Awakening Appraisal Technique And Discovering That My Daughter Is From The Future Chapter 14

After passing the identity verification, Mo Fan followed the familiar path and came to the square where he was assessed before.

It’s only five minutes before eight o’clock, and everyone is almost there.

Everyone gathered under the arena for the previous actual combat assessment and chatted in small groups.

Mo Fan walked over quietly, standing in an inconspicuous position, with his head lowered, in a socially fearful outfit.

However, soon, the eyes of one after another converged towards him.

Then, he heard faint whispers.

“Look at that, he seems to be in the top five in the test!”

“Yes, that’s right, his name is Mo Fan, and he is the four geniuses who completely comprehended that test boxing style. One of them!”

“Damn it! This guy is extremely cruel! I vomited three pounds of blood with one punch in the actual combat test!”

Everyone: “…”

“Envy, it is said that the top five in the test and assessment will be assigned to good positions, and the cultivation resources and salary will be much higher than those of us…”

“I am really envious, these people Geniuses are treated differently, so they can be regarded as the Disciple of Yuxu Academy, and those of us can only be regarded as migrant workers…”

“Who said no? Maybe it won’t take a few years, these people People will become Outer Sect Disciple, or even inner sect disciple, and we will most likely still be doing handyman.”

“Fuck! It’s sour! I have a lemon!”

“Damn, I’m so sore! I’m thinking that apart from not being as handsome as him, I’m not much different from him in other areas. Why is the perception so much worse?”

“When can I be as good as a boss?”

Everyone looked at Mo Fan with envy.

In this regard, Mo Fan was so embarrassed that his scalp was numb, and he wanted to tell them loudly: “Don’t envy me, I’m just a mediocre comparison!”

Just in At this time, a faint fragrance entered the nose.

Then, a familiar voice rang from behind.

β€œMo Fan, long time no see.”

Mo Fan turned his face and immediately saw Lin Yiyi, who was wearing a white training suit, with a beautiful face and curvaceous curves. .

“Okay, long time no see!” Mo Fan looked embarrassed.

What a ghost!

I haven’t seen you for a day!

Lin Yiyi didn’t talk nonsense and said straight to the point: “Mo Fan, what position do you think is a good choice?”

Hearing this, Mo Fan couldn’t help but be surprised and puzzled. Said: “Isn’t the position assigned by the school? Can you choose it yourself?”

Lin Yiyi shook his head and explained: “The others really can only wait for the school to assign them, but there are still a few of us. The right to choose.”

“Is there such a thing?” Mo Fan was surprised, he had never heard of this statement.

“Of course, we are the best five people in this batch of handyman Disciple, and the treatment is naturally different from ordinary handyman Disciple.”

“so that’s how it is ― ―” Mo Fan looked thoughtful nodded.

Sure enough, as long as you perform better, you can get more resources.

If you hide yourself blindly and always play the pig to eat the tiger, then in the end it is very likely that not only will you not be able to eat the tiger, but you will actually turn into a pig.

But too much limelight is not a good thing.

After all, this world is too dangerous, trees seem beautiful in a forest, but are easily toppled by the wind.

Many geniuses died before they could rise up.

Therefore, the balance point must be grasped.

Neither mundane nor too obtrusive.

This is how to live happily to the Grand Finale.

While Mo Fan was thinking, Lin Yiyi continued.

“It is said that this time we have the opportunity to become a high-end handyman Disciple and get in touch with some things that only Outer Sect Disciple can touch.”

“High-end…handyman?” Mo Fan was a little confused .

“It’s pill concocting, refining, talisman, array, etc.

“We go to these departments to be handyman, and enjoy the cultivation resource subsidy and salary at the same time,

You can also learn related knowledge, the opportunity is very rare! “

Lin Yiyi looked a little excited with anticipation on his face, looking at Mo Fan and asked again.

“Which position do you want to go to, pill concocting or array?” “

Mo Fan didn’t think much, and said directly: “Of course it’s pill concocting. It is said that Pill Refinement Master is the most popular, and Spirit Stone has hand cramps!” ”

hearing this, Lin Yiyi laughed, stretched out her jade hand as white as slender: β€œHeroes see the same thing, come, shake hands! “

Hearing this, the smile on Mo Fan’s face froze immediately.

The hero sees the same thing…what a shit!

No No, I can’t choose the same position with this woman!

This woman has a big problem, and staying in the same place with her is afraid that I will be harmed by Chiyu!

Although the Pill Refinement Master is the most popular!

But the Artifact Refinement Master is not bad!

That’s it, choose the refiner, not the pill concocting!

Mo Fan took a Deep breath, I immediately made a decision.

On this side, seeing that Mo Fan’s expression was a little wrong, Lin Yiyi was a little confused: “What’s wrong with you? “

“No, it’s fine!” you’re right! Pill concocting have boundless prospects! Let’s choose pill concocting! “

Speaking, Mo Fan also extended the hand and gave Lin Yiyi a high-five.

Lin Yiyi: “? ? ? “

Lin Yiyi’s face turned green when he felt the tingling in his palm.

Are you poisonous?!

Who wants to give you a high five!

Hey, shake hands!

“Hey, the guy who presided over the assessment that day is here! “Mo Fan’s eyes were sharp, and he saw the silhouette of the burly man in the distance.

“It’s really…” Lin Yiyi nods and doesn’t say more.

“Must choose pill concocting. , As geniuses, we choose the best one! “Mo Fan warned repeatedly.

“Of course! “Lin Yiyi was nodded.

At the same time, the burly man had come over.

He glanced at everyone, and then said loudly: “Mo Fan, Lin Yiyi , He Wuyi, Zhang Qiang, and Xu Jing come with me. ”

After he finished speaking, he turned and left, waving his hand at the same time, motioning for Mo Fan and the others to follow.

Mo Fan concentrated, stepped out of the crowd, and followed The burly man.

The other four also stood up one after another and followed behind the burly man.

Seeing this, everyone could not help but sigh.

” Ai, I’m so envious, their lives will soon be different…”

“It’s too hard, Martial Arts is too hard, when will I be able to get ahead? “

“Come on, you can do it. When the dog has finished eating the flour, the chicken has finished eating the rice, and the fire has broken the chain, you will stand out!” “

“Fuck your uncle!” ”


About ten minutes later, the five Mo Fan followed the burly man to the management office of the Handyman Institute.

An antique office Inside, the burly man was drinking tea while looking at Wu Ren Dao.

“First introduce myself, my surname is Shi, the single name is Biao, the word Sanhu, handyman deacon, currently Foundation Establishment Realm cultivation base, you can come to me with anything in the future. ”

Hearing this, Mo Fan focused and moved towards the burly man who lost an Appraisal Technique in the past.

[Shi Biao, 31 years old, Outer Deacon, Foundation Establishment 2nd layer. ]

The mediocre identification information is basically the same as the introduction.

I just don’t know what the relationship between this guy and Shi Erhu is.

Is it Shi Erhu? Erhu and his younger brother?

Shi Biao continued: “From today onwards, the five of you are the Official Disciple of Yuxu Academy, and now I will arrange specific handyman positions for you.

“You are lucky this year, there are job vacancies in pill concocting, refining, talisman and array.

“You can fill it up directly, you can learn from senior There are many things that may be used in the future, and even successfully enter that field and continue to cultivate, and there will be great prospects in the future.

“Of course, before that, you should take this first.”

Speaking, Shi Biao took out five jade bottles from his arms and handed them to five people.

Next, he took out five black bank cards and handed them to five people.

β€œSpirit Stone is this month’s Cultivation subsidy, and the bank card is your salary card, which has already deposited this month’s salary, a total of 20,000 yuan.”

Listen At this point, several people are all startled, I don’t know why.

This has not even started to work, and it has started to be paid?

Seeing everyone’s doubts, Shi Biao explained: “This is the style of Yuxu Academy, pay first and then work, no need to make a fuss about nothing.

“Right, In the future, remember to go to the handyman management office to collect the Spirit Stone on the 1st of every month. You don’t need to worry about the salary, it will be called directly to the card, and you can come to me at any time if you have any problems. ”

At the same time, Mo Fan stared at the jade bottle through the transparent bottle wall and saw three crystal clear and near-transparent Spirit Stones lying quietly inside. Surprised.

Didn’t you say that there is only one Spirit Stone subsidy a month?

How come three are given?

Is it wrong?


What’s the situation?

Just when Mo Fan was wondering, Zhang Qiang’s somewhat exaggerated voice sounded.

“Fuck! what’s going on? Why do I have two Spirit Stones in this bottle? !

“Ah, that’s not right! The other one is only half!

“Is that half of the Spirit Stone rewarded to me because I am too good? “

Shi Biao: “? “

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