Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 12

second day.

Mo Fan woke up when the sky was bright.

After a brief shower, he prepares to cook breakfast.

“Are you a special physique who awakened only yesterday?

“The posture of the Great Emperor or something, I’m afraid it’s not a good sign…”

Glancing at Mo Fan sighed in his daughter’s room.

After it was confirmed yesterday that his daughter had the appearance of a Great Emperor, Mo Fan began to think wildly and didn’t sleep well all night.

In the end, he sighed : “As long as I don’t meet anyone and say that my daughter has the appearance of a Great Emperor, it shouldn’t be a problem, right? “

Half an hour later.

Mo Yingying, who was nibbling on corn, looked at his father strangely: “Dad, did you not sleep well, why is it so dark?” eye socket? “

Mo Fan shook the head, looked at his daughter earnestly, and said earnestly.

“You have to remember that you have to be humble, no matter how good your innate talent or strength is. Strong, no matter how good the opportunity is, you can’t be arrogant, you must be careful everywhere, and be a low-key person, understand? “

“Huh? “Mo Yingying is a little confused.

Why does father speak without thinking?

“Just remember, eat quickly, and take you to the mall to buy something later.” “Mo Fan said no more, and concentrated on eating.


When I walked out of the community, the rain that had been raining all night finally stopped.

The sun shines through the clouds, reflecting the gorgeous brilliance and the mist.

Mo Fan plans to take Mo Ying to buy some daily necessities.

At least clothes and shoes I bought a few sets.

I was too busy before, so this matter was delayed.

The girl was rich yesterday and only focused on buying groceries for Mo Fan, instead of buying a little bit for herself I’ve been wearing one set for two days.

“father, there’s a rainbow G. “Mo Yingying pointed at the rainbow in the sky, full of joy.

“It’s really, really pretty. “Mo Fan looked at the rainbow in the sky and stopped a taxi.

“Let’s go, go to the mall and buy some daily necessities for you. “

“Hmmmm. “Mo Yingying nods and gets into the car.

“By the way, I’m going to work at Yuxu Academy tomorrow. I can’t accompany you all the time. You should pay attention to safety when you are at home alone. Remember to call me anytime. Mo Fan instructed.

“I know, father, don’t worry, I can take care of myself. “Mo Yingying said seriously.

“That’s good. ”Mo Fan nodded.


Forty minutes later.

The two came to the mall.

Mo Yingying Go straight to the clothing area.

She came across suddenly, with nothing on her body, she really needed to buy a few sets of clothes.

Mo Fan followed with a smile on her face.


When checking out, Mo Fan didn’t ask Mo Yingying to pay, and swiped the card first.

Mo Yingying planned to keep the 500,000 yuan for herself.

You can’t choose cheap clothes to buy clothes for your daughter.

It cost more than 10,000 yuan for a few sets.

Mo Fan doesn’t feel bad either, face doesn’t change Swipe your card.

Actually, his unreliable dad left him a bank card with twenty million in it when the unfathomable mystery disappeared three years ago.

If he hadn’t been addicted to Martial Arts in the past two years and bought a lot of medicine ingredients to support cultivation, the 20 million annual interest generated would be enough for him to spend.

Old appliances are his father Nostalgic, I have been reluctant to change.

Mo Fan himself doesn’t care.

As long as it can be used.

It doesn’t matter if it is old or not.

As for the broken TV?

A serious person watches TV.

Of course, the medicine ingredients that can assist cultivation are too expensive. After two or three years, 20 million yuan He only spent 20,000 to 30,000 yuan.

But it doesn’t matter, when he officially becomes the handyman Disciple of Yuxu Academy, he can get a generous salary every month, and there will be no shortage of money.

“Sir, your girlfriend is so beautiful, you are really convinced. “The cashier handed the card back to Mo Fan, and looked at Mo Yingying, who was carrying large and small bags, and couldn’t help but light up.

It’s so pretty!

She’s never been I have seen such a beautiful woman.

That temperament is simply invincible!

She even felt that if she looked at it more, she might change her orientation.

“Don’t talk nonsense, this is my dad. “

“father, let’s go and buy daily necessities.” “

Mo Yingying rolled his eyes at the cashier and dragged Mo Fan to the daily necessities area.

“Uh-” The cashier looked at the back of the father and daughter He was confused.


Mo Yingying dragged Mo Fan around the mall, walking from the first floor to the fifth floor, from east to west.

Two hours passed in a blink of an eye.

Mo Fan felt tired and felt the pain of shopping with girls for the first time.

But even so , he is also so happy.

After all, this is his daughter.

Of course, it is also a little annoying after a long visit.

Mo Yingying’s appearance is eye-catching and temperament Wushuang, like a fairy who came out of mythology, is even better than an anime character.

The rate of return is 100%!

In such a situation, there will be a bunch of them soon From time to time, boys came up to ask for contact information, and girls came up to take photos.

In this regard, Mo Fan turned black and drove all the boys away.

Mo Yingying accepted it. I asked for a photo of some girls, but I didn’t give any contact information.

She directly pulled Mo Fan out and loudly told that, no matter whether you are a man or a woman, if you want to get in touch, you have to go through her first. The father’s test.

These words scared the onlookers who started to stir into a cold sweat and walked away without looking back.

How can such a young father be?

How can there be such a young father?


What a fool!


When I came out of the mall with my things, it was already hot and the temperature was rising rapidly.

“Father, I want ice cream. “Mo Yingying pointed at the dessert shop next to the mall, his eyes lit up.

“Okay. “Mo Fan’s nod.

Jiangcheng in September is a bit too hot, with the temperature reaching 30 degrees.

<>It’s such a hot day to eat ice cream.

“Boss, have two ice creams. “

“The second half price, what flavor of ice cream does the handsome guy want?” “

“What flavor would you like to eat?” “Mo Fan looked towards his daughter.

“I want durian flavor~” Mo Yingying squinted.

Mo Fan: “? ”

In the end, Mo Fan bought a vanilla ice cream and a durian ice cream.

Watching Mo Yingying elated eating durian ice cream, Mo Fan had a black head Thread.

Why doesn’t this girl follow her father?

Mo Fan doesn’t touch durians at all.

Is that stuff really edible? ?

Walking on the road, while eating ice cream, Mo Fan said calmly.

“By the way, ask about your future

“Will I be great in the future?

“Have you ever achieved success?

“Have you acquired the unrivaled martial arts?

“Have you been unrivaled beneath the heavens? “

Mo Yingying was stunned for a while, bit his lip and lowered his head, his voice trembled slightly.

“The future you, indeed name shakes the whole world, Martial Arts is invincible, But Ying-“

“Huh? “Mo Fan froze in place, with a clatter, the ice cream in his hand fell to the ground.

“die an untimely death?” he asked in disbelief.

Mo Yingying shook his head: “Handsome. “

Mo Fan’s fists hardened, glared at his daughter and said, “Half of speaking, I think you are Iron Fist who wants to taste love!” “

die an untimely death or something, it’s scary!

He almost got a heart attack just now!

“Just kidding, it’s late Now, let’s go back~” Mo Yingying raised his head, blinked mischievously, and turned to the next taxi.

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