Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 130

After calculating in my heart, Li Zhining was stunned and muttered to himself in disbelief: “It seems like three…three seconds?”

But soon, He patted his chest and calmed down.

“Fortunately, fortunately, Junior Brother Mo’s three seconds is more acceptable than Junior Sister Mo’s one second…”

as Inner Sect Core Disciple.

Li Zhining was naturally aware of the circumstances in which Mo Yingying broke into Trial Pagoda at that time.

First Layer One second!

The second layer is two seconds!

Third Layer Three seconds!

Fourth Layer Five Seconds!

The first fourth layer only took eleven seconds!

Li Zhi suspected that if he had been there at that time, he would have been scared to death.

Of course, the eleven seconds here refers to pure trial time, excluding waiting time.

“The first layer only took three seconds, so there must be no problem to reach the extreme conditions of the first fourth layer.

“I just don’t know how much time Junior Brother Mo needs to consume before the fourth layer. , Can you successfully clear Trial Pagoda in the end?

“However, according to the current situation, even if you pass the customs, it should be much worse than Junior Sister Mo.

“It seems that the innate talent of Junior Brother Mo is still not comparable to that of Junior Brother Mo. Junior Sister Mo ah.

Li Zhining sighed.


The second layer of Trial Pagoda.

Mo Fan is in the virtual space again.

This time, he was still selected as the background for the battle.

He saw a flash, and when he regained consciousness he found himself in a huge lake.

He ran Innate Merit, standing quietly on the surface of the water, the lake water just below his ankles.

After cultivation base Innate, the control of oneself can reach an inhuman state.

A Reed Crossing the River, walking on the waves is just a basic skill.

Soon, the mechanical system hint sounded.

[Ding, the enemy still has thirty seconds to reach the battlefield, Please be prepared-]

Mo Fan is attentive and patient.

Thirty seconds will pass quickly.

oh la la sound.


The originally calm lake immediately boiled.

Amidst the surging water, a body thicker than an adult, three-four zhang long, covered with pitch-black scales, and had two scarlets A horned snake emerged from the water.

“Such a big snake? No, is this the legendary Jiao? “

Mo Fan was surprised, and subconsciously had to throw an Appraisal Technique in the past.

Unfortunately this is a virtual space, and the Appraisal Technique did not take effect.

Mo Fan covered His face was a little embarrassed.

But he still judged it through his breath.

The Great Black Snake cultivation base suspected to be a Flood Dragon in front of him is only the Foundation Establishment 4th layer.

oh la la!

Anything else, Great Black Snake a Divine Dragon Moving it’s Tail, moved towards Mo Fan and smashed down.

Mo Fan doesn’t either. You are polite, take one step, and instantly cross the distance of several feet, come to the front of the big black snake, raise the fist that hits the golden light, and smash it fiercely on its head.

His blood Drumming, heartbeat muffled, muscles and bones humming together, like Tiger-Panther Thunderclap, and like Hong Zhong Dalu.

A punch hit, like a scorching sun, with patches of light rain, squeezed the space. The pressure was twisted a bit.


With a muffled sound, a deep pit was punched out on the lake surface, and the bottom of the lake covered with reefs could vaguely be seen. A wall of waves more than ten meters high.


The huge waves slammed, and the black snake was smashed by this fist, leaving only a blood mist in the lake.

“It’s a bit strongβ€”” Mo Fan sighed.

At the same time, the world in front of him quickly shattered.

The mechanical prompt sounded Get up.

[Congratulations to the testers for passing the Trial Pagoda second layer test.]

[Please follow the directions to the Trial Pagoda Third Layer.]

Mo Fan only felt saw a flash, his consciousness returned instantly, and he found himself still sitting in the metal ring of the second layer.

“What a real virtual worldβ€”β€””

M o Fan sighed, and

got up and walked towards the Trial Pagoda Third Layer according to the instructions marked on the ground.


Before the Trial Pagoda, Li Zhining watched the stone tablet slowly go out and could not help relaxing.

“Sure enough, Junior Brother Mo’s second layer took seven seconds, which is much worse than the previous Junior Sister Mo…”

Looking at this result, Li Zhining was stunned. The tight look relaxed a lot.

If there is another monstruous talent genius like Mo Yingying, he will doubt whether the world he is in is real.

Even now, the speed of Mo Fan’s breakthrough is still very terrifying.

But with the comparison, it can be considered that Li Zhining has a little comfort in his heart.

A genius like Mo Yingying is an accident.

One more…

Also let people live?

“Counting the time, Junior Brother Mo should have reached the Third Layer.

“How long does it take him to get to the Third Layer?

β€œ15 seconds?

β€œOr 20 seconds? ”


Trial Pagoda Third Layer.

Mo Fan found the metal ring again and sat cross-legged to connect the virtual space.

This time, it is an endless prairie.

The cold wind whistling makes Mo Fan’s cheek hurt a little.

“This time we have to face what is it? “Mo Fan was a little curious.

At the same time, the mechanical prompt sounded.

[Ding, the enemy has 30 seconds to reach the battlefield, please get ready-]

Mo Fan: “…”

It’s still so playful.

Thirty seconds passed in a flash.

Mo Fan The space distorted for a while, and a golden eagle with a golden body, the size of a calf, with a wingspan of four or five meters wide, exuding terrifying pressure, slowly emerged.

This is a demon bird.

Mo Fan thinks it looks a little familiar, it looks very similar to the Foundation Establishment Peak monster I met in Huilong Mountain before.

Of course, the eagle cultivation in front of me is very similar. The breath of the base is far less than that of Huilong Mountain.

After a little perception, Mo Fan found that the golden eagle cultivation base in front of him is almost like the seventh layer of the Foundation Establishment.

β€œFoundation Establishment seventh layer? Should be able to… right? “Mo Fan was a little apprehensive.

Although he felt that he was extremely strong, the Foundation Establishment could do the Foundation Establishment Peak with one shot.

But when it came to the real fight, there was still a little bit of uncertainty. .

“Bah! “

The golden eagle also didn’t talk nonsense. As soon as the silhouette was condensed, he locked his eyes on Mo Fan, and when he opened his mouth, he spit out a terrifying lightning.

“What? It will magic attack! ”

Mo Fan was startled, and quickly avoided the lightning. With the soles of his feet, he stomped the ground into a deep pit, rushing up into the sky and rushing towards the golden eagle in midair. .

“Bah! “

Feeling threatened, the golden eagle snorted and immediately fluttered its wings to fly up.

It’s too late.

One fist golden fist mark It quickly zoomed in in front of its eyes, like a scorching sun blooming, and a terrifying attack broke out.


With a muffled sound, the golden eagle didn’t even have time to scream, it turned into a mass of blood The mist floated down and dyed the grass red.

“Yes, I killed the Foundation Establishment seventh layer with one punch. It seems that I did not underestimate my strength.

“I held back the Appraisal Technique this time, saving a lot of time-”

Golden Body Art keeps enhancing physique.

Outrageous Qi Sea.

Outrageous Martial Arts base tire.

Vajra Fist and Innate Merit who are so proficient they can’t get any more proficient. Eight One Chinese W

All kinds of reasons are superimposed, so that only the Mo Fan of the Foundation Establishment level 1 has reached a level of unimaginable combat power.

While Mo Fan pondered, the virtual world in front of him cracked again and quickly collapsed.

The mechanical alert sounded.

[Congratulations to the testers for passing the Trial Pagoda Third Layer test. ]

[Follow the directions to the Trial Pagoda Fourth Layer. ]

saw a flash, Mo Fan’s consciousness returned.

Looking at the metal ring under his eyes, Mo Fan got up, and according to the markings on the ground, Mo Fan walked towards the Trial Pagoda Fourth Layer.

at the same time.

Outside the Trial Pagoda.

Watching the stone tablet turn on and off, counting the elapsed time, Li Zhining was stunned and his expression became dull.

“Four, four seconds?

“How is that possible? !

“Am I wrong?

“The second layer took seven seconds, how could the third layer only take four seconds?

“Could it be that Junior Brother Mo has hidden his strength?

“Impossible impossible, it should be just good luck, hit the opponent’s key point, let him pass the Fourth Layer so quickly …

“Yes, that’s it, the Fourth Layer is coming soon, Junior Brother Mo should take at least 20 seconds to pass.”

Li Zhining took a deep breath, comforting himself myself, and try to maintain my awareness of this world.


Trial Pagoda Fourth Layer.

Mo Fan’s chosen battle background this time is an ancient Colosseum full of traces of time.

The mechanical electronic beep sounded as usual.

[Ding, the enemy still has 30 seconds to reach the battlefield, please be ready-]

Thirty seconds passed by in a flash.

The space distorted for a while, and a lion the size of a hill slowly emerged.

Perceiving from the breath, the big lion in front of him is a Foundation Establishment Peak monster beast, whose size is unreasonably large, and his body is full of terrifying coercion. At a glance, he knows that it is not to be trifled with.

Mo Fan took a deep breath, instantly turned on the Vajra Fist Breathing Technique, and his fist flashed golden light.

This time, he not only resisted the Appraisal Technique, but even learned to start first.

After all, he wasn’t sure if he could beat the Foundation Establishment Peak monster beast, so he naturally needed to seize the opportunity.

As soon as the big lion condensed its body shape, it was startled, with round eyes watching the scorching sun with a punch of golden explode in front of his eyes.


The golden fist mark exploded, the space was instantly distorted, and the huge impact directly caused the entire Colosseum to vibrate violently.

The big lion was hit directly by Mo Fan, and he lost half of his body.


It growled in pain and rage, trying to gather energy to restore its body.

However, it was faced with another round of scorching sun.


This time, the big lion was completely beaten, and the blood mist floated, ending a short and painful life.

“Hu-” Mo Fan relaxed.

“Although it takes two punches to solve it, it’s not a big problem, and Foundation Establishment Peak is not my opponent.”

Mo Fan laughed.

“Is this the so-called invincibility of the same level?”

At the same time, the mechanical system hint sounded.

[Congratulations to the testers for passing the Trial Pagoda Fourth Layer test. ]

[Follow the directions to the Trial Pagoda Fifth Layer. ]

The world in front of me collapsed, and Mo Fan’s consciousness returned again.

“The first four layers that need to be fought are all done, and the next step is to rely on the so-called perception.”

Looking at the road sign displayed on the ground, Mo Fan laughed, got up and faced Trial Pagoda Fifth Layer goes.


At the same time.

Outside the Trial Pagoda.

Li Zhining looked at the stone tablet that turned on and off immediately, and petrified directly in place.

“Two seconds?! Fourth Layer only took two seconds!

“Impossible! Absolutely impossible!

“I must be dazzled! There’s something wrong with my brain! It’s actually 20 seconds just now?” , I have a problem with my mind.

However, if you are a Transcendent creature, how can you be dazzled and have problems with your mind?

In the end, Li Zhining collapsed to the ground powerless, looking up at the blue sky:

“Through the Trial Pagoda Fourth Layer in two seconds, the absolute crushing strength is better than At the beginning, Junior Sister Mo’s five seconds was much more exaggerated-

“Is this really a level that people can achieve?

“Am I crazy, or is this world crazy?

“wu wu wu, I didn’t even get past the Third Layer back then, I’m really a waste…”


“Brother Shen! “


Shen Changqing is walking on the road, and when he meets someone he knows, he will say hello to each other, or nodded.

But no matter who it is.

Everyone has no superfluous expressions on their faces, as if they are very indifferent to everything.

For this.

Shen Changqing is used to it.

Because this is The Demon Suppression Department is an organization that maintains the stability of Daqin. Its main responsibility is to kill demon monsters, and of course there are other side jobs.

It can be said.

Demon Suppression Department Every one of them has a lot of blood on their hands.

When a person is used to seeing life and death, he will become indifferent to many things.

I just came to this Shen Changqing was a little uncomfortable in the world, but he got used to it over time.

The Demon Suppression Department is very big.

The people who can stay in the Demon Suppression Department are all powerful An expert, or someone who has the potential to become an expert.

Shen Changqing belongs to the latter.

The Demon Suppression Department is divided into two occupations, one for guarding and one for eliminating demons

Anyone who enters the Demon Suppression Department starts from the lowest level of demon slayer,

and then advances step by step, and is expected to eventually become a guardian.

Shen Changqing’s predecessor is a trainee Demon Suppression in the Demon Suppression Department, and he is also the lowest among the Demon Suppressors.

Has the memory of his predecessor.

He has a lot to do with Demon The environment of the Suppression Department is also very familiar.

It didn’t take too long, Shen Changqing stopped in front of an attic.

It is different from other places full of chills in the Demon Suppression Department , the attic here is like a crane in a flock of chickens, showing a different serenity in the bloody Demon Suppression Department.

At this time, the door of the attic is open, and people come in and out occasionally.

Shen Changqing only After hesitating for a moment, he stepped inside.

Enter the attic.

The environment just changed in vain.

A burst of ink fragrance mixed with a faint bloody smell assaults the senses, which made him frown instinctively, but it quickly relaxed.

Demon Suppression Department The bloody smell on everyone’s body is almost impossible to clean.

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