Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 134

β€œOur Chixia Peaks are all white, beautiful and long legs, do you want to think about it?”

Hearing this sentence, everyone in Mo Fan felt Silly.

Are the female elders of Yuxu Academy so open?

But soon, Mo Fan was stunned.

This is Xu Chaomu from Chixia Peak!

The legendary Chixia who is very handsome and powerful, dares to challenge the Sect Master, likes to take advantage of the Disciple, likes to eat Disciple Tofu, always uses Spirit Stone, and insults the Disciple with cultivation resources Peak Elder – Xu Chaomu!

Mo Fan’s heart is itching.

Such a Master…is simply a Divine Immortal!

Thinking of this, Mo Fan could not wait to agree immediately and follow this beautiful Master to Chixia Peak!

But soon, he calmed down.

This product is also the Master of Mo Yingying…

And it’s a crook!

Thinking of this, Mo Fan was in a dilemma.

Do you want to succumb to the beauty of Peak Master?

Seeing Mo Fan’s silence, Xu Chaomu frowned and said:

“Little fellow, haven’t you thought about it yet? Is it because I’m not fierce enough? Don’t worry, Chixia Peak is more fierce than me”

Hearing this, Mo Fan was dumbfounded: “Ah thisβ€””

At this moment, wearing a Confucian robe and holding a hand Folding the fan, the elegant Xie Siyuan came out.

He chuckled and said slowly:

“Junior Sister Xu, haven’t you seen it yet? This little fellow is obviously frightened by you.

“Hehe, how can you post it upside down? When did our Yuxu Academy become so out of character? “

Speaking, without waiting for Xu Chaomu to get angry, Xie Siyuan hurriedly turned around, took Mo Fan’s hand, and said sincerely:

“Little fellow, come and kill the demon Peak it.

“Chixia Peak is all girls, it will only affect your cultivation speed, Tu Mo Peak is your destination.

“By the way, Zhi Ning is also Tu Mo Peak Disciple , presumably you are already familiar with each other, and you will be able to take care of you in Tu Mo Peak in the future. “

Speaking, Xie Siyuan turned his face quickly and frowned at Li Zhining.

Li Zhining immediately understood, and quickly said: “Ah yes, I am Tu Mofeng Disciple , Tu Mofeng is all male, full of masculinity, Junior Brother Mo can take the test-“

Li Zhining had not finished speaking before Xie Siyuan gave him a fiercely glare.

Looking at the ferocious Master, Li Zhining had to swallow his words, sneered, turned around and sneaked away.

Master’s expression was too terrifying just now, as if he wanted to eat people!

If I don’t leave, I’m afraid I’ll be killed!

Took a deep breath, Xie Siyuan’s face immediately filled with a smile, looked at Mo Fan and said in a low voice:

β€œlittle Don’t panic, fellow, tomorrow I will accept a few white, beautiful, long-legged female disciples to be your Junior Sisters! “

“Ah, this isn’t right? “Mo Fan’s scalp is tingling.

“hahaha, thanks Senior Brother, are you trying to laugh at us?

“Mo Fan little fellow said, I only like Master with fair skin and beautiful long legs.

“What do you think fits these words in yourself?

“Also, don’t you have a clear understanding of the level of your own believers?

“The little fellow innate talent is so good, let him follow you in Cultivation, and put him Does it make any difference when he pushes Fire Pit?

“You still accept female disciple, hehe, you will lose all the face of Yuxu Academy!”

Xu Chaomu looked at Xie Siyuan with the eyes of an idiot.

“Youβ€”” Xie Siyuan frowned, about to have a seizure.

β€œcough cough ――”

At this moment, Sect Master Gu Qingshan came over.

He coughed twice, stopped the two who were arguing, and said slowly:

“Don’t fight, it’s the same as last time, the elders of each peak will introduce themselves. In the end, it’s up to Mo Fan to choose.”

As soon as these words came out, everyone immediately quieted down and carefully considered their words.

Gu Qingshan laughed and said directly:

“Let’s start with this old man.”

He glanced at Mo Fan and said directly: “Old man Gu Qingshan, The Sect Master of Yuxu Academy, sitting in Jade Void Peak, is the person with the highest cultivation base in the academy.

β€œJade Void Peak majors in Yuxu Jue, is a Supreme Secret Art, and has the ability to change something rotten into something magical the power of.

“If you are willing, you can follow the old man Cultivation,

The old man will teach you all the money without any reservations, and strive to make you the youngest Return to Origin in history, or even a Xeon .”

After finishing speaking, Gu Qing Shan stepped aside and stopped talking.

After all, he is a Sect Master. Although he really wants to take Mo Fan as his disciple, he must maintain the pattern no matter what.

After Gu Qingshan finished speaking, Xie Siyuan immediately walked out.

But at this moment, Xie Siyuan seems to be stimulated by something, and his state is not right.

His eyes are slightly red, and the original elegant posture has long been disappeared, replaced by the roughness visible to the naked eye.

“Hahaha, it’s finally Lao Tzu!”

“Mo Fan, right? The other Lao Tzu don’t say anything!

“As long as you join us Demon Peak! No one will dare to bully you in the future!

“Who dares to bully you! Lao Tzu chases him with a knife! He cuts all the way from Jade Void Peak to Cangyan Peak!

“Gu Qingshan can’t do it either! He wants to bully you! I dismantled his Jade Void Peak!

“You have to remember that I am invincible in Yuxu Academy. I think second, no one dares to think first!”

He said, he looked somewhat guilty He glanced at Gu Qing Shan.

You are just a little bit stronger than Lao Tzu for a while!

In a few days, wait for Lao Tzu Tu Mo Lu to break through again!

I’m chasing after you!

After finishing speaking, Xie Siyuan glanced at Mo Fan and said, “I’m done talking, you should think about it!

“By the way, Tu Mofeng’s cultivation technique is Tu Mo Lu, innate The better the talent, the more suitable for cultivation Slaughter.

“An innate talent like you is more suitable for Tumo Lu. I promise that if you cultivate Tumo Lu, you will be able to enter Return to Origin after another ten or eight years at most!”

Mo Fan nods and does not immediately express his position.

Meanwhile, a tall middle-aged man with a resolute face stepped out.

He was introduced: “I am Lu Chengkong of True Martial Peak, Return to Origin 8th layer cultivation base.

“We on True Martial Peak are following the route of body refinement, and what we pursue is The ultimate physical strength, yearning for the fist to the flesh, is the stalwart of the mountains and rivers!

“True Martial peak cultivation is the body tempering technique of Yuan Magnetic, cultivation to the highest realm, can resist Supreme Treasure, tear Monster King by hand!

“You are strong and breathable. It is quite stable and is most suitable for cultivation body Tempering. If you come to True Martial Peak, given time, you will surely be unrivaled beneath the heavens! “

After finishing speaking, Lu Chengkong voluntarily stepped back and waited for others to introduce.

The next one to introduce is Chixia Peak Xu Chaomu.

In addition to the white skin She is beautiful, has long legs, and is very fierce.

Xu Chaomu is also a cultivation base who can stand against the sky with Return to Origin seventh layer and Return to Origin 9th layer Xie Siyuan.


Chixia Peak is good at array, and the Peak Masters of all dynasties are array Grandmasters.

The Peak Masters one after another are introduced, each with its own characteristics.

There is Destiny Peak, which is good at refining.

There is Flying Snow Peak, which is good at making charms.

There is Rising-Sun Peak, which is good at Blade Dao.

Yes Liuguang Peak, which is good at movement method.

And Cangyan Peak, which is good at Pill Dao.

After the introduction, Gu Qingshan came forward again.

“Since After everyone has introduced it, let Mo Fan think about it for himself.

“It happens that the third day of next month will be a good day. The selection meeting can be held. At that time, Mo Fan will almost have a clear idea and can officially enter the Inner Sect.”

Speaking of this , Gu Qingshan stroked his white beard, looked at Mo Fan kindly, and said:

“There is still some time before the selection meeting.

“the past few days You can continue to stay in the outer sect to deal with your personal affairs, or you can directly go to Jade Void Peak with the old man to live for a while. How to choose is up to you. “

Mo Fan thought for a while and replied: “Disciple outer sect has some things to deal with, the past few days want to stay in outer sect.” “

Gu Qingshan nodded: “Alright, that old man will send you back now. “

After finishing speaking, Gu Qingshan glanced at everyone: “Let’s all leave, Jade Void Peak will meet again in 5 days later. “

Everyone had no opinion, they turned into a streamer and rose into the sky, disappeared in an instant.

When everyone left, Gu Qingshan took out a flying Magical Artifact and wanted to send Mo Fan back .

In this regard, Mo Fan sneered and refused directly:

“Don’t bother Sect Master, it’s not far from the outer sect, Disciple can go back by himself. “

Gu Qingshan doesn’t mind either, nodded said: “Alright. “

After thinking for a while, he added: “If you have a request, you can ask the old man. “

Mo Fan was slightly attentive and said directly: “Can I come to Trial Pagoda in the future? “

Gu Qingshan immediately understood: “Okay, the old man will give you an upgrade. In the future, you can come to Trial Pagoda every day, as long as you are willing to stay.” ”

Trial Pagoda can support several people to test at the same time.

And there are not many people who have the qualification to enter Trial Pagoda, and few people come.

Mo Yingying’s qualification to enter Trial Pagoda is obtained by completing the trial task.

Mo Fan’s qualification is solved by Liu Xiyan.

β€œmany thanks Sect Master! “Mo Fan is overjoyed.

In this way, he can continue to prostitute array Origin Pattern and Domain Origin in Trial Pagoda.

“Any other requests? “Gu Qingshan said again.

Mo Fan was not polite, and said directly: “Yes, I want to apply for Secret Realm, is that possible? “

“After the selection meeting, you are the Core Disciple of the university, and you should have a chance to enter Secret Realm. “

Fingering, Gu Qingshan continued: “Calculate the time, Secret Realm will be able to open again on the 10th of next month, then the old man will arrange it for you.” ”

β€œmany thanks Sect Master!” “Mo Fan thanks.


Back to the outer sect in a low-key manner, Mo Fan felt exhausted physically and mentally, and just wanted to lie on the bed and be a salted fish.

“While there is still time, in the past few days, go to the Sword Pavilion for a walk, and give some pointers to Senior Sister Qian.

“With me correcting her, I think it will be a lot easier for her to raise sword art cultivation.”

laughed, Mo Fan began to imagine the future.

“It will be Inner Sect Core Disciple soon.

“After becoming Inner Sect Core Disciple, whether it is pill concocting or array, you can easily access it and grow in a short time. stand up.

“And there are many Inner Sect resources, so it’s easy to earn Spirit Stone.

“Now the fist intent is also comprehended, it won’t take long before I can break through to Transcendent .

“Yingying will be back in the next two days, and I can see her often in the Inner Sect.”

Mo Fan grinned, ready to make a phone call and ask the girl When can I come back.

But at this moment, his cell phone rang.

Looking at the number, Mo Fan connected.

Soon, Uncle Qin sounded anxiously.

“You’ve made a fortune, Mo Fan, you’ve made a fortune!”

“Huh?” Mo Fan was stunned.

How to get rich?

Does anyone else redeem Vajra Fist?

But even if someone redeems Vajra Fist, one only earns 120 Spirit Stones, so how can they make a fortune?

There can’t be dozens or hundreds of people redeeming this stuff at the same time, right?

Outer sect How can there be so many big grievances?

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