Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 101

β€œYou want to buy my Fire Spirit Fruit at a premium?”

Hearing that Lin Yiyi was going to buy Fire Spirit Fruit, Mo Fan suddenly looked strange.

“Yes, it is very important to me, otherwise I would not risk mortal danger to pick.”

paused, Lin Yiyi continued:

“You can rest assured that I will pay enough, which is definitely higher than the market price.”

hearing this, Mo Fan nominated: “Yes, but there is no need for a premium, we all share weal and woe. Friend.”

Fire Spirit Fruit is no use for him.

He was planning to sell it.

Just now I was worried about how to do it.

Now, the buyer has it directly.

As for the premium…

Mo Fan doesn’t think it’s necessary.

If Lin Yiyi hadn’t accidentally blocked the black cat’s blow for him, even if he got Fire Spirit Fruit, he probably would have been injured.

apart from this, thanks to Lin Yiyi for knowing such a secret way, otherwise it would be really difficult to completely avoid the monster beast’s roundup.

But then again, Lin Yiyi, a Foundation Establishment Realm Martial Artist, really has so many Spirit Stones?

Seems to have guessed what Mo Fan was thinking, Lin Yiyi quickly said:

“I don’t have a few Spirit Stones in my hand. When I get back to the base, I’ll go to my grandfather to borrow some. , when the time comes to trouble you to go to the base with me-“

“Okay.” Mo Fan nodded.

Has a grandfather who can take out two thousand Spirit Stones at will.

This girl is not simple.

Mo Fan thought about his father, whom he hadn’t seen in two or three years.

I don’t know where it went.

When will we meet again.

If you run away from home, you can leave 20 million, maybe it’s a person…

shook the head, Mo Fan didn’t think any more, and continued on his way.

At the moment, Lin Yiyi’s injury is still not stable. In order to hurry, after letting her down and resting for a while, Mo Fan picked her up again.

“Let’s go quickly, Huilong Mountain is too big to go out for two or three days.” Mo Fan said.

“Okay, okay…” Lin Yiyi blushed inexplicably, feeling the strong muscles on Mo Fan’s body.

But this guy is real, can’t he be gentle?

To put myself on my shoulders so rudely!

Are you a pig?

Lin Yiyi was a little angry.


In a few hours.

Mo Fan saw a beam of light in the gloom and was instantly overjoyed.

“We’re going to the exit.”

Lin Yiyi also laughed: “Well, this is the other side of Huilong Mountain.

“Although the distance The place where we went up the mountain was a little far, but it was absolutely safe, and the monster beasts would not be able to catch up here for a while. “

“Okay, keep going.” ”

Mo Fan was in a good mood and ran wild with Lin Yiyi on his back.

This mission has been very rewarding. In addition to the full spiritual medicine, there are also many from monsters. The precious materials from the beast.

Although they are all monster beasts of the Body Tempering Innate Realm.

But it can be exchanged for some Spirit Stone.

The most The important thing is that the Fire Spirit Fruit alone is worth 2,000 Spirit Stones!

“How many times do I have to add points this time? ”

Mo Fan is looking forward to it.

As expected, wealth comes with risks.

Although this time it was a bit risky, it also gained more than 2,000 coins Spirit Stone.

According to his current rate of earning Spirit Stone by simply doing tasks.

It will take two years to earn two thousand Spirit Stone.

Of course, Mo Fan doesn’t think that earning Spirit Stone is a good thing.

After all, life is the most important thing.

I often walk by the river and always have wet shoes When I went back.

β€œAfter I go back, I have to find a way to find a job where I can stay in the college and not go out, and can earn high Spirit Stone steadily——”

Mo Fan side Running wildly, thinking carefully.

Through this mission,

Mo Fan realizes that even in safe missions, there are times when accidents happen.

There are still some blind waves outside. It’s risky.

Gou is the king of the school to quietly become stronger.

“Pill concocting can be put on the agenda. “Mo Fan is determined to pay attention to learning pill concocting with Li Star River shamelessly when he goes back.

Only by learning pill concocting can you ensure that you can have a stable Spirit Stone income even if you only stay in the sect. .

In this way, he doesn’t have to take risks outside.

And, just after half a month of system study, he has reached initial on the way to Pill Dao The level of understanding.

After spending some time, he may really become a Pill Refinement Master with a certain level.

At that time, he will not worry about Spirit Stone.

Thinking of this, Mo Fan seemed to think of something and couldn’t help but glanced at the system space.

Kora Mingcao lay there quietly.

The Seven Star Vine was not found at all.

β€œThere is no time to look for it now—”

Mo Fan shook his head and didn’t think about it any more.

For This matter, Li Star River did not force it.

It’s not bad to be able to bring back a single sapling.

Shaking his head, Mo Fan concentrated on his journey, no Think again.

Lin Yiyi seemed a little sleepy and fell asleep on Mo Fan’s shoulder.

In this regard, Mo Fan just laughed and didn’t bother her.

This is the big benefactor, so have a better attitude.

Some icy silver moonlight falls down.

The full moon hangs on the branches, unconsciously already Late at night.

After running for seven or eight hours in a row, Mo Fan also felt a little tired, so he found a place with a water source, and found some dry wood to prepare a fire.

Putting Lin Yiyi aside, Mo Fan started to build the grill, took a piece of meat from the system space, and grilled it leisurely.

After half an hour, Lin Yiyi smelled the meat The fragrance woke up.

“Thank you, thank you…”

The medicine efficacy attacked, she couldn’t hold back for a while and fell asleep, almost losing consciousness.

Fortunately, Mo Fan is here.

Otherwise she would really die this time Wilderness.

“You’re welcome, anyway, we’ve worked with each other and we should help each other.” Mo Fan laughed and didn’t care.

“en. “Lin Yiyi nods, no more words.

Some things are good to keep in mind.

There is no need to say more.

After sleeping and getting enough rest, her injuries were completely stabilized, and her face looked a lot more rosy.

“Come on, eat some grilled meat to replenish your energy.” Mo Fan handed over a piece of grilled beef.

“Thank you.” Lin Yiyi took the roast and ate it slowly.

But soon, she was startled, looking at Mo Fan with a strange expression:

“This meat tastes the same as the last time-“

“You’re thinking too much. The last time was beef. I brought it out from the school. I’ve long since eaten it.

“The piece of meat you’re eating now is monster beast meat, a cow demon. , the meat quality is estimated to be about the same. “Mo Fan face doesn’t change.

“This meat…where do you store it? “Lin Yiyi is a little confused.

“Where else? Of course in the medicine basket. “Mo Fan pointed at the bamboo basket beside him.

“But, can…” Lin Yiyi seemed to want to say something, but finally swallowed it.

She seemed to be I didn’t see Mo Fan carrying a medicine basket on the way.

“I must have read it wrong-

“The injury is too serious and my eyesight is blurry.”

After grumbling, Lin Yiyi started eating the barbecued meat seriously and didn’t think about it any more.

Seeing this, Mo Fan covered his forehead, a little helpless.

For convenience, he put the medicine basket in the system space.

The beef at this time is of course taken from the system space.

There is no way to explain this kind of thing.

But looking at Lin Yiyi, she seems to have convinced herself and didn’t think much about it.

Of course, even if Lin Yiyi suspects that there is room for Storage Item or something, Mo Fan doesn’t panic.

It’s not that there is no such thing, it’s just rare, and it’s not as easy to use as the system space.

The so-called space Storage Items are basically excavated from the ruins.

After eating barbecue, Lin Yiyi got up, walked to the stream, and drank the water directly with his hands.

Mo Fan: “…”

There are still a lot of soft drinks and juices in the system space.

With Lin Yiyi around, it’s hard to drink it out.

“If I stay with that girl Xu Jing, I think I’ll be a lot more comfortable. I’m afraid that if I take the bed out of the system space and go to bed, she won’t ask any more questions…”

Mo Fan complained in his heart, and smiled and called the head.

However, the stream water in the mountains is actually very clean, and there is no problem in drinking it directly, and it is even a little sweet.

The Martial Artist is very strong and is not afraid of drinking a bad stomach or something.

Thinking like this, Mo Fan took three or two bites to play with the barbecued meat in his hands, and also walked to the stream and drank it happily.

Don’t say it.

After drinking soda and juice for more than ten days, I suddenly drank a sip of mountain spring water.

“Delicious.” Mo Fan exclaimed.

Lin Yiyi frowned, a little confused.

Is it delicious?

It’s not just ordinary mountain spring water.

After eating and drinking, the two chatted around the fire.

“I still think that the grilled meat I just ate, tasted like normal beef…”

Lin Yiyi frowned at Mo Fan, as if thinking about something.

Mo Fan covered his forehead: “It’s all cows, how can you tell the difference?”

Lin Yiyi shook his head: “It’s different, ordinary cows and cow demons can no longer It’s the same species…”

“Can’t it be the same species?” Mo Fan looked thoughtful.

He seemed to have thought of something, frowned, and couldn’t help asking:

“Monster beast, where did it come from?”

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