Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 119

(Note: I earned 600 Spirit Stones from pill concocting in the previous chapter, and the last two paragraphs were written as 400.)

【Found low grade Spirit Stone *600, can be absorbed into attribute points, is it absorbed? ]

Mo Fan concentrates slightly and chooses to absorb.

The 400 Spirit Stone on the table disappeared instantly.

The blue virtual panel flashed.

Mo Fan’s attribute panel pops up automatically.

[Name: Mo Fan]

[cultivation base: Innate 8th layer (+)]

[…] (click to expand and collapse)

[Available attribute points: 1290]

Available attribute points have increased from 690 to 1290 now.

Sighing slightly, Mo Fan focused his attention on the plus sign behind the cultivation base column.

Soon, a prompt box pops up:

[cultivation base: Innate 8th layer (+) 1290/870]

Obviously, this time just need to add points 870 Spirit Stones.

After confirming it, Mo Fan without the slightest hesitation clicked on the plus sign.

The blue virtual panel flashed, and a mysterious energy instantly came from the unknown space, poured directly into Mo Fan’s eyebrows, and rushed into Qi Sea in an instant.

Mysterious energy ignites the Qi Sea.

The galaxies are on and off, the thunder tumbling like a giant beast roaring.

At this moment, Innate Astral Qi is instantly generated, Qi Sea gushing out, and feedback to the body.

Mo Fan’s body is full of light, and the flesh, skeleton, organs, cells, etc. are all rapidly getting stronger. Bayi ChineseW

This process lasted for a full quarter of an hour.

A quarter of an hour later, Mo Fan woke up faintly.

Clenching his fist and running the Innate Astral Qi a little, Mo Fan felt that he had become a lot stronger.

Just looking at the time, he frowned slightly.

“This time added points lasted for a quarter of an hour, and it took longer and longer–“

Mo Fan remembered that it was completed very quickly when adding points at first.

As the level of the cultivation base gets higher and higher, the time required to add points each time also increases.

“In this way, adding points at critical moments won’t work-“

Mo Fan shook his head.

In the past, it took a short time to add points.

You can choose to store some attribute points for use at critical moments.

For example, when encountering an enemy that cannot be beaten, directly add some explosive seeds to complete the counterattack.

At this time, you can even shout: add some dark blue, let me see where my limit is!

But now —

it doesn’t work.

The process of adding points takes fifteen minutes.

You may have been beaten to death before you finish adding points.

Thinking of this, Mo Fan rubbed his brows and opened the attribute panel again to look at it.

[Name: Mo Fan]

[cultivation base: Innate 9th layer (+)]

[…] (click to expand and collapse)

[Available attribute points: 420]

cultivation base successfully changed from the original Innate 8th layer breakthrough to the Innate 9th layer.

Available attribute points have been reduced from 1290 to 420.

Glancing slightly at the attributes panel, Mo Fan focused on the plus sign behind the cultivation base column.

The expression was condensed, and the prompt box popped up:

[cultivation base: Innate 9th layer (+) (420/1000)]

Obviously, The next time you add points requires 1000 attribute points, which is 1000 Spirit Stones.

Seeing this, Mo Fan only felt liver pain.

“What a waste of money!

“A sin! ”


After adding points, Mo Fan tidied up the pill concocting room a little and went out.

He planned to put two for himself. Day off.

Twenty days of super-intensive pill concocting made him a little bit overwhelmed.

“Take a two-day break, it’s better to combine work and rest.

“Go to Chuan Gong Building first and see if anyone has exchanged Vajra Fist or Innate Merit in these 20 days.”

Make up my mind that Mo Fan moved towards Chuan Gong Building and go.

On the way, he passed No. 23 Spirit Medicine Garden again.

The Spirit Medicine Garden No. 23 has reopened at the moment, but it has been changed to Chief-In-Charge.

He didn’t bother to inquire about Lee Star River’s news.

But in his spare time, pill concocting also browses the college forums.

No one discussed.

No announcements either.

This also means that Yuxu Academy has not found any trace of Li Star River.

“Like Liu Ji’an, his running skills are top-notch…”

Mo Fan couldn’t help but sigh.

He somehow missed the days of learning pill concocting at Lee Star River.

In the past 20 days, he was able to earn 600 Spirit Stones by pill concocting, and Li Star River’s books were a big part of it.

“It’s a pity that those days are gone forever-“

shook the head, Mo Fan moved towards Chuan Gong Lou quickly.


Not long after, Mo Fan came to Chuan Gong Building.

Unfortunately, Mr. Qin told him that he has not exchanged Innate Merit and no one has exchanged Vajra Fist for the past 20 days.

When he left, Uncle Qin seemed to have thought of something, and hurriedly shouted after Mo Fan:

“I forgot to tell you something else, the settlement date of Technique Imparting Hall. Changed, now it takes the 20th of every month to withdraw Spirit Stone.

β€œIt was previously scheduled on the 1st, and it collided with the day of the cultivation subsidy. Too much data led to occasional mistakes.

“After the above agreement, the date will be moved to the 20th of each month.

“The settlement will also be settled on the 20th of this month, when the time comes, remember to come and withdraw Spirit Stone , if there is…”

Mo Fan didn’t pay much attention to these words.

After all, the frequency of exchange of cultivation techniques and martial skills recorded by him is too low.


When bad luck, I’m afraid it will take two months to withdraw…

He understands one thing.

Learn Vajra Fist and Innate Merit There are really few people…

“In the past 20 days, no one has exchanged Vajra Fist or Innate Merit? It’s too much…”

Mo Fan wanted to cry without tears, and wondered if he had made a loss.

If there is no one to exchange Vajra Fist or Vajra Fist for a year Innate Merit.

Hasn’t he lost a lot of money?

But after thinking about it, he’s relieved.

“There were eight or nine people last year. Exchange, many new Disciples have entered the outer sect this year, and there will be no shortage of themβ€”β€””

While comforting himself, Mo Fan walked towards Zangfeng Mountain.

… …

Not long after, he climbed the Sword Peak, carrying some cakes and snacks.

The cakes and snacks were purchased during the Chinese New Year, and now There is still a lot of system space.

“Senior Sister looks good today~” Mo Fan said hello to Chu Qian, who was drying her sword in the square.

“Really? “Chu Qian looks overjoyed.

“Yes, yes, she is getting more and more beautiful.” “Mo Fan said with a smile.

Chu Qian glared at her eyes: “Stop talking, be careful and beat you quietly. “

“Haha, this Senior Sister is holding it. There are several kinds of candied fruit and spicy strips that you like most, as well as Elder’s favorite red bean and matcha cake. “

Mo Fan handed over the delicately packaged gift bag.

“I said that I don’t need to bring it every time…” Chu Qian said with a sullen look.


“What are you polite to me? Since you like it, I will bring you some more. It is not easy for you to go down the mountain and lie down. “


“Don’t be, I don’t even thank you for taking care of Junior Sister Xu.”

“Hurry up and take it, I’ll go see Junior Sister Xu.”

Mo Fan stuffed Chu Qian’s things, walked straight into the Sword Pavilion, crossed the corridor, and came to Backyard with stone tablet.

Xu Jing comprehend sword art under the stone tablet as usual.

Hearing the movement, Xu Jing was overjoyed, and quickly turned around to look at Mo Fan, her bright eyes flashing with joy: “You, you are here…”

“Well, I’m here, I’ll give you some pastries. Eat some quickly.” Mo Fan handed the pastry in his hand to Xu Jing.

“Thank you, thank you…” Xu Jing took the cake with her head lowered, opened the package, and ate it cautiously.

“How does it taste?”

“Good, delicious…”

“Eat more if it tastes good.”


“Would you like a bottle of soda?”

“Steam, soda?” Xu Jing was stunned.

Where’s the soda?

“Here you are.” Mo Fan pulled out a bottle of orange-flavored soda from his arms and handed it to Xu Jing.

“Uhβ€”” Xu Jing was a little stunned, took the soda and drank it.

“Ice, ice?” Xu Jing’s eyes lit up.

“Yeah, it’s cool, isn’t it?” Mo Fan smiled.

“Li, amazing!”

Full of food and drink, Xu Jing continued to think about cultivation, while Mo Fan watched.

After running sword art for a few weeks, Mo Fan still communicates with Xu Jing in a unique way.

After pointing out some mistakes and making some feasible suggestions, Mo Fan stretched, stood up, and said goodbye to Xu Jing.

“It’s almost time, I’ll be here today, I’ll go back first.”

“Okay.” Xu Jing nodded, and there was a hint of unnoticeable reluctance in her eyes.

“You can continue the cultivation. You don’t need to send me. These packets of spicy sticks are here for you. If the cultivation is boring, you can eat it.”

After finishing speaking, Mo Fan waved his hand. Just turn around and leave.

Xu Jingyang’s sword art cultivation progress is beyond Mo Fan’s expectations.

She’s already starting to condense sword intent.

Mo Fan estimates that it only takes half a month for Xu Jing to condense the sword intent successfully.

When the time comes, you can also test whether the sword art of the complete volume will damage itself and affect the essence of life.

If it doesn’t affect the life essence, then everyone will be happy.

If it still affects the essence of life, Mo Fan has to wait for the Foundation Establishment to pass through the Trial Pagoda, become the Core Disciple of Yuxu Academy, and get the qualification to enter the Secret Realm before watching.

The Secret Realm of Yuxu Academy was transformed from Ancient Ruins.

And is one of several ruins found before Spiritual Qi was revived.

Mo Fan suspected that the five stone tablets of Sword Pavilion were dug out from there.

When you explore the ruins, you may find something, and you may find a solution to the problem.

It’s just that everything is still unknown.

Mo Fan still hopes that the complete volume of sword art can directly solve the problem.

This way, he doesn’t have to think so much anymore.

And the problems of Liu Xiyan and Chu Qian can also be resolved.

They are all very good people. After getting acquainted with them, Mo Fan naturally doesn’t want to see them die like this.

“I have a few words to tell you.”

It was still at the entrance of the stairs in the corridor, and Mo Fan was stopped by Liu Xiyan.

β€œElder, I still want to wave again—” Mo Fan scratched his head.

“Not this.” Liu Xiyan shook her head.

Mo Fan was taken aback, and looked towards her with some doubts.

After deliberation for a moment, Liu Xiyan said slowly: “I forgot to tell you when you came last time.

“Liu Ji’an’s Junior Brother Li Star River has been identified as Heavenly Demon Sect member.

“It’s just that he was smart enough to escape successfully last time.

“You did a good job. If you didn’t happen to be in the mountainside that day, the consequences would be unimaginable. ”

Hearing these words, Mo Fan was a little lost.

Although the truth is already obvious.

But after being confirmed by Liu Xiyan, Mo Fan was still a little surprised.

Li Star River and Liu Ji’an can be regarded as half of his Masters.

“Heavenly Demon Sect went to great lengths to send people to hide Sword Peak for what? “Mo Fan asked.

Although I heard some information that night.

But Mo Fan still doesn’t know enough about some things.

Liu Xiyan was slightly attentive, After hesitating for a while, he said slowly:

“I’m not sure of their purpose either. “

paused, Liu Xiyan continued:

“Hiding Sword Peak contains a natural Domain.

“This Domain is also the foundation of Sword Pavilion’s foothold.”

hearing this, Mo Fan nodded.

He has heard of this.

Liu Xiyan continued:

“Combining with what you heard last time, I infer that their purpose is to hide the natural Domain in Sword Peak.

“They seem to want a special array to stimulate the Domain inside Sword Peak.

“As for the specific purpose-

“Too little information is currently known to infer it.

“However, after this time, I have covered Sword Peak with the sword array, and I won’t be able to hide anything from me in the future.”

In the end, Liu Xiyan seemed to think of something , frowned slightly and said:

“The Law Enforcement Team wanted to investigate you before, but I suppressed it.

“You have your own secrets, pay more attention in the future, don’t take it lightly expose yourself.

“After this incident, you should be able to realize that even in the academy, it is not completely safe-“

“Brother Shen!”

β€œen! “

Shen Changqing is walking on the road, and if he meets someone he knows, he will say hello to each other, or nodded.

But no matter who it is.

Everyone has no superfluous expressions on their faces, as if they are very indifferent to everything.


Shen Changqing is used to it.

Because this is The Demon Suppression Department is an organization that maintains the stability of Daqin. Its main responsibility is to kill demon monsters. Of course, there are also some other side jobs.

It can be said.

Demon Suppression Department In the middle of the school, everyone has a lot of blood on their hands.

When a person is used to seeing life and death, he will become indifferent to many things.

I just came to this Shen Changqing was a little uncomfortable in the world, but he got used to it over time.

The Demon Suppression Department is very big.

The people who can stay in the Demon Suppression Department are all powerful. An expert, or someone who has the potential to become an expert.

Shen Changqing belongs to the latter.

The Demon Suppression Department is divided into two occupations, one for guarding and one for eliminating demons Envoy.

Anyone who enters the Demon Suppression Department starts from the lowest level of Demon Suppression,

and then advances step by step, and is expected to eventually become a Guardian Envoy.

Shen Changqing’s predecessor is a trainee demon slayer in the Demon Suppression Department, and he is also the lowest among the demon slayers.

Has the memory of his predecessor.

He is very fond of Demon The environment of the Suppression Department is also very familiar.

It didn’t take too long, Shen Changqing stopped in front of an attic.

It is different from other places full of chills in the Demon Suppression Department , the attic here is like a crane in a flock of chickens, showing a different serenity in the bloody Demon Suppression Department.

At this time, the door of the attic is open, and people come in and out occasionally.

Shen Changqing just hesitated for a moment, then stepped inside.

Entering the attic.

The environment changed in vain.


A burst of ink scent mixed with a faint bloody smell assaults the senses, which made his brows instinctively wrinkle, but quickly relaxed.

Demon Suppression Department The bloody smell on everyone’s body is almost impossible to clean.


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