Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 135

Get rich?

Mo Fan is puzzled.

Cultivation Art and Martial Skill teaching sold out?

But how can there be so many grievances in outer sect?

In previous years, it is difficult to exchange more than ten times for cultivation techniques like Vajra Fist and Innate Merit.

The Cultivation Art and Martial Skill teaching videos are changed every year.

Wanting to make a fortune with this thing is undoubtedly a fool’s dream.

Just when Mo Fan was wondering, Uncle Qin’s voice rang again.

“Your Vajra Fist and Innate Merit are sold out!”

“Really? How much?” Mo Fan was dumbfounded and didn’t believe it.

“Really! It’s very explosive! It’s very explosive! It explodes!” Uncle Qin’s voice was excited.

He had never seen that in a short period of time, Vajra Fist and Innate Merit could exchange so many copies in the outer sect!

Hearing this, Mo Fan leaned back slightly, took a deep breath quickly, restrained his inner excitement, and asked, “How many copies did you exchange?”

“A lot of copies. Vajra Fist is more redeemable! Innate Merit is relatively less! But the past few days have accumulated five copies!

“Count the previous few! Your Innate Merit and Vajra Fist combined have been redeemed for a whopping 25 times! Incredible! “Uncle Qin was so excited to describe it hard.

How long has it been since Mo Fan’s last withdrawal of Spirit Stone?

5-6 days only!

Exchange times It has risen to twenty-five times!

The rise is nearly five times a day!

This kind of rise is unimaginable!

If it continues to rise like this for the next year How many merit points do you have to harvest?

It’s scary!

“Twenty-five times? “Mo Fan was taken aback for a moment, his excited heart has calmed down.

“Yes! Twenty-five times! You can be very awesome! Follow this increase! You’ll have your Spirit Stone free in no time! Uncle Qin burst out laughing.

Mo Fan shook his head laughed.

“Why, aren’t you excited?” Uncle Qin was surprised, “It’s only been a few days, you’ve already broken the record, and you’re about to become a local tyrant. Are you not happy about that?” “

“Nothing to be happy about, I must guess right, the reason why so many people exchanged Innate Merit and Vajra Fist in the past few days-

“I guess After someone redeemed it, they felt that the quality of the teaching video I recorded was good, and they looked towards Senior Brother Junior Sister who had a good relationship and recommended it.

“Of course, it is also possible that the combat power has improved and I hate it. The opponent showed off a bit, and was finally found out that it was exchanged for my martial skill teaching.

“After a little spread, people started to buy it.

“And my teaching videos are really of high quality, and word of mouth spread like this.

“That’s why the number of exchanges in the past few days suddenly increased.”

Uncle Qin was taken aback when he heard these words: “Isn’t this good? No matter what the reason is. , after all, the teaching quality is good and the word of mouth is good, you can just lie down and wait for the Spirit Stone to enter your pocket!”

Mo Fan once again called the head: “It’s good, but the outer sect can understand the first-class cultivation technique. This is the number of people, and it can be used up in less than a month.

“It is estimated that in a few days, there will be fewer people who exchange, and in a few days, no one will care.

“In this way, the final number of exchanges is estimated to be thirty or forty times.”

hearing this, Uncle Qin was stunned for a moment. He wanted to say something, but listened. Mo Fan said:

“Thirty or forty times is not bad. It is estimated that I can earn more than 4,000 Spirit Stones, and I can withdraw it next month.

” It seems that I was right in not choosing to buy out at the beginning, yes, as expected of me, I have a vision! “

Uncle Qin: “…”

“Then what—” Uncle Qin hesitated.

“What’s the matter, senior? Mo Fan was puzzled.

Uncle Qin hesitated for a while, finally laughed and said resolutely: “It’s okay, your analysis is very reasonable, just wait for the Spirit Stone next month!”

“Four thousand Spirit Stones is indeed a lot, enough for you to spend a few years in the outer sect extravagant cultivation, you should make good use of these resource cultivation, and strive to break through to the Foundation Establishment Realm as soon as possible!

“When the time comes, as long as you pass the assessment, you will have the opportunity to become an inner sect disciple, come on young lad! “

“senior…” Mo Fan also stopped talking.

“What’s the matter? “Uncle Qin is puzzled.

“It’s okay, you are right, I will work hard and strive to become an inner sect disciple next month!” “Mo Fan said seriously.

Uncle Qin was taken aback: “Uh, just be happy!” The old man has something to do, hang up! “

All of a sudden, Uncle Qin hung up the phone.

Mo Fan scratched his head and spread his hands helplessly.

“Four thousand Spirit Stones——

“It’s quite a lot!”

Mo Fan laughed, feeling sleepy, and didn’t want to call Mo Yingying anymore, just lay down and hu hu fell asleep!

No way, breaking into the Trial Pagoda is a very exhausting thing.

Especially Seventh Layer and Eighth Layer, Mo Fan was exhausted after just four hours of comprehension!

At that time, he was in a state of excitement, naturally he didn’t feel anything.

Now that I relax, I can’t stand it anymore.


outer sect Chuan Gong Building.

Uncle Qin smiled and said nothing while looking at the data displayed on the computer.

“This kid, Mo Fan, actually thinks that there are thirty or forty people in the outer sect who can exchange Vajra Fist and Innate Merit?


“There can be 20 of them. After all, everyone has self-knowledge. If the innate talent is not enough, they will not be forced to exchange. Looking at the background data, Uncle Qin almost couldn’t help laughing.

“Outer sect really few people can exchange Innate Merit and Vajra Fist ——

“But Inner Sect has ah ha ha ha! The past few days are all inner sect disciples to redeem!

“Inner sect disciple innate talent is all first-class, basically geniuses of all races, perception is not bad!

“Mo Fan’s teaching video is useful to them , can help them comprehend the cultivation technique and martial skill faster, so it’s no wonder that they are rushing!

“This is just the beginning. After half a month, when word of mouth spreads, that’s when it will really explode!

“By then! The number of redemptions is afraid to reach an unimaginable level!

“Mo Fan, this kid, still underestimates the horror of high-quality Cultivation Art and Martial Skill.

“Hehe, don’t tell him, wait for him next month twenty Number to exchange for Spirit Stone, scare him to death! “

Uncle Qin sighed.

At first he didn’t understand either.

I don’t understand why the inner sect disciple came to the outer sect to exchange Cultivation Art and Martial Skill .

But slowly he understood.

These people are either a little bit worse than perception, and still can’t comprehend Innate Merit and Vajra Fist.

Either you can comprehend, but it takes a lot of time, and you feel that the gain is not worth the loss, so you can turn to other first-class Cultivation Art and Martial Skill with less formidable power and less difficulty.

According to the original trajectory.

That’s probably the case with them.

But there are high-quality instructional videos, some of which are different.

If the perception is only a little bit worse, it works well Instructional videos can do wonders!

“Hahaha! You brat just lie down and wait for the Spirit Stone to go into your pocket! After this wave! You don’t have to worry about Spirit Stone for the rest of your life! “

Uncle Qin’s laughter echoed in the Chuan Gong Building, and he was so frightened that he was choosing Disciple shiver coldly of the cultivation technique.


Mo Fan He slept for five or six hours.

When he woke up, it was already dark.

Fortunately, during the daytime, the ghost of red clothed woman does not seem to fall asleep.


Mo Fan slept very sweetly this night. After waking up, he felt full of energy and didn’t feel tired at all.

I grabbed something to eat, Mo Fan was hesitant to go at this time. Sword Pavilion.

“Forget it, it’s not very good to go over to instruct Senior Sister Chu cultivation so late, so let’s wait until tomorrow. “

shook the head, Mo Fan pushed out the door, recognized the direction a little, looked towards the direction of Trial Pagoda.

The origin of the array and Domain has not yet been understood. It’s over, it must be rolled up!

After the Foundation Establishment, Mo Fan was very fast and came to the Trial Pagoda in a short time.

He went straight to the bronze door.

“I don’t know if Sect Master has given me an upgrade, it would be embarrassing if Trial Pagoda can’t be started. ”

After all, Trial Pagoda needs to be applied in advance.

Without permission, I can’t even open the bronze door.

While thinking, Mo Fan tried He stretched out his hand to push the bronze door.

With a little force——

a creaking sound.

The heavy bronze door was slowly pushed open.


Seeing this, Mo Fan relaxed.

“It seems that Sect Master is quite reliable. “

According to the process, Mo Fan first found the metal ring, sat cross-legged in, and activated the array with his voice: “Start the trial. ”

Soon, the familiar mechatronics sounded.

Warm reminder, Trial Pagoda is currently closed.]

Drop, special permission detected .]

——Permission confirmation——]

After confirmation, start applying for Trial Pagoda.]

Drop, the application is successful, Trial Pagoda is successfully started , I wish you a happy trial.]

Mo Fan: “…”

saw a flash, he came to the Trial Pagoda First Layer again.

The front is still rolling all the way, one layer per second, rounding to the nearest equal to no time.

After arriving at Fifth Layer and Sixth Layer, Mo Fan paid a little more attention, and once again realized the so-called artistic conception.


He felt that his fist skills still had room to improve.

But even so, the combined use time of these two layers did not exceed ten minutes.

7th Layer and Eighth Layer, Mo Fan began to get serious.

After comprehended some array source patterns and Domain source again, Mo Fan successfully logged on to Ninth Layer.

It’s still seconds.


But this time, the way to send out is no longer fancy.

saw a flash, Mo Fan returned to the bronze door.

Looking at the time, Mo Fan I laughed.

“Yes, it only takes about four hours and ten minutes to clear the customs. In the future, you can come once in the morning, once in the evening, and rest at noon.

“In this way, double happiness!”


second day Early in the morning, Mo Fan got up with dark circles to take a shower.

As usual cultivation Golden Body Art.

A quarter of an hour later, Mo Fan got up and started cooking, making breakfast.

Because I’m going to Sword Pavilion today, Mo Fan went to the kitchen to make some exquisite pastries.

Ingredients are available in the Mo Fan system space.

Even the finished products of various pastries are available in the Mo Fan system space.

But he still felt that it would be more sincere to do it himself.

After all, his cooking skills are not bad, and the pastries cooked with heart are much better than those bought on the market.

And healthier too.

Apart from this, Mo Fan can also add some Spirit Fruit and spiritual medicine in it.

As long as you find the right ingredients and proportions, the pastry with Spirit Fruit and spiritual medicine will definitely crush ordinary pastries in taste.

Of course, he doesn’t bring cakes every time he goes there. It’s not too troublesome to do it once in a while, and he can relax his mood and cultivate his sentiments.

Get everything ready, it’s almost eight o’clock.

Mo Fan walked out the door with the cake, moved towards Sword Peak.

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