Ascendance of a Bookworm Chapter 126


The harvest festival is over and the blue priest seems to have returned to the temple. I don’t know because I don’t look directly at the blue priest, but it seems to be noticeable in the orphanage that God’s grace increases.


The priest came back relatively quickly because it was in a nearby village. Therefore, my help has been revived, and after the third bell, I go to the chief’s room.


“Principal, this calculation is over”


As usual, I was devoted to the calculations entrusted to the chief priest. If you cut your face and raise your face, you can see a white bird flying straight towards the window.


“Oh !?”


The moment I thought I was hitting, the moment I raised my voice, the white bird went through the glass. I went around the room as it was, went down to the head of the priest, and shook my wings.


“Wow !?”


Unlike me who is surprised to open my eyes, the side of the priests around me knows what this bird is, and stare at the white bird.


“Mine, be quiet”


The moment the priest touched the white bird while scolding me, a male voice rang from the bird’s mouth.


“Ferdinand has been requested by the Knights. Prepare to leave immediately”


When the same words were repeated three times, the bird disappeared, and a yellow stone rolled on the spot.


The Priest takes out a glowing tact-like stick from somewhere and taps the stone that is rolling on the desk. Then, the stone was distorted and increased in size, and again took the shape of a bird.


“I understand”


When the chief said to the bird and swung the tact, the bird flew along. I flew through the glass in the same way as when I flew.


… Wow! Fantasy!


When I was excited about the magical mystery that was raised by the chief in front of me, I was struck by the chief. When I noticed, the side servants who had been working quietly until now seemed to get away with the fluttering and prepare for the next.


“Mine, don’t be overwhelmed! This is a request from the Knights. Change into ceremonial outfit and come to the noble gate.”




Although he responded cheerfully with the priest’s sword curtain, he does not know the nobility gate.


“… Where is the noble gate?”


“I know”


franc, saying so, bowed to the priest and lifted me up, and quickly left the priest ’s room. Continue walking with the star and the crotch, and cut through the corridor.


“Mine, do you remember the ritual prayers?”




“A request from the Knights. Be prepared to leave as soon as you return to the room.”


I clung to Fran’s shoulder and whispered.


Fran, who returned to the room quickly, opened a door and made a loud voice that would not normally be thought of.


“Delia, get ready for the ceremonial outfit soon!”




franc’s feet do not stop while ordering Deria. Go up the stairs quickly.


“Delia, Rosina, hurry to get ready”


Arrived on the second floor and was gently lowered by Franc. When I drop me, Franc immediately turns back and quickly descends downstairs.


Delia rushed to the ceremonial costume, put it on the table, and immediately stripped off the blue costume she was wearing.


“Wow !?”


“Moh! Please stay still”


Delia rubs me tightly when I feel uncomfortable with a little violent movement.


While I was making my eyes black and white in the surrounding momentum, this time I was dressed with a ritual costume. While I was putting my arm in my sleeve, Rosina brought the band and started to roll it.


Delia picks up a yellow-like striped cloth and passes it to Rosina.


…… It ’s a great collaboration.


Delia pulls out the spear almost at the same time as the belt is trimmed by Rosina. Faster than Rosina and my hair fell, Rosina put her hand aside and sat down in a chair.


“Mine, the other party is the Knights. Please be careful not to express your facial expression if something unpleasant happens.”


“… Yes”


Sitting on a chair, while Rosina combs her hair, Delia brings a gorgeous jar from the closet to the baptism.


“Mine-sama, please go here”




With the hand held out, I wore it as usual.


“Mine is ready”


franc runs up the stairs to Delia ’s voice. Then he put on the table the tools that Franc, who wore a bag like a waist pouch, used to work in the priest’s room.


“Rosina asks for this cleanup. Mine, I’m hurrying, so I’m sorry.”


Saying that, Fran picked me up and started walking again.


“Fran, where is the noble gate?”


“The deepest part of the temple’s aristocratic area. The aristocratic gate is connected to the aristocratic town and is used by the blue priests to go home and to the aristocratic town for rituals.” It is the gate “


Indeed, in order to avoid meeting with the blue priest, I was careful not to walk around the aristocratic area, and it was completely a commoner and I had no use for the aristocrats. It seems.


“Thank you for waiting”


At the back of the aristocratic area, there was a priest wearing a silver-silver armor and Arno with a cane, the goddess of water.


The priest was wearing an armor covering the whole body, said to be a sheet metal armor, and had a spear in his left hand. The blue cloak that shines in the silver-brown armor is brightly colored.


In front, you can see a large double door that is unlikely to open with the help of human power and a high fence that separates the city from the outside. Both were made of the same white stone as the temple, reflecting the sun and dazzling.


“Is it a ceremonial costume?”




When Fran lowered me down, the priest looked down at me and narrowed my eyes slightly. Turn your finger around and give me instructions to turn around.


“Slightly unfamiliar pattern, but better than expected”


The priest who relaxed his face and praised the ceremonial costume, and called out “Arnaud”. Arnaud has offered something to me.


“Mine, were you born in summer? Let me lend you this. Put it on your middle finger.”


Arnaud gave me a ring with a big blue stone. I thank you for receiving a ring that is obviously not the right size.


Is n’t it? I put it on the middle finger of my left hand as I was told. At the next moment, I thought that the stone shined blue, and the size shrunk, and it became the size that fits me.


“Wow !?”


“I am so surprised at this level”


“That’s what I said …”


You can’t be surprised. For me it’s not “about this”.


The fact that the priest lends this ring means that you go to where you need it. To a fantasy place where my common sense does not work at all.


“Wait there”


After the priest spoke to us, he walked with a noise and held his hand over the huge gate. Just like when you open the hidden room in the Priest’s room, a large magic circle emerges and glows. After that, the gate opens slowly but slowly.


In the Reno period, I was used to seeing automatic doors, but I was surprised to see my heart popping out because it was the first time I saw it.


“Wow !?”


“The common people are bare. Please keep silent.”


The priest tells me quite unreasonable to me who is nothing but the commoner. However, Arnaud and Franc who accompany the aristocrats as side services of the chief of the priest seem to be used to it, and remain calm without changing their face.


If this is normal for aristocrats and familiar with the side serving with the Lord, I’m sure that the Knights will see them with strange eyes when I am amazed. . I put a lot of effort into my mouth.


“I’m going”




The priest who walked toward the fully open gate followed Arno and Franc who lifted me up again.


After passing through the gate was the nobility town. I was amazed by the fact that there was another world that was completely different from the downtown area where I lived.


In front of the gate is a cobblestone plaza with a large fountain. The cobblestone shines white, and the same stone makes a path and becomes a main street. Unlike the downtown area, which is densely packed with narrow and tall buildings, it looks as if the park is full of white cobblestones and green parks.


Above all, unlike the smelly and dirty city, no filth has fallen. It was a terribly clean and beautiful place. Whether it is separated by something or the air is different.


“Mine, please be like an aristocrat”


The franc that holds me up is careful with a small voice that only I can hear. I whispered and smiled with an elegant smile from Rosina.


In the square where white stone pavements spread, there were about 20 men who were dressed in white silver armor similar to the priestess. What is different from the chief is an ocher cloak. They are definitely Knights. Men who seem to have noticed the opening gathered and arranged in four rows.


Only the person at the forefront was holding the bag on the side. A large uncle of red-brown hair. The movement is sophisticated and beautiful, but the atmosphere is like a samurai and feels fierce. When he whispered to the chief priest, the ordering knights roared all at once.


“Ferdinand-sama, it seems to be the best thing”


“Ah, Karsted. You are also”


A person called Karsted who is talking to the priest must be the leader, the leader of the unit, or the person who leads the knights here.


“Not much”


“There are many who have not yet returned from the harvest festival”


“I can’t help it because I can’t wait”


When the chief who exhaled lightly as he gave up, raised his hand lightly, Fran lowered me and gently pushed his back to get out.


“Calstead, Mine apprentice Mine performing this ritual. Please give my best regards.”


“My name is Ms. Karsted, thank you”


I greet and greet in front of Karstedt, just as I do for the nobility. The eyes of the rusted Karstedt met, and the pale blue eyes were narrowed so that they could be examined.


“Tell me this”


“Let’s go out”


At the same time as the priest’s words, all the knights stood up and touched the stone on the right armor of the armor. Then, the stone shines and animal sculptures fill up the square. A colorful animal that doesn’t move at all seems to be an animal made of stone on the back. There are no stones in all armor backs, and there are round holes.


“Carsted, please share your side service with someone. Mine is here.”


I was placed on an animal like a white lion with wings, holding a priest wearing a spear while giving instructions. I put lions on the ground with an emphasis on stability.


The sculpture began to move like a normal animal as soon as I jumped behind me and held the reins so light that I couldn’t believe that the priest was wearing full armor.


“Hey !?”


The body was shaken by an unexpected movement and hit the back of the head with Gon and the head of the priest.


“Yes, what …”


“Keep your mouth closed. You bite your tongue.”


When I bite my back teeth, I knocked down my body so that it was slightly forward and squeezed the reins swaying in front of me.


A winged lion that ran a few steps lightly and shook his wings and flew to the sky. I felt like something was caught on my way through a spider web, but it was only a moment. Run through the sky and jump over the downtown area.


“Wow, expensive …”


“Is it scared?”


“I was just amazed at the strange phenomenon I don’t know.  

“Wow …”


The mysterious lion running in the sky was like a slow roller coaster. There is no sense of instability as much as it does not shake from the carriage. I felt very thrilled in the absence of a safety belt, but I was not so scared thanks to the arm of the chief prisoner holding the reins from behind.


A similar flying sculpture of animals begins to line up. Tenma seems to be the most popular, and various colors of Tenma ran through the sky. Some are wolf-like and some are tiger-like animals. I personally thought that the cutest wings were the cutest.


“Principal, what is this animal?”


“It’s a magic stone change. It will move freely as long as the magical power is not cut off. It depends on the operator’s preference.”


I ran through the streets of the downtown area and found that I crossed the gate. The road continues and you can see the outer walls of other towns slightly beyond the road. Around the town, there were farmland and green forests that were harvested.


“Principal, where are you going?”


“That’s over there”


The priest pointed to the far end of the forest we usually collect. There is a hole in the forest like a big crater.


…… A hole in the forest?


Well, if you look closely, only that part of the soil is exposed, there are no trees or grass, and in the middle of the tree, a large tree swings around a long branch and rampages. And the bigger the big tree, the more the crater seems to expand.


“What, what is that?”


“Trombe is a demon tree”


“Yeah? That is Trombe!”


Trombe swinging a branch in the middle of the crater was too different from the one I knew, and I couldn’t see it at all.


Speaking of which, both Lutz and other children in the lower towns were mowing by changing their complexions, and when they grew a little, more than half of the soldiers guarding the gate were dispatched and mowing. Trombe, too big to deal with soldiers, has heard that the Knights are going to mow, but it was unexpected.


This is dangerous.


When I first started making paper, when I said I wanted to grow Trombe, I finally understood why Lutz was angry at the amazing sword curtain.


“It’s your turn after the Knights have finished cutting. Until then, it’s dangerous, so you’re hiding in the forest”




After the Knights defeated the giant Trombe, it is said that it is the job of the priest to recharge the land where the uprooted magic power was deprived.


And this time the number of knights is small, it seems that the priest will also participate in those who get rid of.


… Priest, Serious all-purpose.


When the chief manipulates the reins and descends to an open place, a little away from the crater in Trombe, the Knights descend accordingly.


“Mine, Fran and Arnaud are waiting here. Callstead, choose two escorts”


The priest descended from the lion and looked back to the Karstedt. A lightly sought Karsted named the escort.


“Darmuel, Shikikoza. You are escorts.”




As escorts, two men called Dermuel and Shikikoza disappeared when they got off an animal like Tenma. A sparkling orbit of light jumps into the hole in the back and returns to the original stone.


“Thank you for your help”


“Thanks for the trouble”


Fran and Arnaud thank the knights who shared them and jump off the animals. I also tried to jump in brilliantly by following the two, but before that, I was beaten by the chief priest and was angry with my eyes.


… I forgot. Elegance, elegance.


I remember my position, change the direction of the lion’s back that was completely converted into a sculpture and made no more trembling, and wait with my feet aligned. I was lifted up by the chief priest who screamed, “You are absolutely”.


“Take care not to damage the apprentice of the shrine maiden”


The escort knight whispered in the words of the priest, “Ha!”


Trombe’s crater is getting bigger and bigger even during this exchange. Suddenly, I thought that there was a sound that the birds and birds flew away, and there was a loud sound as if something collapsed and the ground shook.


“Ky !?”


I saw a large tree fall between trees. The tree that fell to the crater in Trombe is entangled with the roots that popped out of the soil as if they had a will. As I watched, the leaves of the big trees withered and shattered, and the fat trunk was dried up as if it had lost its vitality. The roots that have absorbed the vitality return to the soil as soon as they are used.


chilly sweat is transmitted through the spine to a lot of Trombe’s monsters that I had never imagined. I went to the spot, seeing the Trombe rampaging at the end of the trees and the Knights in battle.


“Principal, Knights … I wish you good luck. I wish you the blessing of Angry Leaf, the hero of the hero of Leidenshaft.”


At the moment I said so, the ring that I borrowed from the chief shined blue, and the light fell on the Knights. When I noticed that the stone on the ring was sucking up the magic, I hurried and held down the magic. When the magical power is retracted, the light of the ring disappears.


“It’s a blessing of a shrine maiden. Let’s go!”




In Karstedt’s words, I understand what I did. When I looked up at the Priest, I looked down at me with a complicated face that I couldn’t say.


“Mine, you’re going to be quiet until you get there,”


The priest emphasizes “Kureguremo” and leaves it, and the lion straddles and runs to the sky. The knights manipulated the reins like the priest and headed for the sky.

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