Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 105

Buy it back at 88 and return 200 Spirit Stones!

Blood to earn!

Thinking of this, Mo Fan immediately concentrates and prepares to throw an Appraisal Technique in the past.

However, soon, he was frowned, and his face went black.

He didn’t even bother to lose the Appraisal Technique, so he just turned his head and left.

Only got closer to him to find out.

This special seven-star vine is actually put together in several sections!

The seven-star vine and the three-star vine are very similar in appearance, and you can’t really tell if you don’t look carefully!

Mo Fan rolled the eyes.

How dare this guy take himself as a big head?

The three-star vine and the seven-star vine are similar in appearance, and their names differ only by one word.

But the price is the difference between Heaven and Earth.

Samsung Rattan sells two or three Spirit Stones at most.

And the seven-star vine is Grade 4 Spirit Medicine, worth two hundred Spirit Stone!

shook the head, Mo Fan resisted the urge to hit someone and quickened his pace.

“Ai, Junior Brother, don’t go. If you don’t like it, I have other things here. I have everything you want, and I will definitely satisfy you!”

See you When Mo Fan was about to leave, the skinny man was in a hurry and shouted quickly, attracting many strange eyes.

“Hold on!” Mo Fan’s fists hardened.

I want European and American ones, but you certainly don’t have them!

However, before taking a few steps, Mo Fan was startled. He seemed to have thought of something, so he turned around and walked back.

Seeing this, the skinny man looked overjoyed and said quickly:

“Junior Brother really has vision! Stone has sold you!”

Mo Fan didn’t say anything, just stretched out three fingers.

“Thirty?” The man hesitated, “Too little…”

Mo Fan shook his head: “I mean, three Spirit Stones.”

As soon as that person’s face goes black, he is about to attack.

However, Mo Fan said with a cold smile:

β€œThree-star vines are assembled into seven-star vines to sell. You are also a talent, do you really think everyone is blind?


“Hehe, you are an illegal scam, I think I can take you to the Law Enforcement Hall. ”

Hearing this, the man was startled, his expression panicked, he turned around and ran away without saying a word.

Seeing this, Mo Fan said at a moderate pace:

“Wu Datong, 29 years old, Innate 5th layer cultivation base, affiliated to Artifact Refining Hall. “

As soon as these words came out, Wu Datong took a step and turned around with a pale face:

“Master, Junior Brother, I am also forced to help, don’t report me, This vine was sold to me by a senior brother, and it swindled me with a hundred Spirit Stones. I am so miserable…”

“I don’t report you, I will wait for you to continue to deceive people and harm other juniors. Brother Junior Sister? “Mo Fan looked at him blankly.

“But, but, I, I…” Wu Datong panicked and became incoherent.

Mo Fan forty-five degrees Jiao glanced at the sky, and said with an unbearable expression on his face:

“Forget it, for the sake of you being scammed, I bought this three-star vine, which happened to be used for pill concocting recently. Get it.

“A few other broken vines are still there? I bought them together, so you don’t have to hurt others.”

“Then report…” Zhang Datong said in a panic.

“just this once, be a good person!” Mo Fan said.

“Thank you brother!” Zhang Datong was overjoyed when he heard this, and immediately put the green vine into Mo Fan’s hand, and said quickly:

“Junior Brother uses I can take it, no money, but the other broken vines are gone!

“These are the leftovers from a familiar Senior Brother pill concocting, I just took… ah, nothing! ”

Recognizing that he had missed the point, Zhang Datong hurriedly shut his mouth.

Putting the green vine into Mo Fan’s hand, Zhang Datong turned around and was about to leave.

Mo Fan grabbed him, took out three Spirit Stones and stuffed them into his hands, saying with a firm face, “I’m not greedy for you. “

“Wu wu wu, Junior Brother, you are so kind!” Zhang Tongda was moved to tears, took the Spirit Stone, and ran back three steps at a time.

After running far, he turned around and said loudly:

“Actually, I just I lied to you, I made up this green vine myself, no one lied to me, I am guilty!

“I swear by Zhang Datong, I will never lie again!”

Mo Fan: “…”

After Zhang Tong is far away, Mo Fan Fan just moved towards one of the green vines and lost an Appraisal Technique in the past.

【Seven-star vine, Grade 4 Spirit Medicine, matures only after a hundred years of growth, and has the effect of Cultivating Body Strengthening Essence. ]

This is a true seven star vine.

No, it’s a slice.

Of course, even if there is only one section, it does not affect its effect, it can still be used for pill concocting, but the price may be less.

“Which idiot used the seven-star vine as a three-star vine pill concocting?

“I don’t know if he has a fryer…”

Mo Fan laughed while complaining.

“Now that I have both Kumingcao and Qixingvine, how much will Li Star River pay me?

“Even if you just cut the vine, it won’t affect the use, right?

“It shouldn’t be given less, at least there are 300 Spirit Stones!

“In addition to the more than 300 Spirit Stones that were just set up at the stall…

“Hey! developed!

“When I get all the spiritual medicines I earned this time, I’ll add more, one at a time!”

Mo Fan was overjoyed, carried a sack, and went home elated .


second day.

Mo Fan full of energy woke up from a dream.

Stayed half a month in the Innate 2nd layer.

Mo Fan’s cultivation base is basically consolidated, and his battle strength has been greatly improved, and he is no longer weaker than the red clothed woman ghost.

In the past few days, he slept well.

Of course, he’s going to add some more soon.

When the time comes it will be another cycle of abuse.

This is one of the reasons why Mo Fan has delayed adding points.

However, in order to become stronger, he was willing to endure this pain.

Isn’t it just being played by a red clothed woman in a dream?

What a big deal!

Wait until I’m truly invincible!

Come back together!

Thinking, Mo Fan climbed out of bed to wash.

Then, he faced the morning sun cultivation Golden Body Art.

After a quarter of an hour, he glanced at the attribute panel and locked his gaze on the martial skill column.

[martial skill: Vajra Fist ・Innate chapter, Golden Body Art (First Layer)]

Golden Body Art is still First Layer, it seems that it has not been improved for a long time.

Even in Huilong Mountain that half a month, Mo Fan never interrupted the cultivation of Golden Body Art.

When he cultivated Golden Body Art, he did feel that he was obviously getting stronger.

Even so, he still stays in the First Layer, and it seems that there will be no change in a short period of time.

Mo Fan at first does not understand this.

It stands to reason that he has completely comprehended Golden Body Art, and the martial skill level should soar directly to the last level.

But with the growth of the cultivation base and the repeated training of Golden Body Art, he gradually has a clear understanding.

Body Tempering This thing is impossible ascending to the skies with a single leap .

No matter how powerful the cultivation technique is, the same is true.

Even if Mo Fan has completely comprehended Golden Body Art, it is impossible to break through to the last level and be directly invincible.

Because the body can’t stand it.

Don’t mention the last layer.

As long as he dares to forcibly break through to the second layer now, his body will split directly.

If you want to break through, you can only slowly cultivate Golden Body Art, and constantly temper to make yourself stronger.

After becoming stronger, feed it back to Golden Body Art, continue to exercise, become stronger, and so on.

When it reaches a certain level, Golden Body Art can break through and enter the next level, so as to develop the potential of the body and realize the transition to Life Level.

And so on and on.

Until the breakthrough to the 12th-layer, which is the last layer, or the endless lifespan, and the mighty power of the Star Fragmentation.

This is a process of interaction and mutual achievement, and there is no rush.

Thinking of this, Mo Fan is not in a hurry.

The Golden Body Art of the First Layer is enough for him at present, enhancing his physique many times, allowing him to directly harden the Middle Realm of the Foundation Establishment as the Innate 2nd layer cultivation base.

“According to the current trend, when my cultivation base breaks through to the Foundation Establishment Realm, Golden Body Art will almost be able to break through to the second layer.

“At that time, even if I just When you first enter the Foundation Establishment, I am afraid that you will be invincible at the same level.

“At that time, it shouldn’t be a problem to go to Trial Pagoda.

“When you pass Trial Pagoda and become Core Disciple, you will be eligible to enter Secret Realm! “

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