Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 106

“Pass through the Trial Pagoda and become a Core Disciple, and you will be eligible to enter the Secret Realm!”

Mo Fan is planning the future seriously.

For the Secret Realm of Yuxu University.

He still looks forward to it.

After all, the five stone tablets in Sword Pavilion are most likely from Secret Realm.

If you have Appraisal Technique, you may find something good.

It would be great to discover one or two peerless secrets.

Now he has a total of two peerless secrets.

The first sect is the Golden Body Art that determines his strong foundation.

The second one is sword art, which is temporarily unavailable.

Thinking of this, Mo Fan narrowed his eyes slightly.

โ€œYou may be able to find things related to sword art in Secret Realm, maybe the sword art I learned can also come in handy.โ€

Thinking like this, Mo Fan scanned the Take a look at your own attribute panel.

He fixed his gaze on the martial skill column.

A few large characters suddenly appeared in his sight.

ใ€Raising sword art (complete volume) (Introduction)ใ€‘

โ€œWhether the sword art of Sword Pavilion cultivation is complete or not is open to question.

โ€œcomplete volume cultivation Whether sword art can solve the lifespan problem is also open to question.

โ€œWe can only know the result when Xu Jingyangโ€™s sword art cultivation reaches a certain level and begins to condense sword intent in his body.โ€

Mo Fan Think carefully.

If Xu Jing condenses sword intent into the body without hurting herself, then it means that complete volume cultivation of sword art can solve the lifespan problem.

At the same time, it is inferred that the sword art of Sword Pavilion inheritance is incomplete.

If Xu Jing cultivates sword art, it will still damage herself and affect lifespan.

Then it means that the sword art of the Sword Pavilion inheritance is also likely to be complete.

Faced with this situation, Mo Fan can only hope to find a solution in Secret Realm.

I can’t watch Xu Jing in the future, die an untimely death, right?

Well, compared to Xeon’s long lifespan, 200 years old is also considered die an untimely death.

Of course, if it can really solve the lifespan problem, even clear old wounds, and adjust the sword intent, Mo Fan doesn’t mind adding a Sword Immortal to the Sword Pavilion.

When the time comes, he will also find a way to solve Liu Xiyan’s problem.

Of course, before that, he still needs to know more about Liu Xiyan.

Be sure that the other person is a reliable person.

No matter what, he is not willing to reveal his secrets easily.

But there’s still time, and a solution can always be thought of.

“It seems that I will have more time to visit the Sword Pavilion in the future, and I can also guide Xu Jing by the way, so that he can understand sword art faster.”

While thinking, Mo Fan got up and cooked a little breakfast to deal with it.

After eating and drinking, Mo Fan pushed out the door and headed towards the Spirit Medicine Garden.

However, just after he took a few steps, he felt the phone vibrate.

Taking out his phone, Mo Fan smiled slightly.

[Your account at 2022963341 and at 7:30 on December 16th is credited with 3000 Merit Points, and the balance is 3088 Merit Points. ]

Then, the phone vibrated again, and another text message was received.

[Disciple with a tail number of 3341, the reward for the spiritual medicine collection mission in Pill Dao Hall has been distributed, please pay attention to check it. ]

“Very good, the reward for the spiritual medicine collection task has been distributed, which is efficient.”

Deducting the 2,000 merit deposit previously paid, the balance is exactly 3,000 merit.

Putting away the phone, Mo Fan continued to the Spirit Medicine Garden.

Of course, he took a trip to the logistics office on the way, and replaced the merit point on his hand with a Spirit Stone.

In this way, he has 360 Spirit Stones in his hand.

“I just don’t know how much Lee Star River can pay meโ€”” Mo Fan thought expectantly.


Not long after, Mo Fan came to the 23rd Spirit Medicine Garden.

The program to train Spirit Stone is discontinued.

The huge Spirit Medicine Garden was dead silent.

Finally, Mo Fan found Li Star River in the lab.

“Back?” Seeing Mo Fan, Lee Star River kindly laughed.

Mo Fan greeted with a smile, no nonsense, and directly handed the Kongmingcao and the seven-star vine.

Seeing Kongmingcao and Qixingvine, Li Star River was obviously startled, obviously didn’t expect Mo Fan to really get these two spiritual medicines back.

This stuff is rare.

Huilong Mountain is big again.

Even if there were, it would be as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack.

When he commissioned Mo Fan, he was just a fluke.

But didn’t expect this guy really got him back!

What kind of luck is this?

“Because of some accidents, Seven Star Vine only found this part, I don’t know if it has any effect.” Mo Fan said.

Hearing this, Li Star River quickly shook his head: “It doesn’t matter, this half of the seven-star vine is enough for the old man.” The bulging brocade bag came, handed it to Mo Fan, and said with a smile:

“Here, there are exactly 500 Spirit Stones here, which are your reward.”

” Five hundred Spirit Stones? Will it be a little more?” Mo Fan was a little surprised.

Originally, he thought that if Lee Star River could give him 300 Spirit Stones, it would be pretty good.

But didn’t expect and gave five hundred directly.

Li Star River shook his head: “Not much, Qixingvine and Kongmingcao are both worth about 200 Spirit Stones, which adds up to 400.

“The extra 100 You deserve it, you took the time, effort, and even risk to find these two spirit plants.

“The one hundred Spirit Stones are a little too small in my opinion, but I don’t have any more Spirit Stones at the moment…”

In the end, Li Star River is a little sorry.

The guy in front of him has a mediocre cultivation base. He must have suffered a lot in order to find these two spiritual medicines.

It’s just that he can’t do anything about it. As an Inner Sect deacon, he’s so down and out now that he can only pay such a small amount of money.

Thinking of this, Liu Ji’an’s silhouette appeared in Li Star River’s mind.

He couldn’t slap this guy to death.

If he hadn’t been implicated by the Senior Brother, as a High Rank Alchemist, how could he be short of Spirit Stone?

Li Star River sighed helplessly.

There is no other way but to apply for more merit points for Mo Fan in the future cultivation tasks.

Thinking of this, Li Star River concentrated and continued:

“The new cultivation plan will be drawn up soon, and it will be launched in two days. Do you want to continue to come over to fight? ?”

hearing this, Mo Fan immediately nodded: “Junior is willing.”

The work is easy and there are many merit points.

The key is to prostitute the knowledge of pill concocting!

Although Pill Dao seems to be inferior to Martial Arts in his own perception.

But Mo Fan thinks it’s very strong, and he will be able to pill concocting and sell it by half a month at most.

When the time comes, Spirit Stone isn’t hua hua coming?

“That’s good. When there is a result, the old man will call to let you know.”

“Thanks Senior.” Mo Fan saluted and thanked.

“Okay, you can go back first, remember to keep your mobile phone unblocked these two days.”

“Okay, Junior farewell.”

ย โ€ฆ

Leaving Spirit Medicine Garden No. 23, Mo Fan went straight home.

With all the Spirit Stones in hand, he’s going to start adding points like crazy!

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