Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 107

Close the doors and windows and dump all Spirit Stones on the table.

I made 333 coins in Time Street before, and then I used 3 coins to buy Qixing Vine, leaving 330 coins.

In addition to the 30 points exchanged with merit points just now, and the 500 points paid by Li Star River.

Mo Fan took a deep breath and lost an Appraisal Technique in the past.

[Found low grade Spirit Stone *860, which can be absorbed and converted into attribute points, is it absorbed? ]

Mo Fan concentrated and did not rush to absorb.

Instead, put the 63Spirit Stone into the system space first, and separate it into a separate area.

He plans to use these Spirit Stones for backup.

These Spirit Stones may come in handy in case something happens.

As for why take 63 coins?

That’s because the previous available attribute point was 2203.

He wanted to round up a whole number.

After collecting the 63 Spirit Stones, Mo Fan identified the remaining spiritual medicine again, and then decided to absorb it.

Suddenly the blue virtual panel flashed.

Mo Fan’s attribute point appears instantly.

[Name: Mo Fan]

[cultivation base: Innate 2nd layer (+)]

[cultivation technique: Innate Merit, Breath Restraining Technique, nourishment Sword art (complete volume) (Introduction)]

[martial skill: Vajra Fist ・Innate, Golden Body Art (First Layer)]

[Special ability: Pill Refinement Technique ( initial understanding)]

[storage space: 100 cubic meters (+)]

[Available attribute points: 3000]

You can use attribute points to directly achieve the horror 3000 points!

“Three thousand available attribute points! You can add as many points as you like!”

Mo Fan was overjoyed, fixed his gaze on the plus sign behind the cultivation base column, and gently moved up one according to.


A terrifying energy rushed towards Mo Fan from the unknown space, directly between his eyebrows, into the extremely mysterious and abstruse Qi Sea.

Then, Mo Fan’s star-like Qi Sea seemed to be ignited and boiled instantly.

The stars are on and off, the galaxies are rolling, connecting together, and converging into the terrifying Star River, which erupts in a majestic imposing manner.


Above the sea of stars, the thunder rolls.

Innate Astral Qi is instantly generated, gushing out Qi Sea and feeding back to the body.

At this moment, Mo Fan felt as if he was wrapped in a warm ocean, so comfortable that he wanted to cry out.

He could clearly feel that his flesh and blood, skeleton, organs, etc., were rapidly becoming stronger, and the pores were spewing out crystal light, which was obviously a bit detached and sacred.

Then his body became more compact, and the muscles that were swollen because of the cultivation Golden Body Art actually became normal and looked more coordinated.

In a few minutes.

Mo Fan let out a heavy breath and clenched his fists, feeling that his whole body was full of inexhaustible power!

“I’m getting stronger!”

Mo Fan was overjoyed and glanced at the attribute panel.

[Name: Mo Fan]

[cultivation base: Innate 3rd-layer (+)]

[…] (click to expand and collapse)


[Available attribute points: 2700]

“There are 2700 attribute points left, continue!”

Mo Fan’s expression condensed, and he continued to add points.


A terrifying energy surged from the unknown space, like howling wind and torrential rain, and poured into Mo Fan’s body.


In half an hour.

After completing the breakthrough once again, some of the top Mo Fans immediately gathered their energy and clicked the plus sign behind the cultivation base column.

But the next second.

The expected breakthrough did not appear.

A prompt box pops up on Zhanblue’s virtual panel.

[cultivation base: Innate seventh layer (+) (700/750)]

“Hey, not enough attribute points?

“cultivation base breakthrough to Innate seventh layer?


directly realize two small life transitions!”

——Innate 4th layer and Innate seventh layer.

“I’m afraid I can kill several of the previous me with one punch!

“In this state, even if I just return to the black cat in Longshan, I will Can kill it with one punch!

“I’m so strong!”

Feeling his own strength, Mo Fan was a little excited and wanted to go back to Longshan to fight the black cat.

He even felt that even the three-headed Great Demon could touch it himself.

After a while, he calmed down and stared at the attribute panel.

【Name: Mo Fan】

【cultivation base: Innate seventh layer (+)】

【cultivation technique: Innate Merit, Breath Restraining Technique, Sword art (complete volume) (Introduction)]

[martial skill: Vajra Fist ・Innate, Golden Body Art (First Layer)]

[Special ability: Pill Refinement Technique ( initial understanding)]

[storage space: 100 cubic meters (+)]

[available attribute points: 700]

cultivation base breakthrough to the amazing Innate seventh layer.

And the price is, 3000 available attribute points directly left only 700.

3000 attribute points, equivalent to 3000 Spirit Stones.

What is the concept of 3000 Spirit Stones?

Even an excellent Outer Sect Disciple needs four or five years to earn 3,000 Spirit Stones!

Under normal circumstances, the excellent Outer Sect Disciple, from the Innate breakthrough to the Foundation Establishment, only takes two years at most!

In the past two years, they will consume at most five-six hundred Spirit Stones!

Mo Fan’s face darkened a little at the thought of this.

“I’m adding some more points, and the resource consumption is too terrifying. In this way, it seems like a bit of a loser—”

In the end, Mo Fan laughed and didn’t think about it any further.

It would be nice to be stronger.

Is he still a prodigal?

Find ways to earn Spirit Stones!

He looked condensed, looked at the cultivation base column again, and clicked the plus sign behind moved towards with his mind.

“The next time I add points will require 750 attribute points, which is 50 points away.

“Now I have 63 Spirit Stones in my hand…”

Mo Fan pondered and hesitated.

“Do you want to add more? “

Finally, he hooked the head, stood up, pushed the door and walked out, moved towards Zang Sword Mountain.

“Innate seventh layer and Innate 8th layer are not far behind.” Great, the 63 Spirit Stones should be kept as spares, otherwise, if Taobao encounters any good things in the future, you will not be able to buy them if you want to buy them. ”


At the same time.

On an unnamed island in the southern region.

Han Li lowered his head , with some trepidation in his heart, he stretched out his hand in front of Liu Ji’an, trembling with fear:

“Master, during this time, I have worked hard to cultivate the cultivation technique you taught me…”

Liu Ji’an He lowered his eyes slightly, put two fingers on Han Li’s wrist, and ran the secret technique to sense it carefully.

Soon, his expression became gloomy and gloomy.

“Master…” Han lay body trembled, his hair stood upright, and suddenly felt the temperature around his body dropped a bit.

“Go on. “Liu Ji’an waved his hand.

Out of sight, out of mind.

“many thanks Master!” “Han Lie, such as the amnesty, quickly retreated.

Seeing this, Liu Ji’an’s expression became more and more gloomy.

“Deadwood, after so long, I haven’t understood the First Layer of Longevity! “

He looked up at the drowsy sky, the silhouette of Mo Fan appeared in his mind unconsciously, and muttered to himself:

“If Mo Fan is here, I’m afraid it will be early.” Just comprehended?

“Unfortunately, at that time, I just thought it would be enough to find someone who fits the Wood Attribute psionic power, but I never thought of cultivation and longevity…”

Thinking of this, Liu Ji’an sighed, some regret it.

He regretted not having made up his mind to take Mo Fan by force.

Of course, it was also his fault that he was too eager to communicate with the envoy.

But it’s too late to say that.

The Demon Seed has been planted.

He could only hope that Han Li would realize the longevity exercise soon.

“There is still more than a month before the agreed date, and it should be too late-“

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