Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 123

Yuxu Academy is shrouded in darkness.

A crack appeared on the sky, and the terrifying pressure came instantly.

“What happened?”

Someone looked at the sky with an uneasy look.

“This coercion is too terrifying…”

Someone ugly complexion, affected by the coercion that fell from the sky, almost could not control their body and wanted to crawl land.

“This is, demonic energy?” Some people were amazed.

“Yes, it’s the demonic energy. I once performed missions outside the defense line and was attacked by the Demon Race. That’s the kind of breath!”

Someone exclaimed, his face full of difficulty Confidence.

“Impossible impossible, Demon Race impossible to jump over the Human Race defense line…”

“That is the Great Wall of Martial Arts forged with flesh and blood by countless ancestors…”

“The line of defense has been breached?

“Impossible impossible! I must be dreaming! ”

Someone staggered back, unable to believe what they were seeing.


At this moment, the nine peaks headed by Jade Void Peak , the sky bursts out with bright rays of light, rushing straight into the sky, illuminating the night sky instantly.

The endless rays of light rushing into the sky, interweaving and converging in the sky, condensed into a large net sprayed with silver lightning light, and the entire jade is empty. The school is shrouded.

dang dang dang!

The alarm bell rang, and the harsh sound echoed every corner of Yuxu Academy.

Then, a steady sound It resounded throughout the Yuxu Academy.

“Demon Race is coming, all Disciples obeyed the order, and immediately ran the basic Body Tempering tactic in retrograde, delivering energy to the school’s great formation. “

Everyone was startled, and after a brief stupor, they immediately calmed down, and hurriedly sat down and ran the basic Body Tempering in retrograde.


In front of Trial Pagoda.

Mo Fan and Li Zhining, who heard the voice, also quickly sat down and ran the basic Body Tempering in retrograde speed.

In an instant, a look appeared on their bodies. The brilliance of silver quickly gathered towards the high-altitude mask.

The silver radiance rose from all corners of the school, like a backward light rain, quickly condensed on the protective mask.


As the “rain of light” continues to gather, the guardian mask becomes more and more bright, exuding a majestic and heavy breath.

“There is a guardian array, and unless there is a Xeon, there will be no life. Able to break through Yuxu Academy. ”

All Disciples in the academy are relaxed, and their eyes are shining brightly.

In today’s era, it has been a long time since all ethnic groups are bound by each other.

Looking at the increasingly bright guardian array, Mo Fan’s heart is also relaxed.

While running the basic Body Tempering tactic in retrograde, he said with emotion:

“The basic Body Tempering is worthy of It is the greatest creation of Human Race after entering the Gaowu Era…”

The basic Body Tempering technique is an entry-level cultivation technique that every citizen of Blue Star must cultivate, and it is also the most suitable for Human Race cultivation in the Body Tempering environment. cultivation technique.

Blue Star Ten Billion Human Race, as long as you reach the age, you must cultivate the basic Body Tempering technique.

generally speaking.

Normal cultivation basic Body The Tempering tactic can condense the body and create the most suitable body for absorbing Heaven and Earth psychic energy, laying a solid foundation for the future.

The retrograde body Tempering tactic can condense its own cultivation.

The energy is released.

The released energy can be absorbed and condensed by special array runes to strengthen itself.

Such array runes generally exist in high defense walls, and also It is the so-called Martial Arts Great Wall.

The guarding array of Yuxu Academy also refers to the core array runes of the Martial Arts Great Wall, and can naturally absorb the energy released by everyone.

It has this characteristic.

The city of Martial Arts can resist the invasion of demons again and again and guard the mountains and rivers of Human Race.

Because, the Great Wall of Martial Arts gathers all Humans The power of Race.

“Just in front of…what’s the situation? Demon Race Invasion? “

Looking at the endless mist outside the defense line, Mo Fan’s spirit became a little dazed.

He even doubted that he was dreaming.

It was still a while ago. Okay.

Why was it suddenly invaded?

Could the Great Wall of Martial Arts be unable to intercept the invading demon?

Or is the Jiangcheng base invaded? Broke it?

“I’m still going to break into Trial Pagoda amaze the world with a single brilliant feat…

“Why does it feel like the world is about to be destroyed all of a sudden?

“This is too much nonsense, isn’t it? “

Mo Fan was shivering.

He even wondered if God was targeting him.

Just then, there was a muffled boom.


The cracks above the canopy became clearer and clearer, extending several li, bursting out with endless mist.

Then, one after another was shrouded in mist, three or four meters tall, exuding a faint glow all over the body. The cold and violent humanoid came out of the crack.

The invisible pressure shrouded, ripples appeared, and the space seemed to be frozen.

Everyone turned pale in fright.

If there is not an array of guards.

These Disciples with a slightly lower cultivation base, I am afraid that they will be shocked and die on the spot by this coercion.


Jade Void Peak .

Sect Master Gu Qingshan stared at the sky intently, his old face seemed to have no mood swings.

“Three thousand Demon Race elites, all above the Transcendent.

“Eight Return to Origin Peak Great Demon, ranked in all directions.

“Hundreds of Destiny Demon Generals surround all around.

“What a Demon Race, with such high-end combat power…

“Isn’t it distressed at all? Aren’t you afraid that my Yuxu Academy will take you out of the pot? “

He took a deep breath, but hesitated for half a second, then stretched out his hand and swiped in the void.

Suddenly, a simple appearance exuded light golden rays of light The big seal slowly emerged.

As soon as the big seal came out, the space seemed to be frozen, and the layers immediately became clear, as if a stone suddenly fell into the calm lake, causing endless ripples.

Gu Qingshan stretched out his hand to catch the big seal, his eyes were full of coldness.

rushed into the Human Race territory.

No matter what the purpose of this group of demon troops , are undoubtedly courting death.

He has received the news, and the defense line has not been broken.

Demon Race uses some strange means to split the space and destroy some demons. It was sent over.

At present, only the Yuxu Academy has such a situation.

After realizing the abnormality, the official has sent the powerhouse over to assist the demon.


The only thing Gu Qingshan is worried about is that this group of demons will spread out and attack the Human Race crazily.

This will undoubtedly cause incalculable losses.

But for now, the goal of Demon Race seems to be only Yuxu Academy.

“Although I don’t know what the purpose of Demon Race is, since it’s here, this old man can’t hide his clumsiness, and he should do his best to punish him All the demons! ”

He took a deep breath, and then sounded transmission again while attentively, instructing specific matters:

“Supreme Elder continues to control the guardian array!”

“The elders of all peaks immediately head to Jade Void Peak and join forces to start the Killing Formation!

“All Disciples continue to run the basic Body Tempering trick in retrograde direction! ”


Sword Pavilion.

Liu Xiyan looked at the sky with worry.

Looking at the emerging Demon Race department Everyone, she has an inexplicable ominous feeling in her heart.

Although there is a protective great formation, Demon Race can’t make a big wave.

Even by manipulating the array, it can destroy this Criticizing demons.

But Demon Race made such a move, obviously impossible is simply coming to give people’s heads.

She thinks of the evil sacrifice ceremony in the southern borderlands.


“Will it be related-“

However, at the moment when she thought of this, it was lovable body trembled, her almond eyes were round, and she looked at him in disbelief. The sky.


A purple lightning with a diameter of several meters suddenly appeared, and it ran through the sky like a Thunder Dragon.

Then, the Space that was about to close Inside the Crack.

A creature with an ugly face, horns on its head, grow pair of wings, four or five meters tall, covered in mist, and emitting a terrifying aura slowly climbed out.

He is holding a plain looking long spear in his hand.

Obviously, this is a Great Demon.

cultivation base far exceeds Return to Origin Peak.

But it has not touched the Xeon Great Demon.

Such a realm is called quasi-Xeon, or half-step Xeon.

A quasi-Xeon is only one step away from comprehending its own way and becoming a real Xeon.

Of course, this is not what shocked Liu Xiyan.

Even if It is a half-step Xeon.

It is also impossible to break the Yuxu Academy.

To her horror, this head is accurate to the long spear held by the strong demon!

“That’s the Demon Race Saint Artifact slasher that appeared under Demon Abyss with the first-generation Demon!

“The situation is not good, half a step to the strong demon is in charge of the holy sword, and the combat power can be comparable to the real Xeon!”

Thinking of this, Liu Xiyan complexion greatly changed, hair stands on end .

Just then—


A muffled sound.

In the half-step, the strong demon silently waved his long spear, and slashed fiercely towards the guard array of Yuxu Academy.

The originally ordinary long spear, at this moment, burst out with endless blood-colored rays of light, emitting a terrifying coercion.

The dark sky was illuminated red, as if a piece of cast iron had been burned through and was about to melt.


Long spear strikes go down, incarnate as a blood-colored long dragon, roar silently, want to tear apart the heavens and earth, moved towards guardian array strikes and go down.

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“Brother Shen!”


Shen Changqing was walking on the road, and when he met someone he knew, he would say hello to each other, or nodded.

But whoever it is.

Everyone has no superfluous expressions on their faces, as if they are very indifferent to everything.

To this.

Shen Changqing is used to it.

Because this is the Demon Suppression Department, an organization that maintains the stability of Daqin, its main responsibility is to kill demon monsters, and of course there are some other side jobs.

It can be said.

In the Demon Suppression Department, everyone has a lot of blood on their hands.

When a person is used to seeing life and death, he will become indifferent to many things.

When she first came to this world, Shen Changqing was a little uncomfortable, but she got used to it over time.

Demon Suppression Department is huge.

Those who can stay in the Demon Suppression Department are all powerful experts, or those who have the potential to become experts.

Shen Changqing belongs to the latter.

The Demon Suppression Department is divided into two occupations, one is the guardian and the other is the demon slayer.

Anyone who enters the Demon Suppression Department starts from the lowest level of demon slayer,

and then advances step by step, and is expected to eventually become a guardian.

Shen Changqing’s predecessor was a trainee demon slayer in the Demon Suppression Department, and he was also the lowest among the demon slayers.

Has the memory of its predecessor.

He is also very familiar with the environment of the Demon Suppression Department.

It didn’t take too long, Shen Changqing stopped in front of an attic.

Different from other chilling places in the Demon Suppression Department, the attic here is like a crane in a flock of chickens, but in the blood-filled Demon Suppression Department, it presents a different serenity.

The door to the attic was open at this time, and people occasionally came in and out.

Shen Changqing just hesitated for a moment, then stepped inside.

Enter the attic.

The environment just changed in vain.

A burst of ink scent mixed with a faint bloody smell assaults the senses, which made him frown instinctively, but quickly stretched.

Demon Suppression Department The bloody smell on everyone’s body is almost impossible to clean.


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