Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 136

Mo Fan moved towards Sword Peak.

Although he has not obtained the Flying Sword belonging to inner sect disciple.

But after the cultivation base broke through to the Foundation Establishment, his speed was much faster than before.

Now Mo Fan, it only takes ten minutes from his residence to the Hidden Sword Pavilion.

sun shone brightly.

Chu Qian was drying her sword early.

Perhaps because of the cultivation of sword art, Chu Qian’s complexion is a little better.

But Mo Fan noticed that there was still no light in her eyes.

“Morning, Senior Sister.” Mo Fan greeted.

“Hey, Junior Brother, you’re here” Chu Qian was overjoyed and a little excited.

From the Master’s mouth, she learned that it was the sword art of Mo Fan’s comprehended complete volume.

It is precisely because of the complete volume of sword art that the Master can survive in that battle.

If this is not the case, there is a high probability that the Master will still be able to forcibly condense that invincible sword and kill the Great Demon, but she will also fall because of this.

Compared to the loss of life, the outcome is good now.

“Junior Brother, you are our great benefactor of Sword Pavilion, I…” Chu Qian looked at Mo Fan with burning eyes.

Mo Fan shook his head and said seriously, “Don’t say anything like this.”

Chu Qian was stunned for a moment, and finally smiled: “Okay.”

Mo Fan also smiled, raised the pastry in his hand and said:

“Is the pastry still on the table inside? The two portions of pure matcha are for Elder.”

“Hmm, just put it on the table before, and I’ll send the sword to the Master after I finish drying it.”

Mo Fan laughed and walked inside the Sword Pavilion with the pastry.

Looking at the back of Mo Fan leaving, Chu Qian swallowed her saliva and became greedy.

“Well, Junior Brother’s pastries are really not boring, no, hurry up and finish the work and eat the pastries”

Chu Qian continued to dry the sword.

However, after a while, Mo Fan came out again.

“Hey, Junior Brother has seen Junior Sister Xu?” Chu Qian was surprised.

Why so fast?

“Yes.” Mo Fan nodded.

“Why… so fast this time?” Chu Qian widened her eyes.

“Give her something to eat and come out.” Mo Fan’s face darkened.

I don’t know why Chu Qian’s words sounded weird every time.

“Uh, don’t you want to chat more with her?” Chu Qian wondered.

“I’m here mainly to find you this time.” Mo Fan said.

“Ah? Looking for, looking for me? What are you looking for?” Chu Qian started, a little confused.

Mo Fan didn’t talk nonsense, and said directly: “You can run sword art and show me.”

Hearing this, Chu Qian was stunned.

It turned out that Junior Brother wanted to teach her to practice sword art.

She already knew that Chu Qian’s sword art was taught by Mo Fan.

In this regard, Chu Qian is the shock of the head:

“The sword art master has taught me again, because I have ten years of foundation, and I can transform very well. Come on, Junior Brother doesn’t have to waste time because of me-“

Mo Fan shook his head and said resolutely: “It’s alright, I’m still idle, you can run sword art and show me.”


“Okay, okay.” Seeing Mo Fan’s insistence, Chu Qian had no choice but to put down the Spirit Sword in her hand and sit on the spot to run the sword art.

“Don’t stop, let go of your heart, cooperate with Breathing Technique, and run it for three weeks first.” Mo Fan said.

“Okay.” Chu Qian nodded.

Clearly feeling Chu Qian’s breathing rhythm, as well as the running route of astral qi and sword intent in her body, Mo Fan thought deeply.

After three weeks, Mo Fan thought for a while and said:

“Breathing Technique third stage, the rhythm can be a little slower, you can try it again. “

“How much slower?” Chu Qian was at a loss.

“Take a tenth of a breath first.”

laughed, Mo Fan explained:

“Actually everyone’s physique and situation There are differences.

“The established Breathing Technique may not be the most suitable.

“And raising sword art is a pure ancient method, and the Human Race at that time may be a little different from us.

“Therefore, we can adjust in a small range to find the most suit your own threshold.

“In this way, the cultivation will double the results for half the effort.


astral qi runs the same route. “

Hearing this, Chu Qian suddenly realized, and said sincerely:

“Junior Brother, you know a lot, no wonder you can understand the complete volume engraved on the stone tablet to raise sword art!” “

“Not really, good luck, I am more interested in ancient writing, and have studied it for a long time.

“I happen to know the ancient characters on the stone tablet. The so-called complete volume raising sword art is also comprehended.”

Chu Qian shook her head: “Junior Brother, you are too modest!”

Chu Qian knows that even if she knows ancient characters and wants to understand sword art, it is not simple!

even more how, Mo Fan, it’s not a simple understanding!

He has fully understood sword art and has reached the level of having the words at hand!

Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to help people calibrate the Breathing Technique!

I just don’t know why Junior Brother doesn’t want to come to Sword Pavilion Cultivation, alas—

Chu Qian sighed inwardly.

“Senior Sister, focus on your breath,” Mo Fan reminded.

“Ah? Oh, oh…Okay!” Chu Qian quickly calmed her mind and ran sword art.

Next, Mo Fan calibrated and raised sword art for Chu Qian.

Of course, this is a big project.

It can’t be done in a day or two.

Mo Fan can only take it slow, little by little calibration.

Fortunately, Secret Realm will open on the 10th of next month. As long as Mo Fan comes here every day, he can still complete this big project.

Unfortunately, the sword intent in Liu Xiyan’s body has dissipated, and there is not much left of his cultivation base.

If not, it would be best for her to do it.

Try again and again.

It took two full hours of calibration before Mo Fan stopped.

“Calibrate this part first, practice it well, get familiar with this feeling first, memorize it, but try repeatedly to make it instinctive.

“Senior Sister cultivation I have been raising sword art for ten years, and I have a solid foundation and I can learn it very quickly.

“As long as you work harder, it will be almost the time tomorrow. I will come back to help you continue the calibration.”

“Junior Brother——” Chu Qian hesitated.

Mo Fan looked towards her suspiciously.

“Will this be… a waste of your time?” Chu Qian lowered her head, guilt flashing in her eyes.

I’m most likely to fall short of the Life and Death Trial.

When a person dies, nothing is left.

She feels bad for wasting Mo Fan’s time like this.

Seeing this, Mo Fan seemed to have guessed Chu Qian’s mind, and frowned said:

“Don’t say such things again, you can rest assured cultivation, teach sword art to teach Me.

“As for the ten-year mark, as long as you cultivate your sword art well, I think there is still a great chance to cross it.

“Of course, even if you don’t have a chance, you can’t admit defeat first. Without the imposing manner of press forward, you should not be a sword cultivator at all.

“Don’t go to life and death either. Trial, self-abandon the cultivation base and go home to raise pigs, obediently and honestly be an ordinary person, and live the rest of your life well. “

Mo Fan’s words were a bit heavy.

Chu Qian lowered her head more and more, and finally buried herself in the ditch.

She was ashamed It’s hard to do.

Such a simple truth.

To ask Junior Brother to teach her…

Yes, isn’t sword cultivator just about press forward?

What is death?

attempt nothing and accomplish nothing A lifetime is a Martial Artist and a sword cultivator’s greatest regret and fear.

In this case, Don’t say there is still hope.

Even if there is no hope, there is no reason to back down!

Took a deep breath, Chu Qian raised her head, biting the lips, her eyes were slightly red, and she whispered Said: “Junior Brother, thank you…”

Mo Fan smiled.

This time, he saw the brilliance in Chu Qian’s eyes again.

“Cultivation well, hang swords or something, don’t worry about it for the time being, I believe Elder won’t blame you. “

“Well, I see!” “Chu Qian is nodded with force.

Seeing this, Mo Fan is also relaxed.

The complete volume of sword art will be of great help.

If Chu Qian didn’t do it herself first

Ten years of Life and Death Trial are impossible to overcome.

Fortunately, Chu Qian has regained her faith.

” Do your own cultivation, I’ll go see Elder. “

After saying a word, Mo Fan turned around and walked towards the Sword Pavilion.

Seeing this, Chu Qian quickly reminded: “The Master should be at the mountainside now.” “

“mountainside? “Mo Fan was taken aback.

“Yes, mountainside, the Master seems to have been staying in the mountainside for the past few days, you can go there to find her. “

“Okay. “Mo Fan nodded.

He first walked inside, took out the two matcha-flavored pastries, then bypassed Sword Pavilion and moved towards mountainside.

No After a while, Mo Fan saw Liu Xiyan.

At this moment, Liu Xiyan was staring at Lush and Green Mountain in a daze, and the silhouette looked a little lonely.

Obviously, the sword intent was lost, and she Not a small blow.

Mo Fan walked over and handed her the pastry.

“Your favorite matcha-flavored pastry. “

Liu Xiyan started, and looked at Mo Fan who suddenly appeared in surprise, her eyes were sluggish for two seconds.

In the end, she smiled, took the cake, and ate it directly. .

“Your pastries are still so delicious, it’s a pity not to be a chef. “

Mo Fan: “? “

What are you kidding.

I’m the man who wants to be the Martial Emperor!

How can I be a chef?

“Elder, I’ve passed the Trial Pagoda and will be the Inner Sect Core Disciple in a few days. Mo Fan said directly.

Liu Xiyan was not surprised by this, and said slowly: “How long did it take? “

“Break the record. “Mo Fan said.

hearing this, Liu Xiyan, who was eating matcha cakes, paused for a second, and then sighed sincerely: “As expected of you…”

“Next On the tenth of the month, I will go to Secret Realm. “Mo Fan said again.

“Yes, with your innate talent, Secret Realm can improve a lot of cultivation base in two months. “

paused, Liu Xiyan added: “Although Secret Realm has been developed for a long time, there are still some hidden opportunities.

“You may be able to pay more attention, and you may be able to gain something.”

Concentrated, Liu Xiyan added:

“If you have the conditions, during this time you can You can look at more information about array and Domain, it may be helpful.”

hearing this, Mo Fan couldn’t help being a little surprised.

Of course, he soon understood.

After all, Secret Realm was transformed by Ancient Ruins, and there are many special areas.

Although many Domains have been cracked.

But there will inevitably be some omissions, as well as the existence of Domains that cannot be cracked.

At this time, if you know more about array and Domain knowledge, the advantage will come out.

good luck

Soon, the two boxes of cakes were eaten by Liu Xiyan.

She rubbed her lower abdomen, with a satisfied face and a smile like eating.

Seeing this, Mo Fan laughed.

After thinking for a while, he took out the sword talisman and handed it back to Liu Xiyan.

“en?” Liu Xiyan frowned.

“Give it back to you. By combining the Light of Primordial Spirit on this sword charm, your cultivation base can be restored to some extent.”

Liu Xiyan shook her head: “My cultivation base has been restored. Falling under Return to Origin, Light of Primordial Spirit was sealed in the base of Martial Arts and could not be fused with this sword talisman.”

“Is the effect of that sword talisman still there?” Mo Fan was surprised.

“Still.” Liu Xiyan nodded.

“Then hold it, you can save your life when you are in danger.” Mo Fan handed over the sword charm again.

Liu Xiyan rolled her eyes at Mo Fan and said, “What’s the danger of me staying in Sword Pavilion all day?

” I, Liu Xiyan, give something out, it’s just the water that I spilled, and it’s impossible to take it back. Come back, take it yourself, and use it as you need it. “

“Uh—” Mo Fan scratched his head, not knowing what to say for a while.

Liu Xiyan glanced at him and said seriously:

” Secret Realm is not completely safe, and some restricted areas are always off-limits.

“Of course, even if you don’t make a death penalty area, there is also a certain danger.

“Even if there is a secret protection by Dao Protector, there may be accidents. This sword charm may be a critical moment. Can help you, take it.

“Don’t worry about me, I can live dragon and animated tiger for a few years, and I didn’t lie to you, the Light of Primordial Spirit on the sword talisman really can’t be integrated…”

Seeing what Liu Xiyan said, Mo Fan didn’t insist, put away the sword talisman and prepared to say goodbye.

Before leaving, he seemed to have thought of something, and quickly asked, “Did the stone tablet in the backyard dug out from Secret Realm?”

Liu Xiyan glanced in surprise Mo Fan.

Hesitating for a moment, she still said: “It was indeed dug out from Secret Realm.”

paused, she continued: “It’s not a secret, Yuxu Academy has it. Secret Realm is actually the Ancient Ruins.

“The Yuxu Academy also started with it. The inheritance of all peaks, including the ancient seals of Yuxu, were dug out of the Secret Realm, and the Sword Pavilion stone tablet was not exception.

“Even the Trial Pagoda was dug up in its entirety—”

“Huh?” Mo Fan was surprised.

He originally thought that some of the facilities in the Trial Pagoda were dug up.

But didn’t expect, this thing was dug out completely.

“No wonder there are 3,000 complete array source patterns and Domain origin—” Mo Fan sighed.

Of course, that’s not what he cares about now.

Thinking about it, he looked towards Liu Xiyan and said directly, “Does the Elder know where the Sword Pavilion stone tablet was dug out…”

hearing this, Liu Xiyan frowned: ” The places where various inheritances have been dug out are the restricted areas planned in the Secret Realm today.

“There are ancient arrays and Domains all over the place, and you will die if you touch them.

“When the Secret Realm was discovered, Spiritual Qi had not recovered, and those arrays and Domains naturally lost their power-

“Now that Spiritual Qi has recovered for a thousand years, the original The dead array and Domain are all restored, you better not get close. “

“so that’s how it is.” “Mo Fan smiled.

“It’s in the restricted area, it looks like it’s easy to find…”

“What are you thinking? “Liu Xiyan rolled her eyes at Mo Fan.

She felt that with this guy’s character, she would probably die.

As if she knew what Liu Xiyan was thinking, Mo Fan grinned. said with a smile:

“Elder has been thinking too much, but I still cherish my life. At most, I can take a look from a distance, and I will definitely not rely on it if there is danger.

“Apart from this, after all, I am also the one who cleared Trial Pagoda, Dao Protector It shouldn’t be let me die.”

“Yes.” heard Mo Only then did Liu Xiyan put down Fan’s words.

“Elder, I’m going back, see you tomorrow.” Mo Fan said.

“Go.” Liu Xiyan waved her hand.

“Farewell.” Mo Fan turned and left.

However, before taking a few steps, he stopped, turned his face and looked at the mountainside in a certain direction.

For some reason, at a certain moment, he sensed a distinct Domain fluctuation.

“Is it an illusion?”

Mo Fan frowned.

“It shouldn’t be an illusion, I comprehended part of the origin of the Domain, and I’m more sensitive to the Domain…”

In the end, Mo Fan shook the head, didn’t stop, and left the mountainside directly.

Even if the mountainside hides the Domain.

Now he is helpless.

“It seems that I have to pay close attention to the comprehend array source pattern and the Domain source.

“When the time comes, maybe you can find something. “

Mo Fan is still very concerned about the mountainside.

After all, Heavenly Demon Sect has sent people to investigate.

Sword Pavilion mountainside, Certainly not simple.

Concentrated, Mo Fan continued to move forward, and soon left the mountainside and left Sword Peak.

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