Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 104

The person who is a martial cultivator only strives for the day and night, and lives up to his youth, but seeks to be invincible in the world.

The so-called Time Street is actually the place where the university’s Disciple trades privately.

In other words, it’s a place to set up a stall.

Although it’s almost midnight now.

But it is the time when Time Street is lively.

Everyone is busy with cultivation during the day, busy doing tasks to earn cultivation resources, and only have time to go out at night.

Therefore, Time Street is also called the night market.

Mo Fan plans to deal with the income from this outing in Time Street.


Twenty minutes later, Mo Fan came to the so-called Time Street with a sack.

At a glance, the vast crowd on the retro street is very lively.

The streets are lined with street stalls one after the other.

The cry of the stall owner.

The haggling of customers.

The fight for half a Spirit Stone was blushing, and even yelled at the quarrel.

Watching this scene, Mo Fan dreamed back to the days of going to the market when he was a child.

Finally, he chose a vacant seat, spread out a carpet, and placed various spiritual medicine and monster beast materials on it.

After clearing his throat, Mo Fan shouted loudly:

“High grade spirit medicine, High Rank Monster Beast material sale, pass by, don’t miss it!”

His voice was loud, and he quickly attracted a lot of attention.

Compared to other stalls, Mo Fan’s stall is indeed quite “rich”.

So after a while, his booth was crowded with people.

“This beautiful Senior Sister, your beauty makes the bright moon in the sky feel ashamed.

“This shaming flower is especially in line with your temperament. Would you like to have a visit? strain? I’ll give you a discount, how about two Spirit Stones? “

Mo Fan looked at a pretty Senior Sister with a good face and elegant temperament, who seemed to want to buy something, and was a little hesitant.

However, the beautiful Senior Sister returned to Mo. Fan rolled his eyes:

“You bastard, what kind of shaming flower is this, it’s clearly a golden leaf grass, half a Spirit Stone is not worth it…”

“Haha, or Senior Sister knows the goods, then I will sell you half a Spirit Stone! “

“go go go, I’m not stupid!” The pretty Senior Sister gave Mo Fan a hard look, and looked at the rest of the booth seriously.

Soon, her eyes lit up, and she couldn’t believe it, “Is this a midnight star? ”

β€œSenior Sister is really insightful, these Midnight Stars will sell you 75 Spirit Stones in a package!” “

The pretty Senior Sister thought to move, but she still hesitated: “75 Spirit Stones are a bit expensive, right?” 70 is not enoughβ€””

Before the pretty Senior Sister could finish speaking, Mo Fan quickly said: “Well, 75Spirit Stone is a bargain, you can also take these golden leaf grasses. It’s for you! “

“Ah thisβ€”” Senior Sister hesitated.

“Don’t hesitate, at most let you get a blood clotting fruit, otherwise I can only sell it to others.” ! “

Hearing this, Senior Sister looked at the crowd in front of the booth who were glare like a tiger watching his prey, and said without hesitation, “Deal! ”

Mo Fan grinned, packed up the things, and handed them to the beautiful Senior Sister.

The beautiful Senior Sister quickly delivered 75 Spirit Stones, turned around and left with a happy face

Seeing this, Mo Fan grinned and continued shouting:

“High grade spirit medicine, High Rank Monster Beast material sale, pass by, don’t miss it! “

Soon, someone asked again:

“Little Brother, how do you sell black blood grass?” ”

β€œ55 Spirit Stones, no second price!” “

“Hey, is it too expensive?” “

“Then I’ll give you two red snake fruits!” “

“Ah thisβ€””

“I’ll send you another blue sunflower!” “

“Hey, deal!” “

“Okay! ”


Under Mo Fan’s bundling method, within half an hour, everything on his booth was sold out.

He sold it at a slightly higher price.

But with the extras, the price is about the same.

But if they were sold separately, Mo Fan estimated that I am afraid that I will have to spend two more hours at the stall to sell out the goods.

No way, some of the Grade 1 spiritual medicines are in less demand and are not easy to sell.

After packing up, Mo Fan threw an Appraisal Technique into the brocade bag.

【Found low grade Spirit Stone *333 pieces, which can be absorbed and converted into attribute points, whether to absorb?]

“333? Good, as expected. “Mo Fan smiled.

But this time, he didn’t rush to absorb Spirit Stone, but walked along Time Street.

Last month, he visited I visited Time Street a few times.

But I didn’t find anything of value.

Now I have finally come again, so naturally I want to take a look.

Hearing the shouts in his ears, Mo Fan walked and observed carefully.

He has strong spirit strength, keen perception, and is familiar with all kinds of spirit plants.

Ordinary things, even without the Appraisal Technique, he can distinguish them.

Only when he encounters that kind of ambiguous and uncontrollable things, he will throw the Appraisal Technique in the past.

Unfortunately, after walking all the way to the corner, and then walking back from the corner, Mo Fan didn’t find any leaks.

In the end, Mo Fan shook the head and was ready to leave.

“It’s getting late, go back to sleep! ”

However, at this moment, a thin man came towards him.

He lifted his coat, pointed his finger inside, and made a gesture towards Mo Fan. Wink.

Mo Fan looks weird.

Is this… a CD seller?

Seeing Mo Fan stomping, the skinny man has no choice but to I walked over by myself.

β€œMade in China or Japan and South Korea? asked Mo Fan subconsciously.

“Huh?” “The man was stunned and a little confused.

“cough cough —” Mo Fan coughed twice with an embarrassed expression, then waved his hand quickly, “It’s alright. “

The skinny man scratched his head, came back to his senses after a while, and said quickly:

“This Junior Brother, just saw you walking around, did you not look for him?” to something satisfactory? “

Mo Fan gave him a serious look and slowly nodded.

The man looked around and said quickly:

“I have a good quality plant.” Excellent grade 4 Spirit Medicine in good vintage, do you want it? “

Mo Fan frowned.

If you sell spiritual medicine, just sell spiritual medicine. , why don’t you show it to me first? ”

The man lifted his clothes, and suddenly revealed a slender green ivy with a little brown stripe at the end.

The seven ivy growing on the ivy looked a little awkward. At first glance it looks like seven stars.

See this, Mo Fan startled.

Seven star vines?

The spirit Li Star River wants One of the seven star vines in medicine?

Whatever is missing?

Not so coincidental?

Although normal purchase requires a lot of Spirit Stone.

But with Li Star River’s character, he will definitely give some hard work, how much he can earn.

“How about Junior Brother? Is it a good thing? This thing is Seven Star Vine, a proper Grade 4 spirit plant!

“Don’t look at this thing’s ugly appearance. There are two hundred Spirit Stones for sale outside. Now I will sell it to you, only one hundred, no, only eighty-eight Spirit Stones!”

“Only eighty-eight?” Mo Fan was stunned.

“That’s right! It’s only eighty-eight! I’m also short of money! I’m in a hurry to sell it! Otherwise, it’s impossible to get such a low price!”

When he said this, The thin little man had a vicissitudes face and seemed very helpless.

Seeing this, Mo Fan was so happy that he was about to throw an Appraisal Technique in the past.

Buy it back at eighty-eight, give it to Li Star River, and return 200 Spirit Stones!


But soon, his face turned black.

(PS: If you wait for more, you can read the author’s first book, “I Just Want to Stay Home Quietly”, which is invincible, but it may have been a bit poisonous at that time… right?)


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