Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 109

Looking at the identification information of the sword talisman, Mo Fan slowly exhaled, put it away carefully, and silently said thanks to the direction of the corridor.

In Liu Xiyan’s current state, consuming the Light of Primordial Spirit requires the loss of life essence.

And there is not much left of her life essence today.

Mo Fan doesn’t know why Liu Xiyan gave such an important sword charm to himself.

“Because I like waves, I consumed Light of Primordial Spirit and made this sword charm for me?

“Why is she so kind to me?

“I haven’t known each other for a long time-

“Is it just because I can light up five stone tablets? ”

Finally, Mo Fan shook the head, turned and walked across the corridor.

This sword charm, he would not use.

At the same time, he It was also a little touched, and some thoughts in my heart became more firm.

“I hope it’s still too late. “

But then again, Mo Fan was a little surprised.

Liu Xiyan’s strength exceeded his expectations.

She was only a Return to Origin, condensed , but it seems to be stronger than the usual Return to Origin Peak full strength attack.

It’s just outrageous!

He exhaled lightly.

Mo Fan Passing through the corridor.

Chu Qian’s beautiful voice rang out when passing through the hall.

“Junior Brother Mo is as fast as ever. “

Mo Fan’s face darkened: “I don’t like this, take it back.” “

It’s too much!

It’s easy to misunderstand this kind of serious inconsistency with the facts!

“Haha, just kidding, Sword There is sword qi everywhere in the Pavilion, and it is very difficult to deal with Junior Brother for so long. “Chu Qian smiled and said.

Mo Fan: “…”

Why do you get more and more strange when you hear this?

“Come on, this one Take the Spirit Stone and take the flowers~” Chu Qian walked forward with a smile, holding a crystal clear and near-transparent Spirit Stone and handing it to Mo Fan.

“I just rented out a Spirit Sword. Earn five Spirit Stones, it’s rare to open, grab it quickly, get a lot of money, good luck! “

Chu Qian shoved the Spirit Stone into Mo Fan’s hand, a smile spread across her delicate and pale face.

Mo Fan was a little surprised when he held the Spirit Stone.

He wanted to return the Spirit Stone, and finally hesitantly put it away again.

“many thanks Senior Sister. “

“Thank you, don’t you often bring us pastries?” Master, let me tell you, the red bean and matcha cakes are delicious, I will bring more next time. “

Mo Fan: “? “

At this moment, an absurd thought suddenly appeared in Mo Fan’s mind.

Liu Xiyan did not hesitate to spend the Light of Primordial Spirit condensing sword talisman, could it be because of the red bean matcha cake Isn’t it?

Although the cakes made by myself are much better than the ones in the store, but that’s not the case, right?

As soon as the idea came up, Mo Fan shook his head and denied it.

Don’t say, for foodies, there is such a possibility!

But Li Star River is just a Transcendent and doesn’t eat ordinary food!

As soon as you return to Origin powerhouse, you actually do such a thing for a few pieces of cake?

Thinking of this, Mo Fan’s whole body is messy.

“Okay, Junior Brother, hurry up Go back, you don’t have the cultivation Sword Pavilion inheritance, it’s not good for your health to stay in Sword Pavilion for a long time. “

Chu Qian sent Mo Fan to leave.

“Okay, see you next time Sister Senior.” “Mo Fan turned and left the Sword Pavilion.


“Hi, too terrifying—”

On the second day, Mo Fan covered his face, Climbing up from the bed with two panda eyes.

“It seems that this time the cultivation progress span is too big, a bit exaggerated-”

Mo Fan felt a toothache.

Last night, he was brutally tortured by the ghost of a red clothed woman in a dream, and he couldn’t fight back at all!

His screams like killing a pig echoed throughout the night

“Damn, wait for me, I want you to look good sooner or later! ”

After washing his face with ice water, Mo Fan cheered up,

oh la la opened the curtains and faced the morning sun cultivation Golden Body Art.

Finished cultivation Golden Body Art , made some noodles for breakfast, and Mo Fan was about to go out when the phone rang.

Looking at the caller number, Mo Fan pressed the connect key.

Soon, the old but mellow voice of Li Star River rang out.

“The plan has been decided, if you have time, you can come over today.

“This training mission lasts one month and is rewarded with 20,000 merit points. Would you like it?”

“Twenty thousand merit points?” Mo Fan was stunned for a moment.

This payment is too outrageous, isn’t it?

“Well, this time the task volume is relatively large, and the old man has properly applied for some more merit points, are you willing to accept the commission?

“By the way, although young, but still Be moderate, lest you regret it when you get older. “

“Accept! “Mo Fan automatically ignored the last sentence and hurriedly agreed.

20,000 Merit Points a month!

Inner Sect can’t find such an outrageous quest in the door… ?

even more how, he can also prostitute Pill Dao knowledge at Li Star River!

If you don’t take this kind of task, then heavens cannot tolerate it!


“Sure enough, Pill Refinement Master is generous, and it is indeed the most lucrative profession. “Hang up the phone, Mo Fan sighed and felt like he was dreaming.

“Did I enter a fake outer sect, when did the outer sect earn Spirit Stone so simple? ”

Whispering, Mo Fan quickly packed his luggage.


Time flies.

In a blink of an eye One month has passed.

The new calendar is January 17, 2023.

The old calendar is 2022, the twelfth lunar month.

It’s just two days after the new year.

It will be a new year in a few days.

The cultivation mission of the 23rd Spirit Medicine Garden has finally come to an end.

Although this time still ended in failure

But Li Star River had an unspeakable smile on his face.

“It’s almost there, and if you improve the plan again, it should be successful next time. “

While looking at the draft full of characters, Li Star River said to Mo Fan:

“Go back first, I will inform you when the new plan comes out.”

“You still did a good job this time. The extra merit points reward I have applied for you and will be credited soon.”

After finishing speaking, Li Star River He waved his hand, turned around and continued to bury his head in the calculation.

“Junior farewell.” Mo Fan scratched his head, and turned to leave the laboratory with the luggage that had been prepared for a long time.

On the way back, Mo Fan stared at his attribute panel.

【Name: Mo Fan】

【cultivation base: Innate seventh layer (+)】

【cultivation technique: Innate Merit, Breath Restraining Technique, Sword art (complete volume) (Introduction)]

[martial skill: Vajra Fist ・Innate, Golden Body Art (First Layer)]

[Special ability: Pill Refinement Technique ( Small achievements)]

[storage space: 100 cubic meters (+)]

[Available attribute points: 700]

This month, He gained a lot.

Pill Refinement Technique has improved from the original initial understanding to a small success.

Compared to Martial Arts, the perception of Mo Fan’s Pill Recipe is a little worse, but it’s also scary.

The so-called small success means that as long as there is Pill Recipe, Mo Fan can refine any low-grade (Grade 1 to Grade 3) medicine pill.

“You can make your own medicine pills with finished apprenticeship and make money!

“The 20,000 merit points settled in advance last month, plus the extra merit points that will arrive soon, Should be able to exchange for 240 Spirit Stones.

“240 Spirit Stones are exchanged for attribute points, plus the original 700 attribute points, you can add points again!

“The timing is just right, there are too many hidden dangers in adding too many points at one time. I just finished digesting it recently, so you can rest assured to add some-“

Thinking of this, Mo Fan concentrated and walked towards the logistics office.

It didn’t take long for him to think of it. What, his footsteps were slightly paused, and he said to himself in his heart:

“Count the time, Yingying has been in Secret Realm for two months, and in two days it will be the New Year, when the time comes, call her home together. New Years.

“You can add some breakthrough cultivation base after exchanging Spirit Stone for a while.

“I will not be in a hurry to make money by pill concocting. I have been busy for so long, it is time to rest.

“In the past few days of Chinese New Year, just lie down, relax, and continue to work hard to earn Spirit Stone in the coming year, in a spurt of energy breakthrough to the Foundation Establishment, and break into the Trial Pagoda!”

laughed , Mo Fan took another step and walked towards the back office.


No. 23 Spirit Medicine Garden.

Li Star River, who was busy doing calculations in the laboratory, suddenly became nervously laughed and muttered to himself in his heart.

“It’s almost time, it’s almost time, Senior Brother should be done soon, just in the past few days, haha, just in the past few days…”

After laughing nervously and whispering a few words in his heart, Li Star River continued to calculate. He carefully checked the calculation draft, and after a while, he showed a sudden look:

“so that’s how it is, This temperature is on the high side, so it’s better to lower it by ten degrees.

“No, there should be other errors, you have to check carefully…”

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