Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 133

Before Trial Pagoda.

Ninth Layer: Pass.

Li Zhining stared blankly at the small print on the stone tablet.

“Passed, passed?

“How long has it been? Have a minute? Ninth Layer only takes a minute? ! Is this still human? “

Li Zhining doubted his dreaming.

In the blink of an eye, he passed the Ninth Layer?

Is this still a human?

Doesn’t it mean that Ninth Layer needs to consume a lot of time?

What does it mean to pass in one minute?

Li Zhining took a deep breath, thinking of the trial of the fourth layer before Mo Fan .

“Junior Brother Mo is still so different, the harder the challenge, the faster he passesβ€”β€”

“wu wu wu, when will I be like Junior Brother Mo as good?”

Clear Trial Pagoda ninth layer.

Means infinite potential.

Future achievements are immeasurable.

The seniors who cleared Trial Pagoda in history, even if they didn’t set foot on the Highland in the end, are not much different.

“It can be predicted how bright the future of Junior Brother Mo will be…” Li Zhining sighed, his eyes full of yearning.


The thick cloud at the top of the Trial Pagoda suddenly dissipated.

Thousands of rays of light converge, and Trial Pagoda instantly blooms endlessly.

Then, five-colored cloud light woven into a portal, and it appeared in an instant, like a heavenly door opening, gorgeous to the extreme!

A handsome silhouette slowly emerged. He was wrapped in golden light and fell slowly.

The senior officials of Yuxu Academy all stared at the round eyes, and they all trembled with excitement.

“Is it possible to clear the level so quickly? This, this, this is possible?”

“Has he been in the Ninth Layer for less than a minute?”

“This is too fast!”

“Is this still human?”

They couldn’t believe what they saw.

Because the strength is too outrageous.

Break through the Ninth Layer in less than a minute!

This kind of thing has never happened in history!

Zhongfeng Peak Master is puzzled.

I have seen fast, never seen such fast.

But soon, someone looked startled, seemed to think of something, and muttered to himself.

“The Ninth Layer is the heart-training process!”

“Everyone has obsessions and Heart Demons!”

“Only recognize your own Obstinate, eliminate the Heart Demon, and then it is possible to pass the Ninth Layer!”

β€œIt is difficult to train the mind, and if you are not careful, there may be a cultivation deviation, and the Trial Pagoda judges it to fail and force it out!”


“After so many years, there have been a lot of people who have passed the first 8-Layer, but very few have actually passed the customs-“

Hearing these words, the injury has not recovered , Sect Master Gu Qingshan, whose expression was still sluggish, sighed faintly:

“Indeed, according to the written in ancient records, the more there is no impurities in the heart, the easier it is to pursue Martial Arts and have Pure Heart. Passing the Ninth Layer.

“But passing the Ninth Layer in one minute…that isn’t this too ridiculous?

“Could it be that this guy has no other ideas besides Martial Arts?”

Gu Qingshan couldn’t believe it.

Is this guy a single-celled creature, and only Martial Arts is thinking in his mind?

“Wizards! The unparalleled Martial Arts wizards!”

“Only this Pure Heart pursuing Martial Arts! His future achievements are immeasurable!”

Everyone’s heartbeat accelerated, staring at Mo Fan who slowly fell to the ground, waiting for him to wake up.

At this moment, Mo Fan has been teleported.

But consciousness still stays in virtual space.

Mo Fan was astonished about Ninth Layer, he didn’t even know how he got through.

As soon as he connected to the virtual space of Ninth Layer, a person who looked exactly like him appeared opposite him.

Then, the man Barabara said a lot.

Mo Fan didn’t even understand what the guy was trying to say, he went crazy, muttered something “no heart” and then shattered like a mirror.

Then, a mechanical prompt sounded in Mo Fan’s ear, informing him that he had cleared the Ninth Layer and was waiting to be teleported.

So, for Ninth Layer, Mo Fan himself is also confused.

What he really cared about was Eighth Layer.

Eighth Layer’s test is to comprehend the true meaning of Domain. He quickly reached the conditions and used the remaining time to comprehended many origin Domains and knew their formation conditions.

The so-called origin Domain is actually related to the natural Domain.

Such as Monster God Mountain and Demon Abyss are actually natural Domains, Domains formed naturally without human intervention.

Domains like this often have unimaginable power.

And these natural Domains also hide the basic rules of Domain, that is, the so-called Domain origin.

If the origin of Domain can be thoroughly analyzed, it is possible to construct Domain with the help of Power of Heaven and Earth.

At that time, based on Power of Heaven and Earth, it is impossible to arrange a Domain that kills Xeon.

“Domain is really strongβ€”β€”

“Unfortunately, this thing is too difficult to comprehend, and even the Trial Pagoda of Yuxu Academy has very limited Domain origin. “

Mo Fan sighed and felt a little embarrassed.

Two hours of comprehend, he actually only caught a little bit of context.

“If every day all can Just come to Trial Pagoda for freeβ€””

While sighing, Mo Fan looked forward to what happened after passing Trial Pagoda.

“When the time comes to choose Master, Who should I choose? “Mo Fan is a little confused.

From Mo Yingying, he also has some superficial understanding of each peak.

at first he is Cangyan Peak who tends to be good at pill concocting.

But when I thought about it, I felt that the Core Disciple would not be short of resources. It is not easy to learn pill concocting?

His perception, pill concocting and other fundamentals No need to teach.

As long as he has enough proven books, he can grow up quickly.

In this way, it is not so important to have a Master to teach.

After all, she is a peerless genius who has passed through Trial Pagoda. Isn’t it easy to get some information about the Refinement Dao?

Since then, Mo Fan has been struggling with which peak to choose.

Until now, he hasn’t decided yet.

“Forget it, it’s definitely right to choose the one with fair skin and beautiful long legs!

“It’s best to take advantage of the Disciple, eat the Disciple Tofu, and insult the Disciple with Spirit Stone and cultivation resources at every turn-

“Right, fierce must Great and pleasing to the eye! “

Still in the virtual space anyway, Mo Fan didn’t think much about it, and unconsciously said his inner ridicule.

At the same time, his mind sounded again. system hint sound.

Successfully sent the tester to the outside of Trial Pagoda, this service ends here…]

β€œen?” Mo Fan was taken aback.

Transmitted directly?

Don’t disconnect the consciousness first?

Then, Mo Fan just saw a flash, and the consciousness returned to the body instantly.

Rubbling between his eyebrows, Mo Fan slowly opened his eyes.

At this moment, he is facing the bronze door.

“Sure enough, it has been teleported…” Mo Fan smiled brightly, but didn’t care, and was about to turn around to find Li Zhining.

However, soon, he noticed something was wrong and turned around suddenly, the smile on his face instantly stiffened.

In front of his eyes , has surrounded a lot of people.

There are men and women, old and young.

Although their cultivation base is restrained, they still give people a kind of The invisible sense of coercion is not simple at first glance.

Mo Fan even knows with his knees that these people are high-level officials of the academy. Seeing that he passed through the Trial Pagoda, he ran over to wait for him to come out.

Thinking of this, Mo Fan suddenly panicked and said embarrassingly: “You, when did you come? “

“It’s been a long time. “Everyone said in unison.

“You didn’t hear what I said just now, did you? “Mo Fan cautiously said.

Everyone laughed without saying a word.

Seeing this, Mo Fan immediately understood.

“Gan, the club is dead!” “

At this time, someone moved towards him and came over.

This is a woman.

The long hair reaches to the waist, and the front is raised and the back is up. She has long legs and her face is so delicate.

She looked at Mo Fan with a smile on her face, her voice soft and magnetic:

“You are Mo Fan, right? ? “

Mo Fan subconsciously nods.

The woman smiled sweetly, bit her red lips, deliberately stiffened, showing a proud figure, blinked her eyes and said:

“Look at me, am I qualified to be your Master? “

Mo Fan: “? ? ? “

“By the way, I forgot to introduce myself, I am Xu Chaomu, the elder of Chixia Peak, and I meet the conditions you said.

“Oh yes, we Chixia Peaks are all beautiful women, all with fair skin and long legs, do you want to think about it?”

Mo Fan: “?? !”

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