closer.

I was nervous with the twin guns pointing towards Kazad.

I did not know what the consequences would lead and it seemed to be breathtaking.

When I reached the point, the eyes of the two met each other.

And… … .

Harmony –

A black flame rose like a tsunami in the other hand of Kazard.

“Great Haha!”

The black flame hits Dana.

At the same time, however, Dana also fused the two energies with the other hand, creating a soul.

“I thought so!”

Bleach – !!

The black flame collided with the flash of the dual circle.

“What a precious thing it is to live, so give up! Hahaha! ”

Kazad recovered the black horse power he had pushed out and added more force to the black flame.

Quarrrr !!

Dana’s light began to pounce. The sweat on his face proved this.


I shouted and started to shout the twin guns.


Odin also waved the Aura Blade towards Kazad. Examinees also attacked each other.

Derrick joined the flame of Kasa.

It was a gun trade.

“Great! Do not get stuck! ”

Kazad loses his temper and yells and shakes his other hand.

A black tent surrounded him.

All the attacks were blocked without penetrating the tent.


Dana’s mouth popped out.


I felt intimidated and I shouted to Sylph.

“Sylph, fusion!”


I fused with Sylph as Derrick fused with Kasa. As well as,

“Divine Protection of the Wind!”

Special Skill Divine Protection of the Wind multiplied Sylph’s power several times.

I ran to Dana as it was.

Dana’s light was gradually losing power.

The black flame seemed to eat him right away.

I wrapped a whirlwind over the black flames.


He broke through the flames and extended the whirlpool to protect Dana. I stood up to Dana and fled to the ground.

The black flame followed, but it was blocked by the whirlwind of the amplified Sylph.


I swallowed the moaning. It was enormous pressure.

Then the black flame stopped.

Examinee and Derrick also paused the attack and began to breathe.

It was tired expression whether it was easy workshop as Kazad.

“You are well aware.”

“If you had the willpower to carry on your own will, you would have put yourself to death.”

In response to Dana, Kazad nodded headless.

“Yes, it is … … . I have not been able to do this … … . I was eventually consumed by a monster-like desire to endlessly fill this lacking soul. ”

“… … ”

“I came back for a while to see your possibilities … … I want to finish it now. ”

His exhausted expression was probably his heart.

But similarly, Dana’s expression was not very good either.

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