Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 112

New calendar January 20, 2023.

The 29th day of the twelfth lunar month in 2022 in the old calendar.

Jiangcheng, Ming-Yue Sector.

Mo Fan got up early, washed quickly, opened the curtains, and faced the morning sun cultivation Golden Body Art as usual.

After my daughter came back last night.

The two of them rushed back to Jiangcheng overnight.

No way.

The Chinese New Year is coming soon.

Have to come back early to get ready.

For example: cleaning.

After the cultivation of Golden Body Art, Mo Fan walked out of the room and knocked on his daughter’s door: “It’s almost time to get up and clean up.”

“I want to sleep again. Xiaohui~”

The daughter’s lazy voice came from the room.

“Alright, then you can sleep again.” Mo Fan shook the head, grabbed the tools and started cleaning.

My daughter has been training at Secret Realm, so she must not have slept well for a long time.

It’s rare to go home and sleep in.

I haven’t been home for two or three months.

There is a lot of dust in the house.

It’s a bit of a hassle to clean up.

The living room and kitchen should be tidy up first.

Mo Fan put on his apron and started cooking breakfast.

An hour and a half later, a sumptuous breakfast was brought out by Mo Fan.

“Get up for breakfast.” Mo Fan knocked on her daughter’s door again.

“Come here, get up now!” Mo Yingying’s excited voice came from the room.

Mo Fan: “?”


After breakfast, Mo Yingying squinted his eyes and rubbed his flat stomach with satisfaction .

“father, your cooking skills are getting better and better, this cake is amazing, make more tomorrow~”

“Okay, make more tomorrow.”

Mo Fan nodded and agreed, got up to clean up the dishes, and watched his daughter instructed:

“Don’t sit still when you’re full, work quickly, digest and digest, so as not to grow meat.”


“As you bid!” The daughter moved towards Mo Fan and gave a salute.

“Such an old man, he’s still like a child.” Mo Fan shook his head helplessly, turned around and walked into the kitchen with the bowls and chopsticks in his hands.

“hmph, in front of my father, I will always be a child!” Mo Yingying raised his head and said.

At this moment, Mo Fan has entered the kitchen and started to wash the dishes.

A few minutes later, Mo Fan came out of the kitchen and found his daughter lying on the sofa watching TV, frowned.

“Didn’t you talk about hygiene? Why did you start watching TV?”

“Report to father, hygiene is done!”

“Nonsense, that’s all Moreβ€””

Before he finished speaking, Mo Fan stopped.

Because he found that the house was spotless inside and out at the moment.

There is no spider web on the ceiling, and the floor is bright enough to be used as a mirror.

Even the toilets in the toilets are as bright as new, sparkling and bling bling.

β€œHow did you do that?” Mo Fan was dumbfounded.

“It’s very simple, after Transcendent can manifest spirit strength.

“Disperse the spirit strength into hundreds of millions of strands, wrap them with dust, and control them to run to the garbage Just in the bucket. “

Mo Fan: “? “

Is there such an operation?

Isn’t this the legendary cleansing technique?

Is Transcendent so powerful?

Then go out to be a housekeeper, wouldn’t it be a lot of money?

Oh, no.

What am I thinking?

It’s all Transcendent, be a fool Housekeeping!

Just as Mo Fan was thinking about it, Mo Yingying had already climbed off the sofa and walked to the kitchen.

After a while, she came out of the kitchen.

“father, the kitchen is also cleaned, just take out the garbage in the trash can, and our cleaning will be done~”

“Li, awesome. “Mo Fan doesn’t know what to say anymore.

He has lived for so many years.

It’s the first time that cleaning is so easy.

“Then I continue to watch TV? “Mo Yingying looked at Mo Fan with a question.

“Let’s see.” “Mo Fan waved his hand.

After the work is done, do what you want to do.

At the same time, he moved towards Mo Yingying quietly and lost the Appraisal Technique in the past.

【Mo Yingying, 18 years old, Transcendent 2nd layer, came from 27 years later, accidentally encountered Space-Time Crack,

Traveled to this era, awakened invincible physique, has the appearance of Great Emperor.]

“terrifying, it’s already Transcendent 2nd layer…”

Mo Fan sighed.

When this girl just came over, she only had Body Tempering Peak.

How long has it been?

More than three months!

It’s actually Transcendent 2nd layer, this cultivation speed is scary!

” As expected of an invincible physique, it’s really enviable—”

When Mo Fan sighed, Mo Yingying seemed to have suddenly thought of something, turned around quickly, and took out a bulging brocade To be thrown to Mo Fan.

“father, this is for you~”

Mo Fan was taken aback: “What is this? “

Look at this, it’s a bit like Spirit Stone.

“Open it and you’ll know. “Mo Yingying played with a smile on his face.

Mo Fan nodded, untied the rope, and immediately saw the Spirit Stone, one after another crystal clear and near-transparent.

Also It’s really a Spirit Stone…

How many Spirit Stones do I get for such a big bag?

No, why do I ask my daughter to give Spirit Stones?

Mo Fan took a Deep breath, said: “I have enough Spirit Stone, you can keep it for yourself. “

“I can’t use it, father, you know, I can’t use Spirit Stone for my cultivation. “

Mo Fan added: “Then you can use these Spirit Stones for other things that you can use, such as medicine pills, cultivation techniques, and martial skills.” “

“I can’t use medicine pills either. The Cultivation Art and Martial Skill of Yuxu University have not been taught to me by my father, so I won’t waste Spirit Stones to change them.”

“Father, you just keep it, no sorry, you are my dad, you should be honored!”

Mo Fan: “…”

Does this sound reasonable?

Then I can be at ease?

The daughter laughed and continued:

“Thanks to father, you taught me Golden Body Art, although I haven’t fully comprehended it, but I have also strengthened some strengths.

“Otherwise I wouldn’t be able to get that mass of indestructible matter so smoothly in Secret Realm. “

“Indestructible matter? “Mo Fan is puzzled.

“Hmmmm, indestructible matter, something unique to Ancient Ruins, I don’t know how they came from.

“Under normal circumstances, it is not refinable, as if Eternal Existence.

“But I seem to be able to absorb and digest it…

” After absorbing inextinguishable substances, my physique will be improved to a certain extent.

β€œNot only can I digest it directly increasing cultivation base, but also my cultivation speed will become faster.

“It is precisely because I successfully absorbed the inextinguishable matter in Secret Realm that I was able to be promoted to Transcendent smoothly.”

Speaking of this, Mo Yingying shook the head a bit regressively and continued:

“It’s a pity that there really aren’t many good things in Secret Realm, and due to the lack of time, I didn’t find any good things for father.”

Hearing this, Mo Fan After thinking about it, I asked, “Did you see any strange characters in Secret Realm?”

“Yes, there are quite a few, but no one understands or understands those characters. Waste of time to watch.” Mo Yingying shook his head.

“That’s good.” Mo Fan said.

β€œHuh?” Mo Yingying was stunned.

“It’s okay, I’m looking forward to Secret Realm.” Mo Fan said.

“Well, Secret Realm can still find good things. I wasted too much time hunting for indestructible matter, and many areas have not been explored.

“father, etc. Once you have broken through to the Foundation Establishment Realm, and through the Trial Pagoda, you can go to the Secret Realm for yourself, and you will definitely find some opportunities. “

“Well, that’s the plan, just you Spirit Stones?” Also from Secret Realm? “Mo Fan looked towards his daughter with a question.

If that’s the case, then it’s very good.

“No, these Spirit Stones are my promotion to Transcendent, the Master’s reward for me , although not much, but enough father for you to use for a while. “

“For a while? “Mo Fan laughed.

This bag of Spirit Stones.

No more wow.

[Name: Mo Fan]

[ Cultivation base: Innate 8th layer (+)]

[…] (click to expand and collapse)

[Available attribute points: 690]

Quiet Mimi After absorbing 500 Spirit Stones, Mo Fan’s attribute points increased to 690.

Sweeping the attribute panel quickly, Mo Fan went back to his room to change clothes and prepare to go out.

“You Stay home by yourself, I have something to go out. “

“Okay. “Mo Yingying stared intently at the dog-blooded soap opera playing on the TV, and responded without a single word.


At the same time.

An unnamed island in the southern region.

Liu Ji’an looked gloomy and looked at the empty wood house with disbelief.

This wood house belongs to Han Lying.

However, he hasn’t seen Han Lying’s silhouette for three days.

“Where is this kid hiding?

“This isolated island is isolated from the world, and there are more spiritual arrays outside the island. As soon as it enters the sea, there will be storms, lightning and thunder. With his cultivation base impossible, he can get out of the island…

“Where did he hide?

“It’s almost, it’s almost, but there’s no mistake…”

Liu Ji’an looked gloomy, took a deep breath, and was ready to continue searching.

However, just as he was thinking about it, an inexplicable pressure instantly shrouded him.

Liu Ji’an only saw a flash, and the black mist came quietly.

A silhouette in black robes slowly emerged.

Seeing this, Liu Ji’an quickly turned one-knee kneels and said respectfully, “This subordinate pays respect to the envoy!”

“The plan is ahead of schedule and will be carried out in three days. And get ready.”

The voice fell, the black silhouette blurred, and dissipated in an instant, as if it had never appeared.

Waiting for the shadow to disappeared, Liu Ji’an slumped on the ground and began to feel anxious.

His eye socket cracked and muttered to himself:

“Where did it go, where did it go, where did it go?!”

“Brother Shen !”


Shen Changqing was walking on the road, and when he met someone he knew, he would say hello to each other, or nodded.

But whoever it is.

Everyone has no superfluous expressions on their faces, as if they are very indifferent to everything.

To this.

Shen Changqing is used to it.

Because this is the Demon Suppression Department, an organization that maintains the stability of Daqin, its main responsibility is to kill demon monsters, and of course there are some other side jobs.

It can be said.

In the Demon Suppression Department, everyone has a lot of blood on their hands.

When a person is used to seeing life and death, he will become indifferent to many things.

When she first came to this world, Shen Changqing was a little uncomfortable, but she got used to it over time.

Demon Suppression Department is huge.

Those who can stay in the Demon Suppression Department are all powerful experts, or those who have the potential to become experts.

Shen Changqing belongs to the latter.

The Demon Suppression Department is divided into two occupations, one is the guardian and the other is the demon slayer.

Anyone who enters the Demon Suppression Department starts from the lowest level of demon slayer,

and then advances step by step, and is expected to eventually become a guardian.

Shen Changqing’s predecessor was a trainee demon slayer in the Demon Suppression Department, and he was also the lowest among the demon slayers.

Has the memory of its predecessor.

He is also very familiar with the environment of the Demon Suppression Department.

It didn’t take too long, Shen Changqing stopped in front of an attic.

Different from other chilling places in the Demon Suppression Department, the attic here is like a crane in a flock of chickens, but in the blood-filled Demon Suppression Department, it presents a different serenity.

The door to the attic was open at this time, and people occasionally came in and out.

Shen Changqing just hesitated for a moment, then stepped inside.

Enter the attic.

The environment just changed in vain.

A burst of ink scent mixed with a faint bloody smell assaults the senses, which made him frown instinctively, but quickly stretched.

Demon Suppression Department The bloody smell on everyone’s body is almost impossible to clean.


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