Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 138

In the next few days, Mo Fan will still go through the Trial Pagoda twice a day, fully comprehend array source pattern and Domain source.

February is relatively short, with only 28 days.

It’s March.

On March 1st, Mo Fan went to the logistics office to collect this month’s Spirit Stone subsidy before entering Trial Pagoda.

Because it has not officially entered the Inner Sect, it is still settled according to the outer sect standard.

So there are still thirty Spirit Stones.

Mo Fan did not absorb these thirty Spirit Stones, but kept them as spare Spirit Stones.

So far, his spare Spirit Stone has risen to one hundred and sixty.

After taking the Spirit Stone, continue to climb the tower.


It’s March 3rd in the blink of an eye.

Mo Fan wakes up early, washes quickly, and begins to strengthen himself against the morning sun cultivation Golden Body Art.

Today is the day of the selection meeting.

After weighing the past few days, Mo Fan already had the answer in his heart.

Let’s go directly to tell the answer in a while, and you can do ceremony.

The past few days, he has been breaking through the tower, and the number of array source patterns has reached 360.

apart from this, and understand the origin of Domain more deeply.

Actually, he comprehended 100 array source patterns the first time he entered the tower.

Originally, Mo Fan thought that, at this speed, if you beat the tower once, you would get 100 points, and if you beat the tower twice a day, you would get 200 points.

It doesn’t take long to comprehend all the three thousand array source patterns. When the time comes, just learn some basic knowledge of array and become a Great Grandmaster in no time.

However, it turns out that he thinks too much.

Whether it is an array rune or a Domain origin, it is farther you go harder it gets comprehension.

Five days have passed since the day when I entered the tower.

The array source pattern he understood was only three hundred and sixty.

Domain origins are making similar progress, comprehended by a little over a tenth.

“Forget it, take your time-“

Mo Fan shook his head.

This kind of thing can’t be rushed.

Only comprehend slowly.

After the cultivation of Golden Body Art, Mo Fan glanced at the time, simply ate breakfast, and began to wait.

No surprise, after a while, someone will pick him up to Jade Void Peak.

But at this moment, his cell phone rang.

The number displayed on the screen is Uncle Qin’s side.

Mo Fan was confused and pressed the answer button.

Soon, Uncle Qin’s excited voice sounded.

“Mo Fan! It started to explode! It started to explode!”

“How much did it explode?” Mo Fan was also a little curious.

Normally speaking, it’s almost time for Peak, and the number of redemptions is estimated to be around 30 and 40.

In the future, there will be no who will exchange again.

“A lot, a lot! Especially a lot!” Uncle Qin sold out.

Mo Fan: “…”

“This wave is enough for you to eat for a lifetime!” Uncle Qin couldn’t be more excited.

“How can it be so exaggerated…” Mo Fan covered his forehead.

You have no idea how terrifying I am consuming Spirit Stones!

“Want to know how much it exploded?” Uncle Qin said.

“I think!” Mo Fan replied, although he didn’t expect much, he still wanted to know how many copies were redeemed now.

“If I think you have time, it’s better for you to come to Chuan Gong Building to see the data!

“Because of the past few days, there are a few of your fans who have been in love with you. I’m squatting with you, I want to share my experience with you! “

Mo Fan is confused: “Are you kidding me? Is it so exaggerated? “

“More exaggerated than you think! How about it? Do you have time to come today? There might be a surprise! Uncle Qin said mysteriously.

Mo Fan shook his head: “I don’t have time today, I’m going to enter the Inner Sect, and there are a lot of procedures to go through. “

“Inner Sect? Are you serious? ! “Uncle Qin was very surprised.

“Seriously, I’ll go to the Chuan Gong Building when this time is over. “Mo Fan smiled.

“What the hell? ! Are you really into the Inner Sect? how so fast? It’s not scientific, is it? “

Uncle Qin is stupid.

If this is true…

It’s too terrifying!

He is from Handyman Academy watched Mo Fan’s promotion step by step!

How long has it been since I first met Mo Fan?

Half a year!

Just In half a year,

I was promoted from an unknown handyman Disciple to an inner sect disciple?

Is this still a human?

It’s too evil!

Is this the legendary late bloomer?

“Good luck, some time ago, the cultivation base breakthrough arrived at the Foundation Establishment Realm and applied for the assessment.

“As a result, I passed and became an inner sect disciple.” Mo Fan explained.

“Fine! Youbrat is indeed a talent! I’m not mistaken! With your promotion speed, I’m afraid it will become a Core Disciple next year!”

Uncle Qin laughed , happy for Mo Fan.

“Actually—” Mo Fan hesitated.

“Actually what?” Uncle Qin wondered.

“Maybe you won’t believe it, but I’m already a Core Disciple!”

Uncle Qin: “???”

“Don’t make trouble , you have just entered the Inner Sect, how can you become a Core Disciple?

“Core Disciple is taught by the elders of the peaks!

“There are so many inner sect disciples, and there are only fifty or sixty Core Disciples!

“It is said that all Core Disciples are extraordinary, their cultivation base is at least above Transcendent, and they have ordinary people. Unmatched innate talent!

“As long as you can become a Core Disciple, you will be able to break through to Destiny with the lowest achievement in the future!”

After a brief introduction to popular science, Mr. Qin smiled and said, “You have the heart to become a Core Disciple. Of course it is good! Work hard! It will be successful one day!

“I’m waiting for the day when you become Core Disciple, hahaha! “

Speaking of this, Uncle Qin didn’t wait for Mo Fan to answer. He changed the subject and continued:

“Okay, since you don’t have time, don’t bother to teach the practice.” It’s up here!

“Wait until you’re done!

“Anyway, the settlement will have to wait until the 20th of next month, don’t worry!

“As for your fanboys, I tell them the truth and tell them not to waste time!

“Ai, it’s a pity that some girls are still very Nice looking, it suits you very well! Uncle Qin said with some regret.

Mo Fan circled: “Really or not? I really have a fan girl? And you still squat me in the Chuan Gong Building every day? “

“Of course, your video teaching quality is terrifying, and many people want to know you after you finish your studies!

“They can’t find your residence! You can only come to Chuan Gong Building to try one’s luck!” Uncle Qin said with a smile.

Hearing this, Mo Fan sighed.

didn’t expect we are also fans of girls!

Unfortunately, I don’t have time to see you now!

Mo Fan shook his head and said quickly: “Whether or not, I don’t have time to see them.

“Senior it’s up to you, I may not be able to go to the biography in a short time. The Gonglou is over there.

“After the Inner Sect process is over, I have other things to deal with, and I won’t be able to go back to the outer sect for a while!” explained Mo Fan.

“Is that so? That’s such a pity!” Uncle Qin sighed.

After chatting for a while, Mo Fan hung up the phone.

After a while, a silhouette suddenly appeared in Mo Fan’s yard.

The person here is personable, dressed in a snow-white gown, with a face like a crown of jade, and an extraordinary bearing. He is a first-class handsome man.

Mo Fan quietly lost an Appraisal Technique in the past.

The virtual panel flashes, and the identification information is displayed instantly.

Song Yu, Jade Void Peak Eldest Senior Brother of Yuxu Academy, Return to Origin 3rd-layer cultivation base, is currently Holy Son of Yuxu Academy, with terrifying strength and careful thought. ]

Looking at the identification information, Mo Fan was slightly surprised.

Good guy.

Holy Son to greet him in person?

Is it a bit too much?

Return to Origin 3rd-layer?

This is too strong, right?

Mo Fan estimates.

This generation of Yuxu Academy, Song Yu is estimated to be an invincible existence.

He remembered that Li Zhining, who took him to Trial Pagoda before, was also a Core Disciple.

But Li Zhining’s cultivation base is only Transcendent.

And Song Yu——

As expected of Holy Son!

However, Holy Son or something…

Thinking of this, Mo Fan began to make up his mind.

“I was so good at Trial Pagoda.

“Although I’m not interested in Holy Son or anything.

“But, will he think too much? And then about me or something…”

In the blink of an eye, a big drama played out in Mo Fan’s mind.

At the same time, Song Yu’s gentle voice rang out.

“Hello Junior Brother Mo, I’m Jade Void Peak eldest disciple Song Yu, everyone calls me Eldest Senior Brother, and I’m here to pick you up for the apprenticeship ceremony at Jade Void Peak.”

“Hello, Eldest Senior Brother, Eldest Senior Brother!” Mo Fan said politely.

Song Yu laughed: “Junior Brother can be sorted?”

Mo Fan nods: “Tiled up”

“That’s fine, let’s go .” Song Yu concentrated, and a giant sword half the width of the door appeared under his feet.

“Junior Brother, come here.” Song Yu stepped on Flying Sword and greeted Mo Fan.

“Come on.” Mo Fan walked to the yard and stepped on the Flying Sword.

I have to say that Flying Sword is much more comfortable when it is bigger!

With such a big sword, Mo Fan can even lie down and sleep on it!

“Junior Brother can stand firm?”

“Stand firm.”

“Get up!”

Song Yu’s voice Falling down, Flying Sword turned into a streamer and carried the two towards Jade Void Peak.

“Junior Brother has decided which peak to choose?” Song Yu asked casually.

“Think about it!” Mo Fan nodded.

“That’s good.” Song Yu didn’t ask any more questions and concentrated on driving the Flying Sword.

Song Yu’s sword is extremely fast.

In less than two minutes, I took Mo Fan to Jade Void Peak and landed on the square in front of the peak.

In fact, after the cultivation base breakthrough to Destiny, there is no need to control the Flying Sword.

At this level, it is already able to fly in the air, and it is several li when moving. The speed is more terrifying than the Flying Sword, but it is also much more sensitive.

Song Yu took out Flying Sword to take care of Mo Fan’s feelings.

After all, flying with a personal volley is a bit inelegant.


At this moment, a lot of people were standing in the square.

The people who come here are basically the elder and elder disciple from each peak, as well as the three Supreme Elders who have been in seclusion all the time and will not appear easily.

Even Liu Xiyan, who was still weak, came over.

Feeling Mo Fan’s gaze, Liu Xiyan moved towards him slightly laughed.

“Mo Fan, come here.” At this moment, Sect Master Gu Qingshan opened his mouth, moved towards Mo Fan and beckoned.

Mo Fan has followed suit.

“Have you decided yet?” Gu Qing Shan asked with a smile.

Hearing this, the other Peak Masters immediately turned their faces and stared at them with wide eyes, expecting Mo Fan to give an answer.

Mo Fan focused, glanced at the Peak Masters, and stayed on Liu Xiyan for a few seconds.

To be honest, the one he most wanted to go to was the Sword Pavilion.

Liu Xiyan also told him that as long as he is willing to enter the Sword Pavilion, he does not need to stay in the Sword Pavilion to guard the sword, and he can go wherever he wants.

More importantly, Sword Pavilion are all familiar people and get along well.

Unfortunately, Mo Fan’s physique is not very close to sword dao.

Even if there is a complete volume of sword art blessings, it will be difficult to pass the ten-year Life and Death Trial or something.

Not to mention ten years of Life and Death Trial.

It will be uncomfortable for him to stay in Sword Pavilion for a long time——

So, Mo Fan has no choice but to give up Sword Pavilion.

Concentrated, he finally settled on Xu Chaomu, the Peak Master of Chixia Peak.

In the eyes of all the Peak Masters looking forward to it, Mo Fan said slowly: “I like to study array and Domain, so I want to join Chixia Peak.”

He really needs Quickly learn array and Domain knowledge.

As for her daughter becoming Senior Sister?

Let’s talk about it, it’s not impossible to talk about it separately, it’s the same size anyway!

“Haha, little fellow really has a vision, come, come back to Chixia Peak with your teacher” Xu Chaomu smiled charmingly, moved towards Mo Fan and hooked his hand.

Mo Fan scratched his head in embarrassment, moved towards Xu Chaomu and walked over.

“hmph! The guy who is greedy for women’s sex! You are going to waste your life!”

Tu Mofeng Xie Siyuan coldly snorted and walked away.

However, after walking halfway, he turned back, stared at Mo Fan, and said coldly:

“If you regret it someday, you can come to Tu Mofeng!”


Mo Fan broke into a cold sweat and smiled shyly and thanked him.

I really don’t have a crush on women!

I have a wife, and my daughter will make soy sauce!

“haha, congratulations to Junior Sister Xu, another best apprentice!”

“Congratulations to Junior Sister Xu, the two peerless monsters who cleared Trial Pagoda have chosen you, Chixia. Feng, it won’t take long before you Chixia Peak surpasses Jade Void Peak and becomes the First Peak!”

“Junior Sister Xu’s methods are really extraordinary, both men and women can take it all, congratulations!”

The Peak Masters sent their blessings against their will, said hello and went back to their respective peaks.

Of course, they also said that although Mo Fan chose Chixia Peak, if you encounter any problems or want to learn other skills, you can go to their peak for advice, don’t treat them as outsiders.

Mo Fan one after another thanks for the kindness of each Peak Master, and promises to visit us when we have time.

Finally, under the witness of the Sect Master Gu Qingshan and the ancestors of the Yuxu Academy, Mo Fan completed the apprenticeship ceremony and became a member of the Yuxu Academy.

“Let’s go, discipline, let’s go back to Chixia Peak—” Xu Chaomu looked at Mo Fan with a smile.

“Okay.” Mo Fan nodded, and then stood silently behind Xu Chaomu, waiting for her to take out Flying Sword and return to Chixia Peak together.

However, at this moment, with a sound from Xio, a Flying Sword with a flowing light, a broad blade, and a complex pattern engraved on it floated under Mo Fan’s feet.

“This is a Flying Sword specially prepared for you by the master, and it will be your flying tool in the future.

“Of course, if you have cultivated sword art, you can also take it It is used as a fighting weapon.

“This Flying Sword used to be the Spirit Sword in Sword Pavilion, and the quality is not low. There was no problem before using it in Destiny.

“The method of use is very simple. There are array runes, you only need to activate the above runes with your spirit, then you can Controlling Sword Flight, try it? “

Because of Mo Fan’s nod>, I tried to control the Flying Sword. At the same time, I don’t know why, and Mo Fan felt a little regretful.

Because of the professional array rune, Yujian is convenient and fast. , Mo Fan got the hang of it the first time he tried it, standing on it stably and flying.

“Yes, I got started in one go, your perception is really perverted——” Xu Chaomu was satisfied Nodding, Ling Kong paced towards Chixia Peak.

“Follow behind the teacher”

Xu Chaomu’s soft and glutinous voice came from his ear , Mo Fan’s expression froze, and Yu Jian followed.

A few minutes later, a beautiful mountain appeared in front of Mo Fan.

Driving the Flying Sword to the ground, Xu Xu Chaomu threw a ring over.

“storage ring, although the space is only a few squares, it is enough to put some sundries.

“In fact, your Flying Sword can be controlled by the rune to shrink, and you can also throw it in the ring. It is very convenient to access. You can try it.”

Mo Fan took the ring , concentratingly communicated with spirit, and took the Flying Sword in with a swish.

At the same time, he saw a pile of sparkling Spirit Stones in the corner of the space, almost five hundred.

Seeing Mo Fan’s doubts, Xu Chaomu gave an explanation: “That’s a gift from the teacher to you. If you have any requirements, you can ask the teacher.”

“Disciple thinks today Just start learning array and Domain knowledge…” Mo Fan said directly.

Xu Chaomu was stunned for a moment, looked at Mo Fan in surprise, and couldn’t help but grumble:

“Could it be that this guy is really just because he has a sense of array and Domain I just chose Chixia Peak because of my interest?”

While thinking about it, Xu Chaomu calmly nodded:

“Of course, I will arrange it for you for Shiyi, now Let Senior Sister arrange Cave Mansion for you first.

“You wait here for a while, I have passed on the message, and Senior Sister will come over in a while. “

“many thanks Master.” “Mo Fan thanks.

Xu Chaomu laughed and didn’t speak.

Soon, a silhouette appeared in front of the two of them.

However, seeing this silhouette, but Mo Fan’s face is black.

The person here is Mo Yingying!

It’s a sin!

“Yingying, you take Little Junior Brother to Mountainside chose a Cave Mansion, and introduced him to Linger, Sirou, Qian Qian and Xue Er by the way.

“I have something to do as a teacher, Little Junior Brother will leave it to you”

After saying that, Xu Chaomu’s silhouette flashed and slowly disappeared.

Meanwhile, Mo Yingying smiled playfully and moved towards Mo Fan:

“hehe, Little Junior Brother, call Senior Sister to listen?”

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