Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 132

Trial Pagoda.

Mo Fan regained consciousness and smiled at the metal ring in front of him.

“Having experience with Fifth Layer, Sixth Layer went well unexpectedly.”

Concentrated, he used his consciousness to connect the virtual panel and check his attribute.

Name: Mo Fan]

cultivation base: Foundation Establishment 1+]

cultivation technique: Innate Merit, Breath Restraining Technique, introduction to sword art]

martial skill: Vajra Fist ・Innate chapter, Golden Body Art second layer]

Special ability: Pill Refinement Technique, Great Accomplishment ]

storage space: 100 cubic meters+]

Available attribute points: 200]

“Yes, the fist intent is directly Great Accomplishment, shadow sparring yyds!”

Mo Fan is delighted, fist means Great Accomplishment.

It means that when he adds cultivation base to Foundation Establishment Peak in the future, he can directly break through to Transcendent, which can save a lot of Spirit Stone.

Of course, even now, fist intent has greatly enhanced his strength.

The moment the Great Accomplishment punches out, his Vajra Fist’s attack power directly soars by 30% to 40%, which can knock people out.

Taking a breath, Mo Fan glanced at the attribute panel again.

Just when he was about to close the attribute panel, it was startled slightly, and his eyes stayed on the cultivation technique column.

“The complete volume label after raising sword art disappeared?” Mo Fan was a little surprised.

But on second thought, he guessed what was going on.

“It should be from Senior Sister Qian’s cultivation and sword art.

“After all, I have been practicing sword art for ten years, and I will be able to convert it soon.

“After no one cultivated the incomplete version of sword art, I will not display the special label here.”

Mo Fan laughed.

Chu Qian began to cultivate sword art.

Then her lifespan problem can be improved.

There are still a few months left.

As long as you insist on cultivation complete volume and cultivate sword art, you can strengthen internal organs.

When Chu Qian hits the ten-year mark in the future, maybe she will succeed.

Thinking like this, Mo Fan feels a lot better.

laughed, Mo Fan closed the attribute panel intently.

At the same time, a mechanical sound came from his ear.

Congratulations to the testers who passed the Trial Pagoda Sixth Layer test. ]

Follow the directions to the Trial Pagoda Seventh Layer. ]

With a certain look, Mo Fan got up and walked towards the Trial Pagoda Seventh Layer according to the instructions displayed on the ground.

“Seventh Layer, what test is waiting for me? Will it still be a shadow brother…”

Not long.

Mo Fan boarded the Seventh Layer and found the metal ring.

Sitting cross-legged in the metal ring, slightly running the cultivation technique, Mo Fan said softly: “Start the challenge.”

With a swish, Mo Fan only felt saw a flash.

When he wakes up again, Mo Fan finds himself in darkness.

“This time it is no longer a pure white space, there should be no shadow brother.”

Mo Fan relaxed unconsciously.

Although he passed the Sixth Layer quickly, he was really tortured by those three shadows.

The three shadows, who are all skilled in boxing, are much stronger than Mo Fan, making him unable to fight back.

If it weren’t for his strong perception, he would quickly understand the meaning of the fist while being beaten, and he would probably leave a psychological shadow.

Hit yourself with your own cultivation technique and martial skill.

red clothed woman

Just as Mo Fan was complaining, with a swish, bright radiance lighted up under Mo Fan’s feet.

Then, dazzling planets bursting with five-colored cloud light appeared at the feet of Mo Fan.

These planets are formed by the converging process of crooked characters, connecting into a large area, converging into a bright galaxy, illuminating the dark space.

“Is this an array rune?” Mo Fan was surprised.

He was a little unsure.

In Yuxu Academy, he has also seen many runes.

But it doesn’t match any of the runes in front of me.

But the breath from the characters is somewhat similar to those runes that Mo Fan has seen.

Just when Mo Fan was wondering.

The mechanical sound rang in his ears.

Warm reminder: Comprehend the five array source patterns to pass the test of this layer.

Mo Fan was taken aback: “Is it really an array rune? And is it a source rune?”

The so-called source rune is the original rune that constitutes an array rune.

As long as the source pattern is mastered, complex arrays can be constructed quickly.

Unfortunately, the source pattern is too difficult to understand.

It is rumored that there is an Array Master, and in his whole life, he only comprehended a few Origin Patterns.

However, the test of Seventh Layer is to comprehend five Origin Patterns at once!

This is simply outrageous to open the door to outrageous, outrageous home!

Even an Array Master with innate talent would take years to comprehend a few Origin Patterns.

For those who have never been in contact with the array, how good is the perception to understand the five runes at once?

Mo Fan finally understands why Trial Pagoda of Yuxu Academy is so difficult to pass.

“This is simply not an assessment set up for people…”

Although his perception is good, he also doesn’t have much confidence.

After all, when he learned Pill Dao before, he learned quickly.

But it wasn’t nearly enough to comprehend the metamorphosis of Cultivation Art and Martial Skill.

There is a little bit of achievement on the way to Pill Dao, Mo Fan relies on accumulation.

Learn a lot of knowledge and make it Full Mastery before pill concocting.

In this mode, it will naturally take more time.

“Does it take a lot of time to understand the source pattern like Pill Dao?” Mo Fan frowned slightly.

The challenges of each layer of Trial Pagoda are time-limited.

It is not clear how long Mo Fan will be.

Li Zhining only told him that beyond a certain time limit, if the challenge is not completed, he will be forcibly sent out of Trial Pagoda.

The specific challenge time depends on the challenge the challenger encounters.

While thinking, Mo Fan glanced at the array source pattern planet under his feet.

A little bit, Mo Fan found that there are a total of 3,000 array source planets in this space.

“As expected of Yuxu Academy, it actually has a complete set of array source patterns——

“And in terms of complexity, these runes are still sorted according to difficulty. The farther the source pattern is, the more complicated it looks. “

After understanding this, Mo Fan relaxed.

It should not be a problem to understand the five simplest source patterns within a certain period of time.

After all, those Array Masters who can only comprehend a few Origin Patterns in their lifetime.

It is very likely that the Origin Patterns at the back are obtained at the first, and the comprehend is naturally not simple.

While thinking about it, Mo Fan lowered his head and concentrated, resonating with the spirit of Origin Pattern, perceiving the information in it, and earnestly comprehend it.

At first, he still felt that it was obscure and difficult to understand and could not grasp the point.

But after more than ten seconds, the dive light flashed in his mind, and he completely understood the meaning of this Origin Pattern star.

“So that’s what it means——”

Mo Fan concentrates and continues to comprehend.

The second Originium star is a little more difficult.

Mo Fan takes almost twenty seconds to comprehend it .

The third Genesis star is more difficult and took Mo Fan one minute.

The fourth Genesis star is a bit outrageous, it took Mo Fan five minutes Time.

The fifth Genesis star may be based on the first four, and Mo Fan only took half a minute to comprehend it.

So far, almost In seven minutes, Mo Fan comprehended the first five Origin Pattern stars and completed the assessment.

“That’s it? Mo Fan was dumbfounded, “It’s not as difficult as I imagined? ”

At the same time, a mechanical electronic prompt sounded in his ear.

Congratulations to the tester who passed the Trial Pagoda Seventh Layer test, whether to go to the Eighth Layer test immediately .]

Mo Fan couldn’t help but be taken aback when he heard the prompt.

This time the prompt is slightly different.

“You can choose stay here? Mo Fan asked a question.

The mechanical electronic beep quickly responded:

There is still one hour and forty-three minutes left in the trial on this floor, and the tester can continue to try Refinement.]

Hearing this, Mo Fan couldn’t help but be overjoyed.

“Go to Eighth Layer later! “

After he finished speaking, he buried his head and continued to comprehend.

Such a good opportunity, it would be a big loss to comprehend a few array source patterns.

If the comprehend has more array source patterns, and if I learn the basic theoretical knowledge a little bit, will I be able to directly become an array Grandmaster?

Thinking like this, Mo Fan is more focused on comprehend.


In front of the Trial Pagoda.

A handsome middle-aged man with a folding fan in his hand, wearing a Confucian robe, with a strong scholarly flavor , and slowly fell from the sky.

As soon as he landed, his eyes locked on his own discipline, Li Zhining.

“Zhining, what floor is the Mo Fan you said now? already? “

“Back to Master, or Seventh Layer, it’s been a while since I entered. “Li Zhining told the truth.

The elegant man Xie Siyuan couldn’t help but be surprised.

He was on the road for a while, and it took almost thirty minutes to arrive here.


According to the speed of Mo Fan’s previous level, it is almost time to get on the Eighth Layer.

But now, it still stays at the Seventh Layer.

But soon, Xie Siyuan was the startled, rubbed his eyebrows, and secretly said that he was anxious.

“The further back the more difficult, Seventh Layer don’t say half an hour, three or five hours are normal-

“After all, Mo Yingying broke the previous record, and it took about 20 hours to clear Trial Pagoda.”

After thinking about it, Xie Siyuan regained his composure, shook the fan, and looked at the recipe Li Zhining said with a look of relief:

“You did a good job this time, and I will go back and give you a great credit for my teacher.”

Speaking, Xie Siyuan couldn’t help laughing. .

“This is the first time for my teacher to arrive, and you are Mo Fan’s accomplice. He has a high probability to choose us Tu Mofeng.

” Zhi Ning Ah, you’ll have one more Junior Brother soon, haven’t you always wanted to teach Little Junior Brother? Here comes the opportunity. “

However, upon hearing this, Li Zhining laughed even more ugly than crying.

“What is your expression? Not happy with Little Junior Brother? “Xie Siyuan frowned.

“Master, look over there…” Li Zhining pointed to the bronze door.

Xie Siyuan was stunned, and suddenly had a bad premonition in his heart .

He took a breath and looked up slowly, suddenly stunned, his elegant image collapsed instantly.

“God damn it! How did they come? “

Xie Siyuan stared towards disciple Li Zhining:

“Your uncle!” Did you brat leak the wind? “

“Master, you can’t blame me, it’s you who cares too much. After passing through Junior Sister Mo, the elders of all peaks probably have been paying attention to Trial Pagoda.

“As soon as I notice something is wrong, I will definitely come over immediately, I’d rather kill the wrong than let it go…”

“Fuck, these old sixths, don’t talk about martial arts!” Xie Siyuan was furious, and the folding fan made a creak.

In response, Li Zhining was speechless and looked up at the sky, whispering:

“I can’t blame Martial Uncle and the others, it’s you who only know how to drink tea every day and everything. It doesn’t matter…”

“What stupid words are you talking about? As a teacher, you are cultivating your mind! Slaying demons first cultivates your mind! I don’t understand this? It’s really rotten wood!” Xie Siyuan stared and covered his face. scolded.

Li Zhining was startled and took two steps back unconsciously.

Master crazy again? Good terrifying!

“It’s against you, and you still dare to complain about being a teacher in your heart? Starting from tomorrow, go to Si Kuo Ya’s confinement for three months.”

“Huh?” Li Zhining was dumbfounded, “Master You can still read minds?”

“hehe? Otherwise, what is mind cultivation? Three months.” Xie Siyuan said blankly.

“Fuck!” Li Zhining wanted to curse.

“You still dare to lie? Five months.”

“Master, I was wrong, I will never dare again…” Li Zhining hurriedly bowed his head to admit his mistake.

“It’s too late.” Xie Siyuan snorted, restored his elegant image, and walked towards the bronze door.

Looking at the back of the own master who was gradually receding, Li Zhining had a look of hopelessness, but he was also a little puzzled.

“Master’s status is becoming more and more unstable.

“is it possible that Tumolu is about to break through again?

“One or two more breakthroughs, I’m afraid that Sect Master will be beaten down by him…”

Thinking of this, Li Zhining sucked in a breath of cold air: “Hey, Too terrifying!”


Trial Pagoda Seventh Layer.

Mo Fan buried his head in comprehend array.

Six, seven, eight—

When he finished comprehend the hundredth, there was a mechano-electronic prompt sound without the slightest emotion in his ears.

There is one minute left until the end of the trial on this layer. Do you want to go to the Eighth Layer for the trial immediately? ]

Hearing the prompt, Mo Fan’s expression froze, and he said, “Go to the Eighth Layer for the trial immediately.”

The voice fell, and the space in front of Mo Fan began to shatter.

After a while, his consciousness returned to reality, and he saw the metal ring again.

“didn’t expect to comprehended one hundred runes, but unfortunately the time has come so soon, if there is no time limit, let me comprehend the three thousand runes…”

Thinking of this Mo Fan shook the head.

“I don’t know if I can come to Trial Pagoda for free prostitution in the future——”

laughed, Mo Fan calmed down a little, connected the virtual panel with consciousness, opened his attribute panel and watched stand up.

He fixed his gaze on the special ability column.

Special abilities: Pill Refinement Technique, Great Accomplishment]

“Hey, no array?” Mo Fan was surprised.

But soon, he understood.

The Origin Patterns he just realized are the peerless Divine Art that is equivalent to array.

But he didn’t systematically study array knowledge, so naturally he didn’t play the Inner Strength of the peerless Divine Art.

So now, he is in a state where he has a peerless Divine Art, but he can’t display it.

“Forget it, wait for the Core Disciple to become a Core Disciple, and then find a chance to systematically learn about array knowledge.”

Exhaled, Mo Fan got up and walked towards the Eighth Layer as instructed .

Outside the Trial Pagoda.

“Dark, dark! Finally passed the Seventh Layer! “

“Hi! bright bright! Eighth Layer begins! ”

I felt the stone tablet turn off and on again.

The elders in front of the bronze door immediately became nervous, their concentrated attention completely looked at the top of the Trial Pagoda, their eyes dared not blink. Blink.


Trial Pagoda Eighth Layer .

Mo Fan found the metal ring and successfully connected the virtual space.

This time, what he saw was the Boundless Starry Sky, as well as all kinds of dreamy mountains, rivers, and oceans.

“What a beautiful view, but what is this level to test? “Mo Fan is puzzled.

His voice just fell, and the emotionless mechanical and electronic prompts sounded.

Please comprehend a certain amount of Domain origin within the specified time.]

Mo Fan was taken aback: “This test is about Domain comprehension ability?

“It’s both an array and a Domain. Is this knowledge related to the future breakthrough of Destiny and Return to Origin Realm?”

Thinking, Mo Fan watched intently .

Soon, he felt he had caught something, and muttered to himself:

“Mountains, rivers, oceans, Power of Heaven and Earth, and—

“The stars in the sky? Even the entire universe——

“It turns out that the foundation of Domain is these things, which is World’s All Living Things——”

In just a moment, Mo Fan understood the essence of Domain, and he couldn’t help but feel Sigh.

“No wonder Domain is a higher-order form of array, so that’s how it is ——”

Mo Fan looked thoughtful and realized it seriously.

But at this moment.

The emotionless mechanical and electronic prompt sounded:

Congratulations to the testers who passed the Trial Pagoda Eighth Layer test, whether to go to the Ninth Layer test immediately. ]

“Go later.”

Mo Fan said, and continued to look up and comprehend.

There is still one hour and fifty-seven minutes left in the trial on this floor, and the trialists can continue the trial. ]


Outside the Trial Pagoda.

The senior officials of Yuxu Academy held their breath and stared at the top of the Trial Pagoda, as if they were afraid of missing something.

Li Zhining was also inexplicably nervous.

It is now the Eighth Layer.

Next is the Ninth Layer.

If the Ninth Layer also passes smoothly, the part of the Trial Pagoda that is covered by clouds and mist will bloom and open the channel, sending the testers out.

At that time, the clouds and mist will disperse in an instant, and the portal woven by the five-colored cloud light will emerge in an instant, just like the opening of the heavenly gate, which is extremely gorgeous!

It was undoubtedly a cross-generational moment!

No one wants to miss a sight like this!


The minutes passed by.

It’s two hours in the blink of an eye.

The stone tablet shrouded in the azure light finally slowly dimmed.

A line of small print appears.

Eighth Layer: Pass.

After a while, the darkened stone tablet flashed azure light again.

This means the Ninth Layer trial begins.

Perceiving the change in the stone tablet, everyone in front of the bronze door was overjoyed.

“Eighth Layer passed!”

“Ninth Layer started!”

“hahaha! Yuxu Academy is about to release another peerless Heaven’s Chosen! “

“God Bless Yuxu Academy, God Bless Human Race!”

“Yesterday the school was besieged by Demon Race, Junior Sister Liu sword intent was gone, and today the peerless Heaven’s Chosen came out, God Bless Yuxu Academy, God Bless Human Race!”

“haha, Junior Sister Liu really did not read the wrong person, this Mo Fan is indeed Heaven’s Chosen!”

“hmph, I am As I said, the people recommended by Junior Sister Liu are not bad, you still don’t believe it!”

“I believe it! Of course I believe it! Hahaha!”

“Human Race Yongchang!”


“Human Race Yongchang!”

“Human Race Yongchang!”

The excitement in the hearts of the Peak Masters was beyond words, and they couldn’t help shouting loudly .

Of course, this time they blocked the space so no one could notice it.

Li Zhining stared blankly at the boy on the stone tablet, feeling a little unreal.

He never imagined that he would witness the birth of a peerless Heaven’s Chosen in his lifetime.

And that peerless Heaven’s Chosen, he was the one who took over!

“In the future, Junior Brother Mo will make a major event and be recorded in the history books. Can I follow it and make a fortune next to it?”

Li Zhining elated Thinking about it, while looking towards the Elder of Zhongfeng.

“The last time Junior Sister Mo broke into the Trial Pagoda Martial Uncle, Shibomen looked like this.

“It was even raining heavily at that time.

“They waited for more than ten hours without blinking their eyes——

“Fortunately, there was no exposure today. You’re going to catch a cold.

“Return to Origin powerhouse caught a cold in the rain, even if it is to be laughed at for a lifetime-“

Thinking of this, Li Zhining shook the head.

“According to the record, no matter what type of trial the trialist faces, the Ninth Layer is a layer that takes a lot of time-

“It may not be the most difficult Yes, but it is definitely the most troublesome and time-consuming layer.

“Last time, Junior Sister Mo seemed to be in Ninth Layer for more than ten hours.

“I don’t know Junior Brother Mo——”

Li Zhining still said Without speaking, he froze in place, turned his face in horror and confusion, and looked at the stone tablet.

In just a moment, the stone tablet, which was originally shrouded in azure light, quickly darkened.

Next, a line of small words appeared.

Ninth Layer: Pass.

“This, this, this… how is this possible? ”

Li Zhining was stupid and petrified directly in place.

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