Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 1

parallel world, Bluestar, Jiangcheng.

It was bright and raining outside the window, Mo Fan brushed his teeth in the mirror.

This is the eighteenth year he has passed through.

“Tomorrow is the day for the entry test of Yuxu Academy. If you still can’t successfully lead the spirit into the body and break through to the Body Tempering realm, you will have to wait another three years!”

Quick After washing up, Mo Fan walked to the refrigerator and prepared to get some ingredients to cook breakfast.

You have to fill your stomach before you have the strength to cultivate.

Perhaps thinking too much, Mo Fan subconsciously focused and glanced at the old refrigerator.

Next, mutation occurs.

A blue virtual panel suddenly appeared in front of him.

Then, a line of text information is quickly displayed on the virtual panel.

[Ordinary refrigerator: the line is aging seriously and is about to end of life. ]

Looking at this rather dreamy scene, Mo Fan couldn’t help but be stunned.

After a while, he took a deep breath, restrained his inner excitement, tried to recall the feeling just now, gathered his energy, and turned his head to look towards the TV not far away.

[Ordinary TV: The internal components are seriously damaged and have been scrapped. ]

Then the dining table.

[Ordinary dining table: An old wooden square table that is barely usable. ]


After a while, Mo Fan scanned almost a dozen items, his head started to swell, and he had to stop.

At this moment, his originally excited heart also calmed down.

“So I’ve awakened the ability to see information about things?”

Lying on the sofa, Mo Fan took a big mouthful of cold water and looked thoughtful.

“This ability seems to only see the item’s name and basic introduction…

“Isn’t this the legendary Appraisal Technique…

“It hurts badly after a few times…

“It’s a bit spicy chicken…”

Mo Fan scratches his head, at least for now, he hasn’t Find out how this ability can help cultivation.

He is obsessed with Martial Arts, he just wants to succeed in Body Tempering, pass the entry test of Yuxu Academy, and enter the Marital Arts Path.

He couldn’t wait to apply for the test quota!

If he can apply for this year, he may not be so lucky three years later!

After failing the martial arts test, this is His only way out!

“Forget it, let’s do a good cultivation first! ”

After resting for a while, Mo Fan shook his head and stood up from the sofa, ignoring the Appraisal Technique he had just awakened for the time being.

Cooked breakfast and had enough to drink He started cultivation.

Mo Fan in cultivation state is very self-absorbed, time flies, and a day goes by in a blink of an eye.

It was pitch black outside the window, and the dim light of the street lamps shone in .

Mo Fan woke up from the cultivation state and looked out the window with some frustration.

“It still didn’t work…

“Am I destined to be with Martial Arts missed?”

Mo Fan put out a breath heavily, stood up and turned on the light, rubbed his already starving stomach, and walked to the kitchen listlessly, ready to cook lunch.

“Uh, it seems like it’s already night?

“Never mind, have a meal and continue!

β€œat worst liver all night!”

But just then, there was a knock on the door.

Dong dong dong!

“Who is it?”

Mo Fan called to the door.

Then was stunned.

The door was pushed open with a click.

A tall, slender girl in a white dress walked in.

Mo Fan: “?”

The girl walked into the house, looked around the house for a week, and finally settled on Mo Fan, who was immediately startled, froze in place, and looked A little blurry.

β€œHow did you open the door?” Mo Fan looked at her with a bad look.

The girl rubbed her eyes calmly,

quickly adjusted her mood, and said with a smile: “The spare key under the flower pot.”

“How do you know the flower Is there a spare key under the basin?” Mo Fan’s face darkened.

“You may not believe it, I am your daughter.” The girl said.

Mo Fan: “???”

What a daughter of God!

I just turned eighteen!

Where did such a big daughter come from? !

“You didn’t wear glasses when you went out, went to the wrong place, and identified the wrong person?

“Also, you must make it clear about the spare key, don’t try to fool the past, you How did I know my spare key was hidden under the flower pot? “

I’ve got the key card in the cracks of the floor tiles!

Can I find this?!

The girl shook her head: “It’s not wrong, it’s here , the room layout is still the same as before, and the spare key is still stuffed in the cracks of the tiles under the flowerpot outside the door.

“I’m not mistaken. Although you look a lot younger, you still look the same. You look a little handsome from a distance, but when you look close up…you are very handsome.”

Mo Fan: “…”

Even if you praise me, I won’t be fooled!

The girl laughed, walked to the refrigerator, took out a bottle of milk, unscrewed the cap and took a sip, and continued.

“Maybe you think I’m not normal, but I am indeed your daughter, to be precise, your daughter from the future.”

“From the future… of Daughter?” Mo Fan looked up at the sky speechlessly.

Although he is a transmigrator himself, he still thinks this kind of thing is outrageous!

Is this girl here on purpose to prank her?

Or is your brain not normal?

Or just a liar?

Seeing Mo Fan’s reaction, the girl sighed: “This kind of thing is really outrageous, you don’t believe it is normal, I think we can do a paternity test.”

Mo Fan rolled the eyes.

Are you a trustee from a paternity testing agency?

But the girl’s words reminded Mo Fan.

Didn’t he awaken the Appraisal Technique?

Just in time to try it!

Let me know what demons and ghosts you are!

Of course, for some unknown reason, Mo Fan subconsciously felt that the girl in front of him might really be his daughter.

Although this kind of thing is outrageous.

But he himself is a transmigrator, so his ability to accept is naturally stronger.

What’s even more outrageous is that Mo Fan suddenly felt that the girl in front of him did have several points of resemblance to himself!

Especially the pair of peach eyes, they are exactly the same!

Thinking like this, Mo Fan gathered his energy and glanced at the girl.

In an instant, the virtual panel that only Mo Fan could see flickered, and then characters appeared one after another.

[Mo Yingying, 18 years old, Body Tempering Peak, from 27 years later, accidentally encountered Space-Time Crack and traveled to this era. ]

Mo Fan: “???”

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