Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 139

“Little Junior Brother, call Senior Sister to listen?”

Mo Fan looked at his daughter blankly: “Are you sure?”


Seeing Mo Fan’s appearance, Mo Yingying immediately confessed and scolded: “Just kidding…”


Don’t ask, just ask is too skinny and was beaten as a child!

“father, let’s go, I’ll take you to choose Cave Mansion!” Mo Yingying pulled Mo Fan towards the mountainside with enthusiasm.

“What–” Mo Fan hesitated.

“What’s wrong with father?” Mo Yingying wondered.

“You call me father, is it easy to be misunderstood when someone hears you?” Mo Fan lowered his voice.

“What’s the misunderstanding? Aren’t you my father?” Mo Yingying frowned.

“I mean, we are the same age, but you call me dad, won’t others think it’s weird?” Mo Fan said.

“That’s right.” Mo Ying Fanying nodded, “Then I’ll only call you privately in the future?”

“It’s necessary for me.” Mo agreed.

After thinking about it seriously, Mo Yingying said, “When someone is on the side, what do I call you? Brother?”

Mo Fan’s face darkened: “What’s your name, brother? No? Big or small.”

Mo Yingying rolled his eyes at him, thought for a moment and said, “How about I call you Lao Mo?”

“Lao Mo?” Mo Fan was taken aback for a moment. After pondering for a moment nodded, “Lao Mo is old Mo, it feels okay, it’s not easy to be overthinked!”

“Okay, then I’ll call you old Mo in the future, so I happily decided!” Mo Yingying said with a happy face.

“Go for a walk, choose Cave Mansion!”


As a Core Disciple.

Nature has its own independent Cave Mansion.

Cave Mansion is fully equipped, with its own spiritual spring, medicine fields, and even some people specially deliver meals.

Apart from this, the array in Cave Mansion can also access the sect protection array, which is quite safe.

Cave Mansion can use the ones left by the predecessors.

You can also recreate it yourself.

Mo Fan was too troublesome, so he chose Cave Mansion left by one of his predecessors.

This Cave Mansion has been uninhabited for 200 years.

Its previous owner died in a mission against the demon.

In fact, whether it is the three universities or other Martial Arts universities, they are the main force against the demon.

The past two hundred years have been relatively peaceful.

In the past, demons would attack Human Race defenses once every few months.

Every time a demon is attacked, a large number of Martial Artists will be sacrificed. True Disciple of each peak is the leader in fighting the demon.


“The environment is so nice—”

Looking at his Cave Mansion, Mo Fan smiled with satisfaction.

This is the Cave Mansion on the south side, adjacent to the outer sect, and you can even see the Sword Peak vaguely.

Cave Mansion has a nice environment, spacious and bright, with a large medicine field connected to the front, and a crescent-shaped spiritual spring with amber spring water.

There are many spirit plants, lush and green that have been growing for hundreds of years in the medicinal fields, exuding a fragrant fragrance.

It is worth mentioning that whenever the sun goes down.

Chixia Peak is filled with red clouds, as if covered with a veil.

At this time, the spirit plant in Mo Fan’s medicine field will emit multi-colored rays of light.

The amber spiritual spring will reflect the mottled streamer into pieces, like a dream, like an Immortal Realm.

“father, this is your Cave Mansion!” Mo Yingying said happily as he helped Mo Fan organize things.

“You’ve worked hard, come and drink a glass of iced watermelon juice!” Mo Fan took a glass of iced watermelon juice from the system space and handed it to his daughter.

Mo Yingying: “!


“father! Where did you get this watermelon juice?!”

“Myself Do it!” Mo Fan said.

“No, I mean, you put it in storage space, why is it still ice!” Mo Yingying looked surprised.

It’s been several hours since my apprenticeship with ceremony!

At this point, no ice watermelon juice will ever be iced!

Mo Fan rolled her eyes at her and said, “Don’t you know how to put a refrigerator in the storage space?”

“But there is no electricity in the storage space!” Mo Yingying Looking at Mo Fan with resentment.

“I put a Generator in it, it burns oil!” Mo Fan said.

“father, are you serious?” Mo Yingying was dumbfounded.

How can anyone put a Generator in the storage space!

I put the Generator and the refrigerator, and nothing else!

“Well, I speak frankly, my system space is special!” Mo Fan spread his hands.

“I knew it!” Mo Yingying’s eyes lit up, “I have a lot of happy water in my Cave Mansion ice cellar, I want to transfer it to your storage space!”

“My Storage Item No space!” Mo Fan covered his forehead.

Who put happy water in Storage Item?

“Alright then—” Mo Yingying felt sorry.

The southern region is hot all year round.

It’s so beautiful to have a bottle of iced happy water when you’re out and about.

“Wait!” Mo Fan suddenly said.

“Wait for what?” Mo Yingying wondered.

“Wait for me to study the array for a few days and help you arrange a small ice array in the storage space!” Mo Fan said.

“Ah? father, are you serious?” Mo Yingying was a little confused.

<>“Of course!” Mo Fanp nodded.

“But even the Master can’t set up ice formations in the storage space—” Mo Yingying was amazed.

Storage space was dug up from the ruins, and no one has studied it thoroughly so far.

Adding an array at will in it, there is only one result, which is to affect the original mysterious spatial array, causing it to collapse instantly.

“It’s okay, I have a solution.” Mo Fan smiled mysteriously.

“Okay, I believe in father!” Mo Yingying smiled brightly.

If the storage space can really add ice arrays, then no matter where you go in the future, you will have ice cola to drink!

After moving out the daily necessities in the system space and arranging them, Mo Fan stretched.

“Finally busy!”

“Come on, father, I’ll take you to meet the Senior Sisters!” Mo Yingying pulled Mo Fan and ran out.

Mo Fan didn’t refuse either.

After all, it would be good to know each other if we live in the same peak in the future.

However, as soon as the two walked out of Cave Mansion, they saw four silhouettes of lithe and graceful moved towards this side.

Mo Yingying was stunned for a moment, then said surprisedly: “Senior Sister, why are you here?”

“Of course we came to visit Little Junior Brother-“

A tall, beautiful woman wearing a white dress said with a smile.

The remaining three women also looked at Mo Fan and Mo Yingying with a smile on their faces.

“Old—er, Lao Mo, this is Second Senior Sister Tang Ling!” Mo Yingying looked towards the white skirt woman and said.

“Hello Second Senior Sister.” Mo Fan greeted.

“This is Eldest Senior Sister Ling Xue!” Mo Yingying looked towards a woman with a beautiful face and a cold personality.

Then, Mo Yingying looked towards a petite woman with a little baby fat face and said: “This is Third Senior Sister Chen Sirou!”

“And this Fourth Senior Sister Wang Qian!” Finally, Mo Fan looked towards a woman with an outstanding figure and a weapon in the world.

Mo Fan focused and glanced at the four Senior Sisters.

In general, except for Third Senior Sister Chen Sirou, the other three Senior Sisters are fierce!

Especially the Fourth Senior Sister —

It’s scary!

Master Xu really didn’t lie!

In addition, the cultivation bases of several Senior Sisters are also Transcendent.

Fourth Senior Sister Wang Qian Transcendent 5th grade.

Second Senior Sister Tang Ling and Third Senior Sister Chen Sirou are both Transcendent seventh rank.

Eldest Senior Sister Ling Xue has reached the terrifying Transcendent Peak, and she is only one step away from becoming a Destiny Martial Artist!

Obviously, the Disciple cultivation base of each peak is not low.

“Hello, Senior Sisters!”

Mo Fan greeted politely and invited the Senior Sisters to eat Spirit Fruit, pastries, iced drinks, and various special snacks.

“Yingying Junior Sister, Master said you and Little Junior Brother come from the same place, did you know each other before?”

Second Senior Sister Tang Ling was eating durian cheesecake, While gossiping.

“Yes, you are both so good and in the same place, you should have known each other since childhood, right? is it possible that is childhood sweetheart?”

Looking at the cold Eldest Senior Sister, also has a gossip attribute, her big and round eyes always stay on Mo Fan and Mo Yingying.

“Then what, your surname is Mo, shouldn’t they be siblings?”

Fourth Senior Sister Wang Qian leaned back and said tremblingly.

Mo Fan: “???”

This Senior Sister, you just talk, why are you nervous?

I’m almost dizzy!

Faced with doubts, Mo Yingying looked at Mo Fan.

Mo Fan coughed softly and said, “It’s not siblings, and it’s not the childhood sweetheart I’ve known since childhood.

” But it’s relatively familiar, she has always called me old Mo. Mo Fan explained.

Although Mo Yingying’s identity address is also in Jiangcheng, it is different from Mo Fan.

Actually, Mo Yingying’s identity has many doubts.


But for a genius of this level, as long as it is determined that the opponent has nothing to do with Heavenly Demon Sect and Monster God, and other details, Yuxu Academy will not care.

Even the current blue In some remote places, there are also many black households.

“so that’s how it is! “All the Senior Sisters are elected.

“Jiangcheng is really outstanding, wow, there are two monsters like you! “Tang Inspiration said.

“Yes, yes, I remember that the former Southern Region Guard envoy was also from Jiangcheng. That was the existence that stood in Peak back then. It is said that Xeon is invincible. We Sect Master met. He will be hanged and beaten—” Wang Qian said quickly.

“Yes, General Sun is indeed an unparalleled hero, but it’s a pity that the battle 20 years ago damaged his foundation, otherwise he would have it now. May be promoted to the strongest! “Ling Xue sighed.

“Well, it’s really a pity. “Mo Fan congratulates everyone, I feel sorry for Second Master Sun.

Simply chatted, ate and drank enough, Senior Sister gave gifts to each other, and the welcome party was over.

one after another saying goodbye to Senior Sister, Mo Fan is somewhat unaccustomed to it.

Yes, he is the only man up and down Chixia Peak!

I don’t know if he will be Senior Sisters are greedy!

Especially Master Xu——

This one is famous!

Thinking of this, Mo Fan shiver coldly.

Children are away from home…still have to protect themselves!

Seems to have guessed what Mo Fan was thinking, Mo Yingying said while staring:

“father, You are not allowed to think wildly. They, including the Master, are not mothers. You have to keep your distance! “

Mo Fan rolled her eyes at her and said, “What are you thinking? Am I that kind of person? Sorry, I don’t like people older than me, and my filial piety is impossible to deteriorate! “

“hehe, that’s good!” “Mo Yingying is satisfied with the nodded.

Soon, she seemed to think of something, and quickly reminded: “By the way, father, look at the gifts from the Senior Sisters!” “

“en. “Mo Fan nodded, and quickly opened the four beautifully packaged gift boxes, and found the pink brocade bag wrapped inside.

“This is…Spirit Stone? “Mo Fan is surprised.

How can anyone give gifts directly to Spirit Stones?

All that pay off are Spirit Stones!

Soon, he wants to understand Come here, turn your face to look at her daughter.

“Looks like the father has guessed it! “

Mo Yingying smiled smugly and explained:

“They know you and I have known each other for a long time.”

“So, the Senior Sisters were asking me about gifts as early as when you were arranging Cave Mansion.

“I thought about it, the father only seemed to be interested in the Spirit Stone. If you are interested, let them send the Spirit Stone directly!

Mo Fan: “…”

You’re quite something!

Nice, well done!

Mo Fan elated the Spirit Stone to the system space, and threw an Appraisal Technique in the past.

Found low grade Spirit Stone *400, which can be absorbed and converted into attribute points, is it absorbed? ]

There are a total of 400 Spirit Stones here.

Adding the five hundred that Master Xu gave earlier, that’s nine hundred.

“Yes, family property is getting stronger again.” Mo Fan is satisfied nodded.

“As a return gift, do I want to set up an ice formation for the four Senior Sisters?”

“I think it’s OK!” Mo Yingying nodded hard.

“Senior sisters are also foodies. If you can help them set up ice formations, they will definitely like it!”

“I see…” Mo Fan said.

He could tell from the food just now.

The four Senior Sisters are all foodies without exception!

At this moment, a soft voice suddenly sounded in Mo Fan’s mind.

“disciple, come to the great hall—”

The voice was from Master Xu Chaomu.

Mo Fan spirit startled.

Is the array and Domain study arranged properly?

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